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Curriculum Area: Creative Arts & Design


The College runs two Graphics courses. D&T Graphics allows students to explore formal drawing and presentation techniques and has an integral 3D element involving model making and use of workshop machinery. Art Graphics encourages free expression and focuses on font work and the relationship between typography and image leading to purely 2D outcomes.

Although there are some overlaps, both courses can be taken together by students who wish to specialise in Graphic Design at a higher level.

The D & T Graphic Design course is compatible with other AS/A2 Level courses, depending on your chosen career path. They include Art & Design, Textile Design, Photography, Communication Studies, Business Studies Mathematics and Physics. Students taking, or who have taken, Fashion cannot take both subjects as they lead to the same “Product Design” qualification.

Advanced Subsidiary (AS)

The Advanced Subsidiary (AS) is studied in the first year. The course is divided into separate modules, commencing with an induction course.

Students following the course, explore graphic design in its widest sense, through coursework projects and theoretical knowledge. Subjects covered include advertising, packaging, print technology, technical illustration, orthographic and other drawing methods. The use of industry computer graphics packages and CAD software is included in the course, alongside more traditional skills such as rendering, marker pen work and presentation. 3D modelling is integrated with 2D graphic skills. Integral to the course is the design process. Students will gain an understanding of, and simulate the work of professional designers in their project work.

Unit 1

Advanced Innovation Challenge

written examination

20% of the full A Level

Unit 2

Product study


30% of the full A Level

Advanced Level (A2)

Unit 3

Design, make and evaluate



Unit 4

Product design



Methods of Teaching and Learning

A series of focused design tasks are set, that are organised so that you develop a wide range of graphics and design skills and understanding.


Visits are made to exhibitions and to the design centre

Key Skills

You will develop your communication and IT skills through this course. Coursework includes both written and graphical communication skills, as well as negotiating with a client and making a presentation of a designed product to a client. All students taking this course also take a City and Guilds in Computer Aided Design.

Methods of Assessment

Assessment is undertaken by a combination of coursework assessment and written/design examination.


On successful completion of these courses, and depending on other AS/A level subjects taken, students can develop their studies through a range of Higher Education courses. These include: Arts Foundation, 2D and 3D degree courses, architecture, interior design and CAD/CAM based manufacturing courses.


Design and Technology has a new purpose built suite of rooms complete with a design studio and workshop including a range of industry standard CNC machines.

Entry Qualifications

Five GCSEs at Grade C or above or the equivalent from a minimum of 4 subject areas including GCSE English. If you have a creative and inventive mind and meet the college requirements to follow an AS/A2 level course then this may suit you. Although not essential, a GCSE in Design and Technology at grade C or above is preferred. However, it does help if you have taken a GCSE that has involved management of a project and have the ability or willingness to learn to draw.


You will need a range of graphics materials that will be supplied by the college. The cost of these items is approximately £37. Access to a PC at home will be an advantage as you will be lent CAD software to use as part of the course. Students will also be required to pay towards materials for their major project. It is likely that this will be around £20. The cost of all trips will be the responsibility of the student. Financial assistance is available if required.


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