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1.3Rome & Paris Declarations

Rome Declaration

In February 2003, leaders of the major multilateral development banks and international and bilateral organizations, and donor and recipient country representatives gathered in Rome for the High-Level Forum on Harmonization (HLF-Rome). They committed to take action to improve the management and effectiveness of aid and to take stock of concrete progress. Information regarding the HLF and follow up to the Forum is found at: www.aidharmonization.org.

1.3.1The HLF concluding statement, The Rome Declaration on Harmonization, sets out an ambitious program of activities:

  • Ensure that harmonization efforts are adapted to the country context, and that donor assistance is aligned with the development recipient’s priorities.

  • Expand country-led efforts to streamline donor procedures and practices.

  • Review and identify ways to adapt institutions’ and countries’ policies, procedures, and practices to facilitate harmonization.

  • Implement the good practices principles and standards formulated by the development community as the foundation for harmonization.

1.3.2The attached is the Rome Declaration on Harmonization:

Paris Declaration

1.3.3The Paris Declaration represents the culmination of the High Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness (HLF) held in Paris 28 February to 2 March 2005. The HLF was hosted by the French Government and attended by development officials and ministers from ninety one countries, twenty six donor organizations and partner countries, representatives of civil society organizations and the private sector. The participants took stock of progress in the wide range of activities that have taken place since the Rome High-Level Forum (2003). They also identified the areas in which further, or more intense, work is needed.  The Bank participated in and contributed to the funding of the HLF. For further details regarding the HLF and follow up to the Forum please refer to www.aidharmonization.org

1.3.4The Paris Declaration is as follows:

1.3.5The Paris Declaration on Aid Effectiveness (see above) reflects the commitment of external funding agencies to “avoid, to the maximum extent possible, creating dedicated structures for day-to-day management and implementation of aid-financed projects and programmes.” The Bank has committed in the Paris Declaration to harmonize project implementation arrangements, minimize the use of parallel structures for project implementation, and to use joint PIUs with other development partners where possible.

1.3.6As a follow up to the Paris Declaration, OECD-DAC has prepared the attached document: ‘Paris Declaration on Aid Effectiveness - Indicators of Progress: (i) List of Indicators; (ii) Letter from the DAC Chair; and (iii) Methodology for Quantitative Indicators’

1.3.7The following World Bank paper: ‘Guidance Note for Project Management - Strengthening Institutional Capacity during Project Implementation, October 2005’aims to encourage operations managers and staff not only to give priority to project implementation performance but also to balance it with sustainable institutional capacity development beyond the project. To that end, existing country institutions should be the “default” mode, and PIUs—especially parallel “stand-alone” PIUs—should be phased out.

1.3.8The World Bank ‘Guidance Note for Project Management - Strengthening Institutional Capacity during Project Implementation, October 2005’ is attached:

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