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Brian Duncan

1628 S. Bundy Dr. #103 West Los Angeles, CA 90025

Cell: (310) 770-7477 Home: (310) 979-8933



Experienced Project Manager with strong technical and management skills. Able to manage multidisciplinary project teams of 5 to 20+ people. Able to define, create and maintain realistic business focused projects on schedule and under budget. Self-motivated, goal-oriented individual with extensive experience multi-tasking across multiple concurrent projects. Has proven capability to identify, plan and develop solutions and processes that save costs and increase business efficiency. Possess strong communication, organization and management skills.


  • Managed 3-tier Enterprise level customer relationship management(CRM) & database application development.

  • Established processes for management of product requirements throughout system development life cycles.

  • Experience developing policies, processes and procedures for both technical and non-technical audiences.

  • Working experience with a wide range of information technologies, industry standards and best practices.

  • Consistently exceeded expectations of stakeholders and end users.

  • Strong history of managing projects on schedule and under budget.

  • Translated customer and stakeholder needs into project goals.

  • Developed business plans into project charter and statement of work documents.

  • Wrote and maintained technical project specification documents and project requirements throughout life cycles.

  • Developed and managed project budgets from $10K to over $1.1 Million with timelines from 1 week to 9 months.

  • Developed schedules and acceptance criteria throughout every phase of projects.

  • Worked with teams and stakeholders on Risk Management and contingency planning.

  • Staffed projects including identifying team needs, interviewing, allocating resources, and facilitating project team training when necessary.

  • Managed Quality Assurance deliverable reviews, testing procedures and User Acceptance Tests (UAT).

  • Developed and managed procedures to maintain scope and handle the cost/benefit analysis of scope changes to meet stakeholder expectations.

  • Able to adapt management style on an individual basis to promote the best performance from every team member.


Consulting and Project Manager Skills Development January 2001 to Present

Private consulting and honing project management skills in both traditional and IT related project management techniques. Currently in process to receive Project Management Professional (PMP) certification from the Project Management Institute (www.pmi.org).

Recent books relating to PMP certification and Project Management skills:

  • "The Fast Forward MBA in Project Management", Eric Verzuh

  • "Rapid Development", Steve McConnell

  • "Death March: The Complete Software Developer's Guide to Surviving 'Mission Impossible' Projects", Edward Yourdon

  • "Professional PHP Programming", Jesus Castagnetto, et al.

  • "The Cluetrain Manifesto", Rick Levin, et al.

  • (In Process) "Preparing for the Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification Exam", Michael W. Newell, PMP, ENP

TopTutors.com Santa Monica, CA October 1999 to November 2000

Project Manager

idealab! Internet start-up. Responsible for leading a multi-disciplinary team of developers in implementing the TopTutors.com customer relationship management system, Web site, customer and tutor SQL database, customer billing and numerous related projects. Designed 3-tier Enterprise level systems and processes to integrate seamlessly throughout various departments and through our proprietary Internet telephony software. Spearheaded the design and architecture of internal systems for the initiative to modify our service as the company moved toward an ASP strategy.

In addition to similar responsibilities from previous employment (creation of project plans, etc.):

  • Defined processes and managed allocation of development resources to enable our Marketing, Sales and Educational Services departments to meet their goals.

  • Managed successful implementation and several revisions of customer and tutor Web sites on a Unix server with SQL database integration.

  • Conceived and managed automation of tutor training processes which allowed our Educational Services department to scale back hiring needs by approximately 40% and still meet all training goals.

  • Manager in charge of plan, design, and risk management for database migration.

  • Conceived and designed new applications for our in-house technologies in conjunction with CTO.

  • Technology department liaison to company strategy meetings with CEO and heads of departments.

  • Hand-coded HTML, JavaScript and SQL for first revision of site before company expansion.

Knowledge Adventure Glendale, CA June 1995 to October 1999


Responsible for leading a team of developers through the production process for several interactive software titles. Expanded and streamlined companies development process. Worked on several initiatives to integrate our products with Internet connectivity. Developed company intranet applications and resources to streamline business processes.

  • Developed company intranet applications in conjunction with other departments.

  • Created detailed project plans in MS Project that showed work breakdown structure, critical path, milestones, and deliverables.

  • Wrote highly detailed functional specifications.

  • Created realistic project schedules and budgets using team estimates and design documents.

  • Controlled scope, performed risk analysis, risk management and change management throughout project life cycles.

  • Tracked project schedules and costs throughout life cycle.

  • Managed project log documentation (risk log, issues log, change log).

  • Chaired weekly team and status meetings and met daily with team members as needed.

  • Maintained team and management communication to ensure smooth workflow.

  • Responsible for reporting project status to Executive Producer, company President and department heads.

  • Received training in MS Project and team management techniques.

  • Developed functional specification documents that became the model for future products.

  • Successfully initiated and chaired mid-level team member meetings to increase communication and reduce mistakes across products and product teams.

  • Co-designed and programmed an asset tracking database system used for multiple projects.

  • Implemented product specifications, game design, interface design, art direction, peripheral integration.

  • Interfaced with upper level management, marketing, sales, business development and legal departments.

Software Titles: Position: Date Completed:

JumpStart Phonics Producer September, 1999

netMarket slipstream - 11 titles Producer October, 1998

JumpStart Reading for 2nd Graders Producer/Associate Producer October, 1998

JumpStart Reading for 1st Graders Developer/Database Programmer September, 1997

Steven Spielberg's Director's Chair

Mac Version Producer January, 1997

PC Version Developer October, 1996

Facade.com Woodland Hills, CA 1996 to Present

Management, site design and maintenance for an interactive website with over 3 million exposures per month. The first and currently most popular divination entertainment site on the web.


Microsoft Project, Excel, Access, Word, Outlook, Windows (95/98/2000/NT), Unix environments, Visio, Flash, HTML, DHTML, JSP, Java, C++, ASP, PHP, SQL, Com, Com+, DCom, Visual Basic, Lotus Notes


University of California Los Angeles (UCLA)

Bachelor of Science Biochemistry

Relevant Coursework: Beginning C Programming, Intermediate C++ Programming, Advanced C++ Programming, Data Structures and Algorithms.


Brian Duncan and Tylor Hagerman, "Asset Tracking and Database Design." Published and presented at the Computer Game Developers Conference '98.

References available upon request.

Page of brian@brianduncan.com


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