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3.6Avoid: Yonke insipho iyawasha / one size fits all approach

CBOs tend to adopt a one-size-fits-all approach in requesting grant funding.

Mokutu Home-based Care applied for grants from the Marble Hall Foundation. They were provided with guidelines on writing grant proposals. They submitted to the Marble Hall Foundation. Their proposal was successful and they received grant funds of R50 000 for a VCT campaign. After a short while, the Mphahlele Foundation also advertised calls for grant funding proposals on HIV/Aids initiatives. Seeing that the previous proposal submitted to the Marble Hall Foundation had been successful, they resubmitted the proposal save for just changing the name of the previous foundation in their document. Unfortunately Mokutu Home-based Care did not succeed in attracting funding from Mphahlele Foundation. How could this be with the same winning proposal that was sent to Marble Hall Foundation? Surely the proposal was well crafted seeing that it caught the attention of Marble Hall Foundation?

What Mokutu Home-based Care missed in the second call for funding was that the Mphahlele Foundation was funding comprehensive HIV programmes and not only VCT programmes. They needed to do their research about Mphahlele Foundation and how different they were in focus from the Marble Hall Foundation.

4.Issues to ponder - bua@AC


Your views on the statement

Environment not so enabling for CBOs –They operate in a volatile environment with government support not having a clear defined exit strategy around their funding to enable CBOs to plan

Capacity and time constraints – CBOs do not have the capacity and time for fundraising or project planning

Reactive approach- CBOs are not proactive in fundraising and tend to wait for calls for funding proposals from funders.

Lack of crisis planning- CBOs don’t have plans to turn the economic crisis into an opportunity

The Yonke insipho iyawasha (every soap washes approach) in preparing funding proposals - CBOs tend to adopt a one-size-fits-all approach in requesting grant funding.

Building a reserve - Some may argue that it is not always easy to build a reserve. This can be true particularly true where only designated funding has been received. However, it is not impossible and there are ways of doing this.

Donors - If an organisation has a long-standing relationship with a donor it would be worth approaching them to ask for funding specifically to build a reserve, towards the organisations longer term sustainability. If need be, they can impose certain conditions - for example, on the way that it is to be invested and reporting on the investment of the funds. One could even ask a donor to rather loan the funds for a reserve, so that the organisation could invest these and make use of the interest. Another possibility would be to ask the donor to match the funds raised towards a reserve.

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