American anthropologist vol. 88, Number 3, september 1986

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НазваниеAmerican anthropologist vol. 88, Number 3, september 1986
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  1. Sky World and This World: The Place of Kachaw in Micronesian


Ward H. Goodenough 551

  1. The Correspondence ofJivaroan to Scientific Ornithology

James Boster, Brent Berlin, and John O'Neill 569

  1. Human Emotions: Universal or Culture-Specific?

Anna Wierzbicka 584

  1. Government Capital and Minority Enterprise: An Evaluation of a

Depression-Era Social Program

M. G. Trend and W. L. Lett 595

  1. Coping with Bureaucracy: Survival Strategies in Irrigated Agriculture

Susan H. Lees 610

  1. A Social Anthropologist's View of Papua New Guinea Highlands


D. K. Feil 623

Research Reports

  1. Some Like It Sweet: Estimating Sweetness Preferences and Sucrose

Intakes from Ethnographic and Experimental Data

Ellen Messer 637

  1. Shipibo Food Categorization and Preference: Relationships Between

Indigenous and Western Dietary Concepts

Clifford A. Behrens 647

  1. Validating the Cave Art-Archeofaunal Relationship in Cantabrian Spain

Patricia C. Rice and Ann L. Paterson 658

  1. When a Single Clustering Method Creates More Than One Tree:

A Reanalysisof the Salish Languages

Susan C. Weller and Charles H. Buchholtz 667

  1. The Colors of Emotions in Machiguenga

Allen Johnson, Orna Johnson, and Michael Baksh 674


  1. George Peter Murdock (1897-1985)

John W. M. Whiting 682

  1. Pedro Armillas Garcia (1914-1984)

L. G. Freeman 687

  1. James Henri Howard (1925-1982)

William H. Hodge and Nanty O. Lurie 692


  1. Egg on the Face,fin the Mouth, and the Overbite

C. Loring Brace 695

  1. Reply to Hockings and Brace

Charles F. Hockett 697

  1. Credentials and Insights: A Reply to Rogers

Eugene N. Cohen 698

  1. Response to Joralemon's Review of Visionary Vine: Hallucinogenic

Healing in the Peruvian Amazon and Hallucinogens: Cross-Cultural


Marlene Dobkin de Rios 699

  1. On Bickerton's Review of The Biology and Evolution of Language

Philip Lieberman 701

  1. Dimensional Analysis in Cultural Anthropology: Reply to Wormser

Dennis P. McGuire, James J. Pearson, and Marion Lundy Dobbert 703

  1. Political Growth and Agricultural Intensification: An Extension of the

Valley of Mexico Model

Vincas P. Steponaitis 706

Book Reviews

Biological Anthropology

  1. Chemical Analysis of Prehistoric Human Bone from Five Temporally

Distinct Populations in Southern Ontario (Mary Anne Katzenberg)

Lynette Norr 709

  1. The Evolution of Primate Behavior (Alison Jolly)

Susan M. Ford 710

  1. The Evolution of the East Asian Environment, Volume I: Geology and

Palaeoclimatology and Volume 2: Palaeobotany, Palaeozoology and

Palaeoanthropology (Robert Orr Whyte, ed.)

Kenneth A. R. Kennedy 711

  1. Food Acquisition and Processing in Primates (DavidJ. Chivers,

Bernard A. Wood, and Alan Bilsborough, eds.)

John F. Oates 713

  1. A Guide to Primate Sociobiological Theory and Research

U. Patrick Gray, ed.)

Joseph H. Manson 714

  1. Human Variation: 813C in Adult Bone Collagen and the Relation to

Diet in an Isochronous C. (Maize) Archaeological Population

(Mary Pamela Bumsted)

Bruno D. Marino 716

  1. Reproductive Decisions: An Economic Analysis of Gel ad a Baboon

Social Strategies (R. I. M. Dunbar)

Claud A. Bramblett 717


  1. The Analysis of Prehistoric Diets (Robert I. Gilbert,Jr., and James

H. Mielke, eds.)

Antoinette B. Brown 719

  1. Animal Husbandry and Hunting in Tac-Gorsium: The Vertebrate Fauna

Of a Roman Town in Pannonia (S. Bokonyi)

Diane Gifford-Gonzalez 719

  1. Farms, Villages, and Cities: Commerce and Urban Origins in Late

Prehistoric Europe (Peter S. Wells)

Janet E. Levy 720

  1. Land-Use and Prehistory in South-East Spain (Antonio Gilman and John

B. Thornes, with Stephen Wise)

Peter S. Wells 721

  1. Lithic Resource Procurement: Proceedings from the Second Conference

On Prehistoric Chert Exploitation (Susan C. Vehik, ed.); Prehistoric

Quarries and Lithic Production Uonathon E. Ericson and

Barbara A. Purdy, eds.)

John L. Fagan 722

  1. Nomades et Sedentaires: Perspectives Ethnoarcheologiques

(Olivier Aurenche, ed.) .

Claudia Chang 722

  1. Perspectives on Gulf Coast Prehistory (Dave D. Davis, ed.)

Nancy Marie White 723

  1. Pisekin Noomw Noon Tonaachaw: Archeology in the Tonaachaw Historic

District, Moen Island (Thomas F. King and Patricia L. Parker)

Alan E. Haun 724

  1. Pre-Columbian Plant Migration: Papers Presented at the Pre-Columbian

Plant Migration Symposium, 44th International Congress of Americanists

(Doris Stone, ed.)

Elisabeth Shepard Sheldon 725

  1. Prehistory of the Southwest (Linda S. Cordell)

Jane H. Kelley 725

  1. The Southwestern Journals of Adolph F. Bandelier: 1889-1892

(Charles H. Lange, Carroll L. Riley, and Elizabeth M. Lange, eds.)

Albert H. Schroeder 726

Linguistic Anthropology

  1. Ancestral Voices: Language and the Evolution of Human Consciousness

(Curtis G. Smith)

Richard A. Thompson 727

  1. Coherence in Spoken and Written Discourse (Deborah Tannen, ed.)

Pamela Downing 727

  1. A Musical View of the Universe: Kalapalo Myth and Ritual Performances

(Ellen B. Basso)

Greg Urban 729

  1. Mythistoire Tungaru: Cosmologies et Genealogies aux lies Gilbert

(Jean-Paul Latouche)

Jocelyn Linnekin 730

  1. Phoneticism in Mayan Hieroglyphic Writing (John S. Justeson and Lyle

Campbell, eds.)

John G. Fought 731

  1. Plains Miwok Dictionary (Catherine A. Callaghan)

Sylvia M. Broadbent 732

  1. The Texas-Mexican Conjunto: History ofa Working-Class Music

(Manuel H. Pefla)

James S. Griffith 733

  1. Women's Folklore, Women's Culture (Rosan A.Jordon and

SusanJ. Kalcik, eds.)

Barbara A. Babcock 734

Social/Cultural Anthropology

  1. Handbook of North American Indians, Volume 5: Arctic

(David Damas, ed.)

Shepard Krech III 735

  1. The Tsimshian and Their Neighbors of the North Pacific Coast

(Jay Miller and Carol M. Eastman, eds.)

Charles A. Bishop 736

  1. Food in the Social Order: Studies of Food and Festivities in Three

American Communities (Mary Douglas, ed.); Ethnic and Regional

Foodways in the United States: The Performance of Group Identity

(Linda Keller Brown and Kay Mussell, eds.)

Kathleen M. DeWalt 737

  1. As Long As the River Shall Run: An Ethnohistory of Pyramid Lake

Indian Reservation (Martha C. Knack and Omer C. Stewart)

Patricia C. Albers 739

  1. The Cherokee Ghost Dance: Essays on the Southeastern Indians,

1789-1861 (William G. McLoughlin, with Walter H. Conser, Jr., and

Virginia Duffy McLoughlin)

Charles Hudson . 740

  1. La Familia: Chicano Families in the Ur:ban Southwest, 1848 to the

Present (Richard Griswold del Castillo)

Nancie L. Gonzalez 741

  1. Two Crows Denies It: A History of Controversy in Omaha Sociology

(R. H. Barnes)

H. W. Scheffier 742

  1. Anthropological Perspectives on Rural Mexico

(Cynthia Hewitt de Alcantara)

Kaja Finkler 743

  1. Inverse Images: The Meaning of Culture, Ethnicity and Family in

Postcolonial Guatemala (John Hawkins)

Beatriz Manz 744

  1. Shadows: A Mayan Way of Knowing (Ruben E. Reina)

James D. Sexton 745

  1. Anxious Pleasures: The Sexual Lives of an Amazonian People

(Thomas Gregor)

Gwen Broude 746

  1. Human Ecology in the Amazon (Emilio F. Moran and Rafael Herrera, eds.)

Clifford A. Behrens 747

  1. Revolution Postponed: Women in Contemporary China (Margery Wolf)

Sulamith Potter 747

  1. The Maloh of West Kalimantan: An Ethnographic Study of Social

Inequality and Social Change among an Indonesian Borneo People

(Victor T. King)

Donald E. Brown 748

  1. Children of the Land: Exchange and Status in a Hawaiian Community

(Jocelyn Linnekin)

Lowell Holmes 749

  1. Law and Order in the New Guinea Highlands: Encounters with Enga

(Robert J. Gordon and Mervyn J. Meggitt)

Leopold Pospisil 750

  1. A Line of Power (Andrew Strathern)

Rena Lederman 751

  1. Peasants, Subsistence Ecology, and Development in the Highlands of

Papua New Guinea (Lawrence S. Grossman)

Thomas G. Harding 752

Applied Anthropology

  1. Applied Anthropology: A Practical Guide (Erve Chambers)

Lisa Peattie 753

  1. Cultural Transmission (Harry F. Wolcott, ed.)

Donald W. Dorr-Bremme 753

  1. Food, Politics, and Society in Latin America (John C. Super and Thomas

C. Wright, eds.)

Billie R. DeWalt 754

  1. An Introduction to Human Ecology Research on Agricultural

Systems in Southeast Asia (A. Terry Rambo and Percy E. Sajise, eds.)

Ben J. Wallace 755

  1. Only Mothers Know: Patterns of Infant Feeding in Traditional Cultures

(Dana Raphael and Flora Davis)

Linda Adair 756

  1. Political and Economic Migrants in America: Cubans and Mexicans

(Silvia Pedraza-Bailey)

Peter Guarnaccia 757

  1. Training Manual in Medical Anthropology (Carole E. Hill, ed.)

Joseph M. Kaufert 758

  1. Urban Gypsies (Matt T. Salo, ed.)

Susan Buck Sutton 759

  1. Women, Power, and Economic Change: The Nandi of Kenya

(Regina Smith Oboler)

Karen Tranberg Hansen 760

General/Theoretical Anthropology

  1. Between Theater and Anthropology (Richard Schechner)

Edward M. Bruner 761

  1. Chayanov, Peasants, and Economic Anthropology

(E. Paul Durrenberger, ed.)

Mahir Saul 762

  1. Development and Decline: The Evolution of Sociopolitical Organization

(Henri J. M. Claessen, Pieter van de Velde, and M. Estellie Smith, eds.)

Janet E. Levy 763

  1. Ethnography and Qualitative Design in Educational Research

(Judith Preissle Goetz and Margaret Diane LeCompte)

David M. Fetterman 764

  1. Humor and Laughter: An Anthropological Approach (Mahadev L. Apte)

Brian Sutton-Smith 765

  1. In Her Prime: A New View of Middle-Aged Women Uudith K. Brown and

Virginia Kerns, eds.)

Alice Schlegel 766

  1. Islands of History (Marshall Sahlins)

Paul Shankman 767

  1. Man's Glassy Essence: Explorations in Semiotic Anthropology

(Milton Singer)

James W. Fernandez 768

  1. Measuring Culture: A Paradigm for the Analysis of Social Organization

(Jonathan L. Gross and Steve Rayner)

Brian L. Foster 769

  1. Rationality and Relativism: In Search of a Philosophy and History of

Anthropology (I. C. Jarvie)

Barbara Frankel 769

Film Reviews

  1. Always There Comes a New Spring (Donald N. Brown et al.); The

Phans of Jersey City (Abbie H. Fink, Stephen L. Forman, and

Dennis Lanson)

Marjorie A. Muecke 771

  1. Le Chemin des Indiens Morts (The Way of the Dead Indians)

(Michel Perrin and Jean Arlaud)

Steve Dunsky and Jorge Preloran 772

  1. Children of the Forest (Kevin Duffy)

Gilda Morelli, Steve Winn, and Edward Z. Tronick 773

  1. Haudenosaunee: Way of the Longhouse (Robert Stiles and John Akin);

Akwesasne: Another Point of View (Robert Stiles and John Akin)

Donald D. Stull 774

  1. House of the Spirit: Perspectives on Cambodian Health Care (American

Friends Service Committee, Ellen Bruno, and Ellen Kuras); Peace Has

Not Been Made: A Case History ora Hmong Family's Encounter with a

Hospital (John Fink, Doua Yang, and Peter O'Neill)

Marjorie A. Muecke 776

  1. Japanese Fighting Festival (Keiko Ikeda)

Theodore C. Bestor 778

  1. Living Africa: A Village Experience Games Perry, Patrick O'Meara, and

  2. Jean-Pol . LeFebvre); Village Theater Senegal: Queen Ndate and the

French Conquest Games Perry, Patrick O'Meara, and Jean-Pol LeFebvre)

David H. Spain 779

  1. The Lost Tribes (Andre Singer)

Marjorie A. Muecke 780

  1. Out of Order (Bruce Jackson and Diane Christian)

Katherine Murray 781

  1. The Panare-Scenes from the Frontier (Melissa Llewelyn-Davies);

Nomads of the Rain Forest (Adrian Warren)

Allyn MacLean Stearman 782

  1. Sami Herders (Bill Brind and Hubert Schuuman)

David M. Smith 783

  1. We Dig Coal: A Portrait of Three Women (Thomas C. Goodwin, Dorothy

McGhee, and Gerardine Wurzburg); Coalmining Women

(Elizabeth Barret)

Alice Reich 784


American anthropologist vol. 88, Number 3, september 1986 iconAmerican anthropologist vol. 88, Number 1, march 1986

American anthropologist vol. 88, Number 3, september 1986 iconVol. 10, No. 17 & 18, September 2009

American anthropologist vol. 88, Number 3, september 1986 iconVol. 10, No. 18, September 16-30, 2009

American anthropologist vol. 88, Number 3, september 1986 iconNumber 64, September 2005

American anthropologist vol. 88, Number 3, september 1986 icon1. Clyde Klukhohn. The influence of Psychiatry on
«White 's view of culture» (Le point de vue de White sur la culture). American Anthropologist, L, 1948, p. 405
American anthropologist vol. 88, Number 3, september 1986 iconSalis, Vol. 64, No. 3, September, 2004

American anthropologist vol. 88, Number 3, september 1986 iconSalis, Vol. 62, No. 3, September, 2002

American anthropologist vol. 88, Number 3, september 1986 iconSalis, Vol. 67, No. 3, September, 2007

American anthropologist vol. 88, Number 3, september 1986 iconSalis, Vol. 65, No. 3, September, 2005

American anthropologist vol. 88, Number 3, september 1986 iconSalis, Vol. 59, No. 3, September, 1999

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