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Have you tried tossing a Spider Web at him? Slow makes Paralysis last twice as long, and at the slowest battle speed it would make a huge difference.

You serious?! O_o Sweet *didn't know Slow status influenced Paralysis*. *does the math* For simplicity's sake (and because this math doesn't need to be entirely accurate), let's assume that I get a full double number of turns and damage, and that I'm working with the same L56 team. Now, I have 25 turns to work with before Ruby takes away one of my guys. Within that time, I'll need 2.5 turns to fully sap his MP. If I have a remaining 22.5 turns to go on, then I should be able to inflict 22.5 * 17000 * 2, or 765000, ideally. Then I'll have 7 more turns to work with, or 7 * 10000 * 2, which equals 140000, yielding a total damage of 905000, which works. :-D

However, given all the changed factors (for better and for worse), I should assume that I won't kill him but will get fairly close. In that case, once my second character is funneled away, I'll fully restore the HP of the remaining one (again, ideally, the character with W-Item, but I'll assume not for practical purposes) as well as put up a Big Guard. Then, I'll start Pandora's Boxing him. Given all the extra time I'll have from Slow status on top of paralysis, I should be able to sneak in at most 2 hits of.... ~3000ish each, I'd wager. I'll basically ride out my Ethers and Turbo Ethers until one or the other (presumably, him) falls.

Thanks, Thundaka. :)


The Not So Legendary Challenge Guide Writer.

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From: TsukiNoNeko | Posted: 10/31/2005 5:55:20 PM | Message Detail

Hehe ;) Even with Chocobuckle and without "No Escape"-rule.... I dont think you will be able to power your Chocobuckle to deal 9999 damage... :P


I just teasing you ;)


Emerald Weapon's worst nightmare ^^

From: CrystalBangle | Posted: 10/31/2005 6:11:53 PM | Message Detail

Hi all, I played FF7 several times but I've never done a challenge-game...thinking of doing Tifa-only, since it complements my FFX-Yuna-Only:). I'd do Aeris-Only, were it not for obvious reasons...

Anyway, any tips? If you can beat all those bosses with a lv. 7 Tifa I doubt it'll be that difficult, but then again, I haven't played FF7 in a looooooooong time...


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From: mosc2k | Posted: 10/31/2005 6:29:41 PM | Message Detail

you guys should add NS "no saves" to your list.

except you can save at logical points that the game essentially forces you to, like between disks. Half of the stuff you guys seem to push requires multiple tries. Would be harder if you had to start the disk over if you died.



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From: Paltheos | Posted: 11/1/2005 4:18:00 AM | Message Detail

[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

From: Paltheos | Posted: 11/1/2005 4:20:35 AM | Message Detail

Ruby Weapon

Total Number of Resets: 4 (Mind you, these are my resets before and after my post this morning)

1st- A test run simply to see what Ruby could do.

2nd- Ultima'd.

3rd- Whirlsand'd x2, Ruby Ray'd.

4th- Forgot to change Battle Speed.

Cloud: L61, Materia- ESM#1, Manipulate (L1)

Vincent: L61, Materia- ESM#2, Sense (L1), Steal (L1)

Cait Sith: L61, Materia- ESM#3, Sense (L1), W-Item (L1)

Strategy: Alright, now to explain my 5th Ruby run. With the Battle Speed set to a minimum, Cait Sith started off the battle with a Spider Web + Dazers combo. Then the Magic Hammers began... and kept going... and going... and going. By the time Ruby started moving again, I was shocked to discover that I'd fit in 18 Magic Hammers! A bit surprised (but happy of course ;-D), I Dazered the big guy again, got in the remaining 7 Magic Hammers and switched to ????. This time though, I only got in 5 ????. Odd to say the least, and throughout the battle I fit in between 12 and 18 turns regularly. Not that this was a problem >_>, as I happily hacked away at the Weapon for anywhere between 40000+ (minimum- for revivals and re-Big Guardings), 50000+ (typical 12 turn minimum, which assumes all my characters are in good health), up to 75000+ (absolute maximum) inbetween each Paralysis, and finished him during my 17th Dazer.

Just a few mathematical notes on the most efficient ways of finishing this battle time-wise: 1) After Phoenix Downing a fallen ally, Lasering (or any superior form of non-lethal damage, even if not fractional) the revived once in the longterm yields a shorter battle. Given that Ruby is not only in Slow status but also, when his turn does finally come up, also has a mere 1/3 chance of killing any character (thus making the Laser a waste of time when a ???? could have sneaked in a good 4000-5000 damage), the overall effect, namely, the boost in damage of at least 600 points per character per ???? results in an overall bolstering of ~7200-~10800. Granted, that Laser could go awry and Ruby could kill a character, but the long term ramifications made the action more than appropriate; 2) Big Guard... wait, do I even need to explain this?; 3) Remedies/Maiden's Kisses/Softs (accordingly) after being hit with a Tentacle. Never White Wind. Although this, like the last, should have been fairly obvious; 4) No need to re-establish Sadness mid-battle, given that you want the Tentacles to drain your HP, that MP is a rather moot point considering that ???? only costs 3, and the only mathematically constant damage values Ruby attacks with are not only lethal, but even if they weren't, if the character was hit with confusion in the process, you'd want him dead as he's more of a pain to deal with than if he were dead, especially if your other characters have very low HP (a.k.a. a few hundred or less).

Estimated battle length: 33 minutes

Item Won: Desert Rose

*trades Desert Rose for Gold Chocobo*

*rides Gold Chocobo to the Yellow Materia Cave*

*obtains Mime materia*

Victory is mine! Who'd've thought it? T_T


The Not So Legendary Challenge Guide Writer.

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From: KADFC | Posted: 11/1/2005 4:40:48 AM | Message Detail

you guys should add NS "no saves" to your list.

except you can save at logical points that the game essentially forces you to, like between disks.

1. That'll give the rule 'No Save' a bad reputation. When you make exceptions like that, what's the point? Use this instead 'CDSO' = 'Change Disc Saves Only.'

2. The game never forces you to save. Remove the Memory Card in the first place, what can they do about? Nothing. They only give you the option of saving.


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From: Ragnarok500 | Posted: 11/1/2005 9:41:36 AM | Message Detail


Cloud: L65, Materia- ESM#1, Mime (L1)

Vincent: L64, Materia- ESM#2, Sense (MASTER), Manipulate (MASTER), Steal (L1)

Cait Sith: L64, Materia- ESM#3, Sense (MASTER), Manipulate (MASTER), W-Item (L1)

Strategy: After Big Guard, a few quick Pandora's Boxes (~3300) took out the tentacles, disabling Jenova. From there I kept having Cloud Mime Pandora's Box (both to take care of the tentacles, should they revive, and to be a waiting action until I'm sure Jenova's had her 13 turns) until the Countdown to Ultima started. Then everyone switched to dishing out Shadow Flares (~5000) to take her out before she cast Ultima.

The Final Battles

Cloud: L66, Materia- ESM#1, Mime (L1)

Vincent: L66, Materia- ESM#2, Sense (MASTER), Manipulate (MASTER), Steal (L1)

Cait Sith: L66, Materia- ESM#3, Sense (MASTER), Manipulate (MASTER), W-Item (L1)

Bizzaro Sephiroth (1 Party Max. Version)

Strategy: Big Guard followed by Pandora's Boxes (Cloud Mimed, duh; ~3300) until all of Bizzaro's parts were eliminated. Once only the main body was left, everyone switched gears to Shadow Flare (~4500), ignoring the sparse part or two that might have revived in the mean time. Without most of his body parts, Bizzaro could do little more than a weak-*** physical (~300).

Safer Sephiroth

Strategy: By this point, I don't really need to say this, but will anyway, if just for consistency: Big Guard. And might I add: Ouch. His Wall reduced my Shadow Flare to around ~2200 on him, plus his topped my own (again with Wall status) at ~2400. His physical/Pale Horse only hit for ~1600/~1300, but the Darkness and Paralysis/Frog and Mini were annoying until I White Winded. Break was probably his best form of ST damage at ~3000. Supernova was... well, Supernova. Fortunately, at most, only two of my characters were hit by any of its status effects, so I X-Potioned the most able character and had that character Wind Wind afterwards. Finally, Deen was pretty much a pushover only hitting me for a few hundred points of damage. Heartless Angel never made an appearance. >_> Overall, a final battle that was far too easy.

Well, that's about it. Time to start working on the IENANENPANLBCMO Challenge Guide. Since I couldn't keep by that LL50 stipulation (I'll blame the "NE"... yeah... <_< *runs*), I'll just implement some well-needed level caps into the guide's design. Still, won't change that this challenge is easy (with or without the cap). Any comments or suggestions about my strategies hitherto or my future guide are welcome, and I'll probably post a general outline of what I have planned sometime tomor... er... today. *looks at the clock* And with that note, I leave you for tonight. *grabs a pillow and yawns* I am... in need of rest. *falls over*


The Not So Legendary Challenge Guide Writer.

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From: anotherdeadcow | Posted: 11/1/2005 10:35:42 PM | Message Detail

finally finished my LLNM. i may start another one


Dancing is forbidden...

From: Ragnarok500 | Posted: 11/2/2005 12:14:45 AM | Message Detail

Ok, time to get started. Here's the layout:

- Contact info followed by some eye candy and the title (given)

- Table of Contents - (self-explanatory; now with Quick Find!)

- Version History - (self-explanatory)

- Introduction - Not sure exactly what I'm gonna say here, but I'm creative. I'll come up with something.

- Rules and Implications - A reiteration of the title, plus a few necessary 'should be assumed but has to be said anyway'. As for "Implications", just me explained the consequences of rule overlapping in this particular scenario (e.g. no Deathblow, no Grenades, etc.)

- Command Rankings - 5-star rating system, divided into "early, mid, and late" (last time I used a rating system in an FAQ, it wasn't flexible enough to include differentiated time ratings), which for the most part evaluates Enemy Skills. Other Command Materia will probably also be evaluated here. As for Items of particular importance, >_> I'll probably just mention and rate them, albeit less ceremonially than the others.

- Enemy Skill Acquisition - Simply a brief list of enemy skill acquisition (order and quick find listing to the actual method of gaining that skill for each Enemy Skill Materia, which will be placed within the actual walkthrough)

- Tips - Not too many, as my walkthrough should be fairly comprehensive in terms of instructions but I'll think of something.

- Walkthrough - Specific points of new materia, Enemy Skill, or important item acquisitions will be duly and uniquely noted upon between area headings. Brief strategies will be developed for dealing with every possible enemy group, and less than terse >_> strategies will be implemented for bosses with damage figures included on both sides. Other than usual item stock-ups, particularly important cases of obtaining/buying items will be touched upon (stealing Spider Webs and Dazers for Ruby, buying Swift Bolts and Fire Veils in Wutai before getting Yuffie)

- Emerald Weapon - Ruby'll part of the regular walkthrough (he's not hard, just long and tedious), but I need to create a section showing that it's mathematically impossible to beat Emerald in the time limit, regardless of how many T/S Bombs or Graviballs or Lasers you use.

- FAQs - (self-explanatory)

- Copyright - (self-explanatory)

- Generic Closing - Because I always close the exact same way, so meh!

*awaits comments/suggestions on Ruby, the final battles, and this* >_>



The Not So Legendary Challenge Guide Writer.

"Macbeth Act 5, Scene 5, L19-L28" - Nihilism isn't fun.

From: Tonfa Baton | Posted: 11/2/2005 3:18:24 PM | Message Detail

*blinks* Whoops, completely forgot about this. Sorry, sorry <_<;

Anyway. Final level was 37...Garland calculated 35, so I'm worried I may not have succeeded at this challenge. I don't see how I could have gotten less levels, though...I only killed what was absolutely necessary.

I am tired now, so the strategies won't go too much in detail about specific damage figures and such. Ask me if something is unclear about my battle strategies or if I forget something.

Icicles (3 fights) (5 resets)

Wow, didn't see this coming, or even remember it EXISTING, and yet it caused me the most resets in the whole challenge. The damage the Evilheads do with Ultrasound was more than Cloud could handle, especially when combined with Icicle's counters (I didn't have any T/S Bombs). So, I absolutely hate backtracking out of Gaea's Cliff. I tested a few strategies that don't force me to do it, and after a few resets found one that works. Open with ChocoMog. This should paralyze most of the bats (doesn't kill them!). Next turn, use Comet + Added Cut on the Icicle. Victory.


Fire Ring, Aurora Armlet, Elemental+Earth(half), Elemental+Lightning(half). Laugh at the completely element-reliant boss. Oh, and I got the Protect Ring from him.


Joke boss, a long fight though.

Submarine Crew and Underwater MP battles

Aqualung x 2.

Carry Armor (3 resets)

First reset was me getting careless and neglecting healing. Second and third were just unluckiness with 1/128 Arm Grabs. Okay, so I had a little over 1600 HP with my setup. Lapis Laser does ~1150, Arm physicals do 100-200, depending on whether Barrier is up or not. I open with Trine for obvious reasons. Haste, keep Barrier up, keep myself healed with X-Potions, spam MP Turbo Freeze and Turbo Ethers. (If you are wondering about my high HP, I started using a lot of HP Plus materia in this fight.)

More Submarine Crew and Underwater MP battles


Attack Squad/Senior Grunt battles

Mentioned for completeness.


Triplecast Grand Spark is scary damage. However, Rude is not immune to Stop. Freeze, Freeze, Freeze, Freeze, Freeze.

Senior Grunt

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