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Sri Bheemeswarar temple at Mudichur

This temple came frequently in ‘MettiOli’ serial. Considered very powerful in getting marriage related wishes granted.

Sri Somanatheeswarar temple at Somangalam

Location: Somangalam is 6 kms from Kishkinta beyond Sairam Engineering College. It can also be reached via the Kundrathur - Padappai road also.

Significance: This is considered as the Chandra (Moon) sthalam for the Navagraha worship.

Legend: Once Moon God was cursed by King Dakshan and lost his beauty. Distressed by this, Soman penanced here towards Lord Siva and regained his lost charm. Another legend says that Nandhi was cursed to look the opposite side, as it got over-confident and thought that he was better than the Lord Himself on winning a war against invaders!! Sources say that a sage named Somanathar attained Jeeva Samadhi at the feet of Lord Nandhikeswarar, who is believed to have guarded Lord Soman (Moon) against any disturbances while doing penance.

Temple: This ancient tempe was built by the Chola king, Kulothunga, in 1073 A.D., This has Somanatheeswarar as the main deity with the Chandra adorning Shiva. This temple also has an unique statue of Brahma Subramaniar - Subramania who did the work of Brahma when Brahma was put behind bars by Subrahmania himself!!.

Worship Benefits: It is a general belief that those who worship Lord Somanatheeswarar are blessed with timely marriage, progeny, peaceful and healthy life.

More details in Raju’s Temple Visits travelogue


Manimangalam is 20 km to the east of Sriperumbudur. It finds a place in the history of Tamil Nadu as the place where Narasimha Varma Pallava defeated the Chalukyas in the 7th century A.D. This fact is mentioned in the copper plates discovered at Kooram. Kalki has written about the Manimangalam battle in his book ‘Sivagamiyin Sabatham’. He describes how Mahendra Varma Pallava was injured in the battle at Manimangalam, and how his son Narasimha Varma Pallava and his trusted lieutenant Paranjoti vanquished Pulikesin’s army.

Sri Rajagopalar Temple

Manimangalam is the birthplace of Sri Ramanuja. The presiding deity at this ancient temple is Sri Rajagopalar, who is seen in a standing posture facing east, with His consorts Sridevi and Bhoodevi. There is a separate shrine for Senkamalavalli Thayar. A peculiarity of the deity here is that He holds the conch in His right hand and the Sudarsana Chakram in His left hand.

Other ancient temples nearby:

* Kailasanathar temple built by Rajendra chola 1200 years ago

Message from Mr. S BALASUBRAMANIAN (

Some good hearted people have started a trust and taken up the task of renovating this temple. Balalayam was constructed and consecrated on 20.01.2008 and the present state of affairs of the above temple is shown in the website:

Please publish these details and help us in getting donation for the temple”

* Dharmeshvarar - Vedhavalli temple maintained by ASI

More details in Raju’s Temple Visits travelogue

* Vaikuntanathar temple as old as the Rajagopala temple

* Srinivasa Perumal temple at Padappai

Sri Veeratteswar temple at Keezh Padappai

Thirunavukkarasar is believed to have visited this place

Sri Kamatchi Ambal sametha Sri Thazhuva Kozhuntheeswarar Temple at Mel Padappai

Legend: Moon god got his cursed cleared off; Sambandhar believed to have visited this place.

Temple: Nandhivarma Pallavan constructed 108 Shiva temples around Kanchipurm and did Kumbabhisheham on the same day. This is one of those temples. There is a Sarabeswarar shrine and Sunday Rahuhala pooja is special here. Worship Benefits: Blessed with good marriage

Aadhi Karaneeswarar Shiva Temple at Peerkankaranai

Lakshmi Kebera temple near vandalur

This temple is located In the Vandalur-Kelambakkam road, after Tagore Engineering College at Rathinamangalam.

Koyampedu - Poonamalle

Sri Yetteeswarar temple at Ayanampakkam

The temple is located near Vanagaram / Thiruverkadu and there is an easy approach from Vanagaram new bridge.

Lord Brahma worshipped Shiva at this temple with Goddess Saraswathi. Since the Yedu (palm leaf) was presented to Shiva, the deity is known as Yetteeswarar (Thaleswar). Temple gives good education, wealth etc.,

Sri Karumariamman Temple at Thiruverkadu

This is a very popular temple. Since there was a Velvalankadu (forest) in this area, this is called Thiruverkadu. Also this is the place where Lord Muruga got his ‘Vel’ from Parasakthi to destroy Suran and so is called Velkadu or Thiruverkadu. Trimoorthies worshipped Parasakthi here and she is known as Karumari. Ka represents Brahma, Ru represents Rudhara (Shiva) and Ma represents Vishnu.

Sri Balambihai sametha Vedapureeswarar Temple at Thiruverkadu

Significance: One of the 275 sacred temples glorified by the Thevara hymns; 2000 years old ancient temple; birth place of Moorka Nayanar; Poison has no effect in Thiruverkadu.

Location: Thiruverkadu is 7kms from poondamalli and the temple is about 1 km from the popular Karumariamman temple. The place is also known as Veda vedaranyam.

Main deity: Swayambu lingam known as Vedapureeswarar with Goddess Balambikai

Legend: Agasthiar got the Shiva-Parvathi Thirukailaya marriage dharshan here. In the sanctum sanctorum, behind the main deity, the marriage scene has been painted in the wall. Lord Subramanyar acquired his Vel from Parasakthi to defeat Suran, hence the name Verkadu (Vel Kadu became Verkadu). After the Soorasamharam, Murugar came here and created the ‘Velayutha Theertham’ with his Vel. Arunagiri nadhar sang Thirupugazh on Lord Muruga.

Theertham: Velayutha Theertham, Veda teertham.

Sthala vruksham: velvela tree.

Padi - Avadi

Sri Thiruvallidhayar Temple at Padi

Significance: One of the 275 sacred temples glorified by the Thevara hymns

Location: Near Padi main junction, just opposite TVS group of factories, about 200 meters from the main road.

Main deity: Thiruvalinadhar and Jagandhambal also known as Thayammai in separate shrines

Legend: The legend goes back to Mahabharatha days as Sage Bharadwaj (Dhrona’s father) had visited this temple. The name Validhayam comes from Valiyan - the black bird. Once Sage Bharadwaj took birth as a bird due to a curse and he worshipped Shiva here to clear off his curse. Legend also holds that Vinayahar got married to Kamalai and Vimalai daughter of Brahma in this place. Brahaspathi, Vishnu, Hanuman, Sugreeva, Rama, Agasthiar, Vayu, Indhra, Agni, Sun God and Moon God worshipped Shiva of this place.

Temple: This is considered as one of the Guru Parihara sthalams and Guru Bhagwan has a separate shrine here. A three tiered Rajagopuram and a Gajaprishta vimanam adorn this temple which spans an area of over an acre.

Sthala vruksham: Padiri.

Theertham: Baradwaja teertham.

Note: The legend of Sage Bhardwaj also connects to Kodambakkam Bharadwajeswarar temple, where he worshipped Lord Shiva and Thirukkazhukunram where he got the dharshan of Lord Shiva as Vedagiri.

Sri Agastheeswarar Temple at Villivakkam

This is a 9th century temple spread over a 2 acre space. Sage Agasthiar got the Brammaharthi dhosham after killing the demons Villavan and Vathabi. Since the demon Villavan was killed here, this is called Villavanpakkam and later Villivakkam. Agasthiar got his dhosham cleared off by worshipping Shiva here and Shiva gave dharshan to Agasthiar on a Tuesday. One of the Navagrahas Angarahan (Mars - Tuesday) took bath in the temple tank, now called Angaraha Theertham and worshipped Shiva to clear off his dhosham. So taking a bath in the temple tank on a Tuesday is considered very sacred.

Lord Shiva, in the name Agastheeswarar is facing east and Ambal Swarnambikai is facing south.

As Ambal and Guru are facing each other directly in this Kshetra, it is said that all those girls who worship Ambal receive the grace of Guru and get married soon.

Sri Sowmya Dhamodhra Perumal Temple at Villivakkam

This is a 10th century temple. There are very few temples dedicated to Damodaran, another name of Lord Krishna and this is one among them.

Full moon day Amman dharshan

It is considered very sacred to worship Vadiudai Amman at Thiruvotriyur, Thiruvudai Amman at Melur and Kodiyudai Amman at Thirumullaivayal on a Friday Full moon day. All the three ammans are considered sisters and forms of Parvathi devi and they have been sculptured out form the same stone.

* From 6 AM to 12 PM one has to worship Melur Thiruvudai Amman, the form of Icha chakthi, with an offering of Yellow cloth to be blessed with wealth, fame, happiness, uprise, salvation and removal of all negativity and sorrow.

* From 12 noon to 6 PM, one has to worship Thiruvotriyur Vadivudai Amman, the form of Gnana Sakthi, with an offering of Red cloth to be blessed with Education, Knowledge and Talent

* From 6 PM to 12 midnight, one has to worship Thirumullaivayal Kodiyudai Amman, the form of Kriya Sakthi, with an offering of Green cloth to be blessed with courage, valour, activeness and success

Sri Thiruvudai Amman sametha Thirumanangeeswarar temple at Melur

The temple is located at Melur, before Ponneri/ Minjur and is more popular in the name of Thiruvudai amman. The lingam is a Swayambu lingam of sand putru and is being given a silver covering. The legend has it that a cow that was yielding milk didn’t for some time and it was found to be going to a nearby forest and raining milk over a bush regularly. On checking, a Swayambu lingam was found and this temple was built. It is rare to see Lord Brahma as seen here with moustache and beard.

More details in Vikatan Publication’s ‘Sakthi Dharisanam’ Part II book

Sri Thiagarajar Swamy Sametha Sri Vadiudaiamman Temple

Located at Thiruvotriyur, this 1500 years old temple is one of the 275 Thevara padal petra sthalams. Since Easwaran blessed Brahma to create the world by making way for the pralaya water to recede, this place is called Thiruvotriyur (votra or vatra means receding water). Thiruvotriyur is the place of jeeva Samadhi for Pattinathar. At the behest of Lord Shiva, Sundarar married Sangili Nachiar under the Mahizha tree here. It is believed that just entering this place will remove all the hard diseases.

The main deity is a big Swayambu lingam in the form of a sand putru with Lord Vishnu on the right side and Lord Brahma on the left side. On the two days after the Karthihai full moon day, the covers for the lingams are removed and one can worship the lingam as sand putru itself. There are 27 Shiva lingams one for each star. There are also two more temples here - Pattinathar temple with a Swayambu lingam and a 600 years old Nandhikeswarar temple. Apart from various sages, Kambar, Arunagirinathar, Muthuswamy Dikshithar, Ramlingar and Maraimalai Adihal worshipped Shiva here. Thyagaraja Swamihal, an ardent devotee of Lord Rama had never sung on any other Gods especially Goddesses but here, mesmerized by the beauty of the Goddess, he had sung a verse here.

More details in Vikatan Publication’s ‘Sakthi Dharisanam’ Part I book. The official website of the temple is here

Sri Kodi-idai-amman sametha Masilamaneeswarar Temple at (Vada) Thirumullaivayal

Significance: One of the 275 sacred temples glorified by the Thevara hymns

Location: Between Ambathur and Avadi

Main deity: Swayambu lingam known as Masilamaneeswarar with Goddess Kodi-Idai Nayaki in separate shrines

Legend: Once demons Vanan, Onaan and Kanthan were ruling the Puzhal area with Bairavar as their Protecting God at the boundary. They were doing Bairava worship with Vellerukku pillaras, Pavazha (coral) pillars and Vengala (Bell metal) door. Since he was disturbing everyone, King Thondaiman came this way to see off them. He could not succeed in his first attempt since the Bairavar was protecting the demons. On return, the legs of his elephant got entangled in the jasmine shrubs. In order to clear the way, the King cut out the plants with his sword but shocked to see blood oozing out from there. On checking, he found a Shivalingam. Saddened by his act, while he tried cut his head himself, Shiva and Parvathi gave dharshan on Rishba vahana. Also, Lord Shiva gave arranged to send Nandhi to counter the demons. Kodi-idaiamman also gave her sword to Nandhi. That’s why the Nandhi here is facing East (towards Puzhal) as a rarity. With Nandhi, the King succeeded in his second attempt, brought the Erukka pillars and installed them in front of the main shrine.

Temple: The main deity is a tall Swayambu lingam on top of square Avudaiyar and bears the scar due to the sword cut. Due to this the lingam is always covered with Sandal and never removed. During the day of Sathaya star of the tamil month Chithrai every year, old sandal covering is removed and new one is being applied. There is no abhisheham for the lingam and it is done only to the Avudaiyar (base). There is also a later installed Rasalingam, made of Mercury and Silver to which abhishehams are being done.

Theertham: Subramanya theertham and Palar river.

Sthala Vruksham: Mullai.

More details in Vikatan Publication’s ‘Sakthi Dharisanam’ Part II and also here

Other Temples at Thirumullaivayal:

* There is a famous Vaishnavi temple at Thirumullaivayal, the information on which can be found here

* Pachaiyamman temple is on the way to the Masilamaneeswarar temple, the information on which can be found here

North Chennai

Sri Kailasanathar Temple at Madhavaram

This is a 7th century temple built by the Pallava King Nandhivarman II. Madhavaram was once called Mahathavapuram due to the tapas by Shiva and Parvathi separately and also by Sage Vyasar who wrote Mahabharatha. The main Shivalingam is made of maragatha stone with about 4.5 feet high on a 16 feet circumference base. It is very rare to see such a big lingam made of maragatha stone and it is beautiful to see the lingam glittering through the milk poured on it during the abhishehams. It is also very rare that the temple is present at the esana corner of the town. The 12 dwathasa Jyothir lingams are present here and the Nandhi is big and beautiful.

More details in Vikatan Publication’s Aalaya Dharisanam book

Amuthambihai sametha Sri Somanatheswar temple at Kolathur

Location: Half a km from the Rettai-yeri junction on way to Redhills

Legend: Moon god was once affected by a curse and lost all his 16 vital talents. He took bath in this temple tank (called Chandra Theertham), got the dharshan of Shiva and got his curse cleared off. Soman is the name of moon god and so the deity here is called Somanatheswar. Demon Vilvalan and Vathapi were once troubling sages at a place called Vilvatharanyam (now called Villivakkam). Sage Agasthiar ate demon Vathapi in the form of a mango and killed him in his stomach itself. The place where Agasthiar killed him is called Konnur (Konnur High road) and the place where he burnt the demon (such that he can not reappear) is called Koluthur (koluthu means ‘to burn’) and now called Kolathur.

Temple: Lingam made of maragatha stone. As an example of a Shiva-Vaishnav unison, Sridevi-Boodevi sametha Amirtha raja Perumal is having a separate shrine in the outer praharam.

Worship Benefits: Out of the Navagraha gods, Moon is related to mind and so this God is believed to cure mind related diseases and problems. People not being able to come out of bad habits and people who suffer due to none of their faults will be blessed by this God.

Sri Kalyana Varadharaja Perumal Temple at Kaladipet

This 200 years old temple is present in Thiruvotriyur Highroad Kaladipet market street.

Sri Arunachaleswarar Temple at Thandayarpet

This temple was built in 1779. The main deity is Arunachaleswarar with Goddess Abitha Gujambihai.

Sri Marahathambal Sametha Sri Iraveeswarar Temple at Vyasarpadi

Since Sage Vyasar worshipped Shiva here, the place is called Vyasarpadi. Sun God stayed here for some time under the Vanni tree and worshipped Shiva after taking bath at the temple tank called Surya Theertham.

ial is slow and you have to be little patient.


1. ‘Sirappumihu Chennai koilhal’

Book by Ganamanjari Sampathkumar

Malaiyarasi Pathippaham,

6/12, Masthan Ali Garden, S.V.Lingam Road,

Vadapalani, Chennai - 600026

Ph: 24729152/ 24732625; 94440-21661

2. Chennai Navagraha Temples by REACH Foundation.
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