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Guindy - Poonamalle

Sri Kothandaramar Temple at Nandambakkam

This temple for Lord Rama is one of the oldest in the city and is in the street just opposite the Trade Centre. According to legend, Lord Rama on his way to Lanka, offered homage to Sage Bhringi, who was doing penance on a hill named after him (Bhringimalai is now called Parankimalai). Sage Bhringi requested Lord Rama to stay with him. A garden was laid near the hill where Lord Rama spent his time, which came to be known as Nandavanam and later Nandambakkam.

The descendants of Vijayanagara rulers constructed this temple for Rama, Sita and Lakshmana, around 750 years ago, in the place where Lord Rama stayed. The original idols that the sage worshipped were installed in this temple. Shrines for Lord Srinivasa of Tirumala, Goddess Alarmelmangai Thayar, Nandavana Kannan, Ananda Anjaneyar, Azhwars and Acharyas were later installed and the temple became a big complex.

The special features of this temple are that it faces south and Sita is found sitting on Rama’s lap. The temple is also called `Then Thirupathi of Thondai Mandalam’. An eternal lamp burns in the Vasantha mandapam with 288 ghee lamps around it. The Ananda Anjaneyar is 7 feet high and is beautiful.

Note: Sage Bringu did tapas at the hill nearby and so it was called Bringumalai and now as Parankimalai. British took over the hill during their period, named it as St Thomas Mount and built many churches around, completely wiping out the traces of the ancient places of Sage Bringu. Today it is completely hijacked by Christians.

Sri Ramalingeswarar Temple at Nandambakkam

This ancient Shiva temple is located very near to the Ramar temple. Ramar worshipped this lingam during his stay here.

Sri Ramanadeswarar Temple at Porur

This is a being considered as a Guru (Jupiter) sthalam for Navagraha worship. This temple is located in the Eswaran Koil Street near the Porur main junction. Ramar worshipped Shiva here and the lingam present as Guru, is huge and beautiful. This is also called as ‘Uthara Rameswaram’. The alternate to this Gurusthalam, is the Shiva Temple at Kundrathur.

Sri Varadharaja Perumal temple at Poonamalle

Poovirundavalli, more popularly known in its corrupted form as Poonamallee, the birth place of Thirukatchi Nambi Azhwar, a staunch devotee of Varadaraja Perumal. The name Poonamallee is attributed to the fact that the area around was full of jasmine (jasmine means ‘ Malli” in Tamil). In Sanskrit, the place was called Pushpakavalli. Pushpam’ means flower and Valli denotes Goddess. There is a legend that Goddess Lakshmi rose from jasmine flower and gave darashan to Thirukatchi Nambi Azhwar. It is also said the Azhwar worshipped God Varadaraja, deity at Kanchi with the jasmine flowers plucked from here. This place was also called ‘Lakshmipuram’ and ‘Ulagu Vuyya Konda Cholapuram’.

The main deity of this 10th century temple near the Poonamalle bus stand is Lord Varadaraja Perumal with His Consort, Pushpakavalli Thayar. It is also known as Arulaperumal. Moved by the prayers of Thirukatchi Nambi Azhwar, Sri Varadarajaswami, Sri Venkatesaperumal and Sri Ranganathar gave dharshan to him simultaneously at this place. There is also a shrine for Thirukatchi Nambi Azhwar. There is a strong belief that the sun God and Mars (Angarga) worshipped the Lord of this temple. Every year during February - March between the 21st and 25th at 6.00 AM, the sun’s rays fall on the face of the Lord of this temple. Like His counterpart at the Kanchi Varadaraja temple, the Perumal here also faces west.

Sri Thaiyal Nayagi udanurai Vaitheeswaran Temple at Poonamalle

This is being considered as the Sevvai (Angaraka - Mars) sthalam for the Navagraha worship. The temple is lavish, big and well maintained. Here the temple has a separate Sevvai Padam (legs) and a statue of the Sthala Vruksha Thaazhi Palm tree and also 3 Chakrams which were established by the Adi Shankara (Sri Chakram, Subramania Chakram and Shanmuga Chakram) near the Subramania Swami shrine. The front mandapam near the Shiva Shrine has beautiful carvings on the roof. The South entrance has some interesting sculptures on either side. The main deity is known as ‘Theera Vinai Theertha Perumal’.

Kundrathur/ Mangadu

Sri Agastheeswarar temple at Pozhichalur

This is being considered as the Sani (Saturn) sthalam for the Navagraha worship. The main deity is Agastheeswarar with His consort Anandavalli Thayar. The temple has a separate Sani shrine and called as ‘Vada Thirunallaru’. This is also a renowned Nadi Pariharashthalam and people around say that foreigners and north Indians throng the temple to do parihaara for their dhosha if informed through Naadi Josyam!

The temple is of 12th century architecture. It is said that the Shivalingam appeared when the native Mudaliars ploughed the land.

Sri Amirthambihai sametha Sri Argeeswarar Temple at Pammal

This is a 11th century temple at Pammal

Sri Murugan Temple at Kundrathur

Kundrathur is in the middle of Porur, Poonamalee and Pallavaram.

This is a small hill temple for Lord Subramaniar with His two consorts built by King Klothunga Chola - II. Legend has it that Lord Subramaniar stayed in the hill on an auspicious day during His travel from Thirupporur to Thiruthani. This place is also known as ‘South Thanigai’ since Lord Subramaniar is sitting in the direction of north facing Thanigai and this is the only Murugan temple in Tamilnadu where the God is facing north. The other specialty being that Lord Subramaniar can be seen with only one Goddess at a time though He is present with both of His consorts.

Sri Thiru-Uraga Perumal Temple at Kundrathur

In the road towards the Murugan temple, this temple is located just about 100 meters before the Murugan temple.

The main deity, Thiru-Uraga Perumal, is seven feet tall and the thayar, Thiruvirundhavalli Thayar are usually very well decorated. The deities’ decorations very clearly demonstrate the devotion of the Bhattacharyars towards their Master. It is sure that anybody passing through the road will automatically be attracted inside with the little and beautiful glimpse of the deity from the road.

The remains of a pillared mandapam spoke of a grand edifice built probably during Klothunga or Karikala Chozhan’s period. The inscriptions found inside the temple indicate that this was well patronized during the reign of the Vijayanagar dynasty also. A very recent inscription was interesting. It recorded verses on the deity that had appeared in the dreams of a local Tamil teacher which when recited gave the area copious rain!

Sri Nageswarar Temple at Kundrathur

This is considered as the Raagu sthalam for the Navagraha worship and was built by the descendents of Sekkizhaar (who wrote Periya Puranam). Here the Nagabharanam around the linga is supposed to be the Rahu for worship. This place is also called as Vada Thirunageswaram. The temple and its tank are clean and well maintained.

Sri Tapas Kamakshi Amman temple at Mangadu

Location: Near Poonamalle

Special: A highly popular Amman temple; Kamakshi amman penanced here and got married to Shiva at Kanchipuram.

Legend: Once Parvathi Devi closed the eyes of Shiva for fun which resulted in total darkness of the whole universe. Shiva was displeased by her act and she had to come down to earth and do penance to join Shiva once again. Here She penanced standing on tip of Her left leg on fire and so She is known as Tapas Kamakshi. Shiva while coming to give dharshan to Her, met Sukracharyar on way and He asked Kamakshi to end her penance and go to Kancheepuram (Kamakshi came to Kanchi, made a Shiva linga of mud and started her pooja once again. She was then married to Shiva at Kanchipuram where She is known as Kalyana kamakshi). While going in an anxiety, she did not put down the Yagna fire and so all the living beings around were suffering due to the heat generated. When Aadhi Shankarar was passing through, he installed a SriChakram called Arthameru made of 8 herbs and reduced the heat. Still people feared with the Kamakshi idol in penance and so the later Sankaracharyas shifted this idol to the side of the temple and installed another Kamakshi in Santha roopam, called Aadhi Kamakshi, with Sugarcane stick in one hand and Parrot in the other.

Temple: In front of the main deity, there is a tortoise shaped bottom with a 16 petal lotus flower three steps above it, on which the highly powerful Sri Chakra Yantra is installed. It has 43 corners representing 43 Devathas. The main deity takes the Abhisheham and only Kumkum archanai is being done for the Artha meru Sri Chakram since it is made of herbs.

The official website of the temple is here

Sri Velleeswarar Temple at Mangadu

This is considered as the Sukra (Venus) Sthala for the Navagraha worship. It is said that Sukra worshipped the lingam here and it is believed that those who have eye ailments will get cured by worshipping this lord.

The Shivalinga (Velleeswarar) is huge in size and was worshipped by Sage Bargava and Goddess Parvathi in penance seen at Maangadu Amman temple. Vishnu who solemnized the marriage of Shiva-Parvathi also has a temple nearby. Vishnu carries the jewels for the marriage in his hands!. Subramanya swamy, made of single stone, is seen with devayani and Ganesha is seen with mango in his hand.

All the three temples (Velleeswarar, Maangadu Amman and Vishnu) are near to each other.

Sri Vaikunda Perumal temple at Mangadu

This temple is situated near Sri Kamakshiamman Temple and Sri Vaikunda Perumal here is in sitting pose with Sridevi and Boodevi. Lord Vishnu solemnized the marriage of Shiva-Parvathi and He carries the jewels for the marriage in His hands! All these three temples - Velleeswarar, Maangadu Amman and Lord Vishnu have legend connection and also very near to each other.

Sri Thirumeyneeswarar Shiva temple at Kovur

The main deity is Sri Sundareswarar with Goddess Soundarambihai. This is being considered as the Budhan (Mercury) Sthalam for the Navagraha worship. The entrance is picturesque with an array of houses and tall Asoka Trees on either side. This temple has the unique Maha Vilvam as its Sthala Vruksham which has bunch of 27 leaves in one single stalk!!!. Saint Thyagaraja’s Pancha Rathna Keerthanas on Lord Rama is very popular and he rarely sang in praise of other Gods. This is the place where he sang the Panchartana keerthanas on Shiva and is called Kovur Pancharathnam.

Sri Neelakandeswarar temple at Gerukambakkam

This is being considered as the Kethu sthalam for the Navagraha worship. It is located in the Kovur - Kundrathur Road.

At the left hand of the entrance we can see a separate Snake idol being worshipped as the Kethu shrine. The Amman strikes your sight and attracts your attention as it is facing the entrance. So, big, majestic and beautiful! is this Aadhi Kamakshi Amman. Only those who see it can believe it!!

Sri Agastheeswarar Temple at Kozapakkam

The temple lies sandwiched in the link road between the Kundrathur and Mount Poonamallee High Road.

This is being considered as the Surya (sun) sthalam for the Navagraha worship. The unique feature is that the three main deities - The Sun God, Bairava Idol and the Shivalingam are to be seen through Salaram (window) all at the same time. The landscape and garden around this temple is maintained excellently. A beautiful water pond is in front of the temple.

Velachery - Tambaram

Sri Dhandeeswarar Temple at Velacheri

The temple is located in the Rajbhavan-Vijayanagar Bus stand road, about half a km from the Vijayanagar Bus stand.

Yaman does not have separate temples and the temples that remove one’s death fears are only a few like Thirukkadaiyur, Thirupainjeeli near Trichy, Srivanchiyam and Thiruvaihavur apart from the Velacheri Dhandeeswarar Temple.

Velacheri was once called Vedasreni, the temple of Vedas, the sacred place for veda padasalas. This was also called Sathurmangalam - Sathur means four. All the four Vedas worshipped Dhandeeswarar here and were cleared off the dhosham that was got while being caught by the demons. It is said that Yama was in tapas here for 3000 years and got blessed. Since Lord Shiva snatched the Dhandam of Yama, the deity here is called Dhandeeswarar. The main deity is a Swayambu lingam. Worshipping here removes one’s death fears.

Yoga Narasimhar Temple at Velacheri

This temple is located very near the Dhandeeswarar temple. The Lord here is in a sitting posture facing the West which is considered rare.

Sri Venkatachalapathy Temple at Pallikaranai

A new temple for Sri Venkatachalapathy at Kamakotinagar, Pallikaranai, (opposite Balaji Dental College) on the Velachery-Tambaram Main Road. A special feature of this temple being that the beautiful main deity, Sri Lakshmi Balaji is seven feet high and has the idol of Goddess Lakshmi in the lower half.

Sri Lakshmi Narayanar Temple at Pallikaranai

This is a 800 years old Chola temple. The main deity Sri Narasimhar is seen embracing Goddess Lakshmi who is sitting at his lap.

Sri Neelavarna Perumal Temple at Nanmangalam

More than 1200 years old Pallava temple for Sri Sridevi Bhudevi Samedha Sri Neelavarnaperumal. More information here

Sri Oppiliappan Pattabisheka Ramar Temple at Puzhudhivakkam.

This is located at Ram Nagar (North). More informationhere

Sri Mookambigai Temple at Medavakkam

This temple is located at Medavakkam at Santhoshipuram, Anandha nagar

Sri Selliamman Temple at Keelkattalai

Selli means Younger girl and the youngest of the Saptha madhas, Chamundi is being worshipped as the Boundary God in different names in different places and Selliamman is one of them. The temple tank has been renovated beautifully with the participation of both the Government and the NGOs.

Sri Pamavathi Samedha Sri Srinivasa Perumal Temple at Keelkattalai

The founder secretary of the temple had a dream for three consecutive days in which Lord Srinivasa appeared and asked him to offer 108 Salagrama garland to be obtained from the King of Nepal Gyanendra Bir Bikram Shah Dev. The devotee decided to make an effort and wrote to the King of Nepal describing his dream. After three months, a parcel with 108 Salagramams arrived from the King of Nepal !!.

Sri Vishnu Sahasranama Parayana Mandali group has been chanting Vishnu Sahasranamam on Sundays for more than 450 weeks.

Sri Dhenupureeswarar temple at Madambakkam

Main deity: Swayambu linga known as Denupureeswarar & Denukambikai.

Legend: Sage Kapilar took birth as a cow due to a curse. One day, the master of the cow saw the cow pouring its milk on a small stone buried in the ground. He angrily hit the cow for having wasted its milk. Unable to bear the pain, the cow tapped it’s leg on the ground and also the stone. The stone started bleeding and later it was found to be a Shiva Linga. Lord Shiva gave dharshan to Sage Kapilar and gave salvation. Even today one can see a scar on the Shiva lingam, caused by the kick of the cow (Kapila). Another rare feature of the temple being that it houses Lord Sarabeswarar on one of the pillars in it. Arunagirinadhar sang Thirupugazh on subramanya of this place.

Temple: This Shiva temple, dating back to more than thousand years, was built during the reign of the Chola king, Parantaka II, also known as Sundara Chola (956-973 A.D.), father of Rajaraja Chola I. This temple was probably rebuilt with stone during the reign of Kulottunga Chola I. The temple is now under the control of Archeological Society of India. This ancient village, now called Madambakkam, was once known as Ulaguyyavanda-Chola Chaturvedimangalam.

Siddhar temple at Madambakkam

Located very near to the Dhenupureeswarar Temple, this temple, called the Universal Shrine was constructed as instructed by the Sathguru Seshadhri Swamihal of Thiruvannamalai. Dedicated to the Mother Goddess in her form as the Maha Meru as per the ancient Sri Vidya tradition, to the 18 Siddhars - masters of infinite enlightenment and to the Sathguru, the Universal Temple is today a temple of peace and solace. A unique complex the Universal Shrine is the only one of its kind in the world reflecting the depth of India’s spiritual traditions, the sacred system of Sri Vidya and the mystical heritage of the sages of God realization.

Sri Skandhashramam at Selaiyur

Far from the maddening crowd, nestled serenely in Chennai at Mahalakshmi Nagar, Rajakilpakkam, Selaiyur lies one of the majestic temples known as Chennai Om Sri Skandasramam. Built by Sathguru Srimad Shanthananda Swamigal who hails from the Avadhoota tradition of Saints, this temple pays a living tribute to the glory of Hinduism. Enshrined in this temple are the icons of rare deities including that of Kamala Siddhi Vinayakar, Panchamukha Heramba Ganapathy, Dattatreya, Panchamukha Hanuman, Sanieswarar, Ayyapan, Ashtadasabhuja Durga Parameswari, Srimath Sadguru Shantananda Swamigal, Lord Sarabeswara (form of Shiva), Goddess Prathyankira, Goddess Bhuvaneshwari, Swaminathaswamy (Skanda), Sudarshanachakathalwar, Sahasralingam (1008 lingams) and Sri Chakra Poorna Maha Meru all in magnificent stature.

Sri Abirami Amman - Amirthakadeswarar temple at Selaiyur

The original name of Selaiyur is Silaiyur - the place with so many Silais or idols, and there is a temple at every corner, some of them surprisingly ancient.

This temple is over 250 years old. The main deities are Abhirami Amman and Amirthakadeswarar, similar to the famous Abirami temple in Thirukkadayur. According to the priest, there are 14 Ambal (Devi) temples in Selaiyur. In this particular temple, the idols were found when some digging was going on. The Nandhi in this temple faces the Goddess, as she is in “Siva Shathi Bagam”. The central courtyard is occupied by a mandapam in which the 16 Aishwaryams or Lakshmis are depicted.

Sri Adikesava Perumal Temple at Selaiyur

Here, the granite pillars are ancient but the idols themselves, of Adikesavaperumal and Amirthavalli Thayar, are relatively new. The temple has a ‘Deepa sthambam’, which is a typical feature of a village temple as opposed to a town temple. There is also a palanquin dated 1094, indicating that the temple is nearly 1,000 years old.

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