Asian Studies Development Program ’ s Fifteenth Annual National Conference

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Asian Studies Development Program

Alumni Newsletter

April 2009

Editor’s Greeting:

Welcome reader! Thanks to those of you who submitted articles and information for this edition of the Newsletter. The Asian Studies Development Programs Fifteenth Annual National Conference was held in Philadelphia, PA on March 5-7, 2009 and, by all accounts, was a wonderful experience.

Please pay special attention to next year’s events in Honolulu. From June 29—July 1, 2010, Kapiolani Community College will host the next ASDP Annual National Conference in Honolulu. Immediately following this event, the East West Centers 50th Anniversary International Alumni Conference will be held in Honolulu from July 1—5, 2010. Start to make plans right now to attend both Conferences, reconnect with old alums, and make new friends. I hope to see you there. Julien Farland, Editor

Message from Elizabeth Buck, Co-Director of the Asian Studies Development Program and Special Assistant for Education to the President of the East-West Center:

News from Honolulu about ASDP

The last nine months have been eventful to say the least. A tight election that we thought would never end, an amazing new president, and devastating economic developments. All of us have been affected in more ways than one. At the recent National Conference in Philadelphia, many of the 100 plus who were there told about across the board budget cuts at their schools, institutional bans on out-of-state travel, added teaching loads because of increasing enrollments, etc.

ASDP has also felt the affects of the economic downturn on our outside funding. For many years we’ve been enjoying the generous support of the Freeman Foundation for summer institutes, field studies, and mainland workshops. But the Freeman Foundation has its roots in AIG and with the drop in the stock market, the foundation has had to cut back on its funding for programs. However, we are pleased that ASDP did receive funding for this year and hopefully increased funding will be available in the future.

We have two great programs for the summer of 2009, the annual Infusing Institute and a China field study, both supported by the Freeman grant. The China field study is also supported by the Chinese Ministry of Education in an on-going collaborative program for Chinese and US faculty exchange.

Our mainland workshops are also keeping us busy. So far this year there have been workshops at Evergreen State in Olympia, Washington; another on ecologies of development in China and India at Central Arkansas University; and a workshop on East Asia in Boston with Middlesex Community College and Bridgewater State College.

The highlight of the spring was the ASDP National Conference in the City of Brotherly Love. Hosted by the Community College of Philadelphia, it was outstanding starting with an incredible opening reception at the Museum of the University of Pennsylvania with wonderful food served amid priceless Chinese and Egyptian antiquities, and topped off by talks by our own Roger Ames and U Penn professor, Nancy S. Steinhardt.

The quite marvelous thing about ASDP National Conferences is that they are planned, organized and carried out with great élan and lots of hard work, all of it volunteered, by ARC schools and their ASDP representatives along with lots of faculty and institutional support. Fay Beauchamp and her colleagues at the Community College of Philadelphia organized a wonderful program, and George Brown at Slippery Rock University, another ARC school, sent out the call for papers, organized the panels, and handled the registration. The first ASDP national conference was hosted by Middlesex Community College in 1994. Last year’s conference was in Chicago, hosted by the College of DuPage. This year’s conference in Philadelphia was the 15th!!!

I urge all ASDP alumni and friends who have never attended an ASDP conference to come to the next one in 2010. It will be in Honolulu with Kapiolani Community College as the hosting regional center school. The ASDP national conference will be held just prior to the East-West Center’s 50th Anniversary Conference so plan on attending both. We expect that the EWC anniversary celebration will attract many EWC alumni from all over, and we hope for a great turnout of ASDP alumni—now the largest and most active EWC chapter.

A Message from East-West Center Alumni Director, Gordon Ring:

Save the Date: July 2-5, 2010 for EWC/EWCA 50th Anniversary Celebration in Honolulu

Join us in Honolulu on July 2 to 5, 2010 at the EWC/EWCA International 50th Anniversary Conference and “return to the source” to renew old friendships and make new ones. What better setting than Hawai’i – crossroads of the Pacific and home of the East-West Center -- to mark half a century working to promote understanding and cooperation in the Asia Pacific region, including the United States.

The international conference – with the theme: “Leadership and Community Building in the Asia Pacific Region” – will be one of the premier events of the EWC 50th anniversary celebration. We’ll celebrate the accomplishments of the Center’s first five decades and look forward to addressing the needs and challenges of the Asia Pacific community in the years to come.

The conference will consider the position, importance and relevance of national interchange and interaction in the 21st century and the impact of social, cultural, technological and political factors on traditional national frameworks and new international frameworks and institutions. It will draw on the richness of experience gained in 50 years of study and involvement by alumni and staff of the East-West Center.

Mark the date on your calendar and plan to join us!

EWC/EWCA 2010 International Conference, Honolulu, Hawaii - 50th Anniversary Celebration, July 2-5, 2010

From Lucien Ellington, Editor, Education About Asia

Please see below for the Call for Manuscripts, EAA Winter 2009, Asia in World History: The Twentieth Century.

Call for Manuscripts, "Asia in World History: The Twentieth Century,"

Education About Asia (EAA) is the peer-reviewed teaching journal of the Association for Asian Studies. Our readers include undergraduate instructors as well as high school and middle school teachers. Our articles are intended to provide educators, who are often not specialists, with basic understanding of Asia-related content. Qualified referees evaluate all manuscripts submitted for consideration.

We are in the process of developing a special section entitled "Asia in World History: The Twentieth Century." This concluding special section, the fifth in the series, corresponds to the National World History Standards "Eras." We seek manuscripts that encompass a wide range of topics including economic, maritime, military, political, and social history. We also invite authors to submit manuscripts about important individuals who influenced twentieth century Asian and World History. We are looking for manuscripts about all areas of Asia.

There are several topics that have not been addressed in previous EAA feature sections that would be especially appropriate for this issue.

Examples of possible working titles include:

The Military History of the Pacific War: An Overview, The Roots of Indian and Pakistani Conflict, Asia and the Cold War: An Overview, The Democratization of the Republic of Korea, The Economic Rise of Hong Kong, The Rise and Fall of the Pol Pot Regime.

This list is, of course, by no means inclusive of twentieth century manuscript possibilities, and other ideas from prospective authors are most welcome.

Prospective authors should be aware that approximately sixty to sixty-five percent of our readers are secondary or middle school teachers and the rest teach at the undergraduate level. We are most interested in manuscripts that are useful for survey-level courses.

Prospective authors should consult the EAA guidelines, available on the Web site under my signature, before submitting a manuscript for this special section. Prospective authors are also encouraged to share possible manuscript ideas with me via email. The deadline for initial submission of manuscripts is August 20, 2009.


Lucien Ellington

Editor, Education About Asia

302 Pfeiffer Stagmaier Hall

University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

Chattanooga, TN 37403

Phone (423)425-2118, Fax (423)425-5441


Web Site:


ASDP Symposium, Boston, Massachusetts

Middlesex Community College (Bedford and Lowell Massachusetts) and Bridgewater State College (Bridgewater, Massachusetts) sponsored a national Asian Studies Development Program Symposium in Boston on April 2-5, 2009. There were approximately 80 participants at this event.

The symposium was titled, “Crossing Borders: Identities, Insights, and Expressions in China and Japan.” This event included presentations that focused on the importance of China and Japan in both traditional and contemporary contexts.
Speakers included:
Tu Wei-Ming, Professor of Chinese History and Philosophy and Confucian Studies, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA;
Henry Rosemont, Department of Religious Studies, Brown University, Providence, RI;
Theodore Bestor, Professor of Anthropology & Japanese Studies, Harvard Univ., Cambridge, MA;
Adam Kern, Associate Professor of Japanese Literature, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA.;
Steve Goldberg, Associate Professor of Art History, Hamilton College, Clinton, NY; and
Xueping Zhong, Associate Professor of Chinese Literature and Director of Chinese Program, Tufts University, Medford, MA;


A Question from Betty Buck, ASDP Co-Director and World Traveler:
Are there any ASDP alums interested in traveling together as a non-subsidized group? I’m thinking particularly of those who have retired and would like to travel in small groups to Asia or elsewhere preferably in the spring or fall. There are several tour companies that offer small-group tours that are reasonably priced. One such company is Overseas Adventure Travel and they are happy to work with special groups at a reduced price. If this would interest you, please let me know. Betty’s email address is:

Alumni Updates & Newsbits

Here are some newsbits and updates about ASDP alumni:

Calvert Johnson, who participated in an East-West Center course for college/university faculty on "Korean Society and Culture," has recently released a new CD recording Soliloquies: New Japanese and Chinese Music for Harpsichord and Organ (Albany Records TROY 1049). Among the composers included on the recording are the following women: Makiko Asaoka, Asako Hirabayashi, Pei-lun Vicky Chang, Wang An-Ming, Karen Tanaka, and Reiko Arima; the male composers on the recording are and Isaac Nagao, Chan Ka-Nin, Toru Takemitsu.

Johnson has in the past decade performed works by these composers as well as several Korean composers in concerts and workshops featuring Asian composers: Honolulu (University of Hawaii), Maui (St. John's Episcopal Church), Los Angeles (national convention of the American Guild of Organists), San Francisco (national meeting of the College Music Society), Santa Barbara (All-Saints-By-The-Sea Episcopal Church), Salt Lake City (Mormon Tabernacle), University of South Dakota (joint national meeting of the historic keyboard societies), Indiana University of Pennsylvania (International Festival of Women Composers).

He is actively seeking opportunities to perform this repertoire in North America and East Asia. He can be contacted at Calvert Johnson is Charles A. Dana Professor of Music at Agnes Scott College, Decatur GA 30030.

Rachana Sachdev, Assistant Professor of English at Susquehanna University, Selinsgrove, PA submits the following:


Richard Ball, Sociology Professor Emeritus, at Ferris St. University taught the fall term 2008 at The Japan Center for Michigan Universities in Shiga-ken. Twenty students completed his course entitled "Invisible People: Minorities of Japan." As part of the curriculum, a survey of attitudes toward minorities was completed. The Japan Center enrolls students from universities around the U. S., who study Japanese language and culture, usually for one or two semesters. Richard Ball has participated in a number of ASDP activities in the past.

Kerry Smith at Brown University submits the following:

Brown University (Providence, Rhode Island) will host the 2009 Annual Meeting of the New England Conference of the Association for Asian Studies on October 2-3, 2009.

Proposals are invited for individual papers, panels and roundtables in all areas of Asian Studies. Interdisciplinary proposals are especially encouraged, as are forums focusing on K-12 education. We encourage panel organizers to be creative in their approach, and where possible to limit paper presentations in favor of structures that will encourage discussion and scholarly exchange. The deadline for submission of individual paper, panel and roundtable proposals is Friday, May 1, 2009.

More information, and submission forms, may be found at the Conference website:

Zhiqun Zhu, Professor of Political Science at Bucknell University, Lewisburg, PA has published two new textbooks (see below). Also, please note Bob Eng's blurb on one of Professor Zhu's books.

Global Studies: China

Understanding East Asia's Economic "Miracles"

Concise yet comprehensive, Zhiqun Zhu's booklet is the perfect introduction to the political economy of East Asia for undergraduate and advanced high school classes. Zhu's analysis of the economic miracles of Japan, South Korea, China and Taiwan takes into account both domestic factors and the international environment, and is sensitive to the similarities as well as differences between the developmental experiences of these nations. Zhu raises important related issues such as the connections between economic development and democratization, the relative economic contributions of the state and the market, and the portability of the East Asian developmental model. A glossary of abbreviations, timeline, and extensive bibliography add to the pedagogical values of this booklet.

Robert Y. Eng, Professor of History University of Redlands, ASIANetwork Board of Directors

Ronnie Littlejohn's new book, Daoism: An Introduction (I.B. Tauris Introductions to Religion) (Paperback) has been published. It is available from <>

"Littlejohn organizes his introduction around the central metaphor of a spreading kudzu vine, whose roots, trunk, stalks, branches, and leaves grow beneath, in, around, and over the vast and complex terrain of Chinese culture. He does a marvelous job exploring the origins, developments, and transformations of Daoism by guiding readers through canonical texts, across historical contexts, and around expressions of Daoism in fine art, popular symbols, literature, ritual, and other forms of material culture. The result is a masterful and comprehensive introduction to this protean, venerable, and vital tradition that will engage and enlighten novices and experts alike and delight anyone interested in Chinese religion, philosophy, or culture."--Philip J. Ivanhoe, Reader-Professor of Philosophy, City University of Hong Kong

"A marvelously detailed and highly readable history of Daoist religion and culture. The book also presents a wealth of information on how Daoism has shaped Chinese philosophy, politics and art throughout the centuries. A must-read for anyone who wants a fuller appreciation of Chinese history, and highly recommended for introductory classes on Chinese religions."--James Miller, Associate Professor of Chinese Religions, Queen's University, Ontario, Canada

Brian Mackintosh, a participant in the ASDP Summer Institute of 2003 in Honolulu, has received a law degree from the University of Hawaii's Richardson School of Law, with a focus on Pacific and Asian Legal Studies. He will be working with the Center for Social Development (CSD) in Phnom Penh this summer. CSD is a legal NGO that represents the Civil Class of Orphans in the Khmer Rouge trials that are currently going on in Cambodia. Brian will help develop the case against Khmer Rouge leaders on behalf of victims who lost both parents during the Khmer Rouge genocide. He will also participate in community outreach and education, traveling to rural parts of Cambodia to explain the procedure and purpose of the trials. He hopes to return to academics if every university in the country hasn't already instituted a hiring freeze. His work in Cambodia is sponsored by the Cohen Foundation's Fellowship for International Human Rights. Brian teaches in the Humanities Department at Hawaii Pacific University in Honolulu.

Brian Mackintosh will be coordinating the ASDP Alumni web site which is located on the EWCA’s server. His email is

ASDP Calendar

Summer 2009:

June 1--19, 2009
Institute on Infusing Asian Studies into the Undergraduate Curriculum
This annual three-week Institute, funded by the Freeman Foundation, focuses on faculty and institutional development related to the undergraduate teaching of Asia at two-year and four-year colleges and universities. The focus of the 2009 program will be East Asia (primarily China and Japan). This multidisciplinary program will feature lectures and discussions on the culture, religious traditions, history, arts and contemporary complexion of the region, and is designed to assist participants develop concrete strategies for enhancing Asian studies teaching and learning on their home campuses.
Director: Dr. Stanley Murashige (Professor of Art History, Theory, and Criticism; School of the Art Institute of Chicago)

July 5--26, 2009
ASDP China Field Seminar: China's 21st Century Challenges
Tentative Itinerary: July 5 to July 26, 2009
July 5 arrival in Beijing;
July 10 travel to Chengdu, Sichuan;
July 16 travel to Guiyang, Guizhou;
July 21 travel to Shanghai;
July 26 departure from Shanghai.
Director: Dr. Fred Lau (Professor of Ethnomusicology, University of Hawaii)

China Field Study


Fall 2009:

September 17--19, 2009
Contesting Boundaries: Environments and Interdependence in Asian Perspectives, Belmont University, Nashville, TN
This program will focus primarily on China and India and will be looking at the social, economic, political and cultural dimensions of environmental issues. The basic aim of this workshop is to explore how environmental issues have ripple effects that cross geographical, socio-political, and cultural boundaries in ways that are often open to considerable debate. This interdisciplinary workshop will focus on the trans-boundary implications of Asian environmental issues in their global context.

For more information, please contact: Ronnie Littlejohn,

This is a group photo of the participants in the 1994

three week summer institute in Honolulu.

Newsletter Editors..

ASDP Alumni Newsletter Editor:

Julien Farland, Professor of Philosophy, Middlesex Community College, NA 212,

Bedford, MA 01730, 781.280.3944;

ASDP Alumni Newsletter Associate Editors:

Dr. Karen Buckley, Dept of Languages and Literature, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, 800 W. Main St. Whitewater, WI 53190; office: (262) 472-1041;

Howard A. Giskin, Professor, Department of English, Appalachian State University,
Boone, NC 28608, Phone: 828-262-2890 (office)

Sara E. Orel, Professor of Art History, Truman State University, OP 2221, Kirksville, MO 63501

Reginald Spittle, Instructor, Political Science, Madera Community College, 30277 Avenue 12, Madera, CA 93638

ASDP Alumni Association Web Site:

Please take a closer look at the official website for the ASDP Alumni Chapter. This site includes updates on the ASDP National Conference, newly elected Chapter officers, Chapter By-Laws and Minutes of meetings.

Relevant Link:

Next Newsletter:

Our fifth ASDP Alumni Newsletter will be published in late October, 2009. Our plan is to include information and articles about:

→individuals who have participated in ASDP programs;

→events and activities occurring at colleges and universities which have participated in ASDP;

→profiles of ASDP Alumni and ASDP Programs at local institutions;

→interviews with members of the ASDP family;

→a calendar of upcoming Asia-related Workshops, Seminars, and Institutes;

→updates on East-West Center Alumni Association news and events;

→other information relevant to ASDP Alumni.

Please send us information and articles that you think are relevant to the interests of Alumni.

Mahalo. You will see us again next October.

Asian Studies Development Program Alumni Newsletter

Volume 3, Number 1


Asian Studies Development Program ’ s Fifteenth Annual National Conference iconThis exhibition of Asian-language materials is being held to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the formation of the Asian Studies Research Collection as a

Asian Studies Development Program ’ s Fifteenth Annual National Conference iconThis exhibition of Asian-language materials is being held to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the formation of the Asian Studies Research Collection as a

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Asian Studies Development Program ’ s Fifteenth Annual National Conference iconDeposited at the Centre of South Asian Studies, University of Cambridge

Asian Studies Development Program ’ s Fifteenth Annual National Conference iconCriterion : The Program shall have a clearly formulated and publicly stated mission with supporting goals and objectives. The Program shall foster the development of professional public health values

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Asian Studies Development Program ’ s Fifteenth Annual National Conference iconReport to ugc on academic activities of the centre for south & south east asian studies

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