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Principal topics

Physical properties of the hot interstellar matter in elliptical galaxies are related with the formation and evolution of elliptical galaxies via star formation episodes and environmental effects such as stripping, infall, and mergers, and growth of super-massive black holes. The Chandra and XMM-Newton X-ray space missions have provided a large amount of high spatial/spectral resolution observational data on the hot ISM in elliptical galaxies. The JD will review the observational constraints available on the physical properties of the hot ISM, confront the predictions of the state-of-art numerical simulations and analytical models of the dynamical/chemical evolution with observations, and explore:

  • the evolution of the ISM and the elliptical galaxy

  • metal abundances and chemical evolution in the hot ISM

  • high resolution 2D distributions and fine structures of the diffuse hot ISM

  • interplay between hot ISM, ICM, AGN and their connection to stellar formation and evolution

  • dynamical and chemical evolution of the hot ISM via mergers, winds and SN/AGN feedback

  • X-ray fundamental plane

  • X-ray emission from distant elliptical galaxies and future missions.

Preliminary program

Thursday 6 August

I. Hot gas structure/evolution (09:00 - 12:30)

X-ray observations of the hot ISM in elliptical galaxies (R) G. Fabbiano

Gas structure with Chandra archival data (R) T.S. Statler

Hot ISM in elliptical galaxies using multiple instruments (I) J.D. Bregman

XMM-Newton observations of elliptical galaxies (I) G. Trinchieri

Suzaku observations of elliptical galaxies (I) K. Matsushita

II. Metal abundances and chemical evolution (14:00 - 17:30)

Chemical evolution (R) A. Renzini

Chemo-dynamical evolution of elliptical galaxies (R) B.K. Gibson

Numerical simulation of elliptical galaxies (I) C. Kobayashi

Metal abundances in the hot ISM of elliptical galaxies (I) P.J. Humphrey

Friday 7 August

III. Feedback and environment (09:00 - 11:30)

Environment and feedback (R) C.L. Sarazin

Scaling properties (R) T. Ponman

AGN feedback in numerical simulations (I) L. Ciotti

AGN feedback in details and in surveys (I) A. Finoguenov

2-3 contributed talks

IV. Panel discussion (11:30 - 12:30)

JD9 Are the Fundamental Constants Varying with Time?

10 - 11 August 2009

Coordinating Division: VIII

SOC chairs: Paolo Molaro (Italy) and Elisabeth Vangioni-Flam (France).

SOC members: John D. Barrow (UK), Françoise Combes (France), Thomas Dent (Germany), Sandro D’Odorico (Germany), Victor V. Flambaum (Australia), Sergei A. Levshakov (Russia), Carlos J.A.P. Martins (Portugal), Michael T. Murphy (Australia), Cédric Ledoux (Chile), Keith A. Olive (USA), Patrick Petitjean (France), Dieter Reimers (Germany), Roghunathan Srianand (India), Jean-Philippe Uzan (France), and John Webb (Australia).

Editors: Paolo Molaro & Elisabeth Vangioni-Flam

Contact: Paolo Molaro


Principal topics

- theoretical expectations for variable constants: from strings to scalar fields

- cosmology with varying constants: dynamical dark energy

- tests of fundamental principles of GR: equivalence principle, space missions Microscope and Aces

- laboratory and geological bounds: atomic clocks, Oklo

- astronomical bounds: BBN, CMB, meteorites

- fine structure constant: AD method, MM method

- electron-to-proton mass ratio from molecular hydrogen and ammonia

- radio observations: bounds on combined constants

- future instrumentation: ALMA, SKA, ELT.

Preliminary program

Monday 10 August

11:00 - 17:30

I. Theoretical aspects

Varying constants and cosmology (I) J.D. Barrow (tbc)

tbd (I) J.-P. Uzan

Constants and the dark side of gravity (I) C.J.A.P. Martins

Comparing bounds on recent and local coupling variations (I) T. Dent

Constraints on unifying models for time-varying G.J. Mathews,

dark matter and dark energy (I) [K. Ichiki, T. Kajino, N.Q. Lan, X. Zhao

Varying constants: constraints from seasonal variations (I) D.J. Shaw

II. Laboratory & astronomical bounds

Laboratory searches for variation of fundamental

constants (I) S.G. Karshenboim

Variation of fundamental constants from

Big Bang to atomic clocks: theory and

observations (I) V.V. Flambaum, J.C. Berengut

The effects of coupling variations on BBN (I) K.A. Olive

Some nuclear aspects of the variation of fundamental

constants related to BBN and stellar evolution (I) A. Coc

21 cm radiation: a new probe of fundamental

physics (I) R. Khatri, B.D. Wandelt

WMAP 5-year constraints on time variation of the

fine structure constant and electron mass in a detailed

recombination scenario (I) S.J. Landau

Tuesday 11 August

11:00 - 17:30

III. Observations

The survey on varying alpha (I) J.K. Webb

Probing the variation of fundamental constants

using QSO absorption lines (I) R. Srianand

Constraints on varying fundamental constants

with radio and optical quasar spectra (I) M.T. Murphy

Spatial and temporal variations of fundamental S.A. Levshakov,

constants (I) [I.I. Agafonova, P. Molaro, D. Reimers

Markov Chain Monte Carlo methods applied to

varying constants (I) J.A. King

Genetic algorithms applied to profile fitting

of high resolution quasar spectra (I) M. Bainbridge

Discussion and reporting on new measurements

of m(e)/m(p) (I) R.I. Thompson

The proton-to-electron mass ratio in different A.V. Ivanchik,

cosmological ages (I) [D.A. Varshalovich, P. Petitjean

tbd (I) M. Wendt, D. Reimers

Calibration issues in the fine structure variability

determination (PC) (I) M. Centurión M.

Detections of H2 and HD: overview and prospective P. Noterdaeme

Limits on variations in the proton- to-electron mass

ratio from high resolution optical quasar spectra (I) A.L. Malec

Radio measurements of constant variation and

perspectives with ALMA (I) F. Combes

ELT instruments suited to the measurement of

fundamental constants (I) P. Molaro

JD10 3D Views on Cool Stellar Atmospheres – Theory Meets Observation

10 - 11 August 2009

Coordinating Division: IV

SOC chair: Hans-G. Ludwig (France).

SOC members: Carlos Allende Prieto (USA), Martin Asplund (Germany), Mats Carlsson Norway), Márcio Cátelan (Chile), Kwing Lam Chan (China Nanjing), Dainis Dravins (Sweden), K.N. Nagendra (India), Åke Nordlund (Denmark), Nataliya Shchukina (Ukraine), Thirupathi Sivarani (USA), and Matthias Steffen (Germany).

Editors: Hans-G. Ludwig, Piercarlo Bonifacio & K N. Nagendra

Contact: Hans-G. Ludwig
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