Summer/Autumn term 2008

НазваниеSummer/Autumn term 2008
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Summer/Autumn term 2008

Dr Robin Hogan, Room 2L77

Module aims

This module aims to provide the student with an understanding of how small-scale processes affect the thermodynamic and kinematic structures of the atmospheric boundary layer. The module, in particular part A, builds on concepts introduced in MT23E (Surface Energy Exchange). It is divided into two parts:

Part A: Surface Layer Processes (summer term, weeks 8-10)

Practical work and lectures with the aim of illustrating methods of measurement and interpretation of turbulent transfer processes within the surface layer. Consists of 10 hours of lectures, 9 hours practicals, and a 3 hour “mini-conference” (including brief presentation).

Part B: Boundary Layer Processes (autumn term, week 1-10)

Theoretical consideration of small scale (<10km) processes occurring within the boundary layer. Consists of 16 hours of lectures, 4 hours of tutorials.

Assessment consists of:

Summer term 2008: 1 practical write-up 10%

1 team presentation + data summary 10%

Autumn term 2008: 1 extended practical write-up 20%

1 assignment 10%

Summer term 2009: exam 50%

Part A: Surface layer processes


A. Introduction to the atmospheric boundary layer

Revision of surface energy exchange

B. Fundamentals of turbulence

Reynolds averaging, K theory

C. Statistical description of turbulence

Integral time scale

D. The dynamics of turbulence and the Richardson Number

Turbulent Kinetic Energy equation

E. Micrometeorology of the surface layer

Log profile, Monin-Obukhov theory, Businger-Dyer equations

F. Drag law

G. Micrometeorological methods for measuring surface fluxes

Eddy correlation, profile methods

H. Penman method

Resistance notation, Penman-Monteith equation


  1. Penman analysis

  2. Eddy correlation method for estimating fluxes

  3. Profile analysis

Recommended reading

Stull, R. B., 1988, An introduction to boundary layer meteorology, Kluwer (551.5)

(Very comprehensive and readable)

Arya, S. P. S., 1988, Introduction to micrometeorology, Academic Press (551.5)

(Good introductory text)

Arya, S. P. S. Air pollution meteorology and dispersion, Oxford (551.55)

(Particularly surface-layer aspects and pollution)

Oke, T. R., 1987, Boundary Layer Climates, Routledge (551.66)

(Particularly surface energy exchange and urban meteorology)

Panofsky, H.A. and J.A.Dutton, 1983, Atmospheric Turbulence, John Wiley, 397 pp.

Monteith, J.L. and Unsworth, M.H., 1990, Principles of Environmental Physics, Arnold

Holton, J. R. An introduction to dynamic meteorology (Chapter 5) Academic Press (551.5153)

(Particularly equations of motion and Reynolds averaging)

Kaimal, J. C. & Finnigan, J. J., 1994, Atmospheric boundary layer flows, Oxford (551.5512)

(Particularly spectra, flow over different surfaces and experimental techniques)

Garratt, J. R. The atmospheric boundary layer, Cambridge (551.5512)

(Rigorous mathematical treatment)



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