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Finding Aid to the

Directorate of Personnel Development Studies fonds

(86/330 Series 1)

(75/386 Series 2)

(93/155 Series 3)

Revised 4 Nov 2003

Table of Contents

Administrative History 3

Scope and Content 3

Custodial History 3

Related Records 3

Other Notes 4

Classification 4

Series 1: (86/330) Records Dealing with Women and the Canadian Armed Forces. 5

Subseries 1: “Managing” Sex Differences 6

Sub-series 2: Physical Condition of Women (1) 7

Sub-series 4: Women in the Military (1) 10

Sub-series 5: Physical Condition of Women (2) 11

Sub-series 6: Sex Influencing Hiring Possibilities 12

Sub-series 7: Sex Influencing Performance Evaluation 14

Sub-series 8: Women in the Navy 15

Sub-series 9: Women in the Military Academies (USA & Canada) 17

Sub-series 10: Women in Different National Armed Forces 18

Sub-series 11: Women in the Military (2) 18

Sub-series 12: Women in Combat Roles 20

Sub-series 13: Status of Women 20

Index to authors (personal) 22

Index to authors (corporate) 25

Index to titles 27

Index to conferences, etc. 36

Index to periodical publications 37

Series 2: (75/386) Reports on Military Careers series 40

Series 3: (93/155) Officer Corps Study series 41

Directorate of Personnel Development Studies fonds. – 2.245 m of textual records. – 58 audio cassettes. – ca. 3060 cards: 15 x 10 cm. – 200 cards: 12.5 x 7.5 cm. – 4 binders of microfiche. 1956-1988

Administrative History

The Directorate of Personnel Development Studies (DPDS), was formed in late 1974 and reported to the Assistant Deputy Minister (Personnel). It was responsible for the conditions of service studies as well as all the aspects of personnel policy development that the Assistant Deputy Minister (Personnel) approved. Both of these responsibilities embraced several areas of personnel management and provided a service to departmental staff and line organizations. The DPDS also assisted in the planning and the provision of support to specific Personnel Group approved studies, initiated by groups outside the Personnel Group organization. In late 1991, the DPDS was reorganized into several other directorates.

Scope and Content

Fonds consists of material created, accumulated and used by the Directorate of Personnel Development Studies in regards to the employment of women in the armed forces, as well as officers and military careers in the Canadian Armed Forces. There are 3 series:

  1. Records dealing with Women and the Armed Forces (86/330)

  2. Reports on Military Careers (75/386))

  3. Officer Corps Study (93/155)

Custodial History

Series 1-3 were parts of three separate fonds. Series 1 was accessioned under 86/330 and the documents remain under this number. Series 2 was accessioned as 75/386 and the documents are stored under 75/386. Series 3 was accessioned under 93/155 and the documents are stored under 93/155.

Related Records

The following related records are available in the Document Collection:

  1. [79/262] " Report of the attitude surveys on women in combat roles and isolated postings; study report June 1978"

  2. [79/771] " Report of the attitude surveys on women in combat roles and isolated postings; study report"

  3. [81/105] " Implementation plan; Officer Career Development Program; [OCDP]"

  4. [92/188] "Personnel policies; impact of change; personnel policies in light of current and future trends"

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