Experiences, visions, and prophecy 1909 1961

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I said, "That right?"

Said, "Yes!" Said, "God sent that ministry to hit the nerve spots, the big spots, the highlights."

I seen the devil talking right then. I thought, "Yeah, jump down off this mountain and show, you know, off this building." See, see? I thought I'd just lead him on a little farther." My mother used to say, "Give the cow enough rope; she will hang her own-self." I said, "Is that right?"

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"Yes," said, "it's a shame. But what you do..." Said, "What are you? Today you can hardly buy yourself a meal." And said, "Look at Oral Roberts and them stepped in and got out there with the--one hundredth of the ministry you got, and look what they got."

I said, "Yeah, that's right!" See?

And he said, "My group will take you. We'll take you right in as--as one of our brethren. They'll all give you the right hand of fellowship, and we'll charter a plane and give you your wages of five hundred a week or more if you want it, and we'll send you to every major city in the country." This happened right in Phoenix, Arizona, right across the table. And he said, "And we'll pay your..." Said, "Then let the world, the outside world, let the dignitaries, the big guys, the up-and-up..." Said, "You're always talking about the down-and-out, we got the up-and-outs." Said, "Let them see the hand of the Lord. Then I'll let them take my wife along, and others can prove that those things that you say comes to pass.

I said, "Yes, sir, that'd be great!" Now see, the man in the position of a D.L., LL.D., a writer of books, see, Doctor of Literature, fine writer, fine man. See, he didn't know the Scripture. Did you know that Angel that performed them kind of works never did go to Sodom? He stayed with the called-out group, Abraham. He just didn't know it. I just let him alone, just set there a little bit. And I just wanted to see what the catch was. And I said, "Well, what would I have to do?"

Said, "Well, Brother Branham, just--the only thing they said, we discussed it--a few things, little petty things that you teach that... you just lay them aside."

I said, "For instance, what, Brother?"

"Oh," they said, "your baptism, you know. You know, you kinda baptize like the oneness, something like that." And said, "Little things like that."

I said, "Oh?" I went ahead.

And he said, "The initial evidence, and women preachers and a little--just a few little things like that."

I said, "Ah, ha!" I said, "You know, I'm surprised that one servant of God would ask another servant of God, after paying the tribute to me you did and calling me a prophet, and knowing that the Word of the Lord, or the revelation of the Word comes to the prophet, and you turn around, Doctor Pope--it doesn't speak of your good intelligence--and would say and ask one servant of God

--you ask another servant of God to compromise on the thing that literally means more to him than life itself." I said, "No, sir, Brother Pope, by no means would I do it. No, sir!" What is it? There's a grain of Eternal Life, live or die, whether you're a great guy or not a great guy.

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I passed by the other day, no disregards to these two man, I looked over there and there was a great picture there at Tulsa, Oklahoma, Oral Roberts' new--a place coming, a seminary to educate ministers. It's going to cost--and I know Demas Shakarian, Brother Carl Williams, and them that are on the board of trustees of it--fifty million dollars, with a three million dollar building--a Pentecostal boy. That's a great lot that God has done for him. And I think, "Me, with a seminary? I'm against it to begin with." And it said, "The future home of Oral Roberts' great seminary."

Went on down the road, there was a great modern thing, (and Oral Roberts in a little ragged tent come to my meeting over in Kansas City, Kansas), it said, "The future home of Tommy Osborn," oh, man, about three- or four-million-dollar place going up like that. And there... Tommy Osborn, a--one of the finest Christian man, he's a real man, a real God-sent man, stood right across the street, that little nervous boy, and a little boy and girl in the car, running around... said, "Brother Branham, I was there when I seen that maniac run out; and I seen you point your finger in his face and say, 'In the Name of Jesus Christ, come out of him!' I seen him fall across your feet after he put his prophecy and said, 'Tonight I'll knock you plumb out in the middle of that audience of sixty-five hundred people.'" And said, "I seen you stand there, never raise a voice and said, 'In the Name of the Lord, because that you have challenged the Spirit of God, tonight you'll fall over my feet.' He said, I'll show you whose feet I'll fall over.'"

And I said, "Come out of him, Satan"; he just fell backwards and pinned my feet right to the floor.

He said, "God is God, Brother Branham, that's all!" Said, "I've had myself nailed in a house for two or three days." He don't pull no punches. He will tell about it. He's not ashamed of it. Said, "You think I got a gift of healing?"

I said, "Forget it, Tommy, you was sent to preach the Gospel, go preach it. Go with Brother Bosworth there."

And I looked there, and I seen... I started before both of those. I thought, "There's Oral Roberts with five hundred machines, that not even a human hand touches the letters, four million dollars in the mail last year, four million." One-fourth of all the money that was taken up in the whole Christiandom world over, one-fourth of the money in all Christiandom come in to one man. What a place! I went out there to see it, and...

Now, Oral's my brother. My, I love him. He's a real fellow, real guy, and I love him. And he just thinks the world of me, and I do of him too. We just don't agree on Scripture. And Tommy Osborn, not a better. I just think the world of him; he's one of the finest man that I've met, Tommy Osborn. And those man... And I thought, "When I went into their office and seen what they had, I think I'd be ashamed for them to come and see mine, one little typewriter and us trying to get the letters out and..." What a thing, setting in the end of a trailer at that time." I thought, "What would that be?" Then I walked out, and I thought "Well, the future home of Oral Roberts, the future home of Tommy Osborn, one don't speak to the other one." So I went down the road, and I thought, "But what about me?"

And Something said, "Look up!"

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I thought, "Yes, Lord, let me lay my treasures in Heaven, for there's where my heart is." I'm not saying that for pity, I'm just saying that because it happened, and God knows that that's right. See?

Where is your treasures? Do you want to be some great somebody? If you are, you're nobody. You get to a place till you don't want to be a great somebody, you want to be a humble little servant to Christ. That's the way out. That's all.

Is Your Life Worthy Of The Gospel? June 30, 1963


There was a Methodist brother, three of them that comes to this church from up in Ohio, or northern Indiana, they said to me not long ago, said, "Brother Branham," said, "we just received the Holy Ghost, shall we now seek for gifts for our ministry?"

I said, "Don't do it! Let it alone."

And he turned and looked at me, said, "I just read a certain brother's book that told us after we received the Holy Ghost we 'should seek gifts,' for these to use this Holy Ghost."

I said, "And become a stuffed shirt!" See?

If you notice in the Bible, it's always those who are trying to get away from it, that God uses. As long as a man's... wants to do something and thinks he's got enough ability he can put the job over, God can never use that man. Look at Moses, running; look at Paul, running; and the rest of them, trying to get away from it.

I said, "Don't seek nothing. God's got anything for you, He will give it to you." See? "And just let Him--let Him take care of that." I said, "Then you get some of these times like we got, have today, that everybody is wanting to do this and do that and become some great person. Look what we got into with it, you see." Instead of trying to be great, we ought to be trying--trying to find out how little we can get. See? Then God can use us.

Perfect Strength By Perfect Weakness, November 19, 1961

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God wants separators who will send her forth like a blaze of lightning, condemn sin to the roots, that's right, dig it out. But we are... We want our intellectual pastors. Most the people wants a whispering pastor, somebody say, "Yes, dearie." God wants thunderbolts! Yes, sir.

Pat them on the back, and them short hair and make-up on, and everything else, and wearing clothes that they was poured into, and all like that, and don't say a word about it.

A great man called me on into his office here, not his office, his field office, here a little not long ago, said, "I want to lay hands on you that you'll stop that!"

I said, "Don't you do it. Don't you do it. No, sir." When you stop that, you stop the Message. You stop God when you do that. Yes, sir. We don't want none of that.

Perfect Strength By Perfect Weakness, November 19, 1961

You know, I've preached hard enough to--to... across this country, that it shouldn't be a short-haired woman in the country. But, every time I come back, there's more. What's the matter? There's something wrong! You know the Word says that! You say, "Well, that don't make any difference." It does make a difference!

There's a fine brother, said, "I'm going to lay hands on you, Brother Branham. I love you. You're ruining your ministry." Said, "You ain't got no business telling them women about that." Said, "Let the pastors do it."

I said, "They don't do it though." I said, "Now..."

He said, "Well, it's not your business, you just pray for the sick."

I said, "Whose business is it, then? I was called to preach the Gospel."

Said, "I'll lay hands on you and ask God to take it away, then."

I said, "If you'll let--let me lay hands on you, too." See? And I said, "I'll pray that God will open your eyes and you'll see It." So, that's right!

He said, "You ought to preach... The people believe you to be a servant, a prophet of God." He said, "You ought to teach them women how to--to get great gifts and prophesy and things."

I said, "How can I teach them algebra when they won't even believe their ABC's?" That's right! So you--you can't do it. That's just in every... That's right. If you can't do the common things, how you going to do the spiritual things? The natural things. Certainly! Brother, sister, it might sound like a joke, but It's the Gospel! It's the Gospel Truth. That's right!

Modern Events Are Made Clear By Prophecy, December 6, 1965

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During the days of Luther, we lived by justification. During the days of Wesley, we lived by sanctification, the church become in the minority. In the days of Pentecost, we've lived down through the Baptism of the Holy Ghost and the restoration of the gifts. Now we're really in the minority, the coming of the Son of God. Here they believed by faith; here they shouted under sanctification; here they spoke in tongues as a gift; but now the negative and positive, and the--the cap's coming on the pyramid, and it's the end time, when the Christ and His Church is so much alike till it's going to call the dead from the Methodist, Lutheran, and all those back there, and there'll be a resurrection. Them that fell asleep in the first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh watch, will rise one of these days, to meet Jesus in the skies. The hour has arrived, friends, the Coming of the Lord is at hand.

We look at Jerusalem and see that the Jews was blinded for our sake. The fig tree's putting forth its bud. He said, "And the other tree." Billy Graham has caused a--a revival among the nominal people, Oral Roberts has caused a revival amongst the Pentecostals. And now Jesus, the Son of God, has come in to this remnant, to pull the people for the capstone, to bring back the Son of God, to complete the thing for the Coming of the Lord Jesus. He said, "As it was in the days of Sodom, so shall it be in the Coming of the Son of man."

I shall turn my backs to you, not just so that you'd see. Now, remember, it was not the man. The man setting there was just some calcium, potash, and petroleum, sixteen elements of the world that God went... [Brother Branham blows--Ed.] blowed together and stepped into it and was living.

Jesus Christ was the same thing. He was the Son of God. He was God manifest in the flesh, but his flesh was man, His Spirit was God. Then He promised in the last days that He would come into His Church. "A little while and the world seeth Me no more; yet you'll see Me, for I'll be with you, even in you. The works that I do shall you do also." See? Now that great Physician is here.

He said now, "The sign of Sodom and Gomorrah." Now, what is it? Look at our papers, "Homosexuals, perversion, is on the increase of forty percent over ten years ago." Earthquakes in divers places, all kinds of signs of the Coming. The church falling away, the end time here.

Now God's showing His signs, too, as we've been preaching about. Now, if this Bible is true, which It is, I'm ready to die for that purpose. The Bible is true. Jesus Christ lives. We are His Church, filled with His Spirit, then His Life in us will produce the same Life that He lived in the Son of God, if the Holy Spirit, the Holy Spirit of God lives in us.

Elijah And The Meal-Offering, March 11, 1960

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We haven't got time to take the rest of the story out, you know, how he had to come to a showdown with Baal. He will do it, one of these days, don't you worry. When he comes stomping out of that wilderness, you watch what takes place.

What happened? Then when good, old Elijah, the prophet, a true servant of God, come to the end of his road, God told him, one day, said, "Elijah, you've preached long enough now. You've fought Jezebel and all of her paint and everything till you've had enough of it." Said, "Come down to the Jordan!" And here he goes, got down to the Jordan. There the old muddy stream coming down yonder, chilly, icy water, like every man has to face: Jordan, death.

But when this great servant of God walked down to the Jordan, and his son walking by him, Gospel son,... Oh, yes, he was his son, "My father, my father, the chariots of Israel, the horseman thereof." When he and his son walked arm in arm, down to the Jordan, he was watching his daddy leave that morning.

When he got down to Jordan, he reached around and got that robe of power off of his shoulders, said, "Death, you can't do nothing to me." And he struck the Jordan, "Get away, I'm crossing over this morning." What happened? She moved back and dried like powder. What was the old prophet doing? He was looking across Jordan, he knowed there was a chariot waiting for him over there with the horses. He was going home, his work was over. His son in the Gospel was taking his place.

I was coming home the other day from out West. This comes on my mind, I turned the radio on (I had to drive three days, twenty-four hundred miles, by myself). I turned the radio on and I... hearing spirituals out of Del Rio, Texas. There was a man made a talk about an old, colored, negro man, He was fixing to die and he had come down to the river, he said, "Them golden slippers that I'm goin' to wear, to walk the golden streets." This old negro had preached all of his life and the only thing he could think of was comfort, that he had, was his old banjo that hung on the wall. He sat out on the cotton bales and played the hymns, rested himself from his ministry, with the old banjo. That was the way he had to relax. He said the old bobtailed horse that he used to drive will be down there with the chariot. I was thinking of them. He said, "Oh, them golden slippers that I'm goin' to wear, to walk the golden streets."
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