Education and qualifications obtained

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Curriculum Vitae: Janet F. Barlow

A Personal Information

Present appointments:

Professor of Environmental Physics, Department of Meteorology, University of Reading (0.5 FTE from 1.10.11)

Director of the Centre for Technologies for Sustainable Built Environments (TBSE), University of Reading (0.5FTE from 1.10.11)

Education and qualifications obtained:

2005 Postgraduate Certificate in Academic Practice (with Distinction)

1996-9 PhD on “Turbulent transfer of space charge in the atmospheric boundary layer”, Department of Meteorology, University of Reading.

    1. MSc in Applied and Agricultural Meteorology (Distinction), University of Reading.

    1. BSc in Applied Physics and German (2i), UMIST.

Previous appointments:

2009-12 Reader in Urban Meteorology, University of Reading

2002-9 Lecturer, Department of Meteorology, University of Reading

1999-2 Post-doctoral Research Assistant, Department of Meteorology, University of Reading

Feb 1999 Research Assistant on a field experiment in Spain, Department of Meteorology, University of Reading

Jun-Sep 93 Laboratory Assistant, Max Planck Research Institute, Berlin

B Research and Scholarship

My research is largely concerned with urban meteorology and is motivated by the need to understand fundamental atmospheric processes acting at building and city scale in the effort to improve urban sustainability, including air quality. My work is largely experimental in nature, dividing into wind-tunnel based physical modelling, and urban observational campaigns. Other areas include application of boundary layer methods to study of insects in the boundary layer; energy meteorology.

  1. Research Outputs

Contribution indicated by stars: * small (<33%) ** medium (33-66%) *** large contribution (>66%).

Publications submitted or in press:

36. Drew, D.R., Barlow, J.F. and Cockerill, T.T. (2012) Estimating the potential yield of small wind turbines in urban areas: a case for Greater London, UK., submitted to Journal of Wind Engineering and Industrial Aerodynamics **

35. Kubik, M., Brayshaw, D.J., Coker, P.J. and Barlow, J.F. (2012) Assessment of the role of reanalysis data in simulating wind generation, submitted to Applied Energy *

34. Wood, C.R., Pauscher, L., Ward, H.C., Kotthaus, S., Barlow, J.F., Gouvea, M., Lane, S.E. and Grimmond, C.S.B. (2012), Wind observations above an urban river using a new lidar technique, sctinillometry and anemometry, submitted to Science of the Total Environment **

33. Coker, P.J., Barlow, J.F., Cockerill, T. and Shipworth, D. (2012) Measuring significant variability characteristics: an assessment of three UK renewables, accepted by Renewable Energy **

32. Kubik, M, Coker, P.J., Barlow, J.F. and Hunt, C. (2012) A study into the accuracy of using meteorological wind data to estimate turbine generation output, accepted by Renewable Energy *


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30. Barlow, J.F., Harrison, J., Robins, A.G. and Wood, C.R. (2011) A wind-tunnel study of flow distortion at a meteorological sensor on top of the BT Tower, London, UK, Journal of Wind Engineering and Industrial Aerodynamics, 99(9) SI, 899-907, doi:10.1016/j.jweia.2011.05.001 ***

29. Takimoto, H., Sato, A., Barlow, J.F., Moriwaki, R., Onomura, S. and Kanda, M. (2011) PIV measurements of turbulent flow within an outdoor urban scale model and flushing motions in urban canopy layers, Boundary-Layer Meteorol.,140 (2), 295-314, doi: 10.1007/s10546-011-9612-6 **

28. Martin, D.E., Petersson K.F., White, I.R., Henshaw S.J., Nickless G., Lovelock, A., Barlow, J.F., Dunbar, T., Wood, C.R. and D.E. Shallcross (2011), Tracer concentration profiles measured in central London as part of the REPARTEE campaign, Atmospheric Chemistry and Physic,11, 227-239, DOI: 10.5194/acp-11-227-2011 **

27. Helfter, C., Famulari, D., Phillips, G.J., Barlow, J.F., Wood, C.R., Grimmond, C.S.B. and Nemitz, E.(2011) Controls of carbon dioxide concentrations and fluxes above central London, Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 11, 1913-1928, doi:10.5194/acp-11-1913-2011**

26. Helfter, C., Famulari, D., Phillips, G.J., Barlow, J.F., Wood, C.R., Grimmond, C.S.B. and Nemitz, E.(2011) Controls of carbon dioxide concentrations and fluxes above central London (vol 11, pg 1913, 2011), correction, Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 11, 2081-2081, doi:10.5194/acp-11-2081-2011*

25. Barlow, J.F., Dunbar, T.M., Nemitz, E.G., Wood, C.R., Gallagher, M.W., Davies, F., O’Connor, E. and Harrison, R.M. (2011) Boundary layer dynamics over London, UK, as observed using Doppler lidar, Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 11, 2111-2125 ***

24. Dall’Osto, M., Thorpe, A., Beddows, D.C.S., Harrison, R.M., Barlow, J.F., Dunbar, T., Williams, P.I. and Coe, H. (2011) Remarkable dynamics of nanoparticles in the urban atmosphere, Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics , 10, 30651-30689, doi:10.5194/acp-11-6623-2011, **

23. Martin, D.E., Nickless, G., Price, C.S., Britter, R.E., Neophytou, M.K., Cheng, H., Robins, A.G., Dobre, A., Belcher, S.E., Barlow, J.F., Tomlin, A.S., Smalley, R.J., Tate, J.E., Colvile, R.N., Arnold, S.J. and Shallcross, D.E. (2010) Urban tracer dispersion experiment in London (DAPPLE) 2003: field study and comparison with empirical prediction, Atmospheric Science Letters, 11(4), 241-248*

22. Wood, C.R., Lacser, A., Barlow J.F., Padhra, A., Belcher, S.E., Nemitz, E., Helfter, C., Famulari, D. and Grimmond, C.S.B. (2010) Turbulent flow at 190 m height above London during 2006-2008: a climatology and the applicability of similarity theory, Boundary Layer Meteorology, 137(1), 77-96 **

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19. Grimmond, C.S.B., Blackett, M., Best, M.J., Barlow, J., Baik, J.J., Belcher, S.E., Bohnenstengel, S.I., Calmet, I., Chen, F., Dandou, A., Fortuniak, K., Gouvea, M.L., Hamdi, R., Hendry, M., Kawai, T., Kawamoto, Y., Kondo, H., Krayenhoff, E.S., Lee, S.H., Loridan, T., Martilli, A., Masson, V., Miao, S., Oleson, K., Pigeon, G., Porson, A., Ryu, Y.H., Salamanca, F., Shashua-Bar, L., Steeneveld, G.J., Tombrou, M., Voogt, J., Young, D., Zhang, N. (2010) The International Urban Energy Balance Models Comparison Project: First Results from Phase 1, Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology, 49(6), 1268-1292**

18. Wood, C.R., Clark, S.J., Barlow, J.F., and Chapman, J.W. (2010) Layers of nocturnal insect migrants at high-altitude: the influence of atmospheric conditions on their formation, Agricultural and Forest Entomology, 12(1), 113-121 **

17. Barlow, J.F., Dobre, A., Smalley, R.J., Arnold, S. J., Tomlin, A.S., and Belcher, S.E.(2009) Referencing of street-level flows: results from the DAPPLE 2004 campaign in London, UK. Atmospheric Environment, 43, 5536-5544 ***

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12. Cai, X-M., Barlow, J.F. and Belcher, S.E. (2008) Dispersion and transfer of passive pollutants in and above street canyons – Large eddy simulations, Atmospheric Environment, 42 (23), 5885-5895 **

11. Barlow, J.F., Rooney, G.G., von Hunerbein, S. and Bradley, S.G. (2008), Relating urban surface layer structure to upwind terrain for the Salford experiment (Salfex), Boundary Layer Meteorology, 127 (2), 173-191 ***

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8. Dobre, A., Arnold, S.J., Smalley, R.J., Boddy, J.W.D., Barlow, J.F., Tomlin, A.S. and Belcher, S.E. (2005) Flow field measurements in the proximity of an urban intersection in London, UK, Atmospheric Environment, 39(26), 4647-4657 **

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2. Longley, I.D., Gallagher, M.W., Dorsey, J.R. and Barlow, J.F. (2004) Short-term measurements of airflow and turbulence in two street canyons in Manchester, Atmospheric Environment, 38(1), 69-79 **

1. Barlow, J.F. and Belcher, S.E. (2002) A wind tunnel model for quantifying fluxes in the urban boundary layer, Boundary Layer Meteorology, 104(1), 131-150 ***

Book chapters:

Grimmond, C.S.B., Best, M., Barlow, J , Arnfield, A.J., Baik, J-J, Belcher, S.E., Bruse, M., Calmet, I., Chen, F., Clark, P., Dandou, A., Erell, E., Fortuniak, K., Hamdi, R., Kanda, M., Kawai, T., Kondo, H., Krayenhoff, S., Lee, S.H., Limor, S-B., Martilli, A., Masson, V., Miao, S., Mills, G., Moriwaki, R., Oleson, K., Porson, A., Sievers, U., Tombrou, M., Voogt, J., Williamson, T., “Urban surface energy balance models: model characteristics and methodology for a comparison study”, in “Meteorological and Air Quality Models for Urban Areas”, ed. Baklanov, A., Grimmond, S., Mahura, A. and Athanassiadou, M., Springer-Verlag, pp183, DOI: 10.1007/978-3-642-00298-4_11 **

Barlow, J.F. (2009): “Boundary Layer Meteorology and Atmospheric Dispersion”, in “Atmospheric Science for Environmental Scientists”, ed. C.N. Hewitt, A.V. Jackson, John Wiley and Sons, ISBN 1405156902, 9781405156905 ***


Barlow, J.F. and O. Coceal (2009) A review of urban roughness sublayer turbulence, Technical report 527, Met Office. ***

Book reviews:

Barlow, J.F. Surface-based remote sensing of the atmospheric boundary layer by Stefan Emeis, Boundary-Layer Meteorology, DOI 10.1007/s10546-011-9659-4 ***

  1. Research students supervised

5 students successfully completed* within 4 years FTE (as of 18th November 2011)

2011-14 Judith McConnell (NERC/NCAS funded, 1st supervisor, joint with Omduth Coceal) “The turbulent structure of the urban boundary layer”

2011-15 Marek Kubik (EPSRC funded, EngD, 2nd supervisor, joint with Phil Coker) “The impact of high levels of renewable generation on an existing fossil fuel based electricity market”

2011-15 Sahm Sawaf (EPSRC funded, EngD, 1st supervisor, joint with Emmanuel Essah) “Energy reduction solutions within retail outlets” (previous student: Elizabeth Mottram)

2010-13 Sian Lane (EPSRC, CASE award with Met Office (H. Lean), 1st supervisor) “Assessing the validity of urban scale numerical weather prediction”

2010-13 Aidan Brocklehurst (EPSRC, sole supervisor) “The effect of urban climate on urban energy supply and demand”

2010-13 Wagner Nogueira Neto (EPSRC, CASE award with Ove Arup (J. Hacker/A. Allsop), sole supervisor) “The dependence of urban climate on building layout and design”

2009-13 Rosario Nobile (EPSRC funded, EngD, 2nd supervisor, joint with Maria Vahdati) “Building integrated wind energy”

*2008-11 Dan Drew (EPSRC funded, 2nd supervisor, joint with Tim Cockerill) “Micro-wind turbines in urban areas”.

*2007-11 Tyrone Dunbar (NERC funded, 2nd supervisor, joint with Stephen Belcher) “Using inverse modelling techniques with lidar measurements to estimate surface sensible heat flux”.

2007-11 Member of PhD. Committee for Sean Arms, University of Oklahoma.

*2005-9 Anil Padhra (NERC funded, sole supervisor, CASE award with Met Office (D. Thompson, D. Middleton)). “Characterising atmospheric response to urban surface heterogeneity”.

*2005-11 Phil Coker (EPSRC funded, 2nd supervisor, joint with Tim Cockerill and David Shipworth, School of Construction Management). “Assessing the variability of UK renewables”.

*2003-7 Curtis Wood (BBSRC funded, 1st supervisor, joint supervision with Rothamsted Research, CASE award with Met Office (P. Clark)). “The influence of the nocturnal boundary layer on insect layering”.

2002- Member of Monitoring Committee for more than 20 PhD students, University of Reading.

Visiting international research student supervision:

2011 Luca Caporosa (7 months, University of Bologna)

2009-10 Hiroshi Takimoto (6 months, Toyko Institute of Technology)

2010-11 Noora Eresmaa (9 months, Finnish Meteorological Institute)

  1. Grants and contracts

2013-18 “Refresh: Remodelling Building Design Sustainability from a Human Centred Approach, EPSRC, £847,176 (Reading), £2.2 million in total, partners Noakes (Leeds), Schraefel (Southampton)

2013 “Impact of extreme events on power production at the scale of a single wind-farm”, National Grid, £145,000, Principal Investigator, supervising 1 PDRA

2011-18 “Industrial Doctorate Centre: Technologies for Sustainable Built Environments”, EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training, £5,967,528, Principal Investigator/Director (as of 1.10.11; plus 4 Co-Is, Reading)

2010-13 “Clean Air for London: ClearfLo”, Consortium grant, NERC, £488, 654 (Reading), £3.2 million in total, Co-Investigator in charge of BT Tower measurement platform, (PI S. Belcher, Reading, plus 17 others across 10 institutions)

2009-14 “Advanced Climate Technology Urban Atmospheric Laboratory (ACTUAL)”, EPSRC Challenging Engineering award, £1,023,188. Principal Investigator, supervising 1 PDRA, 1 Technician and 3 PhD students, leading an urban climate research group, initiating research across engineering-meteorology disciplines

2008 “Urban Meteorological Impacts for Dispersion”, Met Office, £20,425, Principal Investigator, writing literature review on flow properties in urban streets to inform pollutant dispersion modelling

2006-9 “Dispersion experiments in London: HO-DAPPLE”, Home Office, £117,250 (Reading), £828,637 in total, Co-Investigator, co-supervising 1 PDRA, supervising 1 Technician, designing and co-ordinating full-scale tracer experiments in London (PI A. Robins, Surrey, plus 7 institutions)

2005-8 “All weather Doppler lidar for clouds and boundary layer”, NERC, £149,597. Co-Investigator (PI A. Illingworth, plus 4 Co-I’s, Reading).

2004-6 “Quantifying turbulent ventilation of heat and pollution from urban areas”, EPSRC First Grant Award, £97,581. Principal Investigator, supervising 1 PDRA and 1 Technician, leading wind tunnel experimental design and development of novel methodology

2002-5 “Dispersion of air pollution and penetration into the local environment (DAPPLE)”, EPSRC, £149,478 (Reading), £1,543,360 over 6 Research Organisations. Co-Investigator, co-supervising 2 PDRAs, designing full-scale flow and tracer measurements in London.

  1. Evidence of research esteem

Invited talks:


2012 Technologies for sustainable built environments (TSBE), 15th March 2012, CSIRO Urban Science Symposium, 13-15 March 2012, Melbourne, Australia

2012 Building an urban atmospheric laboratory in London: lessons learnt from a decade of experiments, 14th March 2012, CSIRO Urban Science Symposium, 13-15 March 2012, Melbourne, Australia

2008 Surface layer response to a heterogeneous urban canopy, 14th May 2008, University of Auckland, New Zealand (paid visit)

2008 The DAPPLE experiment: flow patterns controlling dispersion in urban areas, 7th April 2008, CSIRO, Canberra, Australia (paid visit)

2007 Flow patterns controlling dispersion in urban areas, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Tokyo, Japan, 17th Oct 2007 (paid visit)

2006 Effect of urban morphology on scalar transport in the urban roughness sublayer, invited participant plus talk, Geophysical Turbulence Program Workshop on Turbulence and Scalar Transport in Roughness Sublayers, National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR), Boulder, US, 28th September 2006. (paid visit)

2006 Scalar transport in urban canopies, University of Oklahoma, 21st September 2006


2012 Urban Meteorology – lessons learnt from a decade of experiments in London, UK Wind Engineering Society Conference, Southampton 10-12th September 2012, keynote talk

2012 Measuring fluxes over urban areas: results from observations in London, 13th February 2012, Prime Minister’s Initiative 2 (PMI2) workshop, British Council sponsored, Newcastle University, 13-14th Feb 2012

2012 Urban Climate, Architectural Association: School of Architecture (EmTech), London, 22nd February 2012 (honorarium paid)

2011 Urban Climate, Architectural Association: School of Architecture (EmTech), London, 16th February 2011 (honorarium paid)

2011 Urban Boundary Layer, Wind Engineering Society Technical Meeting, ICE, 19th January 2011

2009 Urban Boundary Layer Meteorology, University College London, 19th November 2009

2009 Meteorological measurements in urban areas, National Physical Laboratory (Teddington), 21st April 2009

2008 Measurements and models of the urban roughness sublayer, University of Southampton, 17th December 2008

2007 The DAPPLE experiment: dispersion experiments in central London, Imperial College London, 22nd May 2007

2007 Measurements to support dispersion experiments, Royal Meteorological Society Special Interest Group on Instrumentation meeting, University of Birmingham, 19th March 2007

2006 SimCity in the wind tunnel: physical modelling of turbulent flow in urban areas, School of Engineering, University of Birmingham, 15th November 2006

2006 Experimental investigation of urban boundary layers, The Met Office, 6th October 2006

2005 Transfer processes in urban canopies, ATREUS research project meeting, Cambridge, 20th April 2005


My published papers currently have 460 citations (h-factor 12) to October 2012. Search completed using ISI Web of Knowledge (Address=Reading AND Author=Barlow J*, timespan=2002-2012)

Contribution to research activities at national/international level:


2012 Member of Scientific Organising Committee for 8th International Conference on Urban Climatology, Dublin, 6-10th August 2012

2010- Member of Board of Urban Environment, American Meteorological Society

2003-7 Elected Member of Board of the International Association of Urban Climate. Duties included Chair of Membership Committee

2005-6 Member of Scientific Organising Committee for 6th International Conference on Urban Climatology, Gothenburg, 2006

2004, 2006 Member of Assessment Committee for Assistant/Associate Professorship candidates, University of Bergen

  • Session chair at International Conferences: 2003 ICUC-5 (Poland), 2005 Physmod (Canada), 2005, 2007 Royal Meteorological Society (Manchester, Edinburgh), 2008 Wind and Structures (Korea), 2010 Wind Engineering (UK)

  • Reviewer for many international scientific journals (Boundary Layer Meteorology, Atmospheric Environment, Journal of Applied Meteorology, Journal of Wind Engineering and Industrial Aerodynamics etc.).


2011 PhD external examiner, Jean Claus, University of Southampton, December 2011

2011- Honorary Reader in Energy Institute, University College London

2011- Co-chair of Air Pollution Research In London (APRIL) knowledge exchange network

2010 Organiser of Royal Meteorological Society National Meeting “Adapting our Cities for Future Climates”, 17th Feb 2010

2009 Keynote speaker, and Member of Organising Committee for National Centre for Atmospheric Science (NCAS) sponsored Workshop on “Urban roughness sublayers – from measurements and CFD to predictive models”, 30th-31st March 2009, Reading.

2008- National Co-ordinator of environmental research conducted on the BT Tower, London

2008- Member of Steering Committee for Air Pollution Research In London (APRIL) network

2008- Member of Wind Engineering Society (Institution of Civil Engineers)

2006- Co-author of NERC National Centre for Atmospheric Science Urban Meteorology Programme Strategy

2006 Organiser of Royal Meteorological Society Wednesday Meeting on “Urban Meteorology”, 15th February 2006

2007 PhD external examiner, Matt Rigby, Imperial College London, December 2007

  • Reviewer of proposals for NERC, EPSRC


1997 C.N Davies Award from The Aerosol Society for PhD work

Collaborative research:

I am a major contributor to field-based research within the UK, particularly engaged with urban fieldwork investigating pollution process in UK cities. I was a co-author of the National Centre for Atmospheric Science (NCAS) Urban Meteorology Strategy (2006). I have taken part in the following urban observational campaigns: PUMA (2000), Salfex (2002, fieldwork manager), DAPPLE (2003-2006), DAPPLE-HO (2006-2009), REPARTEE (2007), ACTUAL (2009-2014), ClearfLo (2010-2013).

Research leadership within the School:

I lead a group of urban climate researchers (currently 8 members, two of whom are TSBE EngD research engineers) and am joint leader of the Boundary Layer Meteorology group, alongside S. Belcher. Through my role as Laboratories Manager (2008-2011), I was responsible for co-ordinating technical support of PhD and funded research projects, and maintaining a well-found laboratory. I successfully negotiated contracts for lab- and field-based research support services with DEFRA and Whitfield Solar totalling £17k p.a.

Contribution to research activities within the University:

I have co-supervised MSc and PhD projects with colleagues in the School of Construction Management and Engineering. I set up the inter-School Energy Research Group in 2008, and I am now Director of the interdisciplinary TSBE Centre. I have been a Walker Institute Research Associate since 2007, currently actively engaged in the Climate-KIC project. I have been an interview panel member for 4 lectureships and 2 RCUK fellowships. I have been an internal examiner for 5 PhD students, and have been staff development reviewer for up to 8 people, including post-doctoral research assistants. I have submitted four papers and esteem indicators to all RAEs since becoming a lecturer (2003, 2008), and will be submitted fully as part of REF 2014.

C Knowledge transfer, enterprise and outreach

Government and Industry:

2011 Organiser of APRIL network meeting “The role(s) of vegetation in urban areas”, 3rd October 2011

2011-15 Sahm Sawaf, EngD project with Johnson Construction

2010 “Urban Climate Research” presentation to visiting DEFRA civil servants, 14th April 2010

2010 Organiser of APRIL network meeting “Science outcomes from research on the BT Tower, London”, 26th January 2010

2010 Anil Padhra’s PhD thesis delivered as part of Met Office CASE award.

2009-13 Marek Kubik, EngD project with AES (Alternative Energy Supplies)

2009-13 Rosario Nobile, EngD project with Matilda’s Planet

2009 Witness for Renewable Energy Systems, Ltd. at public inquiry into Den Brook wind farm, report writing/inquiry appearance, £3840

2008-11 Laboratory Manager, Department of Meteorology: negotiated service contracts for DEFRA, Whitfield Solar (total £17k p.a.)

2007 Curtis Wood’s PhD thesis delivered as part of Met Office CASE award.

2006-9 Contributed to interim reports delivered to Home Office as part of DAPPLE-HO project.

2006- “The impact of buildings on local wind flows”, £6,048. Consultancy Agreement with Peter Brett Associates.

2006 Gave two presentations to audience including members of London local authorities, Westminster City Council, Greater London Authority, Transport for London, etc. at DAPPLE conference, 16th May 2006, organised through the APRIL network.

1998 Consultancy Agreement with Aboricultural Advisory and Information Information Service. Report written (Barlow, J.F. and Harrison, R.G. (1998) Measuring tree shadow length, Aboricultural Advisory and Information Service.)

Wider community:

2012 One of the “Experts” in The Cabaret of Ideas, Milton Keynes International Festival, 20-29th July 2012

2011 Appearance in BBC programme “Horizon – What is One Degree?”, 10th January 2011

2010 Appearance in BBC London programme “Wild Weather – Climate in the City”, 20th September 2010

2010 Member of panel discussion at Royal Society, “Our buildings, our neighbourhoods, our cities?”, 13th September 2010

2010 Exhibition piece “Ice-Traffic”, at Royal Festival Hall as part of Royal Society “See Further” festival, July 2010

2008 Exhibition piece “The Breathing City”, at Lighthouse, Brighton as part of the Expo Brighton Arts Festival, 4-6th July 2008.

2007 “Urban Atmospheres”, talk given to Reading Friends of the Earth group, 8th August 2007

2006- Annual talks to Emmbrook Court (Sheltered Housing Scheme) in Reading on weather-related topics.

2006 “Pollution: from city streets to the global scale”, talk and laboratory demonstrations given as part of Department of Meteorology 40th Anniversary Open Day, 6th May 2006

2004 Laboratory demonstrations given at Department of Meteorology Open Day, as part of National Science Week.

2001- Laboratory and Atmospheric Observatory demonstrations given to Friends of the University, French National Weather Service visit, Talented and Gifted Children visits, etc.

D Teaching

Teaching load (in brackets: credits, approx. student numbers, contact hours):

2010- MT37J/MT49E Boundary Layer Meteorology (Part B: practicals) (10cr, ~23, 25hrs)

2010-11 CEMRUS Sustainable Urban Systems, contributed 2 hour lecture

2009-11 MT374XH Arran fieldcourse (10cr, ~25,55hrs)

2009-10 MTMG49 Boundary Layer Meteorology and Micrometeorology (10cr, ~30, 25hrs)

2006-08 Co-supervision of visiting U.S. undergraduate project students, with Petra Klein at University of Oklahoma

2006-07 ES2X6 Environmental Earth Science field class, Tenerife (10cr, ~20, 60hrs)

2005-08 ES2A5 Environmental Systems, contributed 2 hour lecture, exam questions

2004-09 MT36E Boundary Layer Meteorology (20cr, ~23, 42hrs) (became MT37J/MT49E in 2010)

2004-10 CEMIB9: Module 9: Sustainable Design, Construction and Operation, MSc Intelligent Buildings, contributed 3 hour lecture

2004- MTMG05 Professional Skills, MSc Team project supervisor, biennial, (10cr,~4,5hrs)

2003-04 MT26F Atmospheric Analogues (10cr, ~20, 17hrs)

2002-06 Academic tutor for MSc students

2002-05 MTMW20 Fluid Dynamics of the Atmosphere and Oceans (Practicals) (10/20cr, ~25, 12hrs)

2002-05 MTMG34 Experiencing the Weather (10cr, ~30, 40hrs)

2002-03 MT626 Microscale Meteorology (10cr, ~23,20hrs) (became MT36E in 2004)

2002-03 MT627 Surface Layer Processes (10cr, ~23, 20hrs) (became MT36E in 2004)

2002- Supervisior or co-supervisor of more than 15 BSc project students

2002- Weather and Climate Discussion – presenter, contributor

2000- Supervisor or co-supervisor of more than 20 MSc dissertation students

Other teaching support activities include Undergraduate Personal Tutor. NB: teaching load reduced as of 1.10.11 due to starting as Director of TSBE Centre 0.5 FTE.

Quality of teaching and commitment to CPD at University and national level:

I have taught in a wide range of teaching methods (e.g. lectures, small group tutorials, problem classes) but have a special interest in teaching and learning science through practical methods (i.e. lab and field based practical work). This was the focus of my PGCAP project, for which I was nominated for the Project Prize in 2005. My ability to explain my science area clearly has been consistently highly rated in student feedback, and led to my being invited to write a chapter for the textbook “Atmospheric Science for Environmental Scientists” (published 2009, John Wiley), and to give a postgraduate level lecture at the NCAS Summer School, Sep 2011.

2011 NCAS Summer School, contributed lecture on “Urban Meteorology” (Sep 2011)

2009 Barlow, J.F.: “Boundary Layer Meteorology and Atmospheric Dispersion”, in “Atmospheric Science for Environmental Scientists”, ed. C.N. Hewitt, A.V. Jackson, John Wiley and Sons, ISBN 1405156902, 9781405156905 ***

2005 Post-Graduate Certificate in Academic Practice (with Distinction). Project Dissertation: “Efficiency vs. Efficacy: teaching practical courses in the face of increasing student numbers”, nominated for project prize. Reflective Portfolio used within CSTD courses as example of best practice.

2004 Departmental representative to Periodic Review Panel (Library Co-ordinator), contributor to report on use of library in support of student learning.

2002- Feedback from students across all my taught modules consistently states that my teaching is well paced, “very clear explanations”, I supply “clear notes”, and I am described as being “very enthusiastic”.

Enhancement to curriculum development and delivery:

I am committed to pulling through research excellence into teaching excellence. This underpinned two successful bids to upgrade Departmental instrumentation (total £25k) to what I perceived to be research grade equipment for use in the field and wind tunnel laboratory, and subsequent redevelopment of module material. I have involved both undergraduate and postgraduate students in my field-based research consortium projects.

2010-11 Secured Departmental funds (£15k) to buy infra-red gas analyser, developed its use in MSc dissertation, undergraduate and postgraduate practical classes to give experience of research grade experimentation. Rewrote MT37J module to teach latest micrometeorological research methods.

2009-11 Re-timetabling of MT37J/MT49E Boundary Layer Meteorology to provide more consistent fieldwork-based learning (improved timing with regard to pre-requisite module MT26E Surface Energy Exchange and optional MT374XH Arran fieldcourse).

2004 Development of MT36E Boundary Layer Meteorology module out of MT626 Microscale Meteorology and MT627 Surface Layer Processes which I had previously been teaching. Re-designed to satisfy the more intensive timetabling of the practical content (3 weeks instead of 7 weeks) without compromising on learning quality. Used as example in PGCAP project dissertation.

2004 Secured Departmental funds (£10k) to replace wind tunnel instrumentation to allow research grade flow measurement for use in student projects.

Supporting students’ learning and development:

Since being a lecturer I have always taken on substantial roles at Departmental level in supporting the infrastructure for student learning. As Laboratories Manager I developed a good rapport with technical staff and implemented changes in staffing structure to produce a better functioning team in support of lab- and field-based teaching. Through my efforts I led a nomination bid in 2009 which resulted in a CDoTL Team Award for Outstanding Contributions to Teaching and Learning Support for two Lab and two IT staff comprising the MetFiDAS (short for Meteorology Field Data Acquisition System) team. Their meteorological data acquisition system now supports student projects across the University.

2008-11 Manager of Laboratories and Atmospheric Observatory, Department of Meteorology. Responsible for annual budget of £20-30k, team of 6 technicians, delivering technical support for teaching (7 modules lab/field-based content, BSc and MSc practical projects, demonstrations) and research. Implemented restructuring of staff responsibilities with considerable personnel-related challenges (retirements, disciplinary issues, budgeting)

2004-7 Examinations Officer, Department of Meteorology. Responsible for co-ordination of 3 secretaries, delivery of examination papers and results, organisation of MSc level examinations.

2002-4 Library Representative, Department of Meteorology. Responsible for annual budget of £20-30k, supervision of Departmental Librarian. Member of Faculty of Science Library Committee.


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