CS1001 english (Common for all Branches) unit-i

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Transient response of R-L, R-C, R-L-C circuits (Series and parallel combinations) for D.C and sinusoidal excitations – initial conditions – time domain and Laplace transform methods of soultions.


Filters – Low pass – High pass and Band pass – RC, RL filters – constant K and m-derived filters and composite filter design – Attenuates – Principle of equalizers – Series and Shunt equalizers – L type, T type and Bridged – T and Lattice Equalizers.

SPICE for circuit analysis – Description of circuit elements, nodes and sources, input and Output variables – modeling of the above elements – types of DC analysis.


  1. Network Analysis – M.E. Van Valkenberg, Prentice-Hall of Idnia Pvt. Ltd., 3rd edition, 1998.

  1. Engineering circuit analysis – By William Hayt and jack E.Kemmerly,c Graw-Hill Companies, 5th edition.

3. Electric circuits – J. Edminister & M. Nahvi – Schaum’s outlines Tata Mc Graw-

  1. Hill Publishing company Ltd., 1999.

  1. Spice for circuits & Electronics using Pspice – by Mohd. H. Rashid, Prentice-Hall of

India, 2nd edition.


  1. Networks and Systems – D.Roy Choudhury, New Age International Limited,

Publishers, 1998.

  1. Network Analysis – G. K. Mithal

  1. Electric Circuit Analysis – S. R. Paranjothi, new Age International Limited, Publishers, 1998.

  1. Networks, Lines & Filters – by John. D. Ryder, Prentice-Hall of India Publications.


(Common for ECE,EEE,EIE,E Cont E, BME, CSE & CSIT)


Electronic Dynamics and CRO

Motion of charged particles in electric and magnetic fields, simple problems involving like electric and magnetic field only. Electrostatic and magnetic focussing. Principles of CRT, Deflection sensitivity (Electrostatic and Magnetic deflection). Applications of CRO; voltage, current and frequency measurements.


Semi Conductor Diodes and Rectifiers:

Construction, principle of operation, V-I Characteristics, symbol, equivalent circuit, parameter calculation, applications, limitations and specifications of pn junction diode, Zener diode, varactor diode, Tunnel diode, and photo diode. Diffusion and transition capacitance of pn junction doide.


Transistor Characteristics:

Construction, principle of operation, V-I characteristics, symbol, equivalent circuit, parameter calculations, applications, limitations and specification of BJT, FET, UJT and MOSFET’S (Different configurations of transistors are to be considered). Specifications of BJT, FET, UJT and MOSFET’S.



Biasing, DC equivalent model, criteria for fixing operating point and methods of bias stabilization, thermal runaway and thermal stability. Small signal low-frequency transistor amplifier circuits; -Parameter representation of a transistor, Analysis of single stage transistor amplifier using –parameters; voltage gain, current gain, input impedance and output impedance comparison of BJT and FET RC-coupled amplifier-frequency response, cascaded amplifiers (all configurations of BJT and FET are to be considered). High frequency model of transistor, O, and cut-off frequencies of transistor. Single stage and multistage amplifiers. Calculation of band width of single and multistage amplifiers. Concepts of gain band width product. Specifications of amplifiers.


Feedback amplifiers and oscillators:

Concept of feedback. Classification of feedback amplifiers, general characteristics of negative feed back amplifiers, effect of feedback on amplifiers characteristics, single problems.

Condition of oscillations, RC and LC type oscillators, crystal oscillators, frequency and amplitude stability of oscillations. Generalised analysis of LC oscillators, quartze (Hartley, Colpitts) RC phase-shift and Wein-bridge oscillators.


Power amplifiers and turned amplifiers:

Classification of power amplifiers, Class A,B, AB and C power amplifiers, push-pull and complementary push-pull amplifiers. Design of heat sinks, power output, efficiency, cross-over distortion and harmonic distortion. Specifications of power amplifiers. Single tuned and double tuned voltage amplifiers. Interstage design, stability considerations, class B and class C tuned Power amplifiers and specifications.


  1. Nash elsky and Boy Sted, electronic devices and circuit, PHI.

  1. Millman and Halkias, Electronic devices and circuits, ISE.

  1. Y.N. Bapat, electronic devices and circuits –Discrete and integrates, TMH.

  1. Millman and Grabel, Microelectronics, McH.

  1. Bogart: Electronic devices and circuits (Universal book stall, New Delhi).


(Common for ECE, EEE,EIE, E Cont E, BME, CSE & CSIT)


Introduction to Engineering Graphics – Construction of : Ellipse, Parabola and Hyperbola, Cycloidal Curves.


Orthographic Projections of Points, Lines, and Planes – Axis inclined to one plane and inclined to both the planes.


Orthographic Projections of Solids: Cylinder, Cone, Prism, Pyramid and Sphere in simple positions and axis inclined to botht he planes.


Development of surfaces : Prism, cylinder, pyramid and cone.


Isometric Projections of Lines, Planes and Simple Solids.


Conversion of Orthographic views into Isometric Views and Vice-Versa.


  1. Engineering Graphics – by K. L. Narayana & P. Kannayya, Scietech publishers.

  1. Engineering Drawing – by N. D. Bhat, Charotar Publishers.

  1. Engineering Drawing and Graphics – by Venugopal, New Age International Limited, Publishers.


(Common for ECE,EEE,EIE,E Cont E, BME, CSE & CSIT).

  1. Write a C program that evaluates the following algebraic expressions after reading

necessary values from the user:

  1. ax+b/ax-b.

  2. 2.5 log x + cos 320+x2-y2+2xy

  3. x5+10x4+8x3+4x+2

  4. (4x+3) (3y+2z-4)

  5. a e-kt

  6. 1/2 e-(x-m/2)2

  1. Write a C program that prints the given 3 integers in ascending order using if-else.

  1. Using WHILE statement write a C program to find the sum of 1+2+3+4+…n.

  1. Repeat problem (3) using do-while statement.

  1. Write C program using FOR statement to find the following from a given set of 20 integers.

  1. Total number of even integers.

  2. Total number of odd integers.

  3. Sum of all even integers.

  4. Sum of all odd integers.

  1. Write C program to evaluate the following series. Assume suitable vazlue of x.

Y= 1+x2/2!+x2/4!+x6/6!+upto 10 terms.

7. Write a C program to obtain the product of two matrices A of size (3X3) and B of size

(3X2). The resultant matrix C is to be printed out along with A and B. Assume

suitable values for A & B.

8. Using switch-case statement, write a C program that takes two operands and one

operator from the user, performs the operation and then prints the answer. (consider

operators +,-,/,* and %).

9. Write in C a function to evaluate Sinx using the series x+x3/3!+x5/5!+….upto 7th digit

Accuracy. Also write the main program that uses this function.

10. Write C procedures to add, subtract, multiply and divide two complex numbers (x+iy)

and (a+ib). Also write the main program that uses these procedures.

11. The total distance travelled by vehicle in ‘t’ seconds is given by distance = ut+1/2at2

where ‘u’and ‘a’ are the initial velocity (m/sec.) and acceleration (m/sec2). Write C

program to find the distance travelled at regular intervals of time given the values of

‘u’ and ‘a’. The program should provide the flexibility to the user to select his own

time intervals and repeat the calculations for different values of ‘u’ and ‘a’.

12. Write C program that will read the value of x and evaluate the following function.

y = {1 for x>0

{0 for x = 0

{-1 for x < 0

using (i) if statements (ii) else if statements, and (iii) conditional operator.

13. A cloth show room has announced the following seasonal discounts on purchase of




Discount (Percentage)

Mill Cloth

Handloom items










Above 300



Write a C program using switch and If statements to complete the net amount to be

paid by a customer.

14. Given a number, write C program using while loop to reverse the digits of the

number. Example 1234 to be written as 4321.

15. The fibonacci sequence of numbers is 1,1,2,3,5,8… based on the recurrence relation

f(n) = f (n-1) + f (n-2) for n>2.

Write C program using d0-while to calculate and print the first m fibonacci numbers.

16. Write C programs to print the following outputs using for loop.

  1. 1

2 2 2 2

3 3 3 3 3 3

4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4

5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5

17. Write a C program to find the product of two matrices.

18. Write a C program to extract a portion of a character string and print the extracted

string. Assume that m characters are extracted starting with the nth character.

19. A Maruthi Car dealer maintains a record of sales of various vehicles in the following


Vehicle type

Month of Sales

Price (Rs).

Maruthi – 800



Maruthi – DX






Maruthi Van



Write a C program to read this data into a table of strings and output the details of a

particular vehicle sold during a specified period. The program should request the

user to input the vehicle type and the period (Starting month & ending month).

20. Write a function that will scan a character string passed as an argument and covert all

lower case characters into their upper case equivalents.

21. Implement the following data structures using Arrays

i) Stacks ii) Linear Queues iii) Circular queues iv) Dequeue.

22. Implement polynomial addition and multiplication with linked list sparse matrix.

23. Implement binary search tree using linked list and perform the following operations.

i) Insertion ii) Deletion iii) Inorder Traversal iv) Preorder Traversal

v) Post Order Traversal.

24. Singly linked list and doubly linked lists

i) Insertion ii) Deletion iii) Lookup

25. i) Implement stack using singly linked list.

ii) Implement queue using singly linked list.

26. Implement the following sorting techniques.

i) Bubble sort ii) Insertion Sort iii) Quick Sort iv) Heap Sort.

27. Implement the following searching method.

i) Sequential Search ii) Binary Search iii) Fibonacci

28. i) Conversion of Infix expression to Postfix notation.

ii) Simple expression evaluator, that can handle +,-,/ and *.

29. Implement the algorithms for the following iterative methods using C to find one root

of the equation

f9x)=x sinx + Cosx=0.

a) Bisection b) False Position c) Newton-Raphson

d) Successive approximation.

30. Write programs for implementing Gauss-Jordan and Gauss-Seidal methods for

solving simultaneous algebraic equations given below.

9x1+2x2+4x3 = 20

x1+10x2+4x3 = 6

2x1-4x2+10x3 = -15.

31. Write Computer programs to implement the Lagrange interpolation and Newton-

Gregory forward interpolation.

32. Implement in ‘C’ the linear regression and polynomial regression algorithms.

33. Implement Traezoidal and Simpson methods.

34. Implement Runge-Kutta 4th order method and Milne Predictor-Corrector method.

35. Practice Microsoft word and prepare a formatted document which contains various

fonds, a table etc.,

36. Practice the creation and use of spreadsheets and prepare a spread sheet application.

37. Create a database Table and Implement Querying.

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