Calon anugerah merdeka (outstanding scholastic achievement)

НазваниеCalon anugerah merdeka (outstanding scholastic achievement)
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1980 Organizing Committee, Seminar on Modernization of Small-scale Food Industries, Feb. 4, Universiti Pertanian Malaysia.

1980 Member, Technical Committee, International Symposium on Food Technology in Developing Countries, Sept. 3-5, Universiti Pertanian Malaysia.

1980 Invited Lecture, Coconut Processing - A Short Course on Processing of Local Fruits and Vegetables, 27-31 October, UPM/Ministry of Agriculture

1981 Organizing Committee, National Seminar on World Food Day - UPM/Ministry of Agriculture, Oct. 16, Universiti Pertanian Malaysia.

1982 Member, Social Committee, Workshop on Dried Fish Production and Storage, organized by FAO/IPFC/UPM, April 1982, Kuala Lumpur.

1983 Organizing Committee, Seminar on Food Engineering and the Food Industry, May 13, Universiti Pertanian Malaysia.

1988 Invited Lecture, Community Education and Development: A Course for Prospective Maldives Head Teachers, 14 Sept –14 December, Ministry of Education

1988 Organizing Committee, World Food Day, 16 October, Universiti Pertanian Malaysia

1989 Chairman, Seminar on Research Activities at Faculty of Food Science and Biotechnology, 3-4 April 1989, UPM

1989 Chairman, Technical Committee, International Conference on Food Processing - Prelude to the 90's, 12-14 September, Kuala Lumpur.

1990 Organising Committee for Seminar on Advances in Food Research III,

UPM, 19 20 November, 1990.

1990 Invited Speaker, Workshop on HACCP Approach to Food Inspection, 6 –17 March, Serdang

1991 Member, Technical Committee, `1991 PORIM International Palm Oil Conference,' PORIM   Ministry of Primary Industry, 9 14 September, Kuala Lumpur

1992 Organizing Committee, Seminar on Advances on Food Research IV, 21-22 Nov., Universiti Pertanian Malaysia.

1992 Malaysian Representative to the European Community - ASEAN Workshop on Fish Lipids, Bandung, Indonesia.

1993-94 Co-chairman, Technical Committee, 5th ASEAN Food Conference, 27-29, July, Kuala Lumpur

1996 Organizing Committee, Malaysian Institute of Food Technology/SMART Workshop: Fundamentals of Product Testings and Sensory Analysis, May 18, Subang Jaya, Selangor.

1996-97 Member, Organizing Committee, 22nd International Society for Fats World Congress and Exhibition, September 8 - 13, 1997, Kuala Lumpur.

1996-97 Member, Organizing Committee, UNESCO/COSTAM on “Health Effects of Natural Antioxidants”, September 4-6, Penang.

1996 Organizing Committee, MOSTA Workshop II : Managing Research and Development for Productivity and Profitability, 20-21September 1996, Genting Highlands.

1997 Organizing Committee, MOSTA Workshop III: Analytical Technique, Quality Control and Food Hygiene in the Oils and Fats Industry. 10-11 March, Kuala Lumpur.

1997 Organizing Committee, MIFT Workshop on Shelf-life Determination of Food, 2 May, Kuala Lumpur

1997 Organizing Committee, MIFT Seminar on HACCP Implementation in Malaysia, 20 September, Kuala Lumpur

1997 Coordinator, A Short course on Halal and Haram in Food Processing, January 28 –29

Kuala Lumpur,

1997 Organizing Committee, 22nd World Congress and Exhibition of International Society

Fat Research (ISF), September 8 – 12, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

1998 Orgazing Committee, MIFT Workshop on Risk Assessment and International Food Standard, 1 Jun, Kuala Lumpur

1998 Session Chairman, Malaysian Science & Technology Congress – Food Productivity

and Agro-based Industries, 10 – 11 October, Penang

1999 Organizing Committee, MIFT Seminar on HACCP: Globals and local needs, 8 – 9 March, Bangi

1999 Organizing Committee, MOSTA Teach-In ‘Recent Advances in the Science of Oils and

Fats, 21 March, Petaling Jaya

1999 Chairman, MIFT Seminar on GMP Foods: Safety Assessment and Global Utilization, 21 March, Petaling Jaya

1999 Co-Chairman, Seminar on Food & Beverages Industry Towards New Mellinium – Quality, Global Trade and Funding, November 15, Universiti Putra Malaysia

2000 Organizing Committee, MOSTA Short Course,13-14 March, Petaling Jaya

2000 Chairman, MIFT Seminar on Food Ingredient Application, April 12, Petaling Jaya

2000 Organizing committee, 4th UNESCO-MCBN/COSTAM/SFFR Workshop – Micronutrient and Health: Molecular Biological Mechanism, 27-30 July, Langkawi

2000 Organizing Committee, Joint EBIC/MIFT/MATRADE/FMM Seminar on ‘ EU

Food Legislation for Malaysian Exporters’, September 4, Kuala Lumpur

2000 Organizing committee, Oils and Fats International Congress, PWTC,September, 4-8, Kuala Lumpur

2000 Session Chairman, Malaysian Science & Technology Congress, September 18-21, Kota Kinnabalu, Sabah

2000 Organizing Committee, MIFT Award Night, November 30, Petaling Jaya

2001 Vice Chairman, MIFT Conference on “Business for Malaysia: Food for the World”, Sept 27-28, The Mines, Kuala Lumpur

2002 Organising committee, National Workshop on Food Traceability - Accountability Throughout the Supply Chain., 6 August 2002, Subang.

2002 Co-Chairperson, Science, Technology and Environmental aspects (STEA) Module, Oil and Fats International Congress (OFIC) 2002, October 7 – 10, 2002, PWTC, Kuala Lumpur

2002 Vice Chairman, MIFT Seminar on ‘Innovative Packaging & Labelling of Food and Beverages – Towards Successful Marketing’, 5 November 2002, The Mines Exhib. Centre, Kuala Lumpur

2003 Organising Committee Member, Technical - Food Technology & Nutrition, MPOB International Palm Oil Congress, 25-28 August, 2003, Kuala Lumpur

2003 Vice Chairman, MIFT Seminar on ‘Halal Food Conference: 25 - 26 September 2003, The Mines Exhib. Centre, Kuala Lumpur

2004 Organising Committee, Seminar on “Food Starches”, MIFT in conjunction with Gulf Chemicals, Avebe and Purac, 20 May 2004, Kuala Lumpur

    1. Chairman, Organizing Committee, Seminar “Enhancing Halal Food Trade” in conjuction with MIHAS 2004, 14 – 15 August 2004, The Mines Exhib. Centre, Kuala Lumpur

2004 Chairman, Organizing Committee, Workshop on “Master Plan for the Development of Global Halal Hub Malaysia” in conjuction with MIHAS 2004, 14 – 15 August 2004, The Mines Exhib. Centre, Kuala Lumpur

2004 Organizing Committee, Oils and Fats International Congress (OFIC) 2004, 22 – 25 September, 2004

2004 Organizing committee, Seminar on Food Seasoning, Ajimonoto (M) Berhad and MIFT, 1 December, Mines Beach Resort, Kuala Lumpur

2005 Chairman, Committee on Pameran, Rekacipta Penyelidikan dan Inovasi UPM 2005, 16-17 March, Universiti Putra Malaysia

2005 Organizing Committee, Focus: Food Science and Technology Updates, MIFT-IUFoST Conference, 22-23 March, Kuala Lumpur

2005 Organizing Committee, MIFT Seminar on “Keeping Abreast with Malaysian and International Labelling Requirements”, 14 May, Kuala Lumpur

    1. Organizing committee, Seminar “Enhancing Halal Food Trade” in conjuction with MIHAS 2005, July 2005, The Mines Exhib. Centre, Kuala Lumpur (Tentative)

2005 Organizing Committee, “MSA Golden Jubilee Expo 2005 – Healthy Living, Malaysia Scientific Association, 2 – 5 August, 2005 , Kuala Lumpur

2005 Section Chairman, 26th World Congress and Exhibition “Modern Aspects of Fats and Oils – A Fascinating source of Knowledge”. International Society Fat (ISF), 25 – 28 September, 2005., Prague, Czech Republic

2005 Vice Chairman, Food Ingredients Asia 2005, FI Asia and Malaysian Institute of Technology, 29 – 30 September 2005, PWTC, Kuala Lumpur

2006 Chaiman, MIFT-JAKIM Seminar – Bengkel Pemahaman Ingredien dan Pemprosesan Makanan. 18 - 19 June, 2006, Melaka

2006 Member, JK Pameran Rekacipta, Penyelidikan dan Inovasi (PRPI) UPM, 2006

2006 -07 Chairman, Technical Sub-committee, (Oral), ASEAN Food Conference 2007, 21- 23 August 2007, Kuala Lumpur

2007 Member, Technical Committee, Conference on Advances in Halal Sciences, HDC, 27 – 29 November 2007

2007 Advisor, Halal Slaughter Workshop, 2007

2007 Advisor, PCR Workshop, 2007

2008 Advisor, Halal Slaughter Workshop – GROUP 1, 2008

2008 Advisor, Halal Slaughter Workshop – Group 2, 2008

2009 Advisor, Seminar Pengurusan Harta Islam 2009. UPM, 19 Mei, 2009

2009 International Advisory, 10th Asian Conference on Analytical Sciences, Asianalysis X

August 2009

2009 International Steering Committee Member, Universitas Gadjah Mada, (UGM) Halal Conference, October 2009

2009 Advisor, 3rd IMT-GT Conference on Halal, 21 - 22 December 2009

2010 Secretariat, World Halal Research Summit 2010, 23 – 25 June, 2010

2010 Advisor, Halal Slaughter Workshop, 2010

2010 Advisor, PCR Workshop, 2010

2010 Member, Technical Committee, International Conference on Food Research (ICFR2010) 2010, 22- 24 November 2010


Supervised more than 100 B.S. (Hons) successful project students as follows:





Lee Lai Lin

Effects of different methods of extraction of VCO on bioactive compounds


Nur Hidayah Khalil

Consumer perception and awareness towards VCO


Sriizati Fatin Zainalabidin

Effects of storage condition on physicochemical properties of VCO by different methods of extraction


Ku Nurul Farihah Ku Muzafarshah

Qualitative analysis of VCO produced by different method os extraction


Abdul Afiq Mohd Jaih

Effect of different method use in processing of VCO







Ng See Ling

Nur Fareeza Ngatiman

Aminah Let

Norazura Othman

Shaziana Samsudin

Christina Kor Siew Lee

Authentication of oil in pre-fried chicken nuggets by using DSC

Physicochemical properties of VCO

Analysis and characterization of gelatin in gelatin-based products by conventional and fermentation method

Detection of lard in pre-fried frozen French-fries using FTIR spectroscopy and Electronic Nose sensor technology

Marketing strategy of halal keropok lekor

A study of UPM students concern on halal labelling


Lam Chai Yee

Consumer awareness and perceptions towards halal meat and meat products


Chuah Meilin

Halal food management in hotels operating in Klang Valley


Teoh Chuen Fong

Consumer awareness and perception towards halal pharmaceutical and food supplements


Chow Yuen Kuan

Chinese consumer’s awareness and perception towards purchasing halal food


Ng Bee Huat

A study on Halal Initiatives in Sushi King Restaurant


Chanc Chu Chuen

Do Malaysian no Muslim really care about halal certified food: attitude and their purchase intention


Chiang Ling Mei

A survey on the consumption of virgin coconut oil, virgin olive oil and Evening Primerose oil as food supplement


Heng Huey Chin

Acceptance of coconut oil as food ingredient or cooking medium among the consumer in Klang Valley area


Mariah Mahadi

Coconut oil: Extraction using low temperature technique


Mohamad Kahirulnizam Azmi

Analysis of halal food: Detection of porcine gelatine.


Chow Yoke Fun

Determination of bioactive components in cononut oil


Huraiza Ramli

Determination of alcohol content in halal food


Ho Li Ting

Analysis of Virgin Coconut Oil


Joyce Yip Wai Ling

Situational Analysis of Virgin coconut oil as functional food


Julie Cai Hui Ling

Perception of Chinese consumers on purchasing of Halal Food


Wong Ru Yuann

Extraction and Physicochemical Properties of Rosselleseed Oil


Quah Keat Boon

Cold-pressed Coconut Oil Extraction


Goh Lee Boon

Extraction of Coconut Oil by Chilling Method


Ong Chien Yee

Medium chain triglyceride from coconut oil – A Review


Normaizatun Mahmood

Extraction of virgin Coconut Oil by Traditional Culture 1


Junnie June

Extraction of Coconut Oil by Traditional Culture 2


Nor Hayati Kamisman

Case Study: Restaurant Development & Its Marketing Plan


Yew Win Siew

Awareness and Purchase Intention Among Chinese of Ganoderma Ludicum Supplement in Temerloh


Tham Chee Kim

Study on Bubble Tea Drinking Among Johor Bharu Consumer


Rohana Mohamed Ali Hanafiah

Influence of Advertising and Sales Promotion on Carbonated Drinks Among Consumer in Shah Alam


Choo Pei Hoon

A Study on Water and Its Purification System


Pon Keng Yan

Comparison on Quality Characteristics of Coconut Oil and Palm Kernel Oil


Zarinah Zakaria

Extraction of Virgin Coconut Oil


Ng Chai Yuan

Extraction of Coconut Oil by Chilling Method


Chee Wai Keong

Extraction of Coconut Oil using Acids


Dzul Badry Manaf

Comparison of Roselle and Pegaga Tea


Lee Seng Lee

Physicochemical properties of Roselle seed (Hibiscus sabdariffa L.) oil.


Yee Mooi Fong

FTIRS for rapid detection of potential lard adulteration in



Saiful Bahri Sa’ari

Rapid detection of lard adulteration in chocolate based food oroducts using FTIR Spectroscopy.


Tung Chein Kwang

The effect of sage extract on changes on RBD palm olein during microwave heating


Foo Meng Keet

The effect of rosmary extract on changes on RBD palm olein during microwave heating


Juliana Jaafar

Lard: Chemistry, Effect on Health and Religious Perspectives


P’ng Leng Chong

Study on coffee drinking in the café among UPM students


Phua Ling Ling

The consumption of cereal food and awareness of its health benefits among UPM students


Ong Jee Chin

Acrylamide – A review


Habibah Lamid

Pengendalian makanan dikalangan pengusaha restoran di bandar Taiping: Aspek kebersihan diri dan amalan kebersihan makanan


Tan Wei Wei

Carotenoids: A Review


Chang Hooi Ping

New development in fats and oils analyses


Foo Ai June

Sensory evaluation and consumer acceptance of a convenience food: Frozen Roti Canai


Norizan Abas

The acceptance of functional foods among UPM students


Syubli Shafie

Halal Food – A New Perspective


Chen Hua Ping

A study on management and marketing of Tung Kings Confectionary


Wong Pey Jen

Extraction of Rice Bran Oil by Enzymes.


Rozalinda Talib

Kajian persepsi pengguna terhadap produk makanan yang diiklankan melalui media.


Yap Chiew Peng

The effect of different oils on shelf-life of Achi Murukku.


Goh Keng Lin

Storage study of Achi Murukku in different packaging materials.


Jeswin K. Aulakh

The Halal Food Management at Nestle Food Sdn. Bhd. and the role played by Ilham Daya Sdn. Bhd. in the Halal Certification process.


Siah Wai Wai

A study of consumer behaviour and perception towards chilled and frozen food in Serdang.


Ho Kah Weng

Alcoholic drinks consumption among consumer in the Klang Valley.


Wan Emy Azura

Preparing a whipping cream using palm oil product.


Mahindra Abd. Manaf

Quality evaluation of blends of palm olein with soybean oil.


Liew Chong Yen

Development of non-dairy whipping cream using palm kernel oil, palm kernal olein dan palm stearin.


Lim Ai Hwee

The process of setting up small scale Kuetiau factory.


Tan Lee Kheng

Perception and buying behaviour of food products from vending machines amongst student in UPM.


Phang Yuen Kong

The marketing strategies for Roselle juice.


Lim Eng Hooi

Marketing survey for Noni (Mengkudu) juice.


Hong Soo Fong

Market plan for whipping cream.


Muzammil Mohd.

Penghasilan cuka dari koko.


Norlia Zainal

The market situation for gelatin in Malaysia.


Tan Hui Hui

Quality of used frying oil obtained from a restaurant and a pasar malam stall at Sri Serdang.


Yin Yen Nee

Halal food situation in Malaysia.


Joseph Raj s/o Retnam Selvam

Extraction, isolation, fractionation and characterization of protein from Mawa variety coconut


Lee Suet Yen

Extraction of coconut by fermentation


Liew Shin Yee

Development of non-dairy whipping cream using palm kernel oil, palm kernel olein and palm stearin


Mohd Khairul Azli

Acceptability of traditional flavor in margerine processing


Lee Chaei Chen

Preservation of honey dew melon (cucumis melo var. reticulatus) by using sugar and drying


Chua Hooi Ling

pH and thermal stability of vicillin-class globulins from theobroma cacao


Lam Sook Fang

The effect and NaOH and KOH washing on the denaturation characteristics of myofibrillar proteins of blanch tilapia muscles


Betty Suzana Mohd Taha

Halal food management for beef and chicken burger


Tan Chin Peng

The effect of antioxidant on changes in RBD palm olein during deep fat frying of potato crisps


Bhajan Kaur

The use of different level of rosemary extract in deep fat frying of potato crisps in RBD palm olein


Mariana Abdul Ghani

The effects of storage on the physical and chemical properties of vanaspati


Zawiyah Shariff

The effect of vegetable gums on the physical properties of palm oil based pourable margarine


Thean Ling Ching

Antioxidant activity of extract from Citrus hystrict peel


Noorhaliza Asari

Frying performance of palm olein enriched with Vitamin E


Norhashimah Mohamad

Production of tempeh flakes


Naharuddin Mohd. Ramly

Effects of additives on cloud formation in palm olein


Ku Kai Sin

Processing and evaluation of fruit leather made from the under-utilised floral part of jackfruit (Artocorpus heterophyllus)

1993 94

Asiah Hj. Mohamed

Studies on shelf-life of beef serunding -Effects of packaging films and methods of packaging

1993 94

Boo Huey Chern

Controlling of rancidity of beef serunding with palm vitamin E

1993 94

Choong Tuck Teng

Extraction of coconut oil by Lactobacillus plantarum IAM1041.


Wan Rohani Wan Hussein

Comparison of frying performance between palm olein and coconut oil.


Ahmad Akibi Abdullah

Use of Tocopherol and Tocotrienol in Frankfurters


Zakiah Mohamad

Nutritional Studies of Yellow Noodles Fortified with Acid Treated Soybeans


Norlia Mohamad Wadzir

Studies on production of Sweetened Soft Bean Curd without Beany Flavour.

1991 92

Nur Shafina Redzuan

Frying Experiment with RBD Palm Olein, Sesame Oil and Their Blends.

1991 92

Yeong Nyet Yee

Soy based Spread: Development and Properties

1991 92

Nasiwah Mairaj

Studies on Physico-Chemical Characteristics on Local Yellow Noodles Enriched with Full Fat Soy Flour.

1991 92

Karimah Ahmad

Physico chemical Characteristics of Local and Imported Margerine

1990 91

Siti Sariah Rusli

A study on Palm Olein Crystals at Low Temperatures

1990 91

Norhaizan Md. Sani

Physico chemical characteristics of blends of palm olein and sesame oil.

1990 91

Kiran Kumar

Emulsification properties of food proteins with palm oil

1989 90

Jeganathan s/o Ramadas

Effect of Method of Packaging and Storage Temperature on Stability of Smoked Ikan Tenggiri Batang.

1988 89

Helena Doris Sibangan

Effect of evaporation on soybean film formation process

1982 83

NoorHisham Mohd. Alwi

Dehydration and Storage Stability of Sweet Potato Leather

1982 83

Tan Tok Kun

An Assessment of the Nutritive Values and Acceptance of a Rice soy Mixture as High Protein low cost Snack.

1981 82

Ahmad Abu Khair

bin Mokri

Packaging and Storage Study on Intermediate Moisture Deep fried Ikan Tenggiri.

1981 82

Raya b. Sharif

Development on Processing and Acceptance of Sweet Potato Leather


Maznah bt. Atan

Intermediate Moisture, Deep fried Ikan Tenggiri   Its Development and Acceptability.
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