Английский язык (сборник текстов для внеаудиторного чтения)

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Кафедра иностранных языков

Екшибарова И.Г.

Английский язык

(сборник текстов для внеаудиторного чтения)

Барнаул 2005

ББК 81.2 Англ.

А ― 51

Печатается по решению

Методического совета

БЮИ МВД Рoссии

от “____” ________ 2005 г.

Протокол № ____

Английский язык (сборник текстов для внеаудиторного чтения) – Барнаул: БЮИ МВД России, 2005. - 37 с.

Составитель: Екшибарова И.Г., преподаватель кафедры иностранных языков.

Рецензенты: Сергеева Е.М., преподаватель кафедры иностранных языков гуманитарных факультетов АГУ; Пестова Е.В., доцент кафедры иностранных языков.

Английский язык (сборник текстов для внеаудиторного чтения) предназначен для дополнительного чтения слушателей и студентов вузов МВД России, а также для широкого круга читателей, изучающих английский язык. Цель пособия – развивать навыки ознакомительного чтения, повысить интерес читателей к оригинальной литературе Великобритании и США.

© Барнаульский юридический институт МВД РФ, 2005.


W. de Mille

Judson was an American businessman. He had a comfortable flat in New York but in summer he used to leave the dusty city and go to the country. There he had a cottage which consisted of three rooms, a bathroom and a kitchen. In one of the rooms there was a big closet. He liked his cottage very much, especially his closet where he kept his guns, fishing - rods, wine and other things. It was his own closet and even his wife was not allowed to have a key, for Judson Webb loved his personal possession and got very angry when anybody else touched them.

It was autumn now and Judson was packing his things for the winter. In a few minutes he would be driving back to civilization - to New York.

As he looked at the shelf on which the whiskey stood his face was serious. All the bottles were unopened except one. It was placed invitingly in front with a whiskey - glass by its side. The bottle was less than half full. As he took it from the shelf, Helen, his wife, spoke from the next room: “I've packed everything. Hasn't Alec come to run the water of and get the keys?” Alec lived near - by and acted as a care - taker. “He' s at the lake taking the boats out of the water. He said he'd be back in half an hour!”

Helen came into the room carrying her suit - case. She stopped and looked in surprise as she saw the bottle in her husband's hands. “Judson”, she exclaimed, “your are not taking a drink at ten in the morning, are you?”

“No, my dear. I'm not taking anything out of this bottle. I am just putting something into it”. He took two small white tablets out of his pocket and put them on the table. Then he opened the bottle.

“The person who broke into my closet last winter and stole my whiskey will probably try to do it again while we are away”, he went on, “only this time he'll be very sorry if he comes”.

Then one by one he dropped the tablets into the bottle. His wife looked at him in horror. “What are they?” she asked him at last. “Will they make the man sick?”

“Not only sick. They will kill him”, he answered with satisfaction.

He closed the bottle and put it back on the shelf near the little whiskey - glass. He said: “Now, Mr. Thief, when you break in, drink as much as you wish”. Helen's face was pale. “Don't do it, Judson”, she cried. “It's horrible, it's a murder. The law does not punish burglary by death, what right have you?”

“When it comes to protecting my property, I make my own laws”. He was now like a big dog which was afraid that somebody would take away his bone. “But all they did was to steal a little whiskey”, she said. “They did not do any real damage”. She made one more effort: “We won't be here again till next spring. I shall worry all the time if I know that bottle full or poison is here. Suppose something happens to us and nobody knows … ”.

He laughed at her earnestness. “We'll risk it”, he said, “I've made my money by taking risks”. She knew it was useless to argue. He had always been ruthless in business. She went to the door with a sigh of defeat. “I'll walk down the road and say good-bye at the farmhouse”, she said quietly. She had made up her mind to tell the caretaker's wife about it. Someone had to know.

“All right, my dear, he smiled, “and don't worry about your poor little burglar. No one is going to be hurt unless he breaks in”.

Helen went down the road and Judson started to close the closet door. He suddenly remembered that he had not packed his hunting boots drying outside on the heavy table in the garden. So, leaving the door open, he went to fetch them. But when he wanted to reach for his boots he suddenly slipped on a stone and his head struck the massive table as he fell.

Several minutes later he felt a strong arm round him and Alec's voice was saying: “It's all right, Mr. Webb, it was not bad fall. Take this it'll make you feel better”.

A small whiskey – glass was pressed to his lips. Half conscious he drank.


I. Переведите словосочетания. Воспроизведите предложения в тексте с данными словосочетаниями:

1. To love one’s personal possessions.

2. To get very angry.

3. To act as care – taker.

4. To break into something (a room, a closet).

5. To poison somebody.

6. To punish a criminal by death.

7. To make one’s money by taking risks.

8. To be ruthless in business.

II. Переведите на русский язык:

1. Смотреть на кого-то в ужасе.

2. Причинить кому-либо вред.

3. Наказывать кого-либо смертью.

4. Защищать свою собственность.

5. Причинить какой-либо ущерб.

6. Быть жестоким в чём-либо.

III. Согласитесь или исправьте предложения согласно тексту:

1. Judson Webb was a successful businessman.

2. Judson was rather indifferent to his possession.

3. Judson got very angry when understood that somebody had broken into his closet.

4. He was ruthless whew it came to protecting his property.

5. His wife Helen was quite agree with him about punishing the thief.

6. His wife Helen was kind and earnest woman.

7. Judson always observed the law: in life and in business.

8. Alec gave Judson whiskey knowing that there was poison in it.

IV. Ответьте на вопросы:

1. What was Judson doing on that autumn day?

2. What was wrong with his bottles?

3. How did he decide to punish a thief?

4. What kind of person was Judson?

5. Did his wife manage to persuade him not to do so?

6. Was Judson a law-abiding person in business?

7. What happened to Judson when his wife went away?

8. Do you think he drank poison whiskey?

9. Do you think he was right acting so cruelly towards other people?


W.S. Maugham
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