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Set Persons

Although elders are equal in worth and value to the body, elders are not equal in anointing and ability. With this in mind, every New Testament apostolic fellowship may acknowledge some set person or set ministry, a first among equals. This will be the set man of the house, someone that carries the greater grace for the vision and direction. He or she may have been the one whom received clear instructions for the establishing of the local house, and others may come on board later to acknowledge the transition. Still, a group of elders and saints may have begun the work together and agree that the higher anointing {Moses if you will} rests upon such persons in their midst. Though there will be defined leadership, there will not be the positional authority found in the Neo-Roman Catholic structures today. The set man, person {s] or ministry is divinely acknowledged for the saints to come forth in their functionality of purpose. There will be no one-man ministries or all-man ministries. The set ministry does not control the saints, and the saints does not withhold from receiving from set ministry. All work in harmony of oneness and purpose, for they are a team.

Benefits of Plural Elders and Plural Ministry

1 -Provides checks and balances: If you are a primary leader, the one with the vision and direction, you will have team ministry to keep you in healthy check. The team is not designed to withhold or restrict you from leadership, but provides safety to the set senior elder {s} For we all have blind spots, and must surround ourselves with leaders, not because we have all of these strengths, but because we have all of these needs. True leadership is molded and fashioned in the multitude of counsel.

2 - Encouraging and establishes new ways, methods, and ideas: Here, iron sharpens iron and different opinions are formed. It’s always good to have innovative ideas from various elders and to observe interestingly the feedback from the others. The primary leaders may have something to contribute to start the meeting off, then the team takes it from there. In such meetings, it could be a mild mannered discussion, or a heated one. Nevertheless, the goal will be to edify one another in love, and to grow together in grace.

3 - Provides adequate and efficient leadership where needed: The work of the ministry continues, even in the absence of the set minister {s}. The burden no longer falls on just one man. The oil from the beard of Aaron flows on down, and the body is increased and edified. Also, if senior ministers were to pass the baton or the scene, the fellowship can take care of itself through plural elders and the cooperative effort of the saints. For this key of the kingdom produces thriving leadership and growth. As in Nehemiah’s Gates and Ezra’s wall, cooperation leads to coordination, and coordination leads to commendation.


4 - Accomplishes more through plurality: More things accomplished when there is plurality of elders. Here, you have synergy, the total affect of the whole, greater than one individual part. There is more productivity in the assembly, and more leadership is produce because of the elders in their place. Team spirit produces team rewards.

5 - Plurality establishes the present truth in the mouth of other witnesses: It refreshes the assembly to hear from different leaders and corporate saints in the body of Christ. Also, counsel establishes every purpose, and here safety is given. Doctrines, revelations, and various discussions can be handled and served better through the team {T.E.A.M.}. Healthy interaction not fearful reaction!

6 - Team ministry is total ministry: TOGETHER EVERYONE ACCOMPLISHES MORE! {OR MATURITY} A-team, Apostolic Team, Antioch Team ATM

Now, elders have the power to bind and loose according to Matthew 16:19.

For example, a member of the assembly may stir up a ruckus withhold from financial giving, spreading a scandal through some weak sheep of the flock. They may even attempt to weaken the hands of the leaders and other mature saints, or just remain there to spread rumors and gossip about how the money is being handled. {We know by personal experience} Well, that troublemaker may expect to enjoy all privileges of the flock, even after the elders forgive them of their offense. However, the hand of God may not yet be removed from the trouble making individual. For we call this "Governmental Forgiveness. 1 Peter 5:6: 1 Corinthians 5

Governmental forgiveness says, "You've sinned, we forgive you, God forgives you!" But we will be particularly firm with you even more, providing discipline, correction, and stability for your life, freedom with boundaries!" Depending upon the seriousness and severity of the matter some or all of your privileges are refrained or taken away! If there is offence, we go to you. If no resolve, we bring a witness. If no resolve we bring you before the assembly. If no resolve, you may be asked to leave the assembly. For where there is no talebearer, the strife ceases. If you are not willing to come clean before the body, perhaps you are not of that body and must go at once.

K - Assemblies being restored in present truth apostolic life must understand the different forms of church government. Most forms {formation} are old order.

1 - Autocratic or Monarchical Government: The one-man rule: Daniel 5:19; 3 John 9-10 – The one man or one woman show, personality driven, inflexible leadership. Too set man driven, often not accountable to a team.


2 -Hierarchy: Comes from two Greek words, hieros - "sacred, " as in priestly, and archos - "rule." This is found in the Roman Catholic Church, Methodist Churches, Full Gospel Baptist Fellowship, COGIC, Anglican, Episcopalian, Lutheran, and the Church of God.

A - Oligarchy: The rule of the few, including select committees. {Sometimes, blood family runs the ministry at the threat of anyone else not being a family member}

B - Gerontocracy: The rule by the old or aged men, the founding forefathers. John 6:48; 8 {Blinded by traditions of old, statements like “Over my dead body!”}

C - Bureaucratic: The rule of the few, certain elected officials, and Deacon boards running the church. In the apostolic pattern of ministry, deacons do not rule in the assemblies. They are to rule at home.

3 - Democratic: The rule of the majority, the people rule: This is a congregational form of government. Voting is the means by which most or all decisions are made. This includes a number of Baptist churches, Assemblies of God, the Churches of Christ, and Congregationalists. This concept is Laodicean in nature, for Laodicean means, "the peoples rights and opinions." {Revelation 3:14-19}

4 - Theocratic Government: This is God rule through a plurality of elders. This is the kingdom in operation, God's decreed rule and will through his choice and plural leadership. Exodus 18, 1 Samuel 16, Num. 27

L - Assemblies restored in the apostolic dimension must be relationship based. You must move past local assembly membership to becoming local assembly relationship. Acts 2:42-47. Assemblies are not physical building, but a people. In a big building, you cannot always and properly mentor or father everyone, but must assemble into groups for impartational blessing, training, and intimate fellowship. The keys to a healthy vibrant assembly is in establishing accurate or right relationships.

M - Apostolic assemblies will have a house fellowship strategy. They will advance the kingdom through the life of the homes as a form of up-reach, in-reach, and out-reach. Acts 2 – This principle is not relegated to the early church, nor is this defined as the infant baby church. Intimate gatherings are not an appendage to the so-called real church {Mega}. Rather, house fellowships make up the cells of the growing body of believers. Home fellowships are not a subordinate to some mother church. Small groups are life to the larger body.


N - Apostolic centers will consider the life of the assemblies found in Acts 2:42. For they continued steadfastly in the apostles' doctrine which was relational, fellowship or Koinonia, breaking of bread, and prayers. The simplicity of this pattern helped the assemblies to grow exceedingly. In Acts 1:14, the place of prayer became the place of power in Acts 2:1-4 .The place of power became the place of participation in Acts 2:42-44. And, the place of participation became the place of progress in Acts 2:45-47. This is the pattern for genuine assembly growth. Remember also, “Divine Order Equals Divine Presence.”

O - Assemblies restored in apostolic life will note the functionality needed for corporate life. The apostolic assembly will move pass the anatomy stage to the physiological stage, with divine structure {anatomy} and function {physiology}.

P - An apostolic community will be personal first name basis. No saint needs to be addressed as reverend, Rabbi, His Holiness, His Grace, Master, etc. {Matthew 23:1-15} It is inappropriate to ascribe such to men. The scriptures say in Psalms 111:09, that Holy and Reverend is the name of the Lord. In Job 32:21-22 titles are considered "flattering." Titular authority leads to pride and is a companion to the lavish Roman Catholic attire worn by so many in spirit-filled camps today.

Q - An apostolic people will have powerfully dynamic functioning of Women in all spheres of ministry…

Before we elaborate on this subject, bear in mind that the word “Prophetess,” though mentioned throughout the Old Testament, and twice in the New concerning Anna and Jezebel, prophetess hold no weight of authority in the New Testament. Paul the apostle established the order of the kingdom in Ephesians 2:20, 4:11, 1 Corinthians 12:28, Romans 16:26. That order is that saints, male or female, are prophets, not prophetess. In Luke 2:36 and Revelation 2:20 the word prophetess is mentioned, but in Luke referring to Anna as the Old Testament is closing out that era and regarding Jezebel {Revelation 2:20} the self-appointed Zidonian prophetess as she referenced from the Old Testament. Other then this, the biblical authority of the New Testament order is for men and women to function as prophets, not prophetess, no more should women be called apostless, evangeless, pastoress, and teacheress. Get it. The “ess” holds no authority as a prophet in the New Testament, just Old Testament Lingo.

Women are encouraged to fulfill their potential in the Lord. Miriam was a prophetess along side of Moses. In Micah 6:4, God graces and places her in the same honor and esteem as Moses and Aaron. {Numbers 12:1-10}

In the O.T. Huldah was a prophetess {O. T. Lingo for female prophets} of God. At times, the king sent the high priests to Huldah, the wife of Shallum. Men were sent to her to hear from God, and received leadership and direction as well. 2 Chr. 34:22; 2 Kings 22:12-20


It is understood too, that Isaiah's wife was a prophetess: Isaiah 8:1-3

Deborah the judge and mother of Israel was also a prophetess {O.T. lingo for female prophets}. She revealed God's will to his people, a leader of thousands of men, and was the wife of Lapidoth. Judges 4:4: 5:7-15. Worked closely with Barak, a powerful pattern of today’s apostolic and prophetic cohesion.

Anna was an 84-year-old widow, and prophetess of God. She virtually lived in the temple, serving through prayer and fasting. She was accepted as a prophetess to publicly proclaim Jesus as the King during his circumcision… {Luke 2}

In the new covenant, we have Lois and Eunice whom taught young Timotheus in the word of God. They were mother and grandmother to him. 2 Timothy 1:5

Phebe was a Deacon in the church at Cenchrea. In fact, Paul makes almost a dozen references to women in co-laboring ministry in Romans chapter 16. Even the controversial interpretation of Junia {the feminine of Junias} as a woman apostle leaves you with further thought that God can use whom he chooses in his intended purpose. You may choose to agree or disagree with the etymological development of the word "Junia," but remember this, Paul never made it a point to disregard women from ministry. As in the delicacy of scripture, some things are more implied than emphasized.

Paul had the utmost respect for women in the gospel, and knew fully well that it is the gospel, which magnifies women in their rightful place in ministry, unlike Islam, Judaism, and other religious systems. Paul’s considerations for the church issues recorded in 1 Corinthians and in Timothy, are temporary considerations, and not law. Paul made no case to conclude that women had no place in the work of the ministry.

Please note that usurping authority is not the same as being under authority. Usurping authority has to do with "ruling domineering, dictating, and lording over another.” And if a woman of God is given to minister in the pulpit, then how does that constitute taking over the assembly? Who is to say women in public ministry is a sure sign of usurping male authority? Is it not true that many men are found more to be in illegal and illegitimate authority than many women in ministry? Doesn't it seem odd that men can blast the hell out of women in general, but yet many men mistreat their wives in public and private?

Isn't it strange, that women are forbidden to preach in church, yet allowed to cook great dinners for "THE {Restrictive} pastor? Isn't it weird that women can be viewed as takeovers, yet asked to give their best financial love gifts in corporate gatherings? When most women of God are before the fellowship of the saints, it does not indicate some corporate takeover. It doesn't suggest that a woman is a Jezebel for preaching, praying, teaching, and prophesying in public places. And why should it be?


If you're going to stop women from ministering publicly before men, then why not stop them from sharing in small intimate home gatherings, or witnessing to males on the street corner, too. Why not stop them altogether from praising the Lord with a high sounding praise, or from speaking in tongues audibly in the assembly. Why not keep them silenced forever if they can't preach, teach, pray, or prophesy publicly before all. And, why not give them their own all-female assembly, or stuff cotton in their mouths with duck tape if by chance they happen to be congregating with other men in the meetings. Why have any input at all as a women when you are being so degraded for being the industrious woman you were created to be in the first place?

It would take an extreme effort to monitor every woman in the global and local gatherings of the saints, to navigate the actions of every woman in the corporate anointing. It would be a direct sign of the flesh to suggest it is okay to pray under male leadership, but not to get too inspirational. It is okay to sing, but don’t pray in tongues. It is okay to speak from the pulpit, but wait till all of the men have left the room. For we don’t want to contaminate the men with the words coming from your mouth. And, it is okay to speak out in the church meeting, but limit your selves to 3 minutes, for we have men in the audience, too.

Once again, to usurp authority is to "seize or hold in possession, to take possession by force." And beloved, if you are honest before the Lord, yourself, and others, admit the truth, that most women who assume a leadership role in the assembly are not taking control. You would have to be sensitive to the lower nature to ask a woman to pray, only to scrutinize her if she is about to preach. You would become too sensitive and driven in surveillance and every movement of the woman to ensure she is not taking over the corporate meeting. If men were to do this, they themselves wold be out of their role as men and husbands, for God never sanctions such controlling dictation of men towards women. Truthfully, if it were not for the ladies, there would be a poor and pitiful church world over.

Silence in 1 Corinthians 14:34-35, refers to being silent, to hiss or hush. Also, silence in 1 Tim. 2:11-12 is being still, and could easily apply to men as well. In other words, if women, whom may have lacked educational challenges or were not as culturally refined as some of their male counterpart in spiritual matters wen asked to be silent then the same would apply to men if they were the ones doing all of the talking, too. All it boils down to is that the speakers were not to be interrupted, whether male or female. Truth says that it was the disturbing nature of these women in the meeting whom were asked to talk things over with their husbands at home, not the refusal of them ever to speak openly in the assembly again. How can you create doctrines to silence women permanently? 1 Corinthians 14:34-35, and 1 Timothy 2:11-12In your spare time, read about Dorcas {Tabitha} in Acts 9:36-43, Lydia in Acts 16:14-15, Priscilla in Acts 18:26-28, and the fellow female workers of the gospel in Phil. 4:2-3. Enough said!


R - An apostolic center will have a prophetic vision: Romans 16:25-26; Joel 2:28. The prophetic anointing will assist the apostolic greatly, and bring checks and balances to it. The apostolic establishes and affirms {“This is that”} what the prophetic dimension is now speaking in the assemblies. It references and makes alive the voice of the prophets from Old Testament with stirring conviction and passion for His presence. .

S - An apostolic assembly will be a place of prayer. Acts 1:13-14; 2:1-2, 42; 4:31.

In every major movement, transitioning, dimensional shifting, reformation, wave, and outpour of the Spirit amongst His people, prayer was the backbone and driving force of its discovery. I place great value and esteem in the call to pray, and would rather invest more time in prayer than in preparing notes to preach. I also place great stock and value in the corporate saints and the power of prayer as a lifestyle, prayer as a way of life. One of the highest kinds of intercession in the earth is found in Romans 8:19-27, in connection with creation groaning and travailing for the manifestation of the sons of God. In this text, intercession and the manifestation of the sons of God is the language of the Spirit in what God wants to ultimately bring forth in the earth.

Jesus’ prayer in John 17:21 {and in the following and preceding verses} is considered in many present truth circles as His High Priestly Prayer, in truth, the Model Prayer of the Pattern Son. His life was a series of prayer meetings, either coming from, going to, or in the midst of prayer. The apostolic dimension consists of fervent prayer of the saints, the diversities of prayer, and the powerful dynamics of the Spirit assisting us in our prayers. Why? For this realm of praying is simply the mind of the Lord. We are praying God’s heart for times and seasons, and preparing the way through the Spirit of prayer.

In all of the marvelous things unfolding in the earth, and the unspeakable joy that shall flood the souls of all men, a vital key to unlocking the mysteries of the kingdom and reigning heaven to earth is in the secret place of prayer. Give me prayer – another way of saying give me Life. John 10:10

T - Apostolic assemblies will recognize the apostle in financial distribution. A restored truth…{possessions lay at the apostles' feet – Distribution and Gathering of Wealth}. Apostles will have a definite role in reformed kingdom economics and kingdom finance for kingdom advancement including marketplace and workforce interpenetrating… Acts 4:35; 11:30

U - An apostolic community will embrace the current apostolic message, and will help pioneer a whole new realm of present reformation in the earth. Apostolic assemblies delight in witnessing the voice of the Lord for world breakthrough and new frontier. Joel 2:28; Acts 28:30-31. People and finances will constitute kingdom community, as resources are restored to the community of the saints.


V - Apostolic houses will raise up Trans-local ministries from its own house. Gen. 14:14, apostolic teams, ATM’s. Acts 18: Aquilla, Priscilla, and Apollos

W - Apostolic ministry will help reshape their given region through their measure of rule. They will have a voice in the affairs of the city and state, and will confront spiritual oppositions and world spiritual powers They, like young David, will run into the battle and engage the enemy. In this new configuration, a militant church shall arise 1 Samuel 17:26-58 Ordinary soldiers get paid to fight, but a warrior has a passion to engage therein.

X - Apostolic centers will network with other ministries, and not only within apostolic and prophetic circles. The apostolic is a destiny-dimension ministry and will reach into various camps through cross-pollination. In this transitioning new order, apostolic assemblies will not become divided through their diversity nor esteem their divisiveness. 1 Kings 19:18

Y - Apostolic assemblies will launch kairos gatherings and assemblages as the Spirit directs them for strengthening and establishing, activating and advancing. Present truth apostolic people will see this as launching the gospel and not just starting another fellowship. It is one thing to start an assembly, but it is another thing to establish it in the present truth. In these Kairos gatherings we will see new things appear, including assemblies merging, some leaders stepping down to make way for others to lead, change of name of ministry and its direction, plurality of elders ministering each Sunday, meeting times on Saturday night or Sunday evening, dress down casual clothing, more house church meetings, and spontaneous prophetic meetings with full participation of the saints. . Acts 16:5; 2

Z - Apostolic centers will have a powerful prophetic word for the destiny of the saints at large. Revelations, corporate assemblages, times of special impartations, and supernatural demonstration of the Spirit will manifest the apostolic dimension. Mighty signs, wonders, miracles, and the raising of the dead shall be known throughout North America as well. Notable miracles shall become more visible in the western world, as a new dimension of the Spirit shall be released and open over North America and the world.


Greater manifestations of angelic visitation and gatherings of the angelic for what the Lord is ding next in the earth, and a divine hush shall fall over the nations as the Lord unveils the mysteries of his will in a new and living way. For we are returning to the Ancient of Days, the way things have always been! Micah 5:2

Kings and nobles from afar will flow into the corporate apostolic prophetic assemblages and seek answers to many questions and concerns. As the assemblies enter into a new dimension of corporate destiny, there will be fresh revelation of the resolving social and economic conflict in America and around the world. From racism, abortion, violent crime, the prison system, to global war, the global apostolic dimension will be the standard of the nations as a people of answers. In this dimension shall arise the administration of wisdom, the Ancient Paths, the hoary head and the wool hair of the Ancient of Days.

Keep in mind, the apostolic assemblies are a people with a prophetic vision, and shall continue to speak the mind, will, and purpose of the Lord into the very depth of humanity, bringing release to creation from its bondage, futility, and corruption. {Romans 8:19-27: Hebrews 1:1-2}. In this dimension, there shall arise a great awareness of the salvation of all mankind, as Jesus is the savior of the world, the whole world, and not just one slither of it.

The assemblies of the new millennium leader-shift will no longer be afraid of being called apostolic, and shall lose the stigma and eye sore of the old order holiness apostolic church, which caters to carnal doctrinal fights over the Godhead, water baptism, and dress codes.

Old Order Apostolic Holiness Present Truth Apostolic Reformation

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