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Tetsubunsha Philosophy Catalogue No.131 Feb 2012 Price Includes Tax page                                  

数量限定特別価格図書 (在庫数2-5, セット物1-2)

Aristotle/ Ferejohn, Michael The Origins of Aristotelian Science, Yale, 174pp, hard, 1991, Mint/op/was $37, 0300046499, \1,000

Aristotle/ Freudenthal, Gad Aristotle’s Theory of Material Substance: Heat and Pneuma, Form and Soul, Oxford, 247pp, paper, 1999, Fine/Pub.£32, 9780198238645, \1,000

Aristotle/ Reeve, C.D.C. Practices of Reason: Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics, Oxford, 239pp, hard, 1992, Fine/ HB-op/PB£27, 9780198235651, \900

Plato/ Craig, Leon Harold The War Lovers: A Study of Plato’s Republic, Toronto, 477pp, hard, 1996, Mint/op/was $65, \1,500

Plato/ Desjardins, Rosemary The Rational Enterprise: Logos in Plato’s Theaetetus, SUNY, 285pp, hard, 1990, Mint/HB-op/was $59.50, \1,500

Plato/ Miller, Mitchell H., Jr. Plato’s Parmenides: The Conversation of the Soul, Penn State UP, 299pp, paper, 1991, Mint/op/was $26, 0271008032, \900

Plato/ Moravcsik, Julius Plato and Platonism: Plato’s Conception of Appearance and Reality in Ontology, Epistemology, and Ethics, and its Modern Echoes, Blackwell, 352pp, paper, 2000, Mint/Pub.£24.99, 9780631222545, \1,000

Plato/ Morrow, Glenn R. Plato’s Cretan City: A Historical Interpretation of the Laws, With a new foreword by Charles H. Kehn, *an investigation of the roots of Plato’s Laws which analyzes the philosopher’s thought on legislation and social institutions. The author describes the institutions in Athens, Crete and Sparta on which Plato based the model city propounded in the Laws, Princeton, 648pp, paper, 1993, Mint/Printed on Demand $85, 9780691024844, \1,500

Augustine/ Harrison, Carol Augustine: Christian Truth and Fractured Humanity, ‘this book sets Augustine in his cultural and social context showing how, as a Christian, he came to terms with the philosophical and rhetorical ideals of classical culture, and, as a bishop, with the ecclesiastical, ascetic, and political structures of late antique society’, Oxford, 258pp, paper, 2000, Mint/Pub.£33, 9780198752196, \900

Augustine/ O’Donnell, James J. Augustine, Sinner and Saint: A New Biography, CCC/ HarperCollins, 396pp, hard, 2005, Mint/op was $26.95, 9780060535377, \1,000

17th Century/ Gennaro, R.J. & C. Huenemann (eds.) New Essays on The Rationalist, *this vital collection presents some of the most original recent writings on Descartes, Spinoza, and Leibniz, Oxford USA, 409pp, hard, 1999, Mint/Pub.$125, 9780195124880, \1,500

17th Century/ Schacht, Richard Classical Modern Philosophers: Descartes to Kant, Routledge, 275pp, paper, 1987, Mint/Pub. £21.99, 9780415065771, \900

Bacon/ Zagorin, Perez Francis Bacon, Princeton, 302pp, hard, 1998, Mint/HB-op/was $57.50, 9780691059280, \900

Berkeley/ Muehlmann, Robert G. (ed.) Berkeley’s Metaphysics: Structural, Interpretive, and Critical Essays, Penn State UP, 278pp, hard, 1995, Mint/op/was $65, 027101427x, \1,500

Berkeley/ Winkler, Kenneth (ed.) The Cambridge Companion to Berkeley, Cambridge, 472pp, paper, 2006, Fine/ Pub. £21.99, 9780521456579, \1,000

Descartes/ Watson, Richard Cogito, Ergo Sum: The Life of Rene Descartes, Godine, 383pp, hard, 2002, Mint/ Pub.$35, 1567921841, \900

Hobbes/ Martinich, A.P. Hobbes: A Biography, Cambridge, 390pp, hard, 1999, Fine/Pub. £61, 9780521495837, \1,500

Hume/ Bricke, John Mind and Morality: An Examination of Hume’s Moral Psychology, Oxford, 273pp, paper, 2000, Mint/op/was $60, 0198250118, \900

Hume/ Christensen, Jerome Practicing Enlightenment: Hume and the Formation of a Literary Career, U of Wisconsin P, 298pp, paper, 1987, Mint/op, 029910754x, \900

Hume/ Garrett, Don Cognition and Commitment in Hume’s Philosophy, Oxford, 284pp, hard, 1997, Mint/ Pub.£45, 9780195097214, \1,500

Hume/ Gaskin, J.C.A. Hume’s Philosophy of Religion, Second Edition, Macmillan, 264pp, paper, 1988, Mint/ Pub.£28.99, 9780333393468, \1,000

Kant/ Ameriks, Karl Kant’s Theory of Mind: An Analysis of the Paralogisms of Pure Reason, Revised Edition, Oxford, 390pp, paper, 2000, Mint/Pub.£29, 9780198238973, \1,000

Kant/ Ewing, A.C. A Short Commentary on Kant’s Critique of Pure Reason, Midway Reprint, U of Chicago P, 278pp, paper, 1987, Fine/op/was $29, 0226227790, \900

Kant/ Falkenstein, Lorne Kant’s Intuitionism: A Commentary on the Transcendental Aesthetic, Toronto, 488pp, hard, 1995, Mint/HB-op/was $70, 0802029736, \1,500

Kant/ Fenves, Peter D. A Peculiar Fate: Metaphysics and World-History in Kant, Penn State UP, 318pp, hard, 1991, Mint/op/was $45, 0801424704, \900

Kant/ Gram, Moltke G. (ed) Interpreting Kant, *8 papers from the 1980 meeting of the American Philosophical Association on the Kantian tradition, U of Iowa P, 157pp, hard, 1982, Fine/op/cloth, 0877451184, \900

Kant/ Hoffe, Otfried Immanuel Kant, Translated by M. Farrier, originally published in German by C.H. Beck’sche Verlagsbuchhandlung 1992, SUNY, 300pp, paper, 1994, Mint/Pub.$31.95, 9780791420942, \900

Locke/ Jolley, Nicholas Locke: His Philosophical Thought, Oxford, 233pp, paper, 1999, Mint/Pub.£27.99, 9780198752004, \1,000

Malebranche/ Nadler, Steven (ed.) The Cambridge Companion to Malebranche, Cambridge, 332pp, paper, 2000, Fine/Pub.£21.99, 9780521627290, \1,000

Montaigne/ Friedrich, Hugo Montaigne , edited and with an introduction by Philippe Desan, translated by Dawn Eng, U of California P, xxxi + 433pp, hard, 1991, Fine/op was $65, 9780520065819, \1,500

Renaissance/ Johnson, Paul The Renaissance, Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 175pp, hard, 2000, Mint/Pub.£14.99, \900

Rousseau/ Kelly, Christopher Rousseau’s Exemplary Life: The “Confessions” as Political Philosophy, Cornell, xiv + 262pp, hard, 1987, Mint/op was $39.95, 9780801419362, \900

Spinoza/ Della Rocca Representation and the Mind-Body Problem in Spinoza, Oxford, 237pp, hard, 1996, Mint/Pub.£38, 9780195095623, \1,900

Spinoza/ Gullan-Whur, Margaret Within Reason: A Life of Spinoza, St.Martin’s, 416pp, hard, 2000, Mint/ op was $27.95, \900

18th Century/Parr, Samuel Metaphysical Tracts by English Philosophers of Eighteenth Century, *includes 5 tracts, Clavis Universalis: or, A New Inquiry after Truth by Arthur Collier among others, facsimile edition of 1837 Edward Lumley publication, Georg Olms, 355pp, hard, 1974, Mint/Pub. £41.25, 9783487053110, \1,500

19th Century/ Burrow, J.W. The Crisis of Reason: European Thought, 1848-1914, Yale, 287pp, paper, 2000, Mint/ Pub.$22.50, 9780300097184, \900

19th Century/ Hazareesingh, Sudhir Intellectual Founder of the Republic: Five Studies in Nineteenth-Century French Political Thought, Oxford, 351pp, hard, 2001, Mint/Pub.£62, 9780199247943, \1,500

19th Century/Mander, W.J. & Alan P. F. Sell (eds.) The Dictionary of Nineteenth-Century British Philosophers, 2 volumes complete, 1080pp, Thoemes/ Continuum, 2002, Mint/op was $810, 9781855069558, \19,000

Bradley/ Allard, James W. The Logical Foundations of Bradley’s Metaphysics: Judgment, Inference, and Truth, Cambridge, 241pp, hard, 2005, Mint/Pub. £61, 9780521834056, \1,900

Bradley/ Sprigge, T.L.S. James & Bradley: American Truth and British Reality, Open Court, 644pp, paper, 1993, Mint/Pub. $68, 9780812692273, \900

Brentano/ Jacquette, Dale (ed.) The Cambridge Companion to Brentano, Cambridge, 344pp, paper, 2004, Fine/ Pub. £23.99, 9780521007658, \1,500

Brentano/ McAlister, Linda The Development of Franz Brentano’s Ethics, *a revision of Ph.D. Dissertation Cornell Univ 1968, Rodopi Amsterdam, 171pp, paper, 1982, Mint/op, 9062037046, \900

Carlyle/ Heffer, Simon Moral Desperado: A Life of Thomas Carlyle, ‘examines Carlyle’s own works, his influence on Victorian culture and ideas, and his relationship with the leading thinkers and writers of the day – from John Stuart Mill and Dickens to Ruskin, Browning and Emerson’, Phoenix/Orion, 430pp, paper, 1996, Mint/op was £12.99, 9781857994469, \900

Carlyle/ Tarr, Rodger L. Thomas Carlyle: A Descriptive Bibliography, Univ of Pittsburgh Press, 565pp, hard, 1989, Mint/Pub.$110, 9780822936077, \1,500

Emerson/ Burkholder, Robert E. & Joel Myerson Emerson: An Annotated Secondary Bibliography, Pittsburgh series in bibliography, U of Pittsburgh P, 842pp, hard, 1985, Mint/Pub.$130, 9780822935025, \1,500

Emerson/ Gonnaud, Maurice An Uneasy Solitude: Individual and Society in the Work of Ralph Waldo Emerson, Translated from the French by L. Rosenwald, Princeton, 477pp, had, 1987, Very Good/op/was $65, 069106718x, \1,500

Hegel, G.W.F. Hegel’s Phenomenology of Spirit, Selections Translated and Annotated by Howard P. Kainz, *German/English bi-lingual edition, Penn State UP, 200pp, paper, 1994, Mint/Digital Reprint $32.95/26x18, 9780271010762, \900

Hegel/ Burbridge, John Hegel on Logic and Religion: The Reasonableness of Christianity, State Univ of New York Press, 194pp, hard, 1992, Mint/HB-op/was $64.50, \1,500

Hegel/ Solomon, Robert C. In the Spirit of Hegel, *a thorough analysis of Phenomenology of Spirit, section by section, Oxford, 668pp, paper, 1983, Mint/Pub.£33.99, 9780195036503, \1,900

Hegel/ Williams, Robert R. Hegel’s Ethics of Recognition, California, 451pp, hard, 1997, Mint/HB-op/was $65, \1,900

James/ Gale, Richard M. The Philosophy of William James: An Introduction, Cambridge, 256pp, paper, 2004, Fine/Pub. £20.99, 9780521549554, \1,500

James/ Myers, Gerald D. William James: His Life and Thought, Yale, 650pp, paper, Fine/Pub.$25, 9780300089172, \1,500

Mill/ Capaldi, Nicholas John Stuart Mill: A Biography, Cambridge, 456pp, hard, 2004, Fine/Pub. £35, 9780521620246, \1,500

Mill/ West, Henry R. An Introduction to Mill’s Utilitarian Ethics, Cambridge, 228pp, paper, 2004, Fine/ Pub.£18.99, 9780521535410, \900

Mill/ West, Henry R. Mill’s Utilitarianism: A Reader’s Guide, Continuum, v + 142pp, paper, 2007, Mint/Pub. £13.99, 9780826493026, \1,000

Nietzsche/ Abbey, Ruth Nietzsche’s Middle Period, Oxford, 224pp, hard, 2000, Mint/Pub.£35.99, 9780195134087, \1,500

Nietzsche/ Ackermann, Robert John Nietzsche: A Frenzied Look, U of Massachusetts P, 217pp, paper, 1990, Mint/ Pub.$22.95, 9780870238413, \900

Nietzsche/ Foster, John Burt Jr. Heirs to Dionysus: A Nietzschean Current in Literary Modernism, Princeton, xiv + 474pp, paper, 1988, Fine/op was $19.95, 9780691014517, \1,000

Nietzsche/ Gilman, Sander L. (ed.) Conversations with Nietzsche: A Life in the Words of His Contemporaries, Edited with an Introduction by Sander L. Gilman, Translated by David J. Parent, Oxford, 302pp, paper, 1987, Mint/Pub.£17.99, 9780195067781, \1,500

Nietzsche/ Graybeal, Jean Language and “the Feminine” in Nietzsche and Heidegger, Indiana UP, 182pp, paper, 1990, Mint/ Pub.$24.95, 9780253205896, \900

Nietzsche/ Sloterdijk, Peter Thinker On Stage: Nietzsche’s Materialism, translation by Jamie Owen Daniel, Foreword by Jochen Schulte-Sasse, U of Minnesota P, xxvi + 106pp, paper, 1989, Mint/Pub.$25.50, 9780816617654, \900

Baudrillard/ Keller, Douglas Baudrillard: A Critical Reader, Blackwell, ix + 333p, paper, 1995, Fine/Pub.£21.99, 9781557864666, \900

Beauvoir/ Fallaize, Elizabeth (ed.) Simone de Beauvoir: A Critical Reader, Routledge, x + 208pp, paper, 1998, Fine/ Pub.$41.95, 9780415147033, \900

Beauvoir/ Lundgren-Gthlin, Eva Sex & Existence: Simone Beauvoir’s The Second Sex, Translated from the Swedish by Linda Scheneck, Athlone Press, 343pp, hard, 1996, Mint/op/was £65, \1,500

Foucault/ McNay, Lois Foucault: A Critical Introduction, Continuum, vi + 196pp, hard, 1994, Fine/op was $27.95, 9780826407788, \900

Foucault/ NcNay, Lois Foucault and Feminism: Power, Gender and the Self, Northeastern UP, 217pp, paper, 1992, Mint/op/was $20, \900

Frege/ Dummett, Michael Frege: Philosophy of Language, Second Edition, Harvard, 752pp, paper, 1995, Mint/Pub.$43, 9780674319318, \1,500

Frege/ Dummett, Michael Frege: Philosophy of Mathematics, Harvard, 331pp, paper, 1995, Mint/op/was $28.95, 0674319362, \1,000

Freud/ Frankland, Graham Freud’s Literary Culture, Cambridge, 274pp, hard, 2000, Mint/Pub.£69, 9780521663168, \900

Freud/ O’Neill, John (ed.) Freud and the Passions, Literature and Philosophy series, Penn State UP, 246pp, paper, 1996, Mint/op/was $27, 0271015306, \900

Habermas, Jurgen The Liberating Power of Symbols: Philosophical Essays, Translated by Peter Dews, MIT Press, 136pp, paper, 2001, New/Pub.$22, 9780262582056, \900

Habermas, Jurgen The Past As Future, Interviewed by Michael Haller, Translated and Edited by Max Pensky, Foreword by Peter Hohendahl, U of Nebraska P, 203pp, paper, 1994, New/Pub.$15, 9780803272668, \1,000

Heidegger/ Kaelin, E.F. Heidegger’s Being and Time: A Reading for Readers, Florida State UP, 358pp, hard, 1989, Mint/op/was $49.95, \1,000

Heidegger/ Krell, David Farrell Intimations of Morality: Time, Truth, and Finitude in Heidegger’s Thinking of Being, Penn State UP, 215pp, paper, 1986, Mint/op/was $24, 0271007540, \900

Lyotard, Jean-François Phenomenology, translated by Brian Beakley with a foreword by Gayle L. Ormiston, State U of New York P, vi + 147pp, paper, 1991, Mint/Pub. $21.95, 9780791408063, \900

Rorty/ Guignon, David R. Richard Rorty, Contemporary Philosophy in Focus series, Cambridge, 222pp, paper, 2003, Fine/Pub. £18.99, 9780521804899, \1,000

Wittgenstein/ Hunnings, Gordon The World and Language in Wittgenstein’s Philosophy, Palgrave/ SUNY, 266pp, hard, 1988, Mint/Pub.$64.50, 9780887065859, \1,000

Wittgenstein/ Hunter, J.F.M. Wittgenstein on Words as Instruments: Lessons in Philosophical Psychology, Edinburgh UP, xi + 170pp, hard, 1990, Fine/op, 0748601635, \1,000

Apocalypse & Death/ Bernstein, Alan E. The Formation of Hell: Death and Retribution in the Ancient and Early Christian Worlds, Cornell, 408pp, hard, 1993, Mint/op was $57.50, 9780801428937, \1,000

Apocalypse & Death/ Binski, Paul Medieval Death: Ritual and Representation, with 11 color and 89 b/w illustrations, British Museum P, 224pp, paper, 2001, Mint/PB-op/was £15.99/24x17, \1,500

Religion/ Cahn, Steven M. The Essential Texts in the Philosophy of Religion: Classic and Contemporary Issues, Oxford, 528pp, paper, 2004, New/Pub. £38.99, 9780195171006, \1,000

Religion/ Cohn-Sherbok, Cavinia Who’s Who in Christianity, *is an invaluable reference guide to the leading men and women who have influenced the course of Christian history, Routledge, 377pp, paper, 1998, Mint/Pub. £9.50, 9780415135832, \900

Religion/ Partridge, Christopher Dictionary of Contemporary Religion in the Western World, Inter-Varsity Press, 400pp, hard, 2002, New/Pub. £14.99, 9780851119824, \1,500

Religion/ Rowe, W.L. & W.J. Wainwright (eds.) Philosophy of Religion: Selected Readings, Third Edition, Oxford/ Harcourt, 558pp, paper, 1998, New/Pub.£41.99, 9780195155112, \1,500
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Tetsubunsha Philosophy Catalogue No. 131 Feb 2012 Price Includes Tax page iconTetsubunsha Theatre Studies Catalogue No. 132 Apr 2012 price includes tax page

Tetsubunsha Philosophy Catalogue No. 131 Feb 2012 Price Includes Tax page iconTaxes аге а compulsory financial contribution bу а person оr body of persons towards the expenditure of а public authority
Тhе major principles of а tax system are that it should Ье equitable and reasonab1e. Then the incentive to avoid and evade tax woиld...
Tetsubunsha Philosophy Catalogue No. 131 Feb 2012 Price Includes Tax page iconC civil engineering: page 110 community education: page 116 computing – applied: page 122 computing – e-commerce: page 128 D

Tetsubunsha Philosophy Catalogue No. 131 Feb 2012 Price Includes Tax page iconPrice 00 (free to regular customers) 29. 08. 12 List up-dated Summer 2012

Tetsubunsha Philosophy Catalogue No. 131 Feb 2012 Price Includes Tax page icon[There seems to be a page before page one which has a descendant chart on it the only part that copied on page 1 reads as follows:]

Tetsubunsha Philosophy Catalogue No. 131 Feb 2012 Price Includes Tax page iconBold followed by the year and then by inclusive page numbers. Notes are indicated by ‘n’ or ‘nn’ after the page number. Page numbers in italics refer to illustrations. Author Index

Tetsubunsha Philosophy Catalogue No. 131 Feb 2012 Price Includes Tax page iconBold followed by the year and then by inclusive page numbers. Notes are indicated by ‘n’ or ‘nn’ after the page number. Page numbers in italics refer to illustrations. Author Index

Tetsubunsha Philosophy Catalogue No. 131 Feb 2012 Price Includes Tax page iconRoosevelt High School Summer Opportunities Bulletin 2012 (Updated when I can between Feb-June)

Tetsubunsha Philosophy Catalogue No. 131 Feb 2012 Price Includes Tax page iconЛабораторная работа №1 знакомство с программой page maker
Программа загружается стандартным образом Пуск Программы Adobe Page Maker 5 — Аdоbе Page Maker 5
Tetsubunsha Philosophy Catalogue No. 131 Feb 2012 Price Includes Tax page iconInduction motors : analysis and torque control / Bahram Amin. Berlin; New York : Springer, c2001. XIII, 262 p ILL.; 24 cm. (Power systems). Includes bibliographical references (p. [257]-258) and index. Isbn 3540423745 Arndt C
Евстафьев В. Ф. Правовое регулирование в области охраны секретных изобретений / В. Ф. Евстафьева, О. А. Потемкин, Л. Н. Хитрова....
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