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Table of Contents


A11 Historical Background of Cryosurgery 14

MO Maiwand 14

A12 Cryosurgery – The Search for the Optimal Technique 15

John G. Baust1, Andrew A. Gage2, Dominic Clarke1 15

A13 Ice Crystals in Cells and Tissues 16

Sajio Sumida, Prof. Dr 16

A14 Immune Modulation in Cryosurgery 17

Dr M Pidsley, 17

A15 Cryoimmunotherapy: O Grande Segredo. 19

Richard J. Ablin. 19

A16 Thermal Performance of Biological Substance Systems, In Vitro, under Static and Dynamic Conditions. 20

Stan.Augustynowicz 20

A17 The Imunological Role of Cryosurgery in the Treatment of Viral Warts 21

Ahmed Hany Weshahy, Aly Shams El Deen, Amr Rateb, Oussama, E.A.Ismaeil 21

A18 The Role and Biology of Cryosurgery in the Treatment of Bone Tumors:
A Review 22

J Bickels, I Meller, BM Schmookler, MM Malawer 22

A87 Cryoimmunological Responses of Advanced Malignant Solid Tumor (AMST) Patients 23

Sajio Sumida, 23

A19 Cryosurgical Ablation Modalities for Hepatic Metastases from Colorectal
Cancer. The Hellenic Experience 24

G Michalopoulos MD, E Chrysos MD, G Prokopakis MD, H Athanasakis MD, Z Saridaki MD, N Tzavaris MD, A Hatzidakis MD, V Georgoulias MD, R Ablin PhD*, U Zoras MD. 24

A20 Cryoablation of Liver Tumours Monitored by MRI 25

Mala T, Samset E, Aurdal L, Edwin B, Hol PK, Mathisen Ø, Søreide O, Gladhaug I. 25

A21 Laparoscopic Cryosurgery of Fibromas 26

Franco Lugnani, Andrea Ciavattini, Gioele Garzetti. 26

A22 Is There Long-Term Survival after Cryotherapy of Liver Malignancies? 27

Kirsten Hegenauer; Cornelia Quacks; Roland Seidel; Katharina Kessler; Gernot Feifel; Georg A. Pistorius 27

A23 Characterisation of the Microcirculation of Tumor-Bearing Rat Liver upon
Cryotherapy 28

Georg Pistorius1, Sven Richter1,2, Roland Seidel3, Gernot Feifel1, Brigitte Vollmar2, Michael D. Menger2 28

A23 Local Platelet Trapping as the Cause of Thrombocytopenia after Hepatic Cryotherapy 29

Georg A. Pistorius; Christof Alexander1; Michael D. Menger2; Carl-Martin Kirsch1; Gernot Feifel 29

A24 Development of Cryosurgery for the Surgical Management of Menorrhagia
using an In-Vitro Perfusion Model 30

Dr Julia F Bodle MB ChB, Mr S Duffy MRCOG 30

A25 Cryosurgical Ablation as a way to Improve the Treatment Results of Patients
with Unresectable Liver Cancer. 31

Volodimir S. Zemskov, Sergei V. Zemskov, Olga L. Prokopchuk 31

A28 The Place of Cryosurgery in the Treatment of Prostate Cancer in 2001 32

Dr. Chris D’Hont M.D. 32

A29 Temperature Evolution and Direct Cell Damage During Prostate Cryosurgery. 33

JC Rewcastle, JC Saliken, BJ Donnelly, Muldrew K. 33

A30 Targeted Cryoablation for Localized Prostate Cancer: The Washington Cancer Institute Experience. 34

Mohan Verghese, Ashish Behari 34

A31 Cryosurgery for Localized Prostate Cancer. 35

B. Donnelly, S. Saliken, S. Ernst, P. Brasher, N. Ali-Ridha, J. Rewcastle. 35

A32 Initial Experience of MRI Guided Percutaneous Cryosurgery for the Liver and Renal Tumors 36

Tadashi Shimizu, Hideho Endo, Yoshihisa Kodama, Kazuo Miyasaka 36

A33 Efficacy and Complications of Salvage Cryosurgery for Recurrent Prostate Carcinoma after Radiotherapy 37

JC Saliken; BJ Donnelly; DS Ernst; BA Weber; PMA Brasher;J Robinson 37

A35 Experimental In-Vivo Tests of Cryosurgical Procedures and Determination of the Thermal Response in Tissue While Cryolesion by Means of Ex-Vivo Organ Perfusion. 38

R. Herzog, M. Böhm, U. Eckelt*, L. Päßler*, M. Alavi* 38

A36 Initial Experiences of MR Guided Percutaneous Cryosurgery under
Horizontal Magnetic System. 39

Michiko Dohi 1), Junta Harada1), Takuji Mogami1), Kunihiko Fukuda1), Koichi Kishimoto2), Makoto Yasuda3), Masayuki Kobayashi4), Masakatsu Kubo5) 39

A37 Successful Treatment of Locally Confined Prostate Cancer with the SeedNet™ System - Preliminary Multicenter Results 40

Yan Moore, MD Paul Sofer, MD 40

A38 Perioperative Complications in Cryosurgical Treatment of Bone Tissue in Sheep with a New Type of Miniature Cryoprobe. 41

Popken F., Meschede P., Land M., Bilgic M., Hackenbroch M. H. 41

A39 Cryosurgery of the Prostate: Changing Technique and Technology without
Forgetting the Past. 42

Franco Lugnani, Giovanni Sesia, Andrea Galosi, Giovanni Muzzongro. 42

A40 Randomised Phase II Trial Comparing the Outcome of External Beam
Radiotherapy alone Versus Cryosurgery plus External Beam Radiotherapy in
Patients with Malignant Endobronchial Obstruction. 43

G Asimakopoulos, JE Beeson, P Ostler*, MO Maiwand 43

A41 Investigation of the Ice Formation Process Around a Cryosurgical Probe 44

Prof. Alexander Kaprelyants, Dr. Regina Migunova 44

A42 Cryosurgery of Advanced Breast Cancer 46

J. Abel Amaro, Dept. Surgical Oncology and Dermatology 46

A43 Endobronchial Cryotherapy Using a Flexible Bronchoscopy, The North
American Experience 47

Praveen Mathur 47

A44 Endoscopic Cryotherapy in Five Intraluminal Typical Bronchial Carcinoids.- 48

Luna D, Esteban JF, Laparra J, Aldama L, Hernandez C, Cabeza R, De la Torre P. 48

A45 The Role of Cryotherapy in the Management of Benign Tracheo-bronchial
Lesions 49

Narain Moorjani, MO Maiwand. 49

A46 The Alexandria Experience of Bronchoscopic Cryotherapy in the Management
of Different Tracheobronchial Lesions 50

Gad A, Atta A, Hafez S, Abu-Rayan M, Sourour S. 50

A47 Cryosurgery for Malignant Endobronchial Tumours: Analysis of Outcome 51

G Asimakopoulos, JM Evans, JE Beeson, MO Maiwand 51

A49 Cryosurgery in the 21st Century 52

Gloria F. Graham, M.D. 52

A50 Cryosurgery in Primary Care 53

Dr David Buckley M.I.C.G.P., M.R.C.G.P., D.P. Dermatology. 53

A51 Cryosurgery, the Best Treatment for Actinic Keratosis 54

Larguito Claro, Pedro Viegas, Clarisse Rebelo 54

A52 Cryosurgery for Skin Cancer in Patients 90 years of Age and Over 55

Emanuel G. Kuflik, M.D. 55

A53 Curettage-Cryosurgery for Non-Melanoma Skin Cancer of the External Ear. My Way of Doing it. 56

Dr. Peter Nordin 56

A54 Protection of the Skin around Small Tumours with a Silicone Sheet, Cryosil  57

J. C. Almeida Gonçalves and J. Alberto Dores 57


A57 Breast Cryosurgery - A New Surgical Procedure for Breast Cancer 58

Nikolai N. Korpan, Jaroslav V. Zharkov, Gerhard Hochwarter, Franz Sellner 58

A58 Allogeneic Peripheral Blood Stem Cell versus Bone Marrow Transplantation 59

Martin Körbling. 59

A59 The Cryosurgical Treatment of Benign and Low-Grade Malignant Bone
Tumors 60

H.W.B. Schreuder, MD, PhD. 60

A60 Cryosurgery of the Advanced Cancer of the Extremities 61

Cecília Moura, João Amaro 61

A61 The Cryovaricectomy (Demonstration of a New Method) 62

L. Vizsy, H.BF-Znicza, J. Batorfi 62

A62 Cryotherapy in Tonsils 63

Hugo Lopez Nicotra M.D. 63

A63 Regenerative Cryotherapy 64

Sergej D. Dorochov 64

A64 Percutaneous MRI-Guided Cryoablation for Renal, Uterine and Bone
Tumours 65

Dr PES Sewell 65

A65 Cryosurgery and Radiofrequency in the Treatment of Invasive Feline Nasal
Carcinoma. 66

Roque Raúl Lagarde, D.V.M., 66

Cryosurgery and Radiofrequency in the Treatment of Feline Facial Squamo-Cellular Carcinoma 67

Roque Raúl Lagarde, D.V.M., 67

A66 Cryosurgery in Proctology, Overview and Update 68

Alessandro Delbello 68

A67 Cryosurgery of Urethral Caruncle and Prolapse 69

J. C. A. Gonçalves, J. M. P. Teixeira, Sunita Dessai 69

A68 Cryosurgical Treatment of Genuine Trigeminal Neuralgia 70

Winnie Pradel, 70

A69 Experimental Study and Clinical Prospective Double-Blind Randomized Trial of Cryoanalgesia 71

Zhao Fengrui, Tian Yanchu, Liu Deruo, et al., 71

A 70 Advances of Cryosurgery in Russia 72

G.G.Prokhorov, D.G.Prokhorov 72

A71 Improved Performance Status and Long Term Survival with Endobronchial Cryosurgery in Stage III and IV Carcinoma Bronchus. 73

Sukumaran K Nair, A Fazil, JM Evans, JE Beeson, SB Kamath MO Maiwand. 73

Javier Flandes M.D., Ph.D. 74

A73 Does Cryotherapy Ameliorate the Success of Radiotherapy in Non Small Cell Lung Cancer ? 75

Rita Jean-François, Pierre Del Vecchio, David Donath 75

A74 Tracheobronchial Cryotherapy. The Chilean Experience 76

Marcial Peralta, Jaime Gonzalez, Ezio Parodi, Juan Rivera, EU Lucia Orrellana. 76

A75 Endobronchial Cryosurgery 77

MO Maiwand 77

A76 Bronchoscopic Cryotherapy in the Treatment of Airway Obstructions Caused by Tumours. 78

Das, S. R.; Dandekar, U.; Bond, R.; Chatzis, A. 78

A77 Cryosurgical Technology: Concept of Modern Development 79

Jaroslav V. Zharkov, Nikolai N. Korpan 79

A78 Cryosurgical Method of Ulceration Venous Treatment 80

Dr Konrad Czajkowski 80

A79 Cryolaser Destruction of Larynx Tumors Through Laryngofissure 81

Vladimir I.Kochenov,M.D. 81

A80 Benefits and Safety of Cryosurgery for Locally Advanced Pancreatic Cancer. 82

Shalimov S.O.,Lytvynenko O.O.,Lyalkin S.A.,Lytvynenko A.A. 82

A81 Application of Cryodestruction for Treatment for Internal Hemorrhoids and
Neck of the Uterus Dysplasia under Ambulatory Conditions 83

VB Korolenko, MP Zakharash, VN Maltsev, VA Tkalich, BM Ventskovsky, KV Korolenko, GS Morskoi, OV Nikonyuk, VS Bogorad. 83

A82 Treatment of Epithelial Formations of Blepharons by a Method of a Cryolysis. 84

Baran T. V., Gaboedov G. D. 84

A84 Malignant Melanoma Eight years after Treatment by Cryosurgery-A Case
Report. 85

Carmen Covarrubias . M.D.; Hermeleucita Jimenez, M.D. 85

A85 Cryosurgery of malignant tumors of mouth cavity and skin 86

S. Prikhodko, V. Martinyuk 86

A86 PSA Elevation During Cryosurgical Ablation of the Prostate and Decline
Curve Following the Procedure 87

Dan Leibovici, Amnon Zisman, Yoram I Siegel, Zehava Chen-Levy*, Judy Kleinamm, Amir Cooper, Arie Lindner 87

A87 Laproscopic Cryoablation of Liver Tumours 88

Czerniak A, Shimonov M, Shechter P 88

A88 Cryosurgery for the Treatment of Tracheobronchial Benign Polyps 89

Sukumaran K Nair, FRCS, W Mazrani, MRCS, JM Evans, MSc, M O Maiwand, MD 89

Harefield Hospital, Middlesex, UB9 6JH, United Kingdom. 89

A89 Lymph Node Cryosurgery (LNC)- A New Surgical Approach For Lymph Node Metastases 90

Nikolai N. Korpan, JV. Zharkov, F Sellner, G Hochwarter 90

Alavi, A.1); Böhm, M 2); Päßler, L.1); Herzog, .2) 91

P12 Cryosurgery in Older Patients 92

Marco Scala, MD., M Gipponi, MD., P Mereu, MD., A Muzza, MD., G Margarino, M.D. 92

P13 Development of a Device for Intralesional Cryosurgery and its Application in the Treatment of Old Recalcitrant Keloids 93

Christos C. Zouboulis, Alina D. Rosenberger, Thomas Forster#, Gisela Beller*, Martina Kratzsch*, Dieter Felsenberg* 93

P 14 Cryosurgery in Dermatology - State of the Art 94

Christos C. Zouboulis 94

P15 Cryotherapy of Uterine Fibroids under Interventional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Guidance. 95

PE. Sewell, Jr., BD. Cowan, JC. Howard, RM. Arriola, LG. Robinette. 95

P16 Interventional MRI Guided Percutaneous Cryoablation of Renal Tumors. 96

Patrick E. Sewell, Jr., M.D., W. Bruce Shingleton, M.D. 96

P17 Percutaneous MRI Guided Cryoablation of Bone Tumors. 97

Patrick E. Sewell, Jr., M.D., Gurmeet Dhillon, M.D. 97

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