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CONTENTS IAU Information Bulletin No. 103

Preface v

Faits divers vii



I.1.1. Venue of the IAU XXVII General Assembly 1

I.1.2 Participation 2

I.1.3 Registration fee 2

I.1.4. How to register 3

I.1.4.1. Confirmation of Registration 3

I.1.4.2. Registration cancellation policy 3

I.1.5. How to make payments 4

I.1.6. Accommodation 4

I.1.7. Visa information 4

I.1.7.1. Personal invitation from the NOC for visa purposes 5

I.1.8. Financial support to attend the GA 5

I.1.9. Important dates 6


I.2.1. GA Committees and Sub-Committees 6

I.2.2. GA Web Site 8

I.2.3. GA Newspaper 8

I.2.4. GA Press Office 8

I.2.5. GA Contractors 9

I.2.5.1. GA PCO: JZ Congressos 9

I.2.5.2. GA Tour Operator: Blumar 9


I.3.1. Social events 10

I.3.1.1. Inaugural Ceremony & Welcome Reception 10

I.3.1.2. Closing Banquet 10

I.3.2. Tours 10

I.3.3. Health and security 10

I.3.4. General information about Brazil 11


I.4.1. IAU XXVII General Assembly 11

I.4.2. National Members 11

I.4.3. Division presidents 12

I.4.4. Commission presidents 13

I.4.5. Calendar of Business Meetings 13

I.4.6. Proposals to change Statutes and Bye-Laws 16


I.5.1. Young Astronomers’ Events 16

I.5.2. Women in Astronomy Lunch Meeting 17


I.6.1. Contact addresses for scientific meetings 18

I.6.2. Abstract submission 18

I.6.3. Scientific programme overview 19

I.6.4. Invited Discourses 20

I.6.5. Symposia 21

S262 21

S263 22

S264 24

S265 27

S266 30

S267 33

I.6.6. Joint Discussions 36

JD1 36

JD2 38

JD3 39

JD4 41

JD5 42

JD6 44

JD7 45

JD8 48

JD9 49

JD10 51

JD11 53

JD12 55

JD13 56

JD14 57

JD15 59

JD16 62

I.6.7. Special Sessions 63

SpS1 63

SpS2 65

SpS3 66

SpS4 68

SpS5 69

SpS6 71

SpS7 72

SpS8 74

SpS9 77

SpS10 78

* * *




II.2.1. IAU Officers’ Meeting 2009-1. Brief report 80


II.3.1. IAU XXVII General Assembly, 3-14 August 2009,

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. See PART I of this IB

II.3.2. IAU XXVIII General Assembly, 20-31 August 2012, Beijing, China 81

II.3.3. IAU XXIX General Assembly, 2015

Deadlines for Proposals to Host 81


II.4.1. IAU Symposia in 2009 82

II.4.2. Regional IAU Meetings in 2008

II.4.3.1 MEARIM 2008 83

II.4.3.2 APRIM 2008 84

II.4.4. Other meetings of astrophysical interest 85


II.5.1. IAU Highlights of Astronomy 85

II.5.2. IAU Transactions 86

II.5.3. IAU Symposium Proceedings, published in 2008 86



II.6.1. Gruber Cosmology Prizes 87

II.6.1.1 Gruber Cosmology Prize 2008 87

II.6.1.2 Gruber Cosmology Prize 2009 87

II.6.1.3 Gruber Cosmology Prize 2010 88

II.6.2. PPGF Fellowships 88

II.6.2.1 PPGF Fellowship 2009 88



II.7.1. Status report 88

II.7.2. UNESCO report Opening Ceremony 93



II.8.1. Division XII / Commission 41. A new WG on Astronomy and World

Heritage 95


II.9.1 31st ISYA, Trinidad & Tobago, December 2009 96

II.9.2 COSPAR CWB, Harnin, China, September 2009 96


II.10.1 Deceased Individual Members 96

* * *


At the IAU General Assembly in Sydney in 2003, Franco Pacini, President of our Union, introduced the idea that 2009 be declared International Year of Astronomy (IYA2009) to celebrate Galileo and his introduction of the tele­scope in astronomical observations and the subsequent revolution in human­kind’s perception of the universe. A resolution to that effect was received with enthusiasm by the IAU General Assembly.

Much has happened since the IYA2009 IAU resolution was passed. In October 2005, we obtained the support of UNESCO, our partner in many IYA2009 activities. In December 2007, after intensive lobbying, the United Nations unanimously adopted a resolution submitted by the Italian Delegation. To quote from this resolution:

The General Assembly

Convinced that the Year could play a crucial role, inter alia, in raising public awareness of the importance of astronomy and basic sciences for sustainable development, promoting access to the universal knowledge of fundamental science through the excitement generated by the subject of astronomy, supporting formal and informal science education in schools as well as through science centres and museums and other relevant means, stimulating a long-term increase in student enrolment in the fields of science and technology, and supporting scientific literacy […]

Decides to declare 2009 the International Year of Astronomy.

The recognition of IYA2009 by the UN has allowed us to involve many more countries than would otherwise have been possible; we are now at 136, and our goal of 140 countries appears well within reach.

Meanwhile, in August 2006, we had set up an IYA2009 Working Group (WG) of the IAU Executive Committee to define and oversee the preparations for the celebration. One of the first tasks of the WG was to organize the first IYA meeting in Garching, in March 2007, which enabled us to outline the vision and goals of IYA2009, to start defining the main global projects (called Corner­stones), and to agree on the logo and the motto: the Universe yours to discover. Equally important was the establishment of an IYA Secretariat to coordinate IYA activities at the global level. Lars Christensen, the IAU Press Officer, accepted the additional task of managing the Secretariat and promptly recruited Pedro Russo as the Coordinator, supported during the past year by Mariana Barrosa. Hosted by ESO in Garching, the IYA Secretariat has been extremely active and successful in promoting activities and in linking countries and regions. The readers of this Bulletin have been regularly informed of the progress made.

One important activity, also carried out by the IYA Secretariat, is fund raising. At present, the main donor to IYA2009 is Thales-Alenia Space, a high tech company involved in the development of several large astronomy projects, followed by Celestron, a well-known builder of amateur telescopes and planetaria. The bulk of the funds were provided, in small amounts, by a large number of astronomical institutions from all over the world, which I want to thank here. These generous donations, supplemented by an IAU contribution, have made it possible not only to maintain the IYA 2009 Secretariat, but also to cover some of the expenses of the opening ceremony, to produce brochures and glossies, and to provide partial funding to the Cornerstones – if not at the level we had originally hoped. We are planning to pursue this effort throughout 2009, also with a view towards cultivating the rich legacy that is expected to endure beyond the end of the year. But that is another story …

The status of IYA 2009 is summarized in section § II.8 of this Bulletin, while a complete overview as well as updates on IYA are best obtained by visiting our website . The Opening Ceremony, held at the UNESCO building in Paris on January 16 and 17, 2009 was a truly extra­ordinary and memorable event. For this, we have to thank Françoise Combes, the main organizer. The Opening Ceremony was recorded and can be replayed on the IYA website. After opening addresses by the UNESCO Director General, by me and by government representatives from various countries, an audience of over 900 was treated to superb presentations about the most fascinating topics of contemporary astronomy, as well as illumi­nating history talks.

I would like to conclude this introduction by reminding my fellow astronomers, readers of this bulletin, that this is the year in which we wish that everybody on Earth thinks at least once about the wonders of the sky and hears or reads about astronomy’s contribution to culture, its history, our latest discoveries and future prospects. This requires your help and involve­ment; I count on each and every one of you to ensure that IYA2009 is a success in your area.

Catherine Cesarsky, President IAU, chair EC WG IYA2009

Faits divers

This IAU Information Bulletin 103 is essentially an update of IB 102, with further information on the IAU XXVII General Assembly in Rio de Janeiro, 3-14 August 2009, in Part I, and the regular IAU information in Part II.

On 17 September 2008, President-Elect Bob Williams participated in the Gruber Cosmology Prize 2008 award ceremony in Cambridge, MA, USA (see § II.6.1.1 of this Bulletin).

On 30 October 2008, the General Secretary met with UNESCO Director General Mr. Koïchiro Matsuura to sign an MoU on cooperation between the IAU and the UNESCO World Heritage Center on the Thematic Initiative Astronomy and World Heritage. Subsequently, IAU Commission 41 on History of Astronomy initiated a new Working Group on Astronomy and World Heritage to implement the calls made in the MoU (see § II.8.1 of this Bulletin).

On 12 January 2009, the IAU Officers did meet at the IAU Secretariat in Paris for their annual meeting to handle current affairs and prepare for EC85. A brief report is given in § II.2.1 of this Bulletin. The entire EC will meet on 7-8 April in Paris for its EC85 meeting to prepare further for the General Assembly.

The past half year saw a continuation of impressive actions and planning by the EC Working Group on the International Year of Astronomy 2009, culminating in the international Opening Ceremony of IYA2009 at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris, 15-16 January 2009 (see Preface and § II.7 of this Bulletin). IAU President Catherine Cesarsky has attended national IYA2009 opening ceremonies in a number of European countries and met with great enthusiasm at all levels.

At the IAU Secretariat, Mme Reuter (Executive Assistant) continues to be assisted by Mme Maïténa Mitschler (data base assistant) and part-time by Mme Ginette Rude (archive assistant). Maintenance and development of the IAU data base and web site, contracted to ESO (Garching-bei-München, Germany), continue to be handled very capably by Lars Lindberg Christensen, Lars Holm Nielsen, Luis Clara Gomes, and Raquel Y. Shida.

PART I of this Bulletin presents the currently available information on the IAU XXVII General Assembly in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, 3-14 August. Our Brazilian colleagues and the IAU EC are looking forward to welcoming a huge pro­por­tion of the IAU membership, as well as many potential IAU members and otherwise interested astronomers from all over the world. I encourage all astro­nomers to take note of the offered program and to make sure to register in time for the GA. I realize that in these politically and economically volatile times things have not become easier lately. But I hope that astronomers all over the world will give priority to what we share only once every three years: an IAU General Assembly.
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