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Leonardo da Vinci Programme


A Methodological Proposal

for Defining a

Quality Management System

for an Online Learning Centre

Project N° I/01/B/F/PP-120550

This is a product of the SOLE Project partnership, developed by IMQ spa, Istituto Marchio di Qualità (Milan – Italy): Pasquale Tarallo.

English version provided by IMQ.

SOLE Partnership


ITSOS “Marie Curie” – ITALIA – Cernusco sul Naviglio, ITALY


Lambrakis Research Foundation - Athens




ADECCO - Milan

CEP - Turin

CGIL - Formazione e ricerca - Rome

CISL – Studi e ricerche - Rome


IMQ - Milan

ITCS “Mario Pagano” - Naples

ITIS “Vito Volterra” - Ancona

SCIENTER - Bologna

UIL - Servizio Politiche del lavoro e FP - Rome

Università Roma3 – Facoltà di Scienze della Formazione - Rome


Chambre of Commerce - Cork

College of Commerce - Cork

DEIS – Cork Institute of Technology - Cork


Chamber of Commerce and Industry - Galati

Consiliul National Al Intreprinderilor Private - Galati

University “Dunarea da Jos” - Galati

© The content of the SOLE Project - “Leonardo da Vinci” Programme, Contract I/01/B/F/PP-120550 - can be freely used by Schools, Universities and Training Institution provided that the SOLE logo is maintained and the source fully cited.

No part can be published for commercial use without formal permission of the Project promoter.


Executive summary 4

1. Introduction 5

1.2 Target groups 6

1.3 Structure 6

1.4 How to use it 7

2. Scenario 8

2.1 A paradigm shift 8

2.2 Quality is important worldwide 9

2.2.1 Total Quality Management Approach 9

2.2.2 Deming Prize 9

2.2.3 Malcolm Baldridge National Quality Award 10

2.2.4 European Quality Management Award 11

2.2.5 ISO 9000 2000 12

3.2 Coming back to principles 17

3.2.1 Principle 1 - Learner focus 17

3.2.2 Principle 2 - Leadership 18

3.2.3 Principle 3 - Involvement of people 18

3.2.4 Principle 4 - Process approach 19

3.2.5 Principle 5 - System approach to management 20

3.2.6 Principle 6 - Continuous improvement 20

3.2.7 Principle 7 - Factual approach to decision making 21

3.2.8 Principle 8 - Mutually beneficial stakeholder relationships 21

4.1 How to understand needs 24

4.2 Set of indicators to monitoring and measuring quality of e-learning centres 28

5. Conclusion 38


Glossary 42

Set of tools 44

  1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9


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