1. Knowledge Management 1Introduction

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1.4Country Governance Profile

1.4.1The Bank issued a Staff Guideline covering Country Governance Profile Assessments (CGP) in October 2003. It documents the Bank’s approach to the review of Governance processes in a country. It includes a check list of matters to be covered and indicates how issues are to be disclosed and reported. It also relates Governance issues to the Project Lending and Technical Assistance operations of the Bank.

1.4.2The CGP Guidelines are attached:

1.5Policy on good governance

1.5.1The Bank issued its Group Policy on Good Governance in November 1999. The policy mandates that in operationalizing its agenda in the area of good governance the Bank will focus on accountability, transparency, combating corruption, participatory governance and legal and judicial reforms.

1.5.2Attached is the Bank Group Policy on Good Governance:

1.6Preventing & Combating Corruption & Fraud

1.6.1In February 2004 the Bank approved the Guidelines for Preventing & Combating Corruption and Fraud in Bank Group Operations. The paper contains the following Chapters:

  • Introduction & Objective

  • Taxonomy of Corruption

  • Rationale for Combating Corruption

  • Basic Principles, Bank Rules & Procedures for Preventing &Combating Corruption

  • The Experience of Other MDBs

  • Policy Framework for Preventing & Combating Corruption

  • Where and How Corruption may occur in Bank Operations

  • Procedures for Addressing Corruption & Fraud in Bank Operations

  • The way forward and Implications for the Bank

  • Conclusions

1.6.2The Guidelines for Preventing & Combating Corruption and Fraud in Bank Group Operations are as follows:

1.7Harmonizing Donor Practices

1.7.1To promote good practices for enhanced aid effectiveness, OECD-DAC published, in 2003, the following booklet: ‘Harmonising Donor Practices for Effective Aid Delivery, Good Practice Papers, A DAC Reference Document’. The Booklet covers the following six specific papers that have been agreed as setting out good practices:

  • Framework for Donor Co-operation.

  • Country Analytic Work and Preparation of Projects and Programmes.

  • Measuring Performance in Public Financial Management.

  • Reporting and Monitoring.

  • Financial Reporting and Auditing.

  • Delegated Co-operation (i.e. when one donor acts on behalf of another).

1.7.2The booklet ‘Harmonising Donor Practices for Effective Aid Delivery, Good Practice Papers, A DAC Reference Document’.

1.7.3Additionally, OECD-DAC has published a paper that describes good practices donors can apply to support capacity development in the area of public financial management. Case studies illustrate how effective support of capacity development is beginning to take shape in a few countries and it provides guidance to donor organisations looking to improve the effectiveness of aid delivery aimed at capacity development in public financial management.

1.7.4The paper ‘Capacity Development in Public Financial Management’ is attached

1.7.5OECD papers ‘DAC Guidelines and Reference Series: Harmonising Donor Practices for Effective Aid Delivery’ can be accessed from the following website: www.oecd.org/dac/harmonisingpractices

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