Management Information Systems

НазваниеManagement Information Systems
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Memorial website:


Ph.D. – Carnegie Institute of Technology


Computer simulation as the key research tool for understanding and modeling the human mind.


  • Simon, H. A., J. C. Shaw, et al. (1959). "Report on a general problem-solving program." Communications of the ACM 2(19).

  • Newell, A., C. G. Bell, et al. (1971). The CMU Multiminiprocessor Computer: Requirements, Overview of the Structure, Performance, Cost and Schedule. Pittsburgh, Computer Science Department, Carnegie Mellon University.

  • Newell, A. and P. Freeman (1971). A model for functional reasoning in design. Second International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence, London, England.

Paul Romer


Graduate School of Business, Stanford University (Stanford, California)


Graduate School of Business

Stanford University

Stanford, CA 94305


Ph.D. – Economics, University of Chicago, 1983

BS – Math, University of Chicago, 1977


New growth theory


  • Romer, P. (1986). "Cake Eating, Chattering and Jumps: Existence Results for Variational Problems." Econometrica 54(4): 897-908.

  • Romer, P. (1986). "Increasing Returns and Long-Run Growth." Journal of Political Economy 94: 1002-37.

  • Romer, P. (1987). "Growth Based on Increasing Returns Due to Specialization." American Economic Review 77: 56-62.

Gerard Salton (1927-1995)

Professor (1965-1995)

Computer Science Department

Cornell University (Ithaca, New York)


Memorial website:


Ph.D. – Computer Science, Harvard University, 1958

MA – Mathematics, Brooklyn College, 1950

BA – Mathematics, Brooklyn College, 1952


Natural-language processing, especially information retrieval, SMART information retrieval system in the 1960s (allegedly, SMART is known as "Salton's Magical Automatic Retriever of Text") as the main research tool.


  • Salton, G. (1980). "Automatic information retrieval." Computer 12(5): 41-57.

  • Salton, G., H. Wu, et al. (1981). "The measurement of term importance in automatic indexing." Journal of the ASIS 32(3): 175-186.

  • Salton, G., C. T. Yu, et al. (1982). "Term Weighting in Information-Retrieval Using the Term Precision Model." Journal of the ACM 29(1): 152-170.

  • Salton, G. and M. J. McGill (1983). Introduction to Modern Information Retrieval. New York, NY, McGraw-Hill.

  • Salton, G., E. A. Fox, et al. (1983). "Extended Boolean Information-Retreival." Communications of the ACM 26(11): 1022-1036.

  • Salton, G. (1989). Automatic Text Processing. Reading, MA, Addison-Wesley.

  • Salton, G. and C. Buckley (1991). "Global Text Matching for Information Retrieval." Science 253(5023): 1012-1015.

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Management Information Systems iconSchool of Information Management and Systems

Management Information Systems iconInformation Systems Management Institute

Management Information Systems iconInformation systems management institute

Management Information Systems iconKey Issues in Information Systems Management: a shift Toward Technology Infrastructure

Management Information Systems iconTG16 Int’l Journal of Information Systems and Supply Chain Management, 2(1), 16-33, January-March 2009

Management Information Systems iconInformation systems management institute
Мышление как одно из важнейших духовных качеств личности. Естественный и искусственный интеллект
Management Information Systems iconProceedings of the International Workshop on Supply Chain Management and Information Systems (scmis 2004), July 6-9, 2004, Hong Kong

Management Information Systems iconKeywords Information management, information retrieval, 3D, similarity, categorization, information visualization, classification introduction

Management Information Systems iconModeling & Tools: Information Systems Using the Knowledge Pyramid to Characterize Systems J. N. Martin, The Aerospace Corporation Modeling & Tools: Multiple Sectors

Management Information Systems iconЛитература: iso/iec 18092: 2004. Information technology Telecommunications and information exchange between systems Near Field Communication Interface and Protocol (nfcip-1)
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