Development Visual Studio. Net – asp. Net, C#, vb. Net

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Focal Point Solutions, Inc.

Technical Services w Training Services

23 Forshay Road w Monsey, NY 10952

Voice: (845) 354-3324 w Fax: (845) 354-3324 w

Joseph Geretz

Summary: Software Architect and Project Manager with over eighteen years of experience with a variety of different technologies and environments. Specializing in the delivery of outstanding information systems through the synthesis of technical, organizational, and communication skills.

Microsoft .NET Development and Training Services

OS & Tools: Windows 2000 / 2003 Server, Windows XP, NT Server / Workstation 4.0, Windows 3.1x, ’9x. VMWare Microsoft Networking, DHCP, WINS, DNS, TCP/IP, RAS. MS IIS 4 & 5, Site Server, Transaction Server (MTS / COM+). Web Application Stress Tool (WAST). Rational Unified Process (RUP); Rational Rose, ClearCase, Clearquest. OS JCL, DOS, Linux, MPE/V, MPE/iX & related utilities.

Development Visual Studio.NET – ASP.NET, C#, VB.NET. XML / XSLT, DHTML. Visual Basic 3.0 - 6.0, e*Prise

Tools: Content Manager, ADSI, Windows API, JavaScript, VBScript, ASP, ANSI SQL, MS SQL Server 7 / 2000, Data Transformation Services (DTS), CDO, Oracle 8 / 8i, MS Exchange Server 5.5 / 2000, COM, DCOM, ActiveX, DAO, ADO, RDO, ODBC, MS Access, Crystal Reports 8.0 / 9.0 (.NET), True DBGrid Pro, MS Office Automation, Visual Source Safe, InterBase 6 / 7, MS Project, SQA Quality Assurance Software, Wise Install Builder / Installer for Windows, MicroFocus Cobol/Workbench, HP COBOL II, ALLBASE/SQL. Some exposure to Palm OS, C, Visual C++, ATL, VBA, Paradox, ObjectPAL, Visual Café Pro, Visual J++.

Career History

12/2002 – Present SRS Software, Inc. – Montvale, NJ Lead Developer / Project Manager

10/2002 – 11/2002 Focal Point Solutions, Inc. – Monsey, NY System Architect / .NET Developer

5/2002 – 10/2002 Precision Data Systems, Inc. – Marlboro, NJ System Architect / .NET Developer

11/2001 – 5/2002 Phoenix Marketing Group, Inc. – Lincoln Park, NJ System Architect / .NET Developer

9/2001 – 10/2001 Focal Point Solutions, Inc. – Monsey, NY System Architect / .NET Developer

4/2000 – 9/2001 Automatic Data Processing – Roseland, NJ System Architect / VB6 Developer

12/1999 – 4/2000 Sharp Electronics Corporation – Mahwah, NJ Web Site Support Engineer

7/1990 – 12/1999 AFCO Credit Corporation – New York, NY Project Leader / System Architect

8/1989 – 7/1990 Automated Resources Group, Inc. – Montvale, NJ Programmer/Analyst

9/1987 – 8/1989 Keefe, Bruyette & Woods – New York, NY Programmer/Analyst

1/1987 – 2/1987 Dalow Enterprises – Long Island City, NY Consultant

Career Highlights

SRS Software, Inc. – Montvale, NJ December 2002 – Present

Lead Developer / Project Manager

Lead Developer / Project Manager for SRS Freedom Chart Manager, a medical records management software. Presided over the expansion of the software development department from a single-developer effort into a six member team, including both developers and quality assurance personnel. Established infrastructure and procedures for team development and coordination using Visual Source Safe. Project management responsibilities include release planning, task allocation and general personnel management. Duties also include meeting with users, evaluating requests, writing architecture guidelines and feature specifications as well as participating in actual code development.

Responsible for maintaining the integrity of the complete software development lifecycle. Implemented process controls to regulate the promotion of software from development, through testing, and on to production. Developed automated script to assist in building the entire project on a daily basis. Introduced Wise Installer for Windows and VMWare to create and test installation scripts and software on clean, isolated, reproducible testing environments. This regulated process has resulted in a dramatic and obvious increase in software quality and installation reliability.

Focal Point Solutions, Inc. – Monsey, NY October 2002 – November 2002

.NET Software Developer

Designed and architected ParaDocs, a location transparent document storage and retrieval system. For maximum accessibility, ParaDocs server functionality is is exposed via a collection of WebServices which can be accessed via the Internet. The comprehensive ParaDocs system is implemented using the full range of the Visual Studio.NET technologies, including ASP.NET, XML Web Services, C# and VB.NET.

Developed web site to provide information and software download. ParaDocs is available online at The FPSNow site is completely data driven, relying on a combination of HTML templates, XML parameter files, CSS and XSL style sheets to render the user interface. New interfaces are dynamically added to the application simply by adding new page templates and by adjusting the XML configuration files accordingly. Similarly, existing pages can be modified without requiring any code modifications, by simply modifying the related HTML templates, XML configuration files or CSS or XSL style sheets.

Precision Data Systems, Inc. – Marlboro, NJ June 2002 – October 2002

Microsoft .NET Software Architect

Designed and architected the Business Object Adapter (BOA) application framework for the Six-Sigma Project Development (SPD) application. The core of the framework is the BOA Controller, which filters all HTTP requests in order to ensure that vital pre-processing and post-processing is performed for all application transactions. This includes security checking, page formatting, internationalization and error handling. The BOA Controller itself provides an open architecture so that pages, transactions, and the application itself, can be extended as new features are introduced.

The BOA Controller open architecture is facilitated by the Transaction Definition Listing. This is an XML structure containing the Transaction Definition Blocks (TDB’s) for the various transactions from which the application is comprised. New transactions are added to the application, or existing transactions are modified simply by making the appropriate changes to the relevant TDB. While SPD is the premier application to be hosted by the BOA framework, the BOA framework is specifically intended to serve as the supporting environment for future systems development as well.

Phoenix Marketing Group – Lincoln Park, NJ November 2001 – May 2002

System Architect / Technical Lead

Designed and architected Phase I of the Pharmaceutical Sampling Data (PSD) system. The software is constructed with Visual Basic 6, according to Microsoft DNA (n-tier) best practices, using COM+ for security and transactional services. As an n-tier system, the database is completely isolated and protected, with all accesses processed via the middle tier. The database is fully audited, using a system of Triggers and Stored Procedures, in order to conform with strict FDA audit regulations (21 CFR Part 11). As a compliant software, the development process itself was highly structured according to the Rational Unified Process (RUP). Rational Rose, ClearCase and ClearQuest were used to develop software specifications, regulate change management and maintain traceability.

The software is partitioned into three layers, the Facade, Business and Data tiers. All transactions pass through a centralized Controller at the application side, and through a single Data Broker object at the database side. In order to support a wide variety of clients, the Controller communicates with its clients in XML format. System security is guaranteed since the centralized Controller performs basic security functions prior to instantiating the requested Facade class. All Facade objects implement a standard interface, which facilitates the dynamic instantiation of the Facade class requested at run time (polymorphism). At the lowest level, every transaction passes through the Data Broker class which inspects SQL, ADO Recordsets and Stored Procedure invocations for compliance with rigid auditing requirements.

Developed software interface for SQL Server Data Transformation Services (DTS). The DTS interface allows users to schedule DTS packages, including customization parameters, to run asynchronously on the database server, without tying up the user’s workstation while the package executes. A multi-threaded DTS monitor program runs on the data tier and executes the DTS package at the scheduled time.

Automatic Data Processing – Roseland, NJ April 2000 – September 2001

DNA Software Architect

Designed a scalable, n-tier architecture for the Employee Self Service, IIS application. Participated in the development of various middle tier modules and services, using the Microsoft DNA approach. All modules provide maximum deployment flexibility to achieve true location transparency. Recommended and implemented design pattern for the development of modules to be hosted either in MTS, COM+, or as non-configured components. XML is employed to deliver effective inter-module & inter-tier communication.

Performed application benchmarking and performance analysis using Microsoft’s Web Application Stress Tool. Identified critical bottleneck areas and recommended alternative processing techniques to improve performance. Achieved a 300% performance boost via the design and implementation of a new page oriented DTC processing paradigm, as an alternative to the existing field oriented approach. The page oriented process delivers increased efficiency by optimizing database access for the entire page, and by using XSL transformation to render the HTML page from the underlying XML. Gained additional performance increase by relocating several complex data processing algorithms from the software data tier into Stored Procedures inside the Oracle database.

Recommended, designed and implemented a unified transaction model for all server side transactions. The transaction model consists of a controller ‘gateway’ module though which all transactions pass on their way from and back to the browser. The Web Application Controller, or WAC, performs critical transaction preprocessing (e.g. browser interrogation, security checking, etc.) as well as transaction post processing. The WAC invokes a specific Web Handler, appropriate to the current transaction, in order to perform the actual transaction processing. All Web Handlers expose a common interface so that COM early binding is achieved even though it is not known until the time of the actual transaction which Web Handler will be invoked.

Performed security analysis, which indicated several points of potential exploitation. Enhanced global application security through a single update to the centralized security mechanism in the Web Application Controller.

Recommended and implemented Source Safe strategy to accommodate both the needs of the software under development as well as the team dynamics of the development group itself. The new methodology resulted in an increase in developer productivity by accommodating and facilitating the specific development practices being employed by the various developers.

Sharp Electronics Corporation – Mahwah, NJ December 1999 – April 2000

Web Site Support Manager

Managed the support group for the DM Series Internet application, Sharp’s premier business-to-business e-commerce web site. This site supports the VAR channel through which the DM Series of copiers is brought to market. VAR’s log on and place their orders for copiers and accessories over the Internet. Retail customer orders are converted to leads and are forwarded to an authorized dealer in the customer’s area.

Responsibilities included the implementation of requested enhancements, while maintaining a stable production environment. Used Visual Source Safe to implement a multi-developer sandbox environment, to provide a safe development environment with a high degree of source control. Used Wise Install Builder to develop an automated build facility in support of a complex COM layer which provides business logic and database access support on the server. Using this build facility, the entire COM layer, consisting of over thirty separate VB projects, can be recreated quickly and reliably in a matter of minutes.

AFCO Credit Corporation – New York, NY July 1990 – December 1999

Team Lead / Project Manager

Over the course of a nine year consultancy, was instrumental in converting AFCO’s operations from strict mainframe-based COBOL, to a Client Server environment leveraging the strengths of both the HP-3000 server platform, as well as the new Windows client platforms.

As Project Leader was responsible for all aspects of the development process. This included meeting with users in order to gather requirements, identifying appropriate technologies, developing proposals, team assembly and ultimately hands-on participation in the actual development process. Worked closely with project management to develop budgets based on realistic development schedules and resource allocations.

Visual Quote: Introduced Client Server technology for Visual Quote, AFCO’s premier product sales system. A VB MDI Windows Interface provides this system with a greater degree of functionality and flexibility than could be provided by a more traditional HP/3000 host based system. The leveraging of AFCO’s investment in its existing hardware and legacy databases was a critical factor toward the recommendation and acceptance of the Client Server topology. The specific connectivity components were recommended subsequent to a comprehensive analysis of various alternatives, including DDE, Serial ODBC and several other third-party connectivity products.

Managed the Visual Quote upgrade and conversion to 32-bit. Using VB 6, a collection of core objects was developed as the foundation for the new version. Encapsulation of critical business rules into the core objects allowed the application programmers to focus on presentation, without being responsible for enforcing the business rules. This strategy resulted in the rapid implementation and deployment of a robust and flexible 32-bit version of Visual Quote.

ACTEX: The Active Controls and Tools Exchange was initially conceived during the Visual Quote 32-bit conversion, which utilized COM to provide binary reuse for generalized controls and functions. The ACTEX toolkit of generalized productivity components is currently being used by three distinct development groups in four separate software products. Developers benefit from the use of robust, pre-tested controls, functions, and business logic modules. Binary compatibility allows applications which rely on ACTEX components to be enhanced by a simple deployment of the ActiveX DLL’s without requiring a full-scale application upgrade. At the core of the ACTEX component group are a DB Engine, Power Array and Grid Engine which provide generalized functions for the transfer of data between the database and GUI.

ebisNet: The Internet application companion to ebis, AFCO’s Windows based Electronic Billing Information System. ebisNet provides account lookup to any client browser across the Internet. The core of the application is a dynamic web site hosted by Internet Information Server. Application modules are implemented as COM objects (WebHandlers) developed using VB6, and registered on the IIS host server. A Web Transaction Dispatcher hosted by ASP, receives URL requests, instantiates the proper WebHandler and writes the resulting HTML response back to the browser. Client side processing involves HTML, DHTML, StyleSheets and JavaScript.

Education: 1987 – COPE Institute of New York – Professional Certificate in Software Development – GPA 4.0

References furnished upon request


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