Partnership Advances Diabetes Awareness 4

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November 2010


Partnership Advances Diabetes Awareness 4

State Office Changes 9

Wisconsin Shines At The Forum! 9

North To Alaska 11

Mission To Mexico Status & Flooding Relief Needs 11

Cornea Express Transporters Live Up To Our Mission 13

Wisconsin’s Crowning Jewel 15

Share Your Story... 16

Wisconsin Lions Foundation 17

We Make Life Better Every Day 17

Successful First Annual Fall Run, Walk And Ride 18

Now Is The Time 19

Lions Camp For Kids Raffle Prize Winners 19

New Pride Presentation 20

First Friendship 100 Ride Rolls In With Dough For Pride 20

Inside WLF 21

Who Are The Lioness? 22

Club News 28

50 Years Of Service 29

Deer Hides Wanted 30

Readers Make Life Easier 31

A Time For Giving 32

Notes from DG Barry 33

Free Diabetes Screening 34

Lions Share 35

Vision Screening Trainings 37

Upcoming Events 37

Note From Your Editor: 37

Submission Guidelines 38

A Great Cultural Exchange Program 40

Lioness News 41

Region 1 Zone 2 Update 41

District Convention News 42

Reminders... 42

Meet Our Guest ID D’Orazio 42

Club News, Events & Fundraisers 43

Upcoming Events & Fundraisers 44

27-B2 Convention Central 46

Dr. Sonja Pulley Looks Forward to Convention 46

Children’s Vision Screening Training Prior To Convention 46

Convention Schedule 47

Spreading Awareness 51

Deer Hide Collection 52

27-C1 Club Websites 54

Club News & Events 54

Club News 56

Loving The Gift Of Leader Dogs 59

Mercer Lions Celebrate 60 Years Of Service 60

Club News & Activities 61

Want To Host 2012 District Bowling? 64

Have Lions, Will Travel 64

2011 District Bowling 65

Sun Prairie Combines Music and Fundraising 65

Think Membership 66

Seeking 2nd Vice-District Governor Candidates 67

Upcoming Events 68

Warrens Celebrates 25 Years Of Service 71

You’ll Know Why You’re A Lion 71

District Convention News 72

Deer Hides Wanted 73

Special Disabled Hunt 74

Lioness News 74

Club News 75

Care to Host our 2013 District Convention? 75

New Zone Chairs 77

Hospitality Is Key To Our Service 78

Deer Hide Collection A Great Fundraiser 79

Mission To Mexico Needs Vehicles 79

Recognition And Change 80

Club News & Events 81

27-E2 Flood Relief 83

A Great Club Program 84

Hudson’s First Ribfest Finger Lickin’ Good Fun 85

Opportunity To Experience Other Cultures 86

130 Club Anniversaries 89

141 Forum Attendees 90

700 WLF Donations 95

Emerging Lions Leadership Institute Rescheduled for Jan. 27-30 103

Tap Into The Music Scene 104

Tips For Managing, Motivating & Working With Volunteers 105

Volume 57, No. 11

Wisconsin Lion

(USPS No. 688-740)

is published 12 times a year for the 21,000 Lions of Wisconsin at 2809 Post Road, Stevens Point, WI 54481.

Periodical postage paid at Stevens Point, WI and additional mailing offices.


Send form 3579 with new address to 2809 Post Rd., Stevens Point, WI 54481.


DG Gerald Post, Chair

1st VDG Joe Fisher

John Schwab, MERLO

Evett Hartvig, WLF

Tom King, Lions Eye Bank

Dave Sievert, At Large

Jodi Burmester, Editor/Designer


Jodi Burmester, Editor

517 Seven Nations Dr.

Madison, WI 53713-3389



1st of preceding month.


2809 Post Rd.

Stevens Point, WI 54481


Fax: 715/341-9987

All inquiries, orders must go direct to State Secretary. Deadline: 1st of preceding month. Subscriptions: $5/ yr.

CHANGE OF ADDRESS Address changes should be made with your club secretary; mailing labels are purchased directly from LCI.


Send stories to the Editorial Offices listed above. Articles, accompanied by photos of Lions in action, should explain the successful completion of a project or fundraising activity. Story length isn’t important as long as you cover all the basics:

What the project was about

Who was involved

When & where it took place

How it happened

The results

Please type your story and proofread it for errors. Include the mailing address, daytime phone & e-mail of the person submitting the story.

Photos should be sharp, clear, glossy color prints. On a separate sheet, clearly describe the action and name the people pictured. PLEASE DO NOT STAPLE OR WRITE ON PICS. Mail all prints flat, protected by cardboard.

Digital photographs must be at least 300 dpi and be saved as a .jpg or .tif file.

Complete submission guidelines can be found at:

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Partnership Advances Diabetes Awareness 4 iconOne Child Inspires District Wide Diabetes Awareness 4

Partnership Advances Diabetes Awareness 4 iconDiabetes a personal Story 3

Partnership Advances Diabetes Awareness 4 iconDiabetes Changed My Life 3

Partnership Advances Diabetes Awareness 4 iconDiabetes, a real Epidemic 4

Partnership Advances Diabetes Awareness 4 iconMake Plans For Diabetes Alert Day 7

Partnership Advances Diabetes Awareness 4 iconDiabetes Mellitus Interagency Coordinating Committee Meeting

Partnership Advances Diabetes Awareness 4 iconAdvances in Biomaterials II

Partnership Advances Diabetes Awareness 4 iconWelcome to the kingswood partnership

Partnership Advances Diabetes Awareness 4 iconSymposium: Advances In Acarology 2009

Partnership Advances Diabetes Awareness 4 iconIn silico pre-clinical trials: a proof of concept in closed-loop control of type 1 diabetes

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