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The Twelfth Annual Kennamer Family Reunion held Saturday, Aug. 21, 1940, at Pisgah Church in Kennamer Cove was attended by 600 of the clan. The day was ideal, the conduct of the crowd was admirable, the dinner was abundant and superb, the speaking was grand, the greetings and hearty hand-shake were cordial and most sincere, the music was entertaining. Some members of the family came from New York, Washington, D.C.; South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Texas and numerous places in Alabama. Walter J. Kennamer, Chairman for the day, made a peach of an officer in conducting the program. Judge Charles B. Kennamer, of Montgomery, delivered a beautiful and touching eulogy on the life of D. C. Kennamer.

The address of Judge Franklin E. Kennamer of Tulsa, Okla., on the world situation, was most earnest, appealing and very forceful. The address of Dr. Lorrin G. Kennamer, of Richmond, Ky., was scholarly and entertaining. His subject was “The Five Flows of Population in the United States.” The report of Historian, Willard C. Kennamer, Yonkers, N.Y., was invaluable to the members of the 1,630 families, descendants of Stephen Kennamer, who came with his son, Jacob, to Philadelphia, Pa., Sept. 26, 1732, on the ship Mary from Rotterdam, Holland. John R. Kennamer in a few remarks gave a list of the deceased kinsmen who have passed on since the last meeting.

Short speeches were made by Judge Frank Johnson, of Winston County and Judge Jas. S. Benson, of Jackson County, Henry Clay Kennamer of Dalton, Georgia, spoke for the members of the clan in his state. Miss Helen Colliers, Historian of the South Carolina Kennamers spoke briefly. P. H. Kennamer, the weak in body, but fervent in spirit spoke briefly.

The minutes of last year’s meeting by the secretary, Mrs. Edith Kennamer Bramblett, were approved. The report of the treasurer, C. S. Kennamer, showed a nice balance in the treasury. The Henry Kennamer Quartet sang appropriate songs. Wendell Page and Elam Kennamer led the songs by the assembly. Harold Kennamer led the prayer.

This was a great reunion. May the renewed acquaintances, the revival of tender memories, the smiling faces and kindly words spoken will be a great incentive to all to meet in that other and better land.

John R. Kennamer, Woodville, Ala.

Can you remember -

When no lady smoked except some old grandmother who smoked her cob pipe and lit it with a coal of fire?

When most young married couples commenced housekeeping without a cook-stove? They cooked on the fire.

When a sewing machine was a rarity?

When we got our mail once a week?

When both men and women knelt in prayer?


The thirteenth annual Kennamer reunion held August 30, 1941, was attended by about 600 of the clan and their friends. The meeting was enjoyed by many from a distance. The following states had representatives at this reunion: New York, Kentucky, South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, Arkansas, Missouri, Texas, Alabama and New Mexico.

Mrs. Taylor of Dallas, Texas, made an interesting talk. Hon. Walter Lusk, State Treasurer of Alabama, Judge Oscar Horton of Guntersville, and Judge J. S. Benson of Scottsboro made short speeches. Mr. Thomas S. Mitchell of Rosebud, New Mexico, Mr. James Stewart of Bulberry, Ark., and Mr. P. D. Wilson of Guntersville spoke very briefly. The outstanding speech was made by Archie Harold Kennamer of Cleveland, Tenn. L. G. Kennamer made an interesting speech, as did Henry Clay Kennamer of Dalton, Ga. The Henry Kennamer Quartet rendered several fine songs. Clyde Kennamer of Abilene, Texas, lead the singing by the audience. Clyde and David Kennamer sang a couple of duets.

Ralph Kennamer was elected President of the association; L. G. Kennamer was elected Vice-President. All other officers were re-elected.

The dinner was fine and ample, the order of the people was superb. The historian, W. C. Kennamer, made an interesting report and promised to have a new history by next year containing the names of more than 10,000 of the clan.

John R. Kennamer
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A family in reunion foreword iconForeword

A family in reunion foreword iconForeword

A family in reunion foreword iconForeword

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