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Sri Karaneeswarar Temple

This temple is located next to the railway station. This temple has a 7-storied Rajagopuram with two prakarams. The main deity is Lord Karaneeswara and Goddess Swarnaambikai. This temple has a beautiful tank.

Sri Prasanna Venkata Narasimha Perumal Temple

This is a 12th Century temple by the Viyayanagar empire near the railway station. It is said that initially Sri Prasanna Venkatesa Perumal alone was incarnated in the sanctum sanctorum with SriDevi and BooDevi and Narasimha Perumal was incarnated later and hence Perumal was named as Sri Prasanna Venkata Narasimha Perumal. Sri Parthasarthy Swamy of Triplicane visits this temple yearly once. There is Adhisesha near the Azhwar shrine to eliminate the ‘Sarpa Dosham’ of the worshippers. Alarmelu Mangai Thayar shrine is present facing east.

Saidapet Subramanya Swamy Temple

This 400 years old temple is present near the Prasanna Venkatesa Perumal Temple


Sri Kothandaramar Temple at West Mambalam

This 150 years old temple has the main deity as Pattabiramar with Seetha devi at his left lap in Pattibhisheka kolam. Also Ranganathar, Thayar Ranganayaki, Yoha Narasimhar, Sanjeeva Paravatha Anjaneyar are having separate shrines. Anjaneyar is having Sanjeeva Parvatha hill in his right hand and his facing north (Gubera corner) is considered very special.

Mambalam Sathyanarayana Temple

Situated in the Srinivasa Street near Ayodhya Mandapam, West Mambalam, the main deity of the temple is Sri Mahalakshmi Sametha Sri Sathya Narayana Perumal.

The other deities present in this temple are: Prasanna Venkatesa Perumal, Thaayaar,

Lakshmi Narasimhar, Anjaneyar, Sudharsana Azhwar, Ramar, Lakshmanar and Seetha.

This temple is very famous and is often referred to as “Maabila Kshetram”. Every Pournami, Sathya Narayana Poojai is being performed. Whenever the Jeeyar Swamigal or Srimad Andavan Swamigal comes to Mambalam, they pay a visit to this Kshetram.

Temples in and around Mambalam Sathyanarayana Temple:

Srinivasar Temple

Periyanjanaeyar Temple

Madi Srinivasar Temple

Vallabaganapathy Temple


Kali Bari Temple

Thronged by Bengalis, this is a replica of the famed Kalighata Temple in Calcutta.

Sri Kasi Viswanathar and Kasi Visalakshi Temple at West Mambalam

This is a 400 years old temple

Mambalam Sankara Mutt

Present next to the Kasi Viswananathar temple

Ashok Nagar

Sri Anjaneyar Temple

The temple is very popular and the deity is about 20 feet high and is seen either in Vennai kappu or Sandhana kappu almost all the days.


Sri Agastheeswarar - Sri Prasanna Venkatesa Perumal - Sri Asalathamman Temples

This trio of temples is at about 2 kms from Nungambakkam railway station. King Bommarajan who ruled this place once, got Sula disease and prayed to Perumal. He guided him to take bath in the Agastheeswarar temple tank and worship Shiva here. He did the same and got his disease cured. Goddess Akilandeswari has a separate shrine here next only to Thiruvanaikkaval. At one corner of the temple tank is present the Swayambu amman Asalathamman. Nearby, the Prasanna Venkatesa Perumal temple is also present. Anajaneyar, present in a separate shrine is considered very powerful.


Sri Vyakrapureeswarar Temple

Sage Vyakrapathar got his name because his legs were like Tiger’s - Vyakram means Tiger. He worshipped Lord Shiva here and so the Easwaran is called Vyakrapureeswarar. The place was called Puliyur for the same reason (Puli means Tiger). Knowing the importance of the place, Pallavas constructed a fort here and made this as their capital.

Sri Bharadwajeswarar Temple

About 500 years old temple. Vali worshipped Easwaran here and later Sage Bharadwajar worshipped.

Sri Murugan temple at Vadapalani

Located centrally between Vyakrapureeswarar Temple and Bharadwajeswarar Temple, this temple is about 100 years old and is a very popular one

Sri Vengiswarar temple at Vadapalani

A small ancient temple just opposite Vadaplani Murugan temple (i.e. acorss the Arcot street). One can’t miss the Rajagopuram built by Cholas from the 100 feet road as you enter Vadaplani signal junction.

Sri Ayyappan temple at Mahalingapuram

Built in 1974, this is the 2nd of the Ayyappa temples built in the city.


Sri Agastheeswarar Temple

This is a 12th Century Chola temple


Arthanariswarar temple

It will be difficult to find out this temple in the midst of bustling Egmore. It is in a narrow lane behind Dasaprakash. The main deity is a beautiful and big lingam. Thirunavukkarasar has sung on this temple and it is supposed to be 1300 years old going by that. He has mentioned Egmore as ‘Elum oor’, a place of awakening.


Shiva and Perumal Temples

One of the oldest temples, considered belongs to 7th Century this is a twin temple of Lord Shiva and Vishnu in adjacent complexes. The names of the deities confirm the puranic nature of the temple. Lord Shiva is Aadhipureeswarar with Goddess Thirupurasundari. Lord Vishnu is Aadhikesava Perumal with Goddess Aadhilakshmi. Vinayagar is Aadhi Vinayahar.


Sri Gangadeswarar Temple

The temple is about 2000 years old. Once King Baheeradhan ridiculed Sage Naradhar and got his curse. To get off from the curse he worshipped 1008 Shivalingams. When he searched a proper place for his 1008th Shivalinga pooja, a holy voice pointed to this place. The place where he kept the Ganaga water kamandalam is the temple well. Even if the whole Chennai becomes water starved, this well serves water. Within the temple tank there were 7 wells but all but this specific one had been already covered up since they went dry.

When the temple tank dried up, as is the case with many city temples, the authorities, instead of taking effort to refill the tank through proper rain water harvesting, got the brilliant idea (as usual) to completely close the tank and make it as a park. When they were pumping out water from the tank, they were unable to control the water inflow from one particular well (thank God). They thought it was the underground drainage water but on tests it was found to be pure water that came from the side of the sanctum sanctorum. In the Southeast corner of the temple, there is a rare Kurundai tree which can not be seen in any other temple. It is said that Manicka Vasagar preached under this tree.

Added by Mrs Prasanna Rajagopalan: Sage Bageeratha sage is believed to have done penance and brought Ganga to the earth at this place. Hence Lord shiva is known as Gangadeeswarar and Goddess is known as Pankajakshi. This temple is mentioned in Thevaram by Sundarar. He has not visited Purasai but has sung on the lord as vaipu thalam (singing without visiting the temple).

Sri Srinivasa Perumal Temple

This is located at Vellala street off Purasawalkam High Road. Originally there was a Bhajan Temple here with a small stone idol which can be seen even today in the main shrine. The Bhajan Temple was built more than 300 years ago and the present temple came into existence in 1850.

Sri Parasuramalingeswarar Temple at Ayyanavaram

This is a 1000 years old temple. Prasuramar, a form of Mahavishnu, killed his mother at the behest of his father. In order to clear off his sin due to this, he worshipped Shiva here. Brahma, called Ayan, took bath in this temple tank and worshipped Shiva and that’s why the place is called Ayanpuram and later Ayyanavaram.

Sri Kasi Viswanathar Temple at Ayyanavaram

Built in 1804, this temple was built as per the dream of two Gujarathi women who brought a lingam from Kasi. There is a Kasi Viswanathar Temple tank.


Pallavaram Thirumaneeswarar Temple

This Shiva temple has a pretty big lingam.

Perumal Temple Thiruneermalai

Special: One of 108 Divya desams; considered as mukthi sthala

Location: In the Guindy-Tambaram GST Road, take the road opposite Pond’s factory (towards West) at Pallavaram and go further for about 3-4 kms to reach the temple.

Main deity: Vishnu in 4 different forms together in one divya desam

Legend: Sage Valmiki, after completing the Ramayana, visited the hillock top temple and came down and prayed Rama. Ranganathar and Ranganayaki, whom he saw gave dharshan at the base temple as Rama and Seetha; Adhisesha as Lakshman; Sanku, Chakra as Bharatha, Sathrugna; Garuda as Hanuman and Viswakarma as Sugreeva

Temple: This place is a small hill surrounded by green fields all around and there are two temples one at the hillock top with 108 steps and the other at the base. When Thirumangai Azhwar visited the place, this hill was surrounded by water and so is the name of the place ‘Thiruneermalai’. The hillock top temple has Ranganatha swamy and Ranganayaki thayar ‘Kidantha’ (lying) posture in the front shrine and as we go around we see Thiruvikrama perumal in ‘Nadantha’ (walking) posture known as ‘Ulagalandha Perumal’, and third deity Santha Narasimhar in ‘Iruntha’ (sitting) posture. The base temple has Kalyana Ramar as the main deity in the name of Neervannan in ‘Ninra’ (standing) posture.

Theertham: Ksheera, Karunya, Siddha & Swarna pushkarani together as big pond, known as Manikarnika.

Sri Kumaran Kundram Temple at Chrompet

This is a Murugan temple on a small hill with about 100 steps and is located within the Chrompet town. From city, while going towards Tambaram take the left side (East) of the Chrompet road over bridge and take the first left at the end of the bridge and go further for about half a km to reach the temple.

Thrisulanadhar temple at Trisulam

Main deity: Swayambu lingam known as Thrisulanadhar with Goddess Thripura Sundari in separate shrines

Location: In the GST Road towards Tambaram, after the Trisulam railway station, take the road to the left immediately after it, just opposite the Airport. After crossing the stone quarries, at about 1.5 km from the GST road, this ancient Shiva temple can be located.

Legend: Brahma, after affected by the curse of Shiva, worshipped Shiva at various places and this is one such place. It is believed that Brahma’s four faces are present as four hills around chanting the four Vedas.

Temple: This place is one of the Chathurvethi Mangalams and was called Vanavan Madhevi Chathurvethi Mangalam. The temple was built by Klothunga Cholan I. The name Tirisoolam came from Thiruchuram, churam meaning a place of hills and forests. The ambal shrine was damaged during the invasion by the muslims and foreigners and so a new Ambal idol was installed. While thinking of dumping the old idol, it was instructed in the dream of an archahar to install the old idol along with the main deity and so was done.

Theertham: Brahma teertham

Note: This is a pet temple for Sri Sri RaviShankar, founder of Art of Living. During his Chennai trips, whenever he has time he drives to this temple straight from the Airport.

More details in Vikatan Publication’s ‘Aalaya Dharisanam’ book and ‘Nimmadhi Tharum Sannidhi - Part 2′ book. The Tamil audio Podcast is available here.

Sri Ramanjaneyar Temple at Tambaram Sanatorium

A big and popular temple on the GST Road itself.

Sri Vaidhyanadha Swamy Temple at Tambaram Sanatorium

Another popular temple nearby Ramanjaneyar temple

Guindy - Koyampedu

Twin Temples of Koyampedu - Sri Kurungaleeswarar Temple and Sri Vaikundavasa Perumal Temple

A perfect example of Shiva-Vaishnav unison, both these temples are located adjacent to each other and very near to the Koyampedu Bus Terminus. Both have legendary connection to the Ramayan.

Sri Kurungaleeswarar Temple: This is also called Kusalavapuriswarar temple. The legend has it that Rama’s twin sons Lava and Kucha were brought up in Valmiki’s Ashram here. They fought with Lakshman and won over him without knowing the identity, over the Ashwametha horse sent by Ramar. They got the Gothrahathi dhosha due to this and the Sage advises them to do Pradhosha pooja for Shiva. The moolavar in this temple is a Swaymbu lingam of palm size, as formed by the kids. Pradhosha dharshan here is considered equivalent to 1000 pradhosha dharshans. There is also a Sarabeswarar shrine and the Rahuhala (4:30 PM to 6:00PM) Puja every Sunday is very special. Due to this, the Sunday Pradhosham sees heavy crowd.

Sri Vaikundavasa Perumal Temple: Lava and Kucha worshipped the Perumal here. Generally Vaikundavasar will be seen in a sitting pose but here He is seen in a standing pose with his consorts Sridevi and Boodevi. The main deity is being decorated differently on every Saturday.

Sri Santhana Srinivasar Temple at Mugappair

This 650 years old temple is very powerful to give the boon of a child (santhanam) which is called ‘Mahapperu’ in tamil and that’s how the place became Mugappair. The main deity Santhana Srinivasar is 9.5 feet high. Couples praying for child take the Santhana Srinivasar vigraham in their lap as part of their prayer. Thulaparam is also being done. Poojas are taking place throughout the day till the Ekantha Seva in the night as in Thirumala

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