Major Hasan of Fort Hood: a patsy in a Drill Gone Live?

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НазваниеMajor Hasan of Fort Hood: a patsy in a Drill Gone Live?
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London Daily Telegraph interviewed Osman Danquah, a local Moslem clergyman, who had contact with Major Hasan. Osman Danquah had come to the conclusion that Major Hasan had debilitating mental problems, and was not suitable for any leadership roles -- even though he was an Army officer of the middle rank. Citing several sources, this paper writes: 'What does seem clear is that the army missed an increasing number of red flags that Hasan was a troubled and brooding individual within its ranks. "I was shocked but not surprised by news of Thursday's attack," said Dr Val Finnell, a fellow student on a public health course in 2007-08 who heard Hasan equate the war on terrorism to a war on Islam. Another student had warned military officials that Hasan was a "ticking time bomb" after he reportedly gave a presentation defending suicide bombers…. Osman Danquah, the co-founder of the Islamic Community of Greater Killeen, said Hasan never expressed anger toward the army or indicated any plans for violence. But he said that, at their second meeting, Hasan seemed almost incoherent. "I told him, 'There's something wrong with you'. I didn't get the feeling he was talking for himself, but something just didn't seem right." He was sufficiently troubled that he recommended the centre reject Hasan's request to become a lay Muslim leader at Fort Hood.'31

The pathos of Major Hasan's existence is perhaps most clearly portrayed in his unsuccessful effort to find a wife of his own faith: 'Relatives said that the death of Hasan's parents, in 1998 and 2001, turned him more devout. "After he lost his parents he tried to replace their love by reading a lot of books, including the Koran," his uncle Rafiq Hamad said. "He didn't have a girlfriend, he didn't dance, he didn't go to bars." His failed search for a wife seemed to haunt Hasan. At the Muslim Community Centre in the Washington suburb of Silver Spring, he signed up for an Islamic matchmaking service, specifying that he wanted a bride who wore the hijab and prayed five times a day." Major Hasan returned repeatedly and obsessively to the same theme, according to a another acquaintance: "Adnan Haider, a retired professor of statistics, recalled how at their first meeting last year, a casual introduction after Friday prayers, Hasan immediately asked the academic if he knew "a nice Muslim girl" he could marry. "It was a strange thing to ask someone you have met two seconds before. It was clear to me he was under pressure, you could just see it in his face," said Prof Haider, 74, who used to work at Georgetown University in Washington. "You could see he was lonely and didn't have friends.32


Given the accumulated evidence that Major Hasan was possibly psychotic, there remains the question of whether this psychosis might have been endogenous and due to natural and spontaneous causes, or whether it had been artificially produced in him through a program of brainwashing and heavy-duty "Clockwork Orange" psychological manipulation by others. We cannot exclude the possibility that Major Hasan went out on November 5 consciously determined to kill, and may also have discharged his weapons. We thus have two possible scenarios: on the one hand Major Hasan the duped patsy caught totally by surprise when the shooting started, and on the other, Major Hasan the psychotic and criminally insane killer who possessed the will, if not necessarily the ability, for serious shooting. There may be evidence for both scenarios. We should also point out that seeing Major Hasan as a psychotic killer in his own right does not in any way rule out the presence of additional and more capable shooters. We are reminded here of the case of Sirhan Sirhan, who appears to have fired at Robert Kennedy, but who also appears to have received a powerful assist from some other as yet unidentified more expert shooter who may have actually fired the lethal bullet.


Where would Major Hasan have been brainwashed? An obvious place to look would be the precincts of Virginia Tech, the home of Cho Seung-Hui, the alleged mass killer of 32 students and professors along with himself in April 2007. This incident involves far too many unanswered questions to be addressed in detail here. In any case, the fact that Major Hasan graduated from the alma mater of Cho should be enough by itself to raise some red flags. We should also recall that several additional homicides have occurred in and around Virginia Tech during the last year. In January 2009, a Virginia Tech doctoral student beheaded a fellow student in a campus cafe. In this incident, a female graduate student who had just arrived from China was killed when another graduate student she knew attacked her with a knife and decapitated her.33 Beheadings are rare on American college campuses even today, so this is an extraordinary event indeed. In August 2009, two Virginia Tech University students were found murdered at a Jefferson National Forest campground that is a popular hangout for students. The bodies of David Lee Metzler, 19, of Lynchburg and Heidi Lynn Childs, 18, of Forest were found by a passerby.34

So what in the world is going on in or near Blacksburg, Virginia? The report on the Virginia Tech slayings prepared by a special commission set up by Virginia Governor Tim Kane covers up the failure of mental health professionals in and around Virginia Tech to take effective action in regard to Cho, whom they had nevertheless recognized to be a profoundly disturbed and potentially highly dangerous personality. This report commits the usual fallacy of petitio principii, begging the question, and assumes from the start that Cho was the sole shooter.35 Because of this failure to account for numerous salient features of the Cho incident, this entire case must continue to be classified as unsolved. We must therefore conclude this essay merely by citing one of the many clues which the Virginia investigation chose to ignore, but which might begin to account for the extraordinary number of homicides observed in the area of Blacksburg Virginia. As a somewhat obscure website alleges in an unconfirmed report, "Blacksburg, VA houses a US government ABOVE TOP SECRET underground laboratory (in the side of a local Blacksburg mountain) that develops in conjunction with DARPA [Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency], weapons such as human robotic mind control programming."36 Does such a facility exist, and what does it do? At this point, any further comment would be pure speculation.

We cannot be optimistic that, should he survive, a future trial of Major Hasan will clear up these questions, any more than criminal trials established the real facts in the cases of Sirhan Sirhan, Hinckley, McVeigh, or John Allen Muhammad. What does appear confirmed as of now is the existence of a mutating model of terrorism alongside the large-scale 9/11 or WMD paradigms of false flag manipulation seen and propagandized during the last decade. In this sense, Major Hasan represents the evolution of the figures of Cho, and also of Steven P. Kazmierczak, the Northern Illinois University shooter of February 2008. As I wrote last year, "The new model is Virginia Tech gunman Cho, a mentally disturbed or brainwashed mass killer. Another case was that of Steven P. Kazmierczak, who in mid-February 2008 shot 21 people and killed five of them at Northern Illinois University in Dekalb. Kazmierczak was described as being intensely concerned with "corrections, political violence, and peace and social justice."37

Will the American public ever learn to see through and reject false flag operations, as many Spaniards were able to do after the Madrid bombs? Will Americans ever swear off the dangerous habit of being duped? Will opinion leaders ever master the rather elementary methods of rogue network, false-flag terrorism? Until this occurs and the gullibility of the public is reduced, such operations are likely to continue on scales both small and large, with incalculable consequences for the future of humanity.

1 Another concept asserts that the 13 Army personnel were killed during the suppression of a mutiny occasioned by the overstretch of US forces caused by Obama's continuation of the Iraq war and escalation of the Afghan war. Almost a week after the massacre, no direct substantiation for this idea has emerged.



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