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2008 International Mock Board Exam Coalition


University of Guelph, Guelph,

Ontario, Canada


Pacific Northwest Region

Oregon Health & Science University

and Portland VA Medical Center


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta, GA


Central Region

University of Texas

Southwestern Medical Center


Southeastern Region

North Carolina State University


Northeastern Region

Yale University



Europe – Spain

(mock ECLAM exam)



Asia - Singapore


Written Section – 250 Questions

55 Pages

2008 Written Exam Contributors

Cheryl Haughton, DVM, DACLAM - Central Region Coordinator

David Kurtz, DVM, PhD, DACLAM – Southeastern Region Coordinator

Stephanie Murphy, VMD, PhD, DACLAM - Pacific Northwest Region Coordinator

Yolanda Saavedra-Torres, DVM, PhD, DipECLAM – European Coordinator

Peter Smith, DVM, DACLAM - Northeastern Region Coordinator

J. P. Spurlock, DVM - CDCP Coordinator

Patricia V. Turner, DVM, DVSc, DACLAM – Canadian Coordinator

Ronald E. Banks, DVM, DACLAM

Rudy Beiler, DVM

Terry Blankenship-Paris, DVM, MS, DACLAM

Jodi Carlson, DVM

Diane B. Forsythe, DVM, DACLAM

Mary F. Grant, DVM, DACLAM

Angela King-Herbert, DVM, DACLAM

Robert Rose, DVM, DACLAM

José M. Sánchez-Morgado, DVM, MSc, PhD, DipECLAM, MRCVS

Jem Scott-Emuakpor, DVM

Paul Sikoski, DVM, DACLAM

Melanie Sorrell, DVM, MS

Mary Ann Vasbinder, DVM, DACLAM

Michael Wilkinson, DVM, CertLAS, PhD, DipECLAM, MRCVS

Julia Whitaker, MS, DVM, DACLAM

Jody Willis, DVM

Steve Wilson, VMD

  1. In mice, topical application of selamectin to the skin in a single spot at the base of the neck in front of the scapulae has been 100% effective in removing which of the following parasites?

  1. Aspicularis tetraptera, Myobia musculi, Myocoptes musculinus

  2. Radfordia ensifera, Myobia musculi, Myocoptes musculinus

  3. Aspicularis tetraptera, Myobia musculi, Radfordia ensifera

  4. Aspicularis tetraptera, Syphacia obvelata

  1. Which of the following may be a concern when using fenbendazole at therapeutic levels to treat pinworms in rodents?

a. Significant biological effects in reproductive studies

b. Significant biological effects in teratologic studies

c. Treatment-associated myelosuppression

d. Induction of certain hepatic cytochrome P450 isoforms

e. Toxicosis in young rodents due to immaturity of the blood-brain barrier

  1. Which of the following blood vessels can be used to collect blood in both frogs and salamanders?

  1. Ventral caudal vein

  2. Lingual venous plexus

  3. Midventral abdominal vein

  4. Dorsal lymph sac

  1. According to the Guide for the Care and Use of Agricultural Animals in Agricultural Research and Teaching, cold housing systems usually provide animals with a microenvironmental temperature that is no more than how many degrees above the outdoor temperature?

  1. 1°C

  2. 5°C

  3. 10°C

  4. 16°C

  5. 27°C

5. Which of the following opioid receptors is located in the dorsal horn of the spinal cord and provides spinal analgesia and sedation?

a. Delta

b. Kappa

c. Mu

d. Sigma

6. Which of the following is a potential side effect of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs in laboratory animals?

a. Bradycardia

b. Constipation

c. Respiratory depression

d. Nephrotoxicity

e. Hypotension

7. Which of the following drugs can be used to reverse benzodiazepine-induced sedation?

  1. Naloxone

  2. Yohimbine

  3. Flumazenil

  4. Idazoxan

  5. Phentolamine

8. Which of the following terms describes the ability of neuronal mechanisms to change and adapt to painful stimuli over a period of time?

  1. Allodynia

  2. Pain threshold

  3. Tolerance

  4. Plasticity

  5. Nociception

9. According to the 2007 AVMA Guidelines on Euthanasia, which of the following animals can be euthanized by maceration?

  1. 1 week old poults

  2. Embryonic rodents

  3. Day-old poultry

  4. Tadpoles

  5. Fish

10. According to the 2007 AVMA Guidelines on Euthanasia, which of the following is considered to be a disadvantage of using maceration as a form of euthanasia?

  1. Death is almost instantaneous

  2. Special equipment is required

  3. Large numbers of animals can be killed quickly

  4. The method is safe for workers

11. In mice, which of the following euthanasia methods would accomplish the most rapid cessation of cortical activity as determined by electroencephalogram and visual evoked potentials?

  1. 70% positive–pressure ventilation - CO2

  2. Intracardiac KCl injection

  3. Cervical dislocation

  4. All of the above

  5. None of the above

12. In mice and rats, which of the following time periods is recommended as a period of stabilization after shipment to allow most physiological values to return to normal before initiation of research studies?

a. 1-2 days

b. 2-3 days

c. 3-4 days

d. 6-7 days

e. 2-3 weeks

13. Which of the following should be components of an animal facility management program?

a. Personnel training

b. Occupational health and safety program

c. Written standard operating procedures

d. Written crisis and disaster management plan

e. All of the above

14. Which of the following organizations has published guidelines for selecting, evaluating, and using sharps disposal containers?

  1. CDC

  2. NIOSH

  3. OSHA

  4. NIH

15. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration limits employee exposure to noise to how many decibels measured on the A scale of a standard sound-level meter at slow response (dBA) averaged over an 8 hour work shift?

a. 100 decibels

b. 85 decibels

c. 90 decibels

d. 50 decibels

e. 45 decibels

16. All of the following adverse effects can occur when an employee’s exposure to noise exceeds OSHA limits EXCEPT?

a. Hearing loss

b. Difficulty in speaking

c. Loss of concentration

d. Weight loss

e. Increased fatigue

17. Individual animals in which needed anesthetics, analgesics, sedatives and/or tranquilizers are withheld should be reported in which of the following columns of the annual report to the USDA (APHIS Form 7023)?

a. Column A

b. Column B

b. Column C

d. Column D

e. Column E

18. In which of the following scenarios would it be acceptable to allow radios, alarms, or other sound generators to be used in animal rooms?

a. When a single species is housed in an animal room

b. When more than one species is housed in an animal room

c. Only when caretakers are working in an animal room

d. As part of an enrichment program

e. Only in animal rooms in which livestock are housed

19. Which of the following special features of a facility are secondary barriers aimed at preventing accidental release of hazards outside the facility and work environment?

a. Airlocks

b. Negative air pressure

c. Air filters

d. Redundant mechanical equipment with automatic switching

e. All of the above

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