The Secret History of America

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The Secret History of America:

The Greatest Conspiracy On Earth

This May Be The Most Important Document You Ever Read In Your Life!

Do you believe in a GRAND CONSPIRACY ? Do you believe Oswald acted alone ? Do you

believe that government is corrupt ? If so, then to what DEGREE ? That may depend on how

willing you are to open your eyes and mind to SEE. Why is it that the more things change, the

more they stay the same ? Why doesn't society ever seem to grow up ? Most people grow up

thinking that the world is very big and we believe the world exists the way it does today because

this is the direction humanity has taken and chosen.

The information that I will discuss in the introduction to this catalog is meant to present to you

the idea that history is not being created by chance, but rather by design. The road that we are

taking as a nation in America and as a human race on the planet Earth is being paved for us in

advance and sold to us for a profit.

Many people talk about conspiracies such as WATERGATE, IRAN-CONTRA, THE S & L



TRILATERAL COMMISSION, and even GREY ALIENS, but very few people know the real

facts enough to explain them because they are not researched themselves. As information comes

down the pipeline it becomes distorted and confused because most of the people passing along

the information do not know the entire story, they have not researched much information

themselves, and they tend to be biased as well. (They tend to have an angle in the information

they put out, usually because they have an ulterior motive. ) I can only state from research of

seven years, WHAT I BELIEVE to be the TRUTH based on mostly HARD FACTS.

For AT LEAST five- to ten thousand years, mankind has been aware of MORE scientific and

spiritual facts than we are currently aware of today as a great society and nation. The libraries of

Alexandria, which held the collection of the world's greatest knowledge, existed in Egypt

thousands of years ago. The Essenes were just one secret sect of Gnostics (Knowledge Holders)

that existed around two thousand years ago. Since the earliest times of Pagan groups and Nature

religions, the SUN has been considered a SYMBOL for LIFE. The Ancients believed that when

the SUN gave off it's energy, it was giving IT'S life for US. They believed that the SUN of GOD,

the LIGHT of the WORLD is ALL SALVATION because He has RISEN. He is therefore our

ETERNAL SAVIOR. There has always been a struggle between LIGHT and DARK forces in the

world. When the SUN goes down and it becomes DARK, we cannot SEE. We naturally fear what

we do not know and since we cannot SEE in the DARK, we do not know what's there and we

fear. When the SUN would SET (Satan), it would get DARK. But when the SUN was on the

HORIZON (Horus, translates to Jesus), it would be called THE SAVIOR. This formed the basis

for early Christianity.

The Essenes, as well as other secret societies around the times were PRIESTHOODS, so the

early CHURCH was an established KNOWLEDGE CENTER with IDEAS ENCODED

SYMBOLICALLY into religious text. After time, symbols lose their meaning except to those

whom are INITIATED. Essentially, they held knowledge of ARCHETYPAL ENERGIES that

bond or link Spirit to matter. These energies are expressed in mathematics and Greek Gematria

called SACRED GEOMETRY. The word OCCULT means HIDDEN. They took the knowledge, Page 2

hid it, and made it appear to be EVIL, so that they would know it, we wouldn't, and they could

then control us a lot easier. This allowed an early guild of bricklayers, or MASONS, to be

established, making it possible to build great pyramids, etc. Now, if everybody knew how to

build a pyramid, then not only would the Pharaoh's tomb be no greater than Joe neighbor's

cottage, but the Masons would also lose a lot of money building great castles and churches

throughout Europe. This was the basis for early CAPITALISM, but we will discuss this later.

SACRED MUSHROOM ingesting and CANNABIS-smoking shamans are tribe spirit leaders in

a sense and they practice inducing a state of consciousness in warrior tribesmen to temporarily

replace their consciousness with animal consciousness to perform certain tasks or learn spiritual

lessons or principles. There were special groups of assassin cults that were trained in earlier times

using substances like hashish and they were called "Hashishans" or "Assassins". Although these

two practices are not identical, they are similar and related. While the first example may be

considered early natural mind control in the sense of learning to control your own mind, the

second example could be considered manipulative mind control in the sense that the participants

were trained under hallucinogens to kill for God or "Allah".

The Assassins, as well as a society called The Order of Lady of Sion appeared at the same time

around 1090 AD. Out of The Order of Lady of Sion came Notre Dame de Sion and five out of

nine of the founders of the KNIGHTS TEMPLAR came from this order. The Templars and

Assassins had interlocking affairs and philosophies. They also had ongoing fights as well as

commercial dealings. The Templars pronounced vows to poverty and in the meantime amassed

great fortunes for the church (really themselves), and were responsible for financing the Crusades

and other bloody religious wars. They were also some of the first to set up banks in Jerusalem.

These were Temple Banks which occasionally were raided for their gold. This forced the

Templars to develop branch banking, or, putting your money in several places so it doesn't all get

taken at once. This is where the idea of a central bank and it's local branches comes from, which

became the model for banking in Europe and America. The Knights Templar became more

popular when they were exposed in the fourteenth century and banished by the king. Jacques de

Moley was burned at the stake for being a homosexual and a heretic. A portion of the Templar's

wealth was seized by the king and handed over to their sister society, called the Knights

Hospitalers, who were a branch of the Templars responsible for medical facilities in the kingdom.

There is evidence to suggest that the Templars may have carried themselves on as the

Rosicrucians for the next couple of centuries. This really doesn't matter too much, though,

because all of these orders or secret societies are offshoots of other ones. They are all Masonic in

nature because of the nature of the information which they possess.

The same secret societies and old European bloodline families are in control of the world today.

To better understand what they do, we need to look at their philosophies and ideas. One motto of

theirs is "Ordo ab Chao" or "order out or chaos". First they create CHAOS, then they propose the

solution, ORDER, secretly from behind the scenes to control a given situation. There are

different areas of Freemasonry and it is all a hierarchy of power. Occasionally, Masonic groups

will work against each other in the public forum through the agencies which they control, but

they may be united behind the scenes. You will see examples of what I mean very soon.

The first Masonic lodges by that name appeared in England in the 1600's and within a century

they were spread throughout most of Europe, including Germany and France and the colonies of

early America. One of the purposes they served was as a forum for the elite individuals to meet

and discuss their political and social views without fear of religious persecution. Remember, just

a couple of centuries earlier under Rome in the Dark Ages, they would kill you if you didn't

believe that the moon was made of green cheese. In Rome, they realized that they could not rule Page 3

the world by themselves and that they would need a consensus of nations or a United Kingdom

and United Nations. The symbol for Fascism is a bundle of sticks wrapped together with a

hatchet or an axe tied to it. It represents a world consensus of power or AXIS POWER. It appears

on the U. S. Senate flag today and on the back of the American mercury dime from 1916 to 1945.

While there were several enlightened societies around calling themselves illuminated, it was on

May 1, 1776 that Professor Adam Weishaupt put together a secret society called The

"ILLUMINATI". It's sole purpose secretly was to control the world. Weishaupt was a genius of a

particular sort as far as scheming and manipulation are concerned. He was a respected teacher at

the University of Ingolstadt at the time and had many connections in education. He became a

Mason but was also a Jesuit priest. He learned as much as he could and decided to put his own

secret society together. He used a process of initiation and power dissemination among ranks

similar to the structure of a pyramid, where one sole individual or group at the top know what's

going on but no one else really does, they only know a little until they succeed up the ranks and

learn only a little more. In the meantime, they don't know who is watching them or above them

keeping them in check. In the highest circles of the order they propose to control the world

through a One-world government, which they stated they could do by converting existing

Masons to concepts of Illuminism. Weishaupt told them about the Utopia that could be

established on Earth if everyone who KNEW would secretly work together to bring about this

plan. Being free-thinkers and atheists to begin with, they proposed abolishing religion,

government, orders of class, right to own property, or even raise your own children; and they

believed that the ENDS justified the MEANS, meaning that whatever it takes to accomplish this

task should be done WITHOUT HESITATION. Within two years they had over 3000 members

and many established lodges. Within several years they were exposed and banished from

Bavaria. The documents were recovered and displayed in the British museum where they exist

today. This is an important historical fact that has been severely covered up in America. They

continued to exist, however, in the form of the German Union and scattered Reading Societies.

Through their combined fortunes, the members of the Illuminati gained control over the literary

societies and printing press. They circulated printed papers showing falsities of religion and

abuses of government and promoted a general state of desperation throughout society, all the

while blaming it on religion and government. They sought to promote ANARCHY and

REVOLUTION, whereby they would strip the monarchy (king) of power using the classes

(people) as a lever to ultimately bring power back into their own hands, all the while creating

new forms of government which would be puppets they could secretly control from behind the

scenes. In Germany, the lodges which preceded the Illuminati were the Lodge Theodore and the

Lodge of Strict Observance. In France they were known as the GRAND ORIENT TEMPLE

MASONS. Their motto was "LIBERTY, EQUALITY, FRATERNITY". In 1789, they beheaded

the King and Queen of France and orchestrated what was historically known as the French

Revolution. This was only the first of several revolutions to come. Weishaupt had succeeded in

grabbing the existing reigns of power in both Europe and America, entwining them together

using new philosophical concepts, and tightening all of the existing slack.

In 1797, a book appeared in Europe by John Robison called "Proofs of A Conspiracy against all

of the Religions and Governments of Europe, Carried on in the Secret Meetings of Freemasons,

Illuminati and Reading Societies". Then in 1799, written in another country and in another

language, Abbe Augustine Barruel published his four-volume study entitled "Memoirs

Illustrating the History of Jacobinism". Then in 1826, William Morgan, an American Freemason

who had written a book entitled "Illustrations of Freemasonry", was abducted and drowned in

Lake Ontario. Because of the existence of these books, as well as the murder scandal, there was a Page 4

nationwide furor resulting in the creation of an Anti-Masonic political party in 1829. After this

there was a temporary drop in membership in the lodges, but their control over the press soon

caused the anger to diminish.

There is what is called the "Colombian" faction of the Illuminati which came over to America

early on. The documents that were recovered in Germany showed that the symbol for the

Illuminati society was the PYRAMID and the EYE IN THE CAPSTONE as shown on the back

of the ONE-DOLLAR BILL. The symbol for Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS) is the ALL-

SEEING EYE. The U. S. is located in the District of Columbia. There is Columbia University,

and the Columbia space shuttle.

The Americas have been called the New World since Columbus, however, Columbus did not

come here first. There had already been a "New England Charter" and a colony established

twenty years before he arrived. In America in the east, we have the area of NEW ENGLAND,

where the first colonies were established. The eventual American Revolution wasn't actually a

real revolution. The Founding Fathers (Masons), did not go to war with their parents, the

monarchy of England. There are many prominent American Presidents who are related to strong

European bloodlines and great wealth. When the YORK Rite Masons of York, England, came

over here, they settled on the East coast and declared it NEW YORK. Then they went to work to

build the "Empire State". In New York sits the Statue of "LIBERTY", given to us by FRANCE,

holding up the Masonic torch of ENLIGHTENMENT. The highest degrees of Freemasonry are

the 32nd and 33rd degree.

On the back of the dollar bill, on the Great Seal of the U. S. , there are 32 feathers on the right

wing of the eagle and 33 on the left. Underneath the pyramid, the Latin term "Novus Ordo

Seclorum" means "New World Order". It has appeared on the dollar bill since 1933.

Karl Marx and Frederick Engels were students of Weishaupt and Illuminism. The 10 platforms

that make up COMMUNISM are identical to the goals of the ILLUMINATI. The Communist

Manifesto appeared in 1848 and Communism formed itself as a solid revolutionary movement in

Russia in the early 1900's, in the form of the Bolshevik Revolution.

One particular group of families made up of the Russells and the Piertponts founded several

scholastic institutions, two of which were Yale and Princeton. Rev. James Piertpont and Rev.

Nodiah Russell CO-founded Yale in 1701. In 1832, Gen. William Huntington Russell and

Alfonso Taft, grandfather of William Howard Taft, former President of the U.S., founded a secret

society at Yale called SKULL AND BONES, or "The Brotherhood of Death". Gen. Huntington's

brother-in-law, Samuel Russell, founded "Russell and Co.", the world's largest opium smuggling

syndicate at the time. This provided them with a huge fortune in the millions. The founders and

later influential graduates of Skull and Bones studied philosophy and other subjects in Germany

where many prominent "Illuminated" teachers were working. Probably the most influential

family in this power circle throughout the last century has been the Harriman family. Edward H.

Harriman amassed over $60 million in the late 1800's in a swift stock deal involving Union

Pacific Railroad and Kuhn Loeb. (1904 Northern Securities case) William Averall Harriman, his

son, graduated Yale in the Skull and Bones Fraternity in 1913. Averall Harriman controlled

Harriman and Co. which owns Brown Bros. and Harriman, the world's largest private investment

bank. Prescott Bush, George Bush's father was initiated and graduated in 1917. Prescott Bush as

well as some other Skull and Bones Graduates were directors of the bank. These banks as well as

Guaranty Trust and Union Banking Corp, all of which were controlled by Skull and Bones, were

the most influential entities in building up the Soviet Union from the early times of the Bolshevik

Revolution in the early 1900's, through contracts to improve mining of raw materials and

rebuilding of the RR transportation infrastructure. These same banks were also directly Page 5

responsible for financing Hitler's rise to power and build up of Nazi- Socialism through contacts

and subsidiary banks in Germany.

The PURPOSE for the build up of World Wars was to create a NEED for PEACE so that a

UNITED NATIONS may be needed and then created as a SOLUTION for establishing peace

between nations. A WORLD body of GOVERNMENT with a WORLD COURT and a WORLD

POLICE to keep nations in place and to concentrate power into a few people's hands. Who's

hands? William Howard Taft, Skull and Bones graduate of 1878, helped found the American

Society for the Judicial Settlement of International Disputes in 1920. This soon became the

League to Enforce the Peace, then the League of Nations and then finally The United Nations. If

you look at things from a historical perspective, the U.N. today has implemented or is in the

process of implementing all the planks of Adam Weishaupt's Manifesto. When George Bush took

us to war in the Persian Gulf, he stated boldly that he didn't need the approval of Congress

anymore to declare war because he had a U.N. Mandate. We have sacrificed a large part of our

U.S. sovereignty. The U.N. has recently passed a Declaration of Children's Right's. It is now a

RIGHT of the child to receive vaccinations, which do more harm than good, and a parent doesn't

have the right to interfere. Parents who interfere with the rights of a child or abuse a child or are

accused of abuse can have their children taken by the state. If you are seen spanking a child more

than two or three times, the child abuse police will be unleashed against you. This amounts to

nothing more than a giant power transfer, from US to THEM. The only way they can do this is by

tricking us into thinking that we are so irresponsible that we cannot manage our own affairs and

lives and that the state is better suited to raise our children. If you still like the U.N. then wait

until you get hit with the new U.N. TAX that is coming.

This brings us to the World Bank, the IMF (International Monetary Fund), both creations of the

U.N., and banking in general. In Switzerland there is a big building that is divided into 3 parts. If

you look at it from above it looks like a peace symbol or Rune. This is the headquarters of the

United Nations and the World Bank, the 3rd part is the World headquarters of Freemasonry. It's

so convenient they can go back and forth between coffee breaks. In Brussels, there is a computer

called "The Beast" which stores the names and information of every person in the world and that

was created years ago. By now, it probably orbits the planet. THE U.S. IS A CORPORATION



One of the main influences of British Masonry comes to America in the area of Banking. Cecil

Rhodes made his fortune from diamond mines in South Africa. Millions and millions of dollars

were secured and put into a trust in his will to be used to finance the creation of secret societies

for the furtherance of Anglo-Saxon rulership in the New World Order and the eventual recapture

of the U.S.

for England through the creation of a central bank in America. Cecil Rhodes formed what is

called the "Rhodes Scholarship" at Oxford. There is also the Round Table in England put

together by Alfred Milner. Bill Clinton is a Rhodes Scholar as well as other things. In Europe, at

least at the time, the Rothschilds were the leading banking clan. Paul Warburg, an agent for the

Rothschilds as well as several members of Skull & Bones were instrumental in setting up the

Federal Reserve Central Banking system in America in 1913. President Andrew Jackson had

stated that the central bankers were a den of vipers and thieves and he intended to drive them out

of America in earlier times. He also

stated that if the American people understood the rank injustice of our banking system, there

would be a revolution by morning. President Thomas Jefferson stated "If the Americanpeople

ever allow the private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by Page 6

deflation, the banks and the corporations that grow up around them will deprive the people of all

property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered".

Abraham Lincoln took action against the central bank in his time and he was killed for it.

President Garfield was shot and killed shortly after declaring that whoever controls the supply of

currency would control the business and activities of all people. Baron Nathan Mayer de


once said, "Let me issue and control a nations money and I care not who writes the laws".

The measure of a nations wealth is the sum total of it's goods, services, natural resources and

private wealth. In early America, private wealth consisted mostly of gold or silver. This is a great

monetary standard because it has inherent value. For a long time, gold was worth $20.00 an


A One-Ounce gold coin was a $20.00 piece. Our grandfathers and great grandfathers found it a

hassle to carry these around during large transactions due to heavy weight and frequent robbery,

so out of the kindness of their hearts, the bankers would allow people to leave their gold and

silver on deposit, while the bank would issue a gold or silver certificate, a piece of paper that was

as good as gold. It said on the bill, "Pay to bearer upon demand in gold or silver. So after the

bankers started to issue these notes they saw after a while that the people were not using the gold

as much and coming back to withdraw it and that they could issue and loan more notes than they

had gold to back it up. This is the true source of inflation. A short time later they replaced the

gold and silver certificates with Federal reserve notes which are worthless. Without the gold and

silver, the real valuables, America was essentially bankrupt. The Federal Reserve is a private

corporation. When Federal Reserve notes are printed they are loaned to the U.S. Treasury or the

people. Notes that cost 2 cents each are printed by the Fed and loaned to the U.S. government at

face value plus 8 1/2% interest compounded. The interest is collected each year by the IRS (Repo

Man), also a private corporation controlled by the Federal Reserve. With a federal deficit of 4

trillion 8 hundred billion dollars so far, the interest is in the neighborhood of $200 Billion dollars,

which is drained from the economy each year in the form of income taxes. The words "Federal

Reserve Note" first appeared on our paper currency in 1933.

It is common sense that if you are borrowing money from someone and you have to pay interest

then where will the money come from to pay the interest ? If you have to borrow it then that

creates more interest. Obviously, in this situation, there is no way out. However, coins are minted

by the U.S. treasury and they are worth their face value as currency. There is a clause written into

the agreement that provides us with the option to buy back the right to issue our own currency.

The solution to the problem of the National Debt is to coin a 4 trillion dollar coin and use it to

pay off the Federal Reserve. It would have to be accepted and it could even be made out of

copper nickel clad. In 1963, President Kennedy passed an Executive Order calling for the

printing of $450 Billion dollars in U.S. backed Debt-Free currency. Shortly after, he was killed

and as soon as his successor, Lyndon Johnson took office, the first thing he did was suspend the

executive order and the printing of the currency. If you look hard enough, you can find $2 bills

from 1963 that say "U.S. Treasury" at the top instead of "Federal Reserve note". 1964 was the

last year silver was used as the standard coin metal and coincidentally Kennedy's face first

appeared on the half-dollar. Now, 23 years later, silver is $5.00 per ounce instead of $1. If you

still don't see how this works, just realize that 23 years later, you now need 5 times as much

money (work) to buy the same ounce of silver and 60 years later, after they removed the gold, we

have to pay 20 times as much money for the same ounce of gold. ($400.00 / ounce). The moral of

this little story is that we are being ripped off by the biggest "Sleight of Hand" money scam ever

devised. There is a Masonic term for this kind of deception, they call it "Hoodwinked". We are Page 7

the sheep and we have had the wool pulled over our eyes.

It may appear to be a grand conspiracy where you may think that everyone knows what's going

on, or you may say that it is impossible for everyone to work together on such a large scale for so

long and so secretly, but the truth is that not everybody knows everything. Some people that are a

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