Broadway (Parry’s Corner/ Flower Bazaar)

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Sri Ashtalakshmi Temple at Besant Nagar

A very popular temple located right on the beach shore. The main deity here is 7 feet high Mahavishnu with Mahalakshmi. It has shrines for all the 8 Lakshmi Goddesses and is built based on the architecture of the Uthiramerur Perumal temple. Lakshmi shrines are located in the 2 tiers of the vimanam of the main Perumal shrine and is constructed in such a way that you will not come on top of any of the deities below while going over the 2 tiers.

Location: In the main Besant Nagar M.G.Road, while going towards Elliots Beach/ Velankanni church, just before the church, take the right turn to enter the Kalakshetra Colony (there is one Kalakshetra ‘Road’ at Thiruvanmiyur which is different). Go straight upto a Police booth and then take a left turn to reach the temple.

Another popular temple ‘Arupadai Murugan’ Temple is nearby.

More details in Vikatan Publication’s ‘Nimmadhi Tharum Sannidhi - part 2‘ book

Sri ArupadaiVeedu Murugan Temple at Besant Nagar

This new stone temple has shrines for all the six Padai veedu of Lord Muruga in the same direction as the original temples. The land for this was donated by MGR during his regime but the temple was built years later by NRI Chettiars. Popular temple and can be seen in many films and serials.

This is located near the Ashtalakshmi Temple. After entering the Kalakshetra Colony main road (Tiger Varadhachari Road), go straight till the T junction at the very end of the road and then turn left to reach the temple.

Sri Anantha Padmanatha Swamy Temple at Adayar

This is located at Gandhi Nagar, Adayar. While coming from Guindy/ Saidapet, at the Adayar LB Road over bridge junction, take a left turn and the temple is located at about 100 meters from there.

This is a very beautiful and well maintained temple. The sanctum sanctorum is well illumined and the Perumal in the Anantha Sayana posture is very beautiful indeed.

Sri Rathnagreeswarar Temple at Besant Nagar

This is a popular and very active Shiva temple at Besant Nagar. In the main Besant Nagar M.G.Road, while traveling towards Elliots Beach, take a left turn immediately after the RBI Quarters.

Madhya Kailash Sri Anandha Vinayahar temple at Taramani

The temple is located exactly at the start of the IT Highway, now called Rajiv Gandhi road at the junction of Sardar Patel Road with IT Highway at Taramanii. While coming from Guindy/ Saidapet, you have to turn right at the junction immediately after the IIT over bridge.

When the Regional Labour Institute was constructed n 1970s, a Vinayahar came up as Swayambu and it was worshipped at a platform temple. Later, upon blessings and guidance from Kanchi Periyavar, this temple was built with Anandha Vinayahar as the main deity with all the Arupadai Murugans inside the Anandha Vinayahar shrine.

There are some rare shrines in this temple:

* Called Adhyantha Prabhu, a combination of Anjaneyar on the left side and Vinayahar on the right side like Arthanareeswarar. This can not be seen anywhere else.

* Adhithyan (Sun God) in a ratham with 7 horses like Konark Sun God Temple.

* Sage Suha Brahma is present as a Koshta God

The name Madhya Kaliash came from the fact that the temple is situated between North Kailash (Kasi) and South Kailash (Rameswaram) to conduct the poojas for pithrus (ancestors). Everyday after 12 noon pithru poojas are being conducted with Anandha Vinayahar as the Kartha. Parameswarar and Adhithyan shrines are present only for the Pithru poojas,

The other shrines are Abirami, Anjaneyar, Mahavishnu, and Navagrahas. All the 33 idols of this temple were done through Thirupathi Devasthanam.

The official website of the temple is here

Sri Vara Siddhi Vinayahar Temple at Besant Nagar

Located just opposite the Besant Nagar Bus Depot, the specialty of the temple being that Ganapathy Homam is being conducted everyday, yes, everyday.

Sri Periyapalayam Amman Temple at Adayar

Located just opposite Adayar Bus Depot at L.B.Road

Sri Pamban Swamigal Madam at Thiruvanmiyur

The Samadhi of Sri Pamban Swamigal is located very near to the entrance of Kalakshetra, the popular Bharthnatya School at Kalakshetra Colony, Besant Nagar. The full moon day celebration all through the night is very special.

More details on Pamban Swamigal here

East Coast Road (ECR)

Sri Marundeeswarar Temple at Thiruvanmiyur

Significance: One of the 275 sacred temples glorified by the Thevara hymns; 7th Century temple.

Main deity: Swayambu linga known as Marundeeswarar with Goddess Thripura Sundari in separate shrines.

Location: In close proximity to the Thiruvanmiyur Bus Depot at the start of the ECR.

Names of the main deity:

* Sage Valmiki worshipped Shiva and hence called Vanmeeki nadhar.

* Kamadenu worshipped and so He is known as Palvanna nadhar.

* Sage Agasthiyar worshipped and was preached the science of Oushadha muligi (herbs). So He is called as Oushadeeswarar and Marundeeswarar.

* Devas worshipped and so He is known as Vedapureeswarar


* Since Sage Valmiki (vanmiki) worshipped here, the place is called Thiruvanmiyur

* Lord Shiva gave dharshan to Markandeyar under the Vanni Tree

* Moon God got his curse cleared off

* Ramar, on his way to Lanka worshipped Shiva

* Sage Brinki (in whose name Paranki Malai has come up) worshipped Shiva

* Shiva danced before Sage Valmiki during Panguni full moon day

* Lord Marundeeswarar taught Sage Agasthiar on the science of Herbs

Temple: The main deity is a Swayambu lingam about 1 foot high and is present in a slightly slanting position. Kamadehnu worshipped the lingam here and the foot marks of Kamadhenu can be seen at the lingam. Srichakra is there in front of Goddess. No Navagrahas are present since the Navagraha worship came into practice only after 10th century during the Chola period. Lord Muruga is seen with right leg on peacock and bow in his hand. Arunagirinadhar sang thirupugazh on Murugan of this place.

Sthala Vruksham: Vanni.

Theertham: There are 5 theerthams - Janma nasini, Kama nasini, Papa nasini, Gyana dhayini & Moksha nasini which are from the jada mudi of Lord Shiva.

Note: There are two temple tanks - one outside the temple and the other inside. The one inside was cleaned and recharged with the rainwater harvesting recently by the local NGOs and so it used to have some water atleast during the rainy season but the one outside was never seen with water even during the heaviest monsoon. During the last flooding, while the Adyar river was flooded to the brim and the precious water was being let off to the sea just like that, it was pathetic to see this tank, just a km away, was completely dry without a drop of water, really. I have seen both of them, myself. To top it all, the fact remains that only 5% of the temple collections are being ploughed back to the temple renovations!!.

Shiridi Sai Baba Temple at Injambakkam

Take the left after Prathana drive-in theatre to reach the temple. It is approximately 8.5 kms from Adyar. The temple itself is very big and is in a calm, clean, breezy and peaceful place.

Puri Jagannath Temple at Kannathur

An exact replica of the Puri Jagannath Temple is located on ECR just about 100 meters before Mayajal. In the bazaar area of Kannathur, turn left (East) towards sea and go further for about 200 meters to reach the temple. For those who have not been to Puri, this is a boon to see Jagannathar in the same style as Puri at their doorstep. As a very calm locality near the sea and a neatly maintained temple this is a beautiful place to visit.


Sri Lakshmi Narasimhar Temple

Parasuramar’s father Sage Jamathkani conducted an yagna to have a dharshan of Narasimhar. The God appeared as an Ugra Narasimhar and Sage Jamathgini pleaded Him to take santha swaroopam and be present here so that everyone can have his dharshan. Per his request, He is seen here along with Goddess Lakshmi. Many hundred years ago, this temple was hidden under the ground and some pooja items of the temple showed up first. Upon further digging, the complete temple showed up. With the findings, this is believed to be more ancient than 8th century. The deities present here are Sri Ranganathar at South, Sri Krishnan at North and Lakshmi Narasimhar at East. There is a Prayer Chakra at the Perumal’s hand which was one of the findings when the temple was unearthed. Praying by touching the Chakra is believed to get one’s prayers answered. The Anjaneyar here is seen always with butter alankaram.

Sri Anjaneyar Temple

A powerful and the most popular temple of Nanganallur, Anjaneyar here is 32 feet high.

Complete information about the temple in the official website of the temple here.

Sri Ragavendra Temple

This is located very near to the Anjaneyar temple

Sri Uthara Guruvayoorappan Temple

The main deity here is very similar to the Guruvayoor deity. The stones for the deities were brought from Kerala and carved out with the Kerala sculptures.

Sri Lakshmi Hayagreevar Temple

This is one of the very few Hayagreevear temples of Tamilnadu. Hayagreevar is the God of Knowledge.

Sri Rajarajeswari Temple

Located at ThillaiGanga Nagar, this very powerful, beautiful and popular temple unfortunately is located in a typical house in a narrow street. If you go by car, better park it in main road and do a little walk.

Because of the presence of Raja Rajeswari temple, this place was called Nangai Nallur once and later became Nanganallur. It is said that the main deity here came up from a Homa kundam. The devotees should go around the temple only in anti-clockwise direction. There are 16 steps to this temple and each signifies a special meaning.

Sri Lakshmi Sametha Sathyanarayana Perumal Temple:

This temple is also located within the Rajarajeswari temple. Those who are unable to do Sathyanarayana Pooja at home can participate in the pooja here to get the benefit of doing the Sathyanarayana pooja. Sri Lakshmi normally seen by the side of Perumal is present here at the chest of Perumal who is in a standing posture facing west. Navagrahas, normally not seen in Perumal temples are seen here in a straight line which is unique. Panchamuga anjaneyar is also present here.

Sri Varasiddhi Vinayahar Temple

Located at Nanganallur 2nd main road, this is one of the two oldest temples along with Rajarajeswari Temple. Kanchi Maha Periyavar used to stay only here whenever he comes to Nanganallur.

Sri Pandurangan temple

Located in Adambakkam the main deity Pandurangan along with Rahumayee is very beautiful indeed. The Abang mela during the end of January is highly popular.

Sri Nandheeswarar Temple at Adambakkam

Location: Very near to the Parangimalai station

Specials: Very ancient temple, Pradhisha Pooja

Main deity: Nandeeswarar with Arunthava Nayaki in separate shrines.

Legend: Lord Shiva gave dharshan to Sage Bringi as Nandhi and so the deity is called Nandheeswarar. Since Sage Bringi stayed at the hill nearby, it was called Bringimalai and over a period got changed to Parangimalai.During the British period it got hijacked completely by Christians and called St Thomas mount wiping out all traces of Sage Bringi

Temple: Pradosha pooja is very special here and a cow comes around during the Pradhoshams even today. There will be lot of cows roaming around here. Cow represents Avudai and Bull represents Nandhi. Thiruvotriyur Avudaiamman temple and this had connections as per the culvert found in Thiruvotriyur temple. There are other deities like Sundara Vinakar, Naga devata, Vishnu, Bairavar, Chandran, Dakshina moorthy, Brahma, Durgai, Chandeeswarar & Navagraha.

Sthala vruksham: Nagalinga.

More details in Vikatan Publication’s ‘Aalaya Dharisanam’ book and also here

Sri Ardhanareeswarar Temple

It is located near the Pazhavanthangal railway station. Though this is a very ancient temple, it came into limelight only 100 years back.

Sri Ayyappan Temple

Located at 3rd main road, Ram Nagar. The deity came from Sabaraimala itself and the Melsanthi (head priest) of the Sabarimala temple in 1991 is the head priest here. It is said that during the time of Mahara jyothi dharshan at Sabarimala, the Mahara star appears here also in the east direction.

Sri Dharmalingeswarar Temple

A very ancient and historical temple

Raja Annamalaipuram

Sri Ayyappan Temple

Located at Foreshoreestate in Greenways road, near Chettinad Vidhyashram School, the temple was constructed by the Chettinad family and opened in 1982. This stone temple with the sacred 18 steps is built in the same style as the original Sabarimala Ayyappan Temple and very well maintained. Unlike Sabarimala, this temple is open throughout the year but the sacred ‘18 steps’ is opened only during the Mandala pooja as in Sabarimala and devotees can offer ‘Irumudi Kaanikkai’. During the Mandala Pooja, ‘Irumudi Neyyabishekam’ is performed to the Moolavar for 35 days and Brahmotsavam (main festival) is celebrated for 6 days.

The temple has all sub-shrines as in Sabarimala for Sri Maha Ganapathi, Sri Nagaraja, Sri Maligaipurathu Amman (Manja Matha), and other “Parivara Devatas”.

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