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Course Syllabus

Course Title: Digital Media III

Course Number: 68830

Program Name: Digital Media


Students must have successfully completed Digital Media I and II.

Required Materials

Text: Reding, Elizabeth. Adobe Photoshop CS3 Revealed. Delmar Cengage Learning, 2008

Botello, Chris. Revealed Adobe Indesign CS3. Delmar Cengage Learning, 2008

Botello, Chris. Revealed Adobe Illustrator CS3. Delmar Cengage Learning,2008

Williams, R., John Tollett, and Robin Williams. Design Workshop. 2nd. edition., 2007

Additional Items: Folder and notebook

Instructor Information

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Course Description

This is the third course in a three-year sequence of Digital Media communications classes. Four student performance outcomes will guide the study in this course:

  1. The student should be able to demonstrate increased proficiency in multimedia skills.

  2. The student should be able to apply the principles of graphic design.

  3. The student should be able to create a website.

The student performance the basic functions of managing a graphic communications business. To help achieve these student performance outcomes, the following topics will be examined:

  • Import and manipulate images of different file formats

  • Identify fundamentals of design

  • Use and apply color concepts

  • Develop marketing materials

  • Plan and develop website

  • Create a movie

  • Create a DVD

The culminating activity of this class is to create a digital portfolio of projects, images and data that encompass the three-year sequence of courses.

Student Performance Outcomes

Basic Outcome 1. The student can demonstrate increased proficiency in multimedia skills.

Performance Assessment: Student will create a personal movie. The movie must receive a passing grade of at least 80% on the digital media movie rubric.

Basic Outcome 2. The students can apply the principles of graphic design.

Performance Assessment: Students work in a group to create marketing materials for a business they have created. The projects must receive a passing score of at least 80 % on the digital media rubric.

Basic Outcome 3. The student can create a website.
Performance Assessment: Students will create a website that meets Adobe guidelines. Students will achieve a score of at least an 80% on the digital media rubric.

Course Grading System

Grades are based on a point system. Students are advised regarding how many points an assignment is worth. Students are evaluated using the following criteria.

Assignments, Projects, Performance Outcomes 50% 

Tests, Exams 20% 

Quizzes, Bell ringers 10% 

Notebook, Portfolio 10% 

Class Participation 10% 

Grade Point Values

The following is a suggested Chicago Public Schools grading scale; however, each school has the option to adjust the scale.

A = 95% - 100% D = 75% - 80%

B = 88% - 94% F = 74% or less

C = 81% - 87%


Class attendance is extremely important. Good daily attendance, as well as being on time for class, will positively impact grades. The reverse will be true if a student misses class or comes late.

Students who are absent are expected to make up the work assigned during that class period or tests that were given. It is the student’s responsibility to see the teacher about make-up opportunities.

If a student cuts class or has poor attendance, parents/guardians will be contacted. If a student has an unexcused absence, make-up opportunities for the work assigned for that day will be subject to the school’s attendance policy regarding cuts and make-up work.

Honesty Policy

The traits of a successful Graphic Communications student are personal integrity and academic honesty. Academic dishonesty is a serious offense, which includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Cheating

  • Respecting property of others (classmates, teacher, and lab)

Cheating involves copying another student's written work, quiz, test, or exam, or the use of technology devices to exchange or submit information as related to course related material (class work, homework, quizzes, tests, projects, co-op work, etc.). Such practices and activities will not be tolerated and students associated with the like can have any certifications and / or licenses revoked as well as grade adjustments. Failure to comply with classroom policy and procedure will also result in disciplinary action as outlined in the Chicago Public Schools Code of Conduct.

Additional Guidelines

Each student will need a notebook for this class. The notebook will be used to take notes and complete selected class assignments. Students must come to class prepared every day with textbook, pen, and notebook. Failure to attend class prepared will reflect negatively on grades.

Illinois Learning Standards

3. C. J 4 Apply appropriate format and structure that effectively address a variety of real-life situations..

NETS Standard: 6. Technology Operations and Concepts: Students demonstrate a sound understanding of technology concepts, systems, and operations.

b. Students select and use applications effectively and productively.

Additional Standards

Appropriate Work Place Skills Standards, SCANS (Transitions) standards, and additional Illinois Learning Standards will be addressed in weekly lesson plans.

Course Calendar


Topic or Competency

Items Due


Intro to the Course Rules and Grading Rubrics:

grading procedure and the use of project log; rules and regulations; class supplies (student supplied notebook and folder);

review how to connect and save to server;

review year two assignments in digital portfolio

Signed syllabus and rules forms;

Verify folder and notebook;

Use the Grab application to capture screen images and place file on server


Career and College Exploration:;;;

Worksheet: Careers; Worksheet: College;



Flash Animation: Preparing artwork; programming interactivity

Golfer Golf Game Project


Flash Animation: Importing sound; synchronizing sound; integrating ActionScript

Talking Kid Site Intro Project

5th Week Assessment


Flash Animation: Encoding video; working with components

Travel Video Module Project


Flash Animation: Building site navigation; loading external content

Seabreeze Web Site Project


Adobe Certified Associate – Flash Exam: Review for exam; take exam

Certification Exam


Entrepreneurship--Forming a Company: business plan (group activity); decide what to sell; identify target customer; name the company

Business plan


Entrepreneurship--Marketing Materials: logo (group activity); company color and font; business card; letterhead; envelope; brochure; buttons; invoice; sign

Logo; Business card;





15th Week Assessment;



Company presentation


Build Multimedia Skills--Dreamweaver: promote website; prepare photographs; pop-up menus; rollover images; image maps; forms; calendar; checking files in and out; adding flash movies and video; templates; production storyboard; wireframes; project plan; client interview; cascading style sheets

Worksheet: Client Interview;

Worksheet: Project Plan;

Worksheet: Production Storyboard;

Worksheet: How to Promote a Website;

20th Week Assessment;

Personal website;

Company website (group activity);


Build Multimedia Skills--iMovie: importing video; organizing clips; trimming clips; adding photos; adding music; adding titles; video effects; voiceovers; compiling

Personal movie;

Company commercial movie (group activity);

25th Week Assessment


Build Multimedia Skills--iDVD: themes; menus; sub menus; drop zones; menu buttons; add slideshow; add movie

2-3 thumbnail sketches for DVD;

DVD label;


30th Week Assessment


Entrepreneurship--Silk Screen: artwork; color separations; film positive; capillary film; exposure; screen preparation; equipment setup; printing techniques; clean up procedures

Design company t-shirt;

Silk-screen t-shirt (group activity)


Assemble a --3-year Digital Portfolio: Students will produce an on-line portfolio showcasing their work and accomplishments from three years of work. The portfolio will contain Flash animation along with Photoshop, Illustrator, In Design and video. Flash will be used to create an animated banner that to greet visitors on their index page.

Student digital--Three-year Portfolio (culminating activity);

Final exam


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Folder and notebook Instructor Information iconInstructor Contact Information

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