Bibliography of works on Modern Chinese Art

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China Bibliography FOR CONSOLIDATION

Bibliography of works on Modern Chinese Art

Each section will begin with works in other-than-Chinese languages, followed by

those in Chinese. This is a personal working bibliography and does not pretend comprehensiveness


1a. General Problems of Modernity and Art

1b. Chinacoast and Trade Paintings

1c. Photography in China


2a. General

2b. Hong Kong Ink Painting

2c. Oil painting, photography, prints and mixed media

2d. Sculpture and Ceramics

2e. Hong Kong Art in the later 1990s


3a. Albums

3b. General historical works

3c. Works on or by particular artists

3d. Late Qing and Republican China Before 1949

3e. Wartime Period and Yan’an Base Areas

3f. 1949-1966

3g. Selected comparative texts on Socialist Realism

3h. 1966-1976

3i. 1976-1989

3j. Art since 1989

3k. Selected Exhibitions outside China

3l. Chinese Graphic Art since the late 19th century to 1949

3m. Chinese Graphic Art after 1949

3n. Selected works on Modern Chinese Intellectual and Political History before 1949

3o. Selected works on Modern Chinese Intellectual and Political History after 1949


4a. General Works

4b. Works on or by Particular Artists

4c. Albums

4d. Political and Intellectual History of Taiwan


5a. General Works

5b. Particular on or by artists


1a. General Problems of Modernity and Art

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1b.Chinacoast and Trade Paintings

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1c. Photography in China

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