Resources evaluation, research and development

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Sea Resources Engineering, Inc., active as a partnership since 1964 and incorporated in 1968, was formed to make available a unique combination of capabilities for serving the food and chemical industries. Vertically integrated specialties include research and development, engineering, construction, processing, nutrition, and marketing. A major stimulant to assembling these combined talents was confidence that opportunities to apply emerging new technologies and innovation would increase. This is particularly important as more of the world’s efforts in research, development, and commercialization become directed to the increasing of food for the ever-expanding world’s population. The company is now active in all aspects of the food industry with particular emphasis being placed on total utilization of both marine and fresh waters for sources of foods.


1. Analysis of resource potential and planning for optimum growth of a new company.

2. Research and Development as applied to cultivated or natural resource harvesting, transporting, processing distributing, storing and marketing.

3. Formulation of food products with particular emphasis on the total utilization of raw materials and retention of nutrition.

4. Nutritional surveys of target populations.

5. Formulation of animal and fish feedstuffs using local raw materiel to optimize both cost and nutrition factors.


1. Complete engineering and feasibility studies on the location, cost, and operation of food processing plants and related facilities.

2. Domestic and export market surveys.

3. Complete analysis of port and industrial facilities for short-term solutions to problems and for long range planning.


1. Equipment and facilities for growing, harvesting, transporting, handling, storing, processing, packaging, distributing, and marketing of food products.

2. Aquaculture and Mariculture facilities.

3. Sanitation, pollution control, and waste disposal systems.

4. Contractual negotiation, construction programming, and supervision of construction.


1. Management consulting and/or long-term management contracts.

2. Personnel training programs.

3. Consultation and trouble shooting for government or industry.

4. Establishment of nutrition and quality control programs.

In summary, Sea Resources Engineering, Inc. can provide a complete and varied technological and administrative service, both in the exploration and development as well as in the application stages. We have the scientific knowledge and implementation “know-how” required for any food program, especially those related to the aquatic environment.

George M. Pigott, Ph.D., P.E.



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