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Тренировочная работа по теме « Словообразование»

(Суффиксы существительных)

Подготовила материал: Вульфсон Евгения Евгеньевна,

учитель английского языка

муниципального образовательного учреждения гимназия №2

г. Воронеж

Пояснительная записка.

Работа поможет подготовиться к выполнению заданий по словообразованию ЕГЭ по английскому языку. В работе даны упражнения разного уровня и типа. Работа рассчитана на старшеклассников, готовящихся к ЕГЭ.

Task1 Form nouns from the words with the help of suffixes “-ment-“, “-ant-“, “-ness-“ and “-ist-”

Example: to employ- employment

appoint _______________________

move ____________________________

mad ______________________________

enjoy _______________________________

science ______________________________

advertise _____________________________

material ______________________________

judge ________________________________

kind ________________________________

entertain _____________________________

consult _______________________________

govern ________________________________

type __________________________________

develop __________________________________

improve _________________________________

Task 2. Give the nouns which describe people who do things or who come from places. Use these noun endings:-an, -ant, -ar , -er,/-an, -ist, -or

Example: 1 He acts very well. He’s a fine actor

2 Don’t beg. You’re not _______________

  1. I can’t play the piano. I’m not a_______________

  2. She drives well. She’s a good _____________

  3. Manuel assists me. He’s my________________

  4. She always tells lies. She’s such a ______________

  5. Anna is studying history. She’s a fine_______________

Can you think three more words for each of the suffixes listed in the exercise above?


Task 3 Give the nouns derived from verbs, adjectives or other nouns. Use the endings: - age, -hood, -at/on, -ion, -ful, -ence, -ness, -al, -ment, -ety,- ism, -ity

Example: I decided this. It was my decision.

  1. Don’t be anxious. Control your__________________________.

  2. Ann’s socialist. She believes in ___________________________.

  3. We all want to be happy. We all seek.______________________.

  4. We all agree. We’re all in_________________________________

  5. Who discovered this? Who made this_________________________?

  6. We’ll arrive. We’ll be met on________________________________.

  7. I was a child then. That was in my _____________________________.

  8. She is absent. Can you explain her______________________________?

  9. Be more efficient. improve your_________________________________

  10. Don’t be so curious. Control your ______________________________.

  11. I refused their offer. My _________________________ is final.

  12. Can you explain it? Is there an________________________________?

  13. Don’t argue. I don’t want an____________________________.

Task 4. Point out of the given nouns. Form, wherever possible, other nouns with the help of some other suffixes. Then work out the approximate meaning of the words that follow before checking their meanings in a good dictionary.

Example: direction-director-directions- directorship



consideration _________________________________________________________

dictation ______________________________________________________________
















Task 5. Form nouns from the italicized words with the help of the suffixes. Mind the consonant alteration.

Example: 1. Many people visited us during summer. We had many visitors.

2 He suggested that I study French. I like his suggestions.

  1. We couldn’t agree. We couldn’t reach an______________________

  2. The detective investigated the murder. During his ________________ he questioned dozens or people.

  3. She described her trip. Her __________________ was full and interesting.

  4. His health has improved since he’s been in the clinic. The _______________ is very noticeable.

Task 6. Read the text bellow. Use the words given in capitals to form a noun that fits in each gap.

Many people who think they have a professional future in films

B11 go to Hollywood only to find__________________ instead of Disappoint

success. They often have to give up the more enjoyable aspects

B 12 of their chosen career to play parts in_______________________ Advertise

B13 because these provide financial______________________-but they Secure

B14 are not satisfying. For many actors, even basic_________________ Survive

сan be difficult. Some do not earn enough to pay their rent or electricity bills, and the time and money they invest in the

B15 ____________________ of a portfolio for interviews is often washed. Prepare

B16 of course there is a possible _______________ why only 1%of Explain

B17 _______________ are really successful .There are just too many Act

B18 people who believe that their next ___________- will be the one Perform

that makes them a star.

Использованная литература

1. Ю.С. Веселова Тематический тренажер по английскому языку Словообразование, Москва « Интеллект –Центр» , 2011

2. М.В. Вербицкая, К.С.Махмурян Английский язык Тренировочные задания. Москва «Эксмо»,2010


Task 1. appointment, movement, madness, enjoyment, scientist, advertisement, materialist, judgment kindness, entertainment, consultant, government, typist, development, improvement.

Task 2. 2 beggar, 3 pianist, 4 driver, 5 assistant, 6 liar, 7 historian.

Task 3. `1 anxiety, 2socialism, 3.happiness 4 argument 5discovery, 6 arrival, 7childhood, 8 absence, 9 efficiency,10 curiosity, 11refusal, 12explanation, 13argument.

Task 5.1 agreement, 2 investigation, 3 description, 4 improvement



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