Children's fiction on Talking Books 7+ years a select bibliography

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Children's fiction on Talking Books

7+ years

A select bibliography

October 2012

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Adeney, Anne

I have a plan. 1998. Read by Francine Brody, 3 hours. TB 11459.

What would you do if the frogs you'd captured, and were teaching to croak 'Happy Birthday' escaped? Irrepressible Kayla is on the loose, full of bright ideas to make life perfect for her and Mum. But somehow her plans keep going wrong.


Aesop's fables. 1994. Read by Giles Abbott, 4 hours 15 minutes. TB 18686.

Aesop's collection of fables has been popular with both adults and children. These simple tales embody truths so powerful, the titles of the individual fables the fox and the grapes, the dog in the manger, the wolf in sheep's clothing and many others.

Ahlberg, Allan

The Better Brown stories. Read by Richard Mitchley, 1 hour 37 minutes. TB 11627.

A monstrous dog, a fierce and hairy milkman, free money, some Mysterious Men, a forgotten baby, baffled police and a bewildered town. What could be better?

Ahlberg, Allan.

Woof! 2006. Read by Andy Crane, 2 hours 49 minutes. TB 19309.

Eric is a perfectly ordinary boy. Perfectly ordinary that is until the night he turns into a dog! This is the story of Eric's adventures with his best friend Roy as they try to puzzle out the reasons for his transformation.

Ainsworth, Ruth

The pirate ship: and other stories. 1980. Read by Richard Earthy, 3 hours 45 minutes. TB 3828.

Stories about magicians and mermaids, strange people and magical animals.

Ainsworth, Ruth

The Ruth Ainsworth book. 1970. Read by Andrew Timothy, 5 hours 16 minutes. TB 3244.

All sorts of short stories for children up to the age of eight.

Alcock, Vivien

Ghostly companions. 2009. Read by Kenneth Shanley, 3 hours 32 minutes. TB 17231.

A collection of ghost stories, including a figurehead that is more than it seems, a patchwork made like none other, a mirror image that never leaves you alone and a masquerade that gives you the chance to be someone else.

Aldridge, James

The marvellous Mongolian. 1974. Read by Elizabeth Proud, 4 hours 11 minutes. TB 2563.

The letters that Baryut, a Mongolian boy, and Kitty, a Welsh girl, write to each other about the travels and adventures of a stallion captured in Mongolia and a little Shetland mare.

Aldridge, James

The true story of Spit MacPhee. 1986. Read by Nigel Graham, 7 hours 25 minutes. TB 6690.

Spit MacPhee was five when he came to live with old Fyfe MacPhee, his grandfather, and some of the townsfolk were saying even then that it wasn't right for him to be with the crazy man. So when Fyfe dies a fierce battle to decide the boy's destiny begins but tough minded Spit has plans of his own ... though who could say what would become of one small 11 year old who set himself against the well meaning residents of the Australian country town of St. Helen.

Andersen, Hans Christian

Fairy tales. 1872. Read by Andrew Timothy, 9 hours 45 minutes. TB 2319.

A collection of well-loved fairy stories.

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