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Didier BIGO

born : 31 August 1956 in Lille Nord France

e-mail : didier.

phone/fax : 00 33 (0)1 42 80 10 54, 01 43 72 96 01

Tel bureau : (0)1 45 49 50 22 , mobile 0033613061676


  • Habilitation for direction of research of doctoral students (HDR): « terrorism, war, internal and external security » "terrorisme, guerre, sécurité intérieure, sécurité extérieure", unanimously awarded, 18 December 2002, direction of M. Bertrand Badie, jury Mrs Malcolm Anderson, Michel Dobry, Wolf Dieter Eberwein, Pierre Hassner, Rémy Leveau.

  • National examination for « Maître de conférences des Universités ». Nominated at Sciences-Po Paris, June 1988.

  • Doctoral thesis in political science ; « The personal power in Central Africa », « Le pouvoir personnel en Centrafrique », 1985, Univeristé Paris Sorbonne Paris I, direction de M. le Professeur Conac, mention « très honorable avec félicitation du jury à l’unanimité  ».

  • Master thesis in history, « Faustin Elie Soulouque, emperor in Haiti-1849-1859 » DEA d’Histoire de M. Chevalier, mention « très bien », 1980.

  • Master thesis in political science « Empire, tyranny and dictature » DEA de Sciences Politiques de M. Duverger, mention « très bien » 1979.

  • Maîtrise de Droit et Sciences Politiques, mention « très bien » 1978.

  • Licence de Droit, 1977, Paris I Sorbonne UER II.

Current position


  • Professor of International Relations, « Maître de conférences des Universités » at Sciences-Po Paris (Institut d’Etudes Politiques) from 1988. Directeur de recherche à l’école doctorale from 2002.

  • Associated Researcher at the Center for international studies and research (Centre d’Etude et de Recherche Internationale de la Fondation Nationale des Sciences Politiques (CERI) from 1990

  • Director of the Centre for Study of Conflicts (Centre d’Etudes sur les Conflits) non profit organisation running the journal C&C from 1990

activities ABROAD

  • Visiting professor at King’s College London, department of war studies, Course on European (in)security (2004-2005, 2005-2006, 2006-2007, 2007-2008)

  • Visiting researcher at University of Queensland Brisbane Australia (July – September 2004). Research on detention centers for foreigners and post 11 September policies against terrorism

  • Visiting professor at Northwestern University Chicago September 2003 Courses on Liberty and Security in Europe and the US, and French-US relations: a politics of friendship? and November 2003 King’s college London, center for international relations, department of war studies, Course on European (in)security

  • Visiting professor at the London Centrer for International Relations U of Kent September 2002 à December 2002- Course on European internal security : justice and home affairs, a long term perspective concerning policing.

  • Visiting fellow at the London Centrer for International Relations U of Kent October 1999- December 1999, September 2000- February 2001 Course on Constructing (in)security in Europe with Jef Huysmans September 2001- February 2002, European internal security : justice and home affairs, a long term perspective concerning policing

  • Visiting fellow at the university of Tampere (Finlande) course on « Frontiers and security » 1-12 April 2000

  • Visiting researcher at the Robert Schumann Center , European University Institute of Florence; Août-December 1998. Research on the third pillar of the EU and Europol.

  • Visiting fellow at San Diego State University, June 1991-January 1992 and again in April 1993. Research on the securitization of the border between San Diego and Tijuana

Main Courses

  • On Full Research leave for the year 2008-2009

  • Theories of International Relations from 2003 to 2008 : MR2 – 14 hours

  • 8 doctoral students under my supervision : topics: role of G8 Lyon group on internal security norms, US homeland security and networkcentric warfare, counterinsurgency and peacemaking, European borders and neighbourhood policy, governmentality of diaspora, the EU norms on freezing of assets, the making of list of terrorists, the Shangai group on security

  • 3 MR2 students at Sciences-Po and 5 MR2 students at King’s under my supervision for their dissertations

  • Diminution of the courses and administrative obligations related to the responsibility of the scientific coordination of the 6th Framework Programme of Dg Research Eu Commission Challenge (see below) from 2006 in Sciences Po

  • Courses in previous years

  • Liberty and Security : Doctoral school – 14 hours with Ariane Chebel d’Appolonia (public policies) and Sebastien Laurent (historian) in 2005 and 2006

  • Regulation of conflicts : MR1 -56 hours module including 28 hours course with Elspeth Guild in 2004, 2005 and 2006

  • Critical Approaches to Security in Europe : Doctoral School (with Cost funding) co organized with Renaud Dehousse – creation of the CASE collective.

  • Liberty, Security and Justice in Europe – (delivered in English in Sciences-Po) : optional course MR2 20hours from 2003 to 2006

  • Sociology of globalization : Comparative and International Approaches – MR2 28 hours from 1998 to 2004

  • Pirates, Terrorists, Mercenaries : optional course MR2 20 hours from 1998 to 2003

Research Funding

    My activities in research funding are distributed between the CERI, the Centre d’Etudes sur les Conflits and King’s College London.

For the CERI

    More recently I have prepared and obtained:

    The programme CHALLENGE, The Changing Landscape of European Liberty and Security, [Ref. CIT1-CT-2004-506255] of the 6th FRAMEWORK PROGRAMME priority 7 security of the EC Commission. I am the scientific coordinator of the programme and I work closely with the administrative coordinator in Belgium (CEPS). I am also responsible for the team organising the website of the programme. Challenge gathers 23 partners – 4.499.999 euros for five years- (Sciences-Po receives for the three WP2,16 and 17, : 90 000euros, for 5 years 450 000 euros)

    The programme ELISE « European Liberty and Security : security issues, social cohesion and institutional developement of the European Union» of the 5th FRAMEWORK PROGRAMME of the DG research, (Shared Cost RTD action IHP-KAI-2001-1) with 6 other partners (Sciences-Po, universities of Genoa, Athens, Keele, King’s college london, Niemegen, and the think tank CEPS in Belgium) I have been responsible for the French workpackage and after the scientific coordinator of the project. Total 967 000 euros (120 000 euros for Sciences-Po in three years from September 2002 to September 2005).

    Among the significant research contracts, I have been responsible fo the French CERI team for the research contract on “The methods through which violent radicals mobilise support for terrorism and find new recruits”, under the programme “radicalisation of violence” of the EC Commission DG JLS, 01/02/07- 01/02/08 in collaboration with Fernando Reinares (URJC Madrid) and Peter Neuman (King’s College London), and later on, of the briefing note on the subject for the European Parliament

    I have received many other research contracts, and most of them have been offered to the CERI under my initiative. I have worked with other researchers for the Ministry of Defense (DAS) with Jean François Bayart, and with Beatrice Pouligny and Gilles Dorronsoro. Among the most previous significant contracts, I was responsible for the coordination of the network of the DGXII “Security, frontiers, immigration” Nov 1994-1996 with the CERI, University of Edinburgh, Free University of Berlin, Scarman Centre in Leicester, University of Florence

For the Center for study of conflicts :

  • Director of the Center for study of conflicts (Centre d’Etudes sur les Conflits : Cultures et Conflits, C&C). The Center is a non profit organisation (association loi 1901). The Center created in 1990 in order to publish the quarterly journal Cultures et Conflits with benevolents is now a well known research center. It has different fundings coming from Ministry of Defense, Interior, Justice, EC Commission, CNRS, CNL. It has 3 persons full time and a total of 7 persons employed under research contracts. The annual budget is 300 000euros.

  • The programme IN:EX, Converging and conflicting ethical values in the internal/external security continuum in Europe Research area: SEC-2007-6.5-02 Ethical implications of the continuum of internal and external security Project start date: [2008-04-01] Ref Record Control Number: 88231. The Programme is under the coordination of PRIO. I am the responsible of the workpackage 1 (Centre d’Etudes sur les Conflits). INEX gathers 7 partners -2.400 000euros. C&C will receive 302 000 euros for the three years.

  • The Center organise conferences and seminars, has a web site The main activity is the publication of the journal Cultures & Conflits. I have been the main responsible for finding the contracts and grants. From last year a deputy director helps me for this task.. The Center for study of conflicts is one of the partner of Challenge 6thPCRD.

For King’s College London

  • Co-organiser of the ESRC seminar conference series. In collaboration with Ian Loader (U of Oxford, criminology) and Mike Williams (U of Aberyswith), we have obtained the grant for the New Economy of Security Seminar Series. First seminar held in Aberyswith 22 Nov 2006, second seminar the 24 of January 2007 in Oxford, the third seminar the 4th of May at King’s College London

editorial responsibilities

  • Co-Editor of the quarterly journal International Political Sociology with R.B.J. Walker. International Political Sociology is the fifth journal of the International Studies Association. The journal is distributed by Blackwell. The first issue has been published in March 2007. The journal receives a stip end of 30 000 dollars US by ISA and is supported by the Challenge programme 10 000 euros and by Sciences-Po 20 000 euros. It is based at Sciences-Po. The journal is distributed with the other ISA journals to 4000 institutions and 3500 individuals. International Political Sociology was added to the group of International Studies Association journals published by Blackwell last January 2007. Responding to the diversification of both scholarly interests and regional concerns in contemporary international studies, it especially draws on traditions of historical, legal, economic and political sociology, as well as on the burgeoning literatures on socio-political theory. Recognizing that so many of the primary forms of scholarship informing contemporary international studies have built upon narrowly Anglo-American forms of social science in general and the discipline of political science in particular, it especially seeks to address the kind of sociological analysis that has characterized thinking about international studies in so many other parts of the world. .

  • Editor of the quarterly journal Cultures & Conflits (C&C) from 1990, published by l’Harmattan and in English each year from 2001 to 2005 as the fifth issue of Alternatives,global, local, political, Lynne Rienner. From 2007 the best articles of Cultures et Conflits will be translated and published as a yearbook (discussion with 2 editors). The website is C&C has been awarded the title of Best online social science journal by the Canadia Association of students in 2006.

  • Board member of the journals: European Journal of International Relations, Conflitti Globali and, by duty, of the other ISA journals published by Blackwell.

  • Co-director of the ROUTLEDGE Liberty and Security Serie with Rob Walker and Elspeth Guild. First book to be published in June 2008.

administrative responsibility

  • Vice President of the International Studies Association 2008-2009

  • Member of the Governing Council of ISA from 2004 to now.

  • Former president and co-founder with Martin Heisler of the International Political Sociology section (Sociologie politique de l'international) of the International Study Association.

  • Research Director of the program « national security and other forms of security» Centre for Research of the military academy of Saint Cyr Coetquidan (CREC) from 2000 to 2005.

  • Member of the scientific advisory board of the Institute for Studies in Internal security, ministry of interior (IHESI) from 2000 to 2004

  • Member of the board of the Center for prospective of the national gendarmeire (CPGN) from 1999 to 2003

  • Co-founder with Marie Claude Smouts of the SEI (section d’etudes internationales) de l’AFSP (Association Française de Sciences Politiques) 1997

  • Member of the CNU (conseil national des universités), Commission de sciences politiques de 1992 à 1995

  • Deputy Director of the Institut Français de Polémologie from 1986 to 1992 ; responsible for research programs on conflicts : the database POLEMOS, Research on antiterrorism in France and Europe (see publications). (Fondation pour les Etudes de Défense Nationale) Co-editor with Daniel Hermant of the journal Etudes Polémologiques from 1986 to 1990


Main research interests : Mobility, Conflict, Security, Fundamental Rights

  • Epistemology of International Relations, International Political Sociology as a project of restructuring the bodies of knowledge concerning the “international” and the “global”, by a networking of researchers coming from sociology, anthropology, comparative politics, criminology and IR specialists. Discussion about IR writing and fieldwork. Comparative analysis of the constitution of professional fields of transnational actors and approach of the limits and boundaries between global, international and national.

  • International Political Sociology of (in)security. Critical approaches to security in Europe : Analyses of the mobility of people, of the relations between flow and political order, of the (in)securitization process and the role of field of the professionals of (in)security in the management of unease, of the Ban-opticon as a form of governmentality.

  • Analyse of the claims concerning the emergence of a state of exception, or emergency and derogation in different spaces (international, European, national) through a sociological approach and their relations to freedom of movement

  • Internal security in the European Union : analyse of the different institutions and agencies, relation between public and private actors, forms of policing at a distance : policing, hegemony and empire at the transnational level.

  • European security institutions, analyse of the relations between the third pillar (area of freedom, security and justice), second pillar and first pillar, mapping of the different internal security agencies and analyse of the Europeanization enlargement process as a form of (de)securitization.

  • Sociology of clandestine organisations and of the process of radicalisation of violence, in relation to escalation theories and relational approach. Discussion about the relation between crime and war, internal and external security.

  • Sociology of policing and surveillance. Relations between IR approach to security and sociology of surveillance. Analyse of the politics of prevention, and of the technology of profiling and simulation.

  • Discussion concerning the illiberal practices of the liberal regimes, reflections on liberty, equality and democracy in a transnational age.

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