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Gary Mitchell – Fairfield, CT

Grundig G8


1440 with a talk show 1-800-343---(forget the name but not a popular one) 5:30am

ESPN 1300 but all Canada talk... 1280 also 101.7fm...

Michael Fertanna? Talk 1660 khz ? Who is YWA cw on 520 ??

Stevc Wiseblood – Boca Chica Beach, TX

DX399 and 150 foot wire

8 FEB 2010

870 WWL LA New Orleans; 0725z "Point After" show live on the streets, crowd noise, celebrating the "WHODAT NATION" following the SAINT's SUPERBOWL victory 31-17 over the COLTS. The Saints will be greeted at the airport at 5pm on Tuesday, and there will be a downtown parade in New Orleans on Wednesday.  (Wiseblood-TX)

870 CUBA R. Reloj; 0729z "RR" morse code, bits and pieces of SP news by M&W, mix w/WWL   (Wiseblood-TX)

9 FEB 2010

800  NED. ANTILLES  Bonaire TWR; 0140z in the clear with M SP preacher, "WINB-Red Lion" theme song 0141z, so maybe a tape from "Family Radio"? listened for about 30 minutes and stayed on TOP of everybody else. Good to here this OLD FRIEND again!  (Wiseblood-TX)

John Cereghin – Smyrna, DE

Sangean DT200VX


I'm hearing WFSR-970 Harlan KY with a strong signal (at 452 miles) with Southern Gospel music.  ID at 2100 was "It's like a little slice of heaven, AM 970 WFSR Harlan, Kentucky". Listed at 24 watts at night.

W. G. Hauser – Enid, OK


** U S A. 1660, not a sign of classical KXTR Kansas City, Feb 1. Home page http://www.kxtr.com/pages/1447847.php? which is what you get if you merely enter www.kxtr.com, does not have any announcement about antenna work, as it did for some weeks in December, January, that it would be off the air weekdays, but it must be missing this afternoon, as I am mobile around Enid with nondirexional caradio.

At 2018 UT, 1660 exhibits only a very weak SAH between two other stations, no doubt ND and TX, and furthermore, KC-area stations on 1250-Spanish, 1090-Catholic were inbooming by skywave already. 2027 the same. At final check of 1660 at 2153 UT, heard an ESPN station with an ad for Morehead, i.e. KQWB West Fargo ND.

Furthermore, at 2025 UT I was hearing a ``Radio Disney`` as IDed in passing atop 1190 before fading, ending some teeny-bopper music, kid on phone in quiz. The only R. Disney on 1190, per NRC AM Log 2009-2010, is KPHN Kansas City MO, day power 5 kW, but a new one to me. That`s strange, as it`s non-direxional, and has been on the air more than 31 years, tho under different calls before March 3, 1997.

At 2019 I was gettin` a surfin` song on 1010. Uplooked later, among adjacent-state stations, format matches KCHI Chillicothe MO, yet another near KC, but there are too many other 1010s around to be sure (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. Another check for KXTR, 1660, Kansas City KS, which was missing the afternoon of Feb 1: On the caradio at 2015 Feb 3 I am only hearing some talk station, but about half an hour later some classical music is making it thru, must be KXTR, but why is it so weak for 10 kW, non-direxional at the top of the band?

Nearby KYYS, Spanish on 1250 is much stronger by skywave already. I still think of it as a 5-kW regional as it was when WREN Topeka, but I must not, as it`s now 25 kW in the daytime, and with a large main lobe aimed 257 degrees. That`s considerably north of here, and we are on its edge but not in a null, so apparently its ERP Enidward is still more than 10 kW ND from KXTR --- but I still have doubts KXTR is running full power (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST) ###

** OKLAHOMA. 1170, KFAQ, IBOC had been turned off at 2012 UT check Feb 5; finally 1160 and 1180 were clear for DX on the caradio, altho this early, there wasn`t any. Had been on constantly in daytime, so we`ll have to see if this be a fluke or a policy change. Then a sesquihour later, the powerline noise level around much of Enid was up, a lot like IBOC except it`s all over the band. Arrgh (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. 700, Feb 6 at 1607 on the caradio I hear KHSE, The Metroplex, TX, in English! Usually is in some S Asian language. YL opens program of the India Association of North Texas, inviting calls to studio at a 214-AC number for requests and dedications, soon into Indian music.

Last time I logged this in Sept, found program schedule at http://funasia.net/Files/rad_saturday.html

At ``10-12 AM`` Saturday host is Shabnam Modgil, program is Radio Bharti, and the content is ``India Association Of North Texas``. You can`t really tell from this schedule which programs are in English unless the title includes Punjabi or something, and even then could be bilingual. I see that during various unsold hours, the default is nonstop music.

Besides the splash from KGGF-690 KS, this morning I am hearing a weaker signal underneath on 700. I suppose the 15 kW in Houston with its unfavorable pattern tho not a null is about as likely as remnant WLW 50 kW non-direxional, less than twice as far. Salt Lake aims due south even daytimes, per NRC Pattern Book.

Meanwhile, 720 bore two weak signals with the typical SAH between KSAH TX and WGN IL. Running only 1.5 kW, KHSE would be much better here were it not for its own null (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** OKLAHOMA [and non]. I have long noticed on the caradio that there is something wrong with KSPI 780 Stillwater, a sports talker; Feb 8 at 2049 UT I was hearing hets of almost the same pitch when stepped 10 kHz to much weaker stations on adjacent frequencies, both of them attempting to play music for our enjoyment:

770, KAAM Garland, The Metroplex, TX, with ``The Way You Look Tonite``, nostalgia format, and

790, KXXX Colby KS, with ``Rhinestone Cowboy`` in country format; and mixed with news/talk from KFYO Lubbock TX

There is also a higher-pitched whine when tuned to KSPI itself. It`s about 50 miles away, and hard to believe a daytimer with such a big signal here is only 250 watts. They must be modulating it to the hilt. I think it is putting out spurs, but will have to see if I can measure them on some other radio.

BTW, years ago in Enid I had no problem hearing daytime groundwave from KXXX in the NW corner of KS, or KFYO, also over 300 miles away in West Texas, nulling one or the other, but not any more with KSPI on one side and augmented KQCV OKC 800 on the other, now 2.5 kW instead of original 250 watt outlet. Trying to remember its original call from the 1960s when I started, but FCC call sign history can`t either. KQCV also makes it tough to listen to WHB ex-KCMO Kansas City on 810.

1220, Feb 8 at 2052 UT, looking for the Asian station from The Metroplex, but only hearing weak soul/gospel music outlet; a few minutes later, lengthy local commercial by obnoxious pitchman, but could not copy anything pinning it to KTLV Midwest City or OKC, due to splash from 1230 WBBZ Ponca City with music most of the time. Less than an hour later, I was not getting 1220 at all.

FCC shows the 250 watts are direxional with major lobes at 60 and 250 degrees, nulls including 340 degrees, close to Enidward, so it could still be on but with little signal here, while 250 W would be plenty if it were nondirexional. Forget about it at night, 5 watts on same pattern.

NRC AM Log 2009 shows format UC/GOS, which fits, and slogan ``Key To Living Victoriously`` --- gee, I always thought KTLV was supposed to evoke ``Twelve``. And furthermore it`s marked -I for IBOC, if so, certainly undetectable here.

1610, at quiet spots in western Enid one can make out the NWS relay via Great Salt Plains State Park TIS, WQCL720, axually licensed to the town just south, Jet. Quick & Easy leads right to the GE image at http://maps.google.com/maps?ll=36.742500,-98.132222&=0.03805,0.06727&t=k&hl=en

We located the mast in the park area to the left of the road opposite the airstrip, where BTW, our ``local`` NEXRAD weather radome is located, identified with Vance AFB, both quite a distance away.

1610 used to alternate NWS Enid 162+ MHz relays with local loop of info about attraxions at the park and other towns such as Cherokee, but lately I have heard nothing but NWS so perhaps the old tape wore out afte never having been changed for years, turn-it-on-and-forget-it.

ack to the point, on Feb 8 at 2140 I was unusually getting QRM from another 1610 TIS, believe it`s YL voice, making 1 Hz SAH, most likely from the next closest one, Kansas Turnpike Authority, per MW List Quick & Easy: ``WPQG483 Wellington, KS 0.01 nr jct k35 & us 160 hwy``which provides its own weather and traffic alerts for paying travelers (Glenn Hauser, Enid, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. 1160, KSL Salt Lake City UT, with delayed Jim Bohannon Show, Feb 11 at 0715 UT, but bad IBOC QRM. What could that be from? KFAQ Tulsa 1170 has stopped IBOC at least in the daytime, and still clear at 1715 UT check, but no other stations known on 1170 or 1150, much less 1180 or 1140, which would mess up 1160, where KSL itself is on the IBOC list at http://topazdesigns.com/iboc/station-list.html

Hmmm, could it have been out of whack, KSL QRMing itself too close to center channel? Besides, there was no IBOC bothering weaker signals on 1180, i.e. coming from 1170 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

**  U S A. 600 kHz, good signal looping NE/SW with nostalgia music, at 0052 UT Feb 15, a love song for VD, soon outroed as by Mary Jo Stafford, and the Phil Weston Orchestra, on ``Musical Memories`` for a Sunday afternoon, mentioning current hour 6-7 pm, so apparently live DJ somewhere in the CST zone, also giving weather forecast for what ``we`` could expect, including snow and below-freezing temps, but never a geographical hint as to exactly where ``we`` are, for those yearning for an ID.

But must be WMT Cedar Rapids IA. Soon confirmed it`s Jim Doyne at http://www.wmtradio.com/pages/musicalmemories.html

which says his show starts at 2 pm = 2000 UT:

``Relive your Musical Memories every Sunday with Jim Doyne --- Jim provides his listeners with the great songs of the 40’s, 50’s and early 60’s every Sunday afternoon from 2 to 7 pm.``

Companion show before it at 7:30 am-2 pm [1330-2000 UT] is: ``Leo Greco's Variety Time --- Leo has been a musician and entertainer in Eastern Iowa since the mid 1940’s. He show features a special blend of polkas, standards, country and other musical favorites. He’s been waking up Iowans on Sunday morning for over 35 years.``

WMT must be a ``full-service`` station daring to play music as well as news/talk the other six days of the week. Well, axually a disservice as their `news` comes from Fox, and Rash Limburger is on the roster, along with anti-administration stuff plastered all over their homepage.

Besides the nostalgic music, I`ll give them some credit for carrying Jim Bohannon --- since our local KGWA has dropped Jimbo, WMT is a possible source for him here at 0307-0559 UT Tue-Sat, tho hardly QRM-free (Glenn Hauser, Enid OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** OKLAHOMA. 1120, KEOR Sperry was absent at 2153 UT check Feb 18 on the caradio. It`s been quite reliable from some weeks, simulcasting KJMU 1340. Next check at 1538 Feb 19 found it on the air with talk, and a strange thumping noise every few seconds, perhaps some kind of feedback (Glenn Hauser, Enid, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. 1540, China Radio International, Feb 19 at 0645 tune-in to ``Everyday Chinese`` language lessons, and IDed as such about once a minute. Not // CRI via Sackville 6115. Steady S9+20 signal atop multiple SAHs, occasional fades but remains dominant past 0700 UT despite using my unfavorably-oriented E-W longwire on the FRG-7. Modulation very good. 0653 changed to ``Tips of the Chinese Culture``, the very title of which suggests they need some English lessons. 0655 announcement as ``China Now, from CRI, Beyond Beijing``; song.

Kept listening to catch a local ID around hourtop, but there was none!! Violation!! 0700 into CRI news starting with denunciation of Dalai Lama being received at the White House and the ``harm`` that has done to Sino-American relations.

Apparently this feed, as IDed above is different from what goes out on SW. Of course, 1540 is KGBC Galveston TX, which at the beginning of the year sold out to the ChiComs with a fulltime relay of CRI. Thank you, KGBC for advancing Chinese imperialist anti-Tibet propaganda.

Yes, CHIN Toronto also relays CRI part-time, but it`s a rarity here. And besides, CHIN is running Rai in Italian at this time per http://www.chinradio.com/radio-programs?sch2=1

I think I logged KGBC long ago, when it was a real local station, but not lately. It`s 2.5 kW day, 250 watts night, and with a null, tho not a deep one, at 350 degrees OKward at night. Daytime pattern is broader without such a null. Thus we suspect the latter was really in use at midnight.

KGBC has an application to move to ``Dayton`` TX, closer to Houston, increase power to 5 kW day, reduce to 187 watts night, and with similar patterns from two different sites, but surely that is not on yet even to test, as a CP has not been granted, per FCC AM Query (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

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