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Level One

Trainee Guide

Fourth Edition

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Learning Series



National Center for Construction Education and Research

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Learning Series


109876543 ISBN 0-13-228591-6


If you're ready to nail down a career in-construc­tion, consider carpentry. Carpenters make up the largest building trades occupation in the industry and those with all-around skills- are^in high demand. Because of increasing demands for hous­ing, roads, and bridges,, job opportunities for car­penters are expected to Ije excellent over theiae&t' decade, particularly fjor t%ase with the most S&ps*^ , Carpenters are involved in many diffeJem'Pf \| kinds of construction activities, from biiildirig^W highways and bridges to installing kitchen cabi-■ nets. Carpenters construct, ere^.. install, and " repair structures and fixtures maie from wood , and'- other materials. Depending on type of construction, size of company, and other factors, carpenters may specialize in one or two activities or ma> perform many different tasks. Each car­pentry task is somewhat different, but most involve the same basic sfeps:'.workrng from blue­prints, laving out the structure, assembling the structures, and checking the work afterward. Hav-* ing good hand-eye coordination, an attention to detail, ability to perform math caicifta-

tiorfr wilt help vou as you progress through^our car^bt^t"e^&vg. More important, however, is your willingness to learn. Employers often look favorabl^-upon students who complete their training and usually start them at a higher level of responsibility and pay than those who do not. In terms of advancement, carpenters typically have ^greater opportunities than most other construc-; tion workers because carpenters experience the '„ entire construction process.

We wish you success as you embark on your first; year of training in the carpentry craft and hope that you will continue your training beyond this textbook. There are more than one million people employed in carpentry work in the United States, and as most of them can tell you, there are many opportunities awaiting those with the skills and desire to move forward in the construction industry ' a


NCCER and Prentice" Hall are pleased to present the fourth edition of Carpentry Fundamentals Level One. *tfa\s edition presents a new design and has been updated to include two new modules on concrete and reinforcing material and basic stair layout.

,' Check out the^pepaig pages to each of the ten modules in -this textbook to see people in the car­pentry trade competing m nationally renowned > events. SkillsUSA, as welf'^s Associated Builders aftd Contractors, provide fe^etliods of national recognition through their yearly competitions.

Sk&IsUSA^ a national nonprofit pr^ganization, serves more than 280,000 high school&nd college students and professional members enrolled in training programs in trade? technical; and skilled service occupations. SkilisUSA programs inclu^te^ local, state, ancf .national competitions in which students demonstrate occupational and leader- ! ship skills. During the annual national-level SkillsUSA Championships, more than 4,600 stu­dents compete in 80 occupational and leadership skill areas. SkillsUSA programs also help to establish industry standards for job skill training in the classroom. For information on SkillsUSA and to see how you might get involved visit i www.skillsusa.org.

Associated Builders and Contractors (ABjp) is a national association representing 23,000 ' merit shop construction and constructionrrelated fkrm-in 79 chapters across the United States. The annujl. ABC Craft Olympics competition spotlights the-j nation's top craft professionals. As an integral part of ABC's annual convention, craft students from chapters and member firm training pro­grams around the country partidpajq* A;, the National Craft Olympics. Duringthis intense two-day event, young men and wonierk .compete in one of 13 craft categories, including cajjpentry. For more information on ABC and the Craft Olympics visitwww.abc.org. '

We also invite you to visit the NCCER website at www.riccer.org for the latest releases, training irtformatkxv. newsletter, and much more. You can also reference the Contren® product catalog online at www.crafttraining.com. Your feedback welcome. You may email your comments to t\-, trriculum@nccer.org or send general comments * 1 and j^ouiries to info@nccer.org.


Wei-illustrated, ma tion

NCCER alsomai provides transcript

The National Center for Cori^|ru^onJBducation and ResearcS^fCCER) is a not-for^Mit 501(c)(3) education foundation established irtil995 bf the world's largest and most progressive,^fis,truWork­force shortage facing the industry and to develop

,a standardized framing process and cu4$figMf; *to individuais wnV. Today, NCCER is supportectfty hundreds of lead- moc|uies Qf NCCERs ing construction and maintenance companies, -^ainine programs must X/rnanufacturers, arjd national af*• xu^' - - °*' c ° 'Cootren® Learning Series was

.pat^iership with prentice Hall, the :geM educational publisher. Some features ;of NCCER's Contren® Learning Series are as follows: *"*

• An^^ustry-proven record of success

• Curricula developed by the industry for the industry

tion providing portability and educational credits prenticeship, Training, ices (ATELS) require-room training (CFR

• National sti of learned jot

• Compliance- wit Emj^pyer, a'ncl Lc

'^aifc&^for relate

and practical infor-

Registrythat wallet cards

Contrevt Curricula

NCCER's training programs comprise more than 40 construction, maintenance, and pipeline areas and include skills assessments, safety training, and management education.

Boiiermaking Carpentry

Carper\try, Residential Catyirtetmaking Concrete Finishing Construction Craft Laborer .Construction Technology Core Curriculum: lntroducton Craft Skills Curriculum Basico

.....* ; - H]ectri^al> Residential


\4^-- ! *' * ----* '

4% V^N^^'f'

Pipelayer Plumbing

Reinforcing Ironwork



Sheet Metal

Site Layout

Sprinkler Fitting



Control Center Operations, Liquid

Corrosion Control

Electrical and Instrumentation

Field Operations, Liquid

Field Operations, Gas



Field Safety

Orientation de Seguridad Safety Orientation Safety Technology


Introductory Skills for the Crew Leader , * ^rbject'. Management -

Special Features of This Book

In an effort to provide a comprehensive user-friendly training resource, we have incorporated many different features for your use. Whether you are a visual or hands-on learner, this book will provide you with the proper tools to get started in the construction industry.





Introduction Page

This page is found at the beginning of each module and lists the Objectives, Trade Terms, Required Trainee Mate­rials, Prerequisites, and Course Map for that module. The Objectives list the skills and knowledge you will need in order to complete the module successfully. The list of Trade Terms identifies important terms you will need to know by the end of the module. Required Trainee Materials list the materials and supplies needed for the module. The Prerequisites for the module are listed and illustrated in the Course Map. The Course Map also gives a visual overview of the entire course and a suggested learning sequence for you to follow

Notes, Cautions/ and Warnings

Safety features are set ott from the main text in high­lighted boxes and are organized into three categories based on the potential danger of the issue being . addressed. Notes simply provide additional information -v^^-?l3^{''^i^:"ate^;-0^ii^c^i&':-^!iea^:-^rou o£a danger that





Color Illustrations and Photographs

Full-color illustrations and photographs are used throughout each module to provide vivid detail. These figures highlight important concepts from the text and provide clarity for complex instruc­tions. Each figure is denoted in the text in italic type for easy reference.

Trade Terms

Each module presents a list of Trade Terms that are discussed within the text, defined in the Glos­sary at the end of the module, and reinforced with a Trade Terms Quiz. These terms are denoted in the text with blue bold type upon their first occur­rence. To make searches for key information eas­ier, a comprehensive Glossary of Trade Terms from all modules is found at the back of this book.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Step-b\ -step instructions are used throughout to guide \ ou through technical procedures and tasks from start to finish. These steps show \ ou not only how to perform a task but hov\ to do it safely and efficient! \.

Review Questions

Re\ lew Questions are pro\ ided to reinforce the knowledge \ou ha\e gamed. This makes them a useful tool tor measuring what you have learned.

Profile m Success

Profiles in Success share the apprenticeship and career experiences of and adviog troiri stjce^ssftsfl professionals in the carpentry field. [ t • , .

.:is-< ■ ':' . ft. I

27101-06 Orientation to the Trade l.i

Reviews the history of the trade, describes the apprentice program, identifies career opportunities for carpentry and construction work­ers, and lists the responsibilities and characteristics a worker should possess. (2.5 Hours)

27102-06 Building Materials, Fasteners,

and Adhesives..............................2.i

Provides an overview of the building materials used in construction work, including lumber, sheet materials, engineered wood products, structural concrete, and structural steel. Also describes the various fasteners and adhesives used in construction work. (7.5 Hours)

27103-06 Hand and Power Tools..............3.i

Provides detailed descriptions of the hand tools and portable power tools used by carpenters. Emphasis is on safe and proper operation of tools, as well as care and maintenance. (10 Hours)

27104-06 Reading Plans and Elevations.......4.i

Builds upon the basic information presented in the Introduction to Blueprints module studied in the Core Curriculum. Trainees will learn the techniques for reading and using blueprints and specifications with an emphasis placed on those drawings and types of information that are relevant to the carpentry trade. Introduces the subject of quantity takeoffs. (20 Hours)

27105-06 Floor Systems......................5.i

Covers framing basics as well as the procedures for laying out and constructing a wood floor using common lumber as well as engi­neered building materials. (25 Hours)
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