Botanical society of america annual reports, 2003 Officers A. President (Scott Russell) Botanical Society Of America

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Report of Committee on Committees for 2002-3:

The following persons have been asked to serve appointed terms of office on standing BSA Committees:

Committee on Committees: Jon Wendel

Archives and History Committee: Kent Holsinger

Conservation Committee: Jenny Richards,

Education Committee: Michael Clayton,

Election Committee: Pat Gensel

Membership and Appraisal Committee: Don Hauber’s term and chairmanship to be extended for one year

Publications Committee: Chris Haufler

Webpage Committee: Kathleen Pryer

Merit Awards Committee: Edie Taylor

Darbaker Prize Committee: Annette Coleman

Esau Award Committee: Cindi Jones

Karling Award Committee: Javier Francisco-Ortega will continue for an additional year

Moseley Award Committee:

Pelton Award Committee: Judy Jernstedt

The following appointments to Committee Chairs are recommended:

Archives and History: Lee Kass

Conservation: Nancy Morin

Education: Gordon Uno

Membership: Don Hauber will continue for an additional year

Publications: Andrea Schwarzbach

Merit Awards: Chris Campbell

Darbaker Prize: Debabish Bhattacharya

Esau: Dennis Stevenson

Karling: Javier Francisco-Ortega will continue for an additional year

Moseley: Steve Scheckler

Pelton: Darlene Southworth

A few appointments are outstanding; awaiting responses.

Respectfully submitted,

Linda E. Graham, Chair

Ned Friedman, Jerold Davis, Missy Holbrook, Gar Rothwell, Ann Sakai, Bob Jansen, Jenny Richards

    1. Conservation Committee (Tom Ranker)

presented at The Botanical Society of America Council Meeting
July, 2003, Mobile, AL

The Conservation Committee was not engaged in any activities this year. We welcome suggestions for future activities that might engage the Committee.

Submitted by:

Tom A. Ranker, Chair
Conservation Committee, Botanical Society of America

9 July 2003

    1. Education Committee (Rob Reinsvold)*

    1. Election Committee (Judy Jernstedt)*

Election Committee Report, 2003

The call for nominations for the two vacating BSA offices, President-Elect and Secretary, went out with the Fall Mailing, and several e-mail reminders were also sent. The deadline for nominations from the membership was 31 January 2003. Twenty-nine nominations were made by the membership, with some individuals nominated more than once or for more than one office.

The Election Committee discussed by e-mail all nominees, and included for further consideration only those individuals who were current paid BSA members. An additional consideration was the ability of potential officers to commit to three years of attendance at annual meetings in their entirety and spring Executive Committee meetings.

The candidates for President-Elect were Darleen DeMason and Allison Snow, and for Secretary, Cynthia Jones and David Spooner. Ballots were counted on 1 July 2003, and candidates were notified of the results immediately thereafter. Allison Snow and David Spooner were elected. The Committee thanks all candidates for their willingness to appear on the ballot and for their commitment to the Society.

Slow receipt of mail ballots by the membership continues to be a problem and this probably accounts for the relatively modest voter turn-out. Exec. Dir. Bill Dahl and the Executive Committee are considering whether some means of electronic voting is feasible while still maintaining one member-one vote and a secret ballot.

Respectfully submitted,

Judy Jernstedt, Chair, Election Committee

Barbara Crandall-Stotler

Steven Manchester

Richard Olmstead

Jenny Richards, Secretary, ex officio

    1. Financial Advisory Committee (Jack Horner)*

Date: July 11, 2003

To: Executive Committee and Council of Botanical Society of America

Jennifer Richards, Secretary of Botanical Society of America (

Scott Russell, President of Botanical Society of America (

From: 2002-2003 Financial Advisory Committee: Greg Anderson (Member; 2004;, Russell Chapman (Member; 2003;, Jack Horner (Chair, 2004;, Joe Armstrong (Treasurer, ex officio, 2004;, William Dahl (Business Manager, ex officio; wdahl@BOTANY.ORG), and Scott Russell (President, ex officio, 2003;

Re: 2003 Annual Report of the Financial Advisory Committee (FAC)*

*The FAC will not be holding an annual committee meeting during the BSA Meeting this year in Mobile, AL because two of the committee members (G. Anderson and R. Chapman) will be on assignments out of the country. However, the committee has read and approved this report and will be conducting a conference call meeting this Fall with the Smith Barney investment manager for the Endowment Fund.

The FAC has the responsibility for managing the BSA Endowment Fund. The BSA assets are invested in four different accounts through Smith Barney (SB) under a management group (managed funds). About 15.9 percent of the endowment is retained in a fixed income fund within SB, and 5.7 percent of the endowment is retained in an unmanaged money fund. Normally these two percentages are maintained between 10-20% percent. These four funds are divided among the following categories (as of the June 30, 2003 SB online summary):

Managed money funds –

Cash balance . . . . . . . . . . . . $ (3,050.41)*

Money funds . . . . . . . . . . . . $ 58,441.34

Common stock. . . . . . . . . . . $1,330,195.66

Fixed income. . . . . . . . . . . . $ 281,402.62

Unmanaged money funds

Money funds . . . . . . . . . . . . $ 100,958.51

Total $1,767,947.72

*This negative balance is a temporary occurrence as stocks are bought and sold daily.

  • The June 30, 2003 BSA Endowment fund ($1,767,947.72) has increased since the end of June 2002 ($1,732,289.23) but has not quite regained its peak level of $1,867,492.41 (June 2000). However, the fund has grown 99.9% since its inception 9.5 years ago (12/93; $884,317). This represents, with this past two years of economic losses in the stock market, an average increase of 10.5% per year.

  • The inflation rate + energy for June 2002 through June 2003 was 1.5%; the growth of the Endowment Fund beat the inflation rate as it was at about 2%. For the same period of time the S&P growth was (-1.3%) and the Dow growth was (-4.2%); the Endowment growth was +15.57% for the same period, and including through July 11 (report date).

  • The economic events just prior to and following September 11, 2001, and the continuing volatility in the stock market, have affected the growth of the BSA endowment. However, financial restructuring of these funds in 2000 greatly reduced the impact of the events over the past two years. There is optimism that, without more major worldwide catastrophes occurring during this coming year, the market will begin to recover as investor confidence grows. Stocks will begin to increase in value and bonds will begin to decrease in value. Readjusting the portfolio beyond what the managers are presently doing is not recommended at this time.

Recommendation: The FAC recommends that $15,000 be used from the Endowment unmanaged money market portion of the endowment for the ‘special initiatives’ during the 2003-2004 fiscal year, as determined by the Executive Committee and Council per Guideline 4 (see Guidelines below).

Rationale for Recommendation: The continuing economic conditions of the past two years will continue to have an effect for at least the next six to twelve months. Fortunately, the BSA Endowment Fund was reasonably protected because of its reorganization and restructuring, and this year the Fund has increased enough to recommend a small increase for the 2003-2004 ($15,000) fiscal year. The FAC feels that BSA ‘initiatives’, for the 2003-2004 fiscal year, are vitally important to the continued growth and development of the Society and need to be supported, even at a reduced level, through the Endowment Fund.

The Endowment Fund Guidelines and Interest Earnings for Special and Section Accounts are presented to clarify decisions related to the operating procedures of the FAC and the determinations by the BSA Treasurer of how 1) the annual amount for BSA initiatives is determined; and 2) the annual interest percentages for the special and section accounts are determined.

The Endowment Fund Guidelines -They were approved in August, 1997 and amended three times; in August, 1998, August 1999 and August 2001:

1. Purpose of Endowment Fund: The purpose of the Endowment Fund is to increase the monetary assets of the Society in order to provide income to fund major initiatives, travel grants, scholarships, and other activities that enhance the effectiveness of the Society to fulfill its Mission (see Bylaws). The Financial Advisory Committee (FAC) is responsible to and empowered by the Executive Committee and the Council to manage the Endowment Fund. The FAC makes no recommendations for use of the Endowment Fund.

2. Contributions to Endowment Fund: All monetary gifts, stocks, and bonds designated "Endowment Fund" shall be immediately deposited in either the Endowment Money Market Fund or in the Endowment Fund directly, and then invested in a timely fashion by the FAC. Other gifts, such as property, shall be individually handled by appropriate legal procedures to integrate it into the Endowment Fund.

3. Solicitation of Membership to Contribute to Endowment Fund: Solicitation shall be carried out in two ways: first, the membership will be provided 'purpose and giving' information in each issue of the PSB and on the annual membership dues form; second, a more select portion of the membership that includes long-time (=/>20 years) members, and members whose ages are 50 years and older, will be individually solicited once every other year (odd-numbered).

4. Use of Endowment Fund Income: The value of the BSA Endowment Fund (all non-restricted, non-sectional funds) will be averaged over the previous twelve (12) quarters, in July of each year. The 'usable income' available for use during the next fiscal year will be 2% of the previous 12 quarters averaged total value, and this amount will be reported at the BSA annual Council Meeting. The FAC will annually evaluate the % used to generate income such that if growth goals are being met, or if growth is too slow, the % 'usable income' will be adjusted accordingly. Any 'usable income' unallocated or unused by the end of the fiscal year (June 30) shall revert to the Endowment Fund principle. As a means of checks and balances, the % allocated for annual use shall be determined by the FAC in keeping with its charge to increase the value of the Endowment Fund at a rate exceeding inflation. Use of the Endowment Fund 'usable income' shall be determined by the Council (see Guideline 5. of Endowment Fund Guidelines).

5. Approval of use of Endowment Fund: Any member, committee, section, or ruling body of the Society may submit a request to use the Endowment Fund for purposes outlined in 1. The request(s) must be submitted to the Executive Committee for consideration and recommendation to the Council. The Council at its regular meeting in August, or at a special called meeting, or by e-mail vote in unusual circumstances, will act on the recommendation(s). Approval of any recommendation(s) by the latter three ways will be determined by a majority (51%) of all eligible council members. If the recommendation(s) is/are approved, the Treasurer of the Society will be empowered to distribute the money according to the approved recommendation(s). If an individual member of either the Executive Committee or the Council submits a recommendation, that member is excused from voting on the recommendation.

Summary of How Interest Earnings for Section Accounts and Special Funds are Determined by (adopted in 1999 and amended in 2001):

Section and special accounts receive an interest rate equal to the endowment interest rate.

    1. Membership and Appraisal Committee (Don Hauber)*

To: Jennifer Richards, BSA Secretary

From: Don Hauber, Membership and Appraisal Committee Chairperson

Date: July 11, 2003

RE: BSA Membership and Appraisal Committee Report – Summer, 2003

CC: Membership Committee members

At the beginning of April this year I was made aware that I am chairperson of the Membership Committee, and have been since August. I am happy to serve in this position, but given my late start this report is based on activities since April. Thanks to Bill Dahl, the new executive director of BSA, efforts have been made to address the needs of the current membership. The changes to the BSA website have helped by adding a direct Membership link and on the Membership website, providing easier access to resources that address the needs and concerns of new and current members. Bill was instrumental in kick-starting a pre-meeting membership drive. We emailed fliers to the membership to solicit new members, offering a free Botany 2003 meeting registration to the member that drew in the most new members. The committee will meet in Mobile to discuss other initiatives including a fall membership drive. The key part of this membership drive will be the mailing to the current members of a colorful new recruiting poster the design of which will be finalized at the meeting in Mobile. The committee is especially grateful to Jeffrey Osborne, BSA Program Director, and his colleague at Truman State University, Winston Vanderhoop in helping to create the initial design.

    1. Publications Committee (Nancy Dengler)*


Publications Committee

The BSA publications committee was requested to help formulate a BSA policy on copyright for the American Journal of Botany, Plant Science Bulletin, and other publications, including material on the web. A subset of interested members, the Copyright Working Group (Mary Barkworth, Nancy Dengler, Pat Herendeen, Karl Niklas, Scott Russell, Marsh Sundberg), discussed a number of copyright issues via teleconferencing and made the following recommendations to the Executive Committee:

1. We recommend that all authors of print materials in the American Journal of Botany be required to sign a Copyright Assignment Form (draft form attached).

2. We recommend that authors of print materials in the Plant Science Bulletin be required to sign the same Copyright Assignment Form. Since the nature of materials published in the Plant Science Bulletin varies more widely, the identification of materials requiring the form will be at the editor's discretion.

3. We recommend that all authors, artists or creators of electronic resources for the Botanical Society of America be required to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for Content Usage for Electronic Resources (draft attached).

4. We recommend that, since the use of these forms should clarify the ownership of materials published by the Botanical Society of America and since the Society will be protected from infringement by "Fair Use" law, that the Society NOT register its print and electronic publications with the Library of Congress.

5. We recommend that, in addition to the "Copyright by the Botanical Society of America" statement on the inside front cover of the American Journal of Botany and Plant Science Bulletin, that the title page of each article (appropriate items in the Plant Science Bulletin) should have a copyright statement.

6. We recommend that Copyright Assignment Forms be returned to the appropriate Editorial Office of the American Journal of Botany and the Plant Science Bulletin. The Memorandum of Understanding for Content Usage License for Electronic Resources should be returned to the Webmaster. After publication or periodically through the year, the forms should be forwarded to the Society Business Office for archiving.

7. Requests to reprint material from the American Journal of Botany and Plant Science Bulletin should be handled as they are now, with the minor change of providing a standard downloadable form.

8. Taxonomic descriptions and related materials are special cases that require attention from the American Society of Plant Taxonomists or other suitable body. We should support their serious consideration, but refer this question to them.

The Copyright Working Group thanks Karl Niklas for drafting the Copyright Assignment form, Scott Russell for drafting the Memorandum of Understanding, and Pat Herendeen for contacting the George Washington University Faculty of Law and Bob Brauneis of GWU, s specialist in intellectual property rights for reviewing the forms.

Nancy Dengler, Chair

Copyright Working Group

    1. Webpage Committee (Bill Dahl)

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