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Purpose and status

1.1 The purpose of this London Plan Implementation Plan is to set out how the policies of the London Plan will be translated into practical action. It is important to ensure the effective implementation of the policies supporting the Mayor’s planning powers– in particular providing a framework for translating the trends and policies set out in the London Plan into investment decisions and plans. This Implementation Plan provides an overview of mechanisms – a toolkit – to achieve this. It also provides a more robust basis for infrastructure planning across London. During the Draft Replacement London Plan consultation a wide range of stakeholders including boroughs had demanded such improved implementation and infrastructure planning by the Mayor. The Implementation Plan is intended to:

  • facilitate effective coordination and cooperation of activities to ensure the realisation of the London Plan.

  • inform developers and all delivery partners who need to understand the envisaged implementation actions and strategic infrastructure provision in relation to the London Plan.

  • provide communities with transparent and accessible information to enable them to get involved in the development of their area.

  • help boroughs in terms of the wider context for their local implementation and infrastructure planning and the preparation for their Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL).

1.2 The importance of these issues is underlined in the Government’s draft National Planning Policy Framework, which emphasises the importance of planning authorities planning positively for the development and infrastructure required for the development of their areas. It encourages inclusion of policies in local plans setting strategic priorities for their areas including strategic policies to deliver housing; economic development; provision of infrastructure for transport, minerals, waste, energy, telecoms, water supply and water quality; health, security, community infrastructure and other facilities; and measures to address climate change1. This Implementation Plan is intended by the Mayor as a resource which boroughs and others can draw on in addressing these tasks.

1.3 Whilst the production of an Implementation Plan for the London Plan is not a statutory requirement, the Mayor considers it will be a valuable and flexible tool to support the application of the London Plan policies. Policy 8.4 (Part B) of the London Plan introduces the Implementation Plan as follows:

The Mayor produces an Implementation Plan which includes a range of strategic actions that the Mayor, boroughs and key stakeholders across the public, private, voluntary and community sectors will deliver to ensure the implementation of this Plan. The Implementation Plan is produced separately, but clear links between implementation actions and policies in the London Plan are included and it will be updated regularly.”

Scope and limitations

1.4 This Implementation Plan will be an evolving document. A baseline of information is being established but it currently remains high level and has a number of gaps. Work will continue on a range of aspects, particularly on filling data gaps through further research and/or in cooperation with relevant delivery agencies and as further details about availability of resources are known. Over time the document will be refined and more detail will be added. The Implementation Plan will complement the implementation and infrastructure planning required to support Opportunity Area Planning Frameworks (OAPFs) and Local Development Frameworks (LDFs), addressing the broad implementation dimension appropriate to the level of detail of the London Plan.

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