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From: Thundaka | Posted: 12/22/2005 8:04:44 AM | Message Detail

Lowest EXP/Command Materia Only is now finished. After contemplating the number of Water Rings I have to steal (or alternatively, Mythrils I have to exchange--boy, gil-raising that way was boring), I decided to use the W-Item glitch for the sake of time. However, I only duplicated items that can either be bought or stolen in unlimited quantities; this challenge is perfectly possible without W-Item.

The last update:

-Rocket Town path: Two Swift Bolts for each pair of Attack Squads, an additional S-Mine and use of Dice to finish the Senior Grunt. Easy as usual.

-Rude: To my frustration, I discovered that none of my characters could steal from Rude because they didn't have long range weapons. Rather than face him again I decided to give up that Ziedrich and continue. The battle was quite easy: Spider Web to slow all the enemies, Dazers to paralyze Rude, two Shrivels to take care of the Attack Squads' damage, and a barrage of S-Mines on Rude.

-Diamond Weapon: As with NMNI, I decided to take advantage of the Countdown phase. I gave everyone Fire Armlets (you can steal them from Unknown in the Gelnika), put them under Fury status, then had them open the battle with limit breaks. This immediately triggered the Countdown phase, eliminating the foot stamp. I attacked with Swift Bolts while his attacks healed me. Diamond Flash reduced the party to a few hundred HP and charged everyone's limit breaks, allowing me to instantly initiate a second Countdown phase. He healed my characters with a few spit attacks, then used Diamond Flash again. My last Swift Bolt killed him before I was able to use the next set of limit breaks. After the battle, everyone gained three levels; his 35,000 EXP is a real pain in a challenge such as this.

-Turks in Midgar: Everyone had their most powerful weapons (Heaven's Cloud, Venus Gospel, Battle Trumpet) and Fire Armlets, Cloud and Cid wore Ribbons, and Cait Sith wore the Protect Ring. Naturally, I was under Sadness. Elena healed everyone with her sneak attack (even though I got a preemptive strike against them). I used a Cauldron on Reno, then started throwing S-Mines at him. Every time someone fell below 800 HP, I used an X-Potion; I needed 10 for this battle. Thanks to my characters' improved weaponry, all my limit breaks did about 2000 damage--as much as my Level 65 Cloud did with Climhazzard in SCNMIENANE. I made sure to steal the Ziedrich before ending the battle.


Corn chips are no place for a mighty warrior.

From: Thundaka | Posted: 12/22/2005 8:05:35 AM | Message Detail

-Proud Clod: Cloud had the Adaman Bangle and Ribbon, Cid had the Ziedrich and Ribbon, and Cait Sith had the Aegis Armlet and Protect Ring. Exactly the same as LLNMIENA, except that I healed with X-Potions instead of Hi-Potions. Beam Cannon didn't hurt that much this time. After battle I gave my shiny new Ragnarok to Cloud.

-Hojo: Same setup as above. I used Speed Drinks on all three party members, then a Vaccine on Cait Sith. The first form fell after a few S-Mines. Two Dragon Scales were enough to kill Helletic Hojo's Right Arm, keeping him immobilized while I chucked S-Mines at the Left Arm. And then there was the real deal, Lifeform Hojo N. I used my remaining Ghost Hands to prevent Slow; in addition to the 19 MP drained by each, Hojo wasted a substantial amount with his Silence counter. Once his MP was gone, it was a simple matter of finishing him with S-Mines and limit breaks. He used Combo a lot, so some healing was still required. This was the last EXP source in the game; my LECMO game ended with a Level 37 party.

-Jenova-SYNTHESIS: Everyone had Mystiles; Cloud and Cid had Ribbons as usual, while Cait Sith equipped a Star Pendant. I took out the left arm with three Dragon Scales and a few 8-inch Cannons, then waited for Jenova to waste all her MP on Cure3. Then it was nothing but S-Mines and limit breaks, healing periodically with X-Potions, until the failed countdown to Ultima.

-Bizarro Sephiroth: I replaced Cait's Star Pendant with the Reflect Ring, set the battle speed to the slowest setting, and initiated the battle. I managed to kill the arms and remove the Core's immunity before the first turn, triggering Aurora Fence. The Core fell after another two rounds of Dragon Scales, the head regenerated, and Sephiroth immediately used Heartless Angel. (Good thing the Core was already dead, since otherwise it would have been Stigma.) I healed with a Megalixir, used my limit breaks, and quickly demolished him with a barrage of Dragon Scales. They do about 2000 damage against all of the final bosses--not great damage, but good enough at least.

-Safer Sephiroth: Dragon Scales and limit breaks for damage, Phoenix Downs and a Megalixir for healing, and Remedies for when Cait Sith becomes confused. It's just that simple. I won the battle just after the second Wall.

That's it. Not a bad challenge, though with the notable exception of Carry Armor it was short on tough bosses.


Corn chips are no place for a mighty warrior.

From: GarlandG | Posted: 12/22/2005 9:00:44 AM | Message Detail

You should probably have added more restrictions. Do you think it would be possible with both IE and NA?

As for me, I'm having some bad luck against Demon's Gate right now, but he will soon be dead.

From: GarlandG | Posted: 12/22/2005 9:00:47 AM | Message Detail

I'll post the new topic soon.

Yay! I got the last post myself this time!

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