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Savage Coast Campaign Book


Design: Tim Beach and Bruce Heard

Additional Design: David Gross, Cindi M. Rice, and Ed Stark

Editing: Cindi M. Rice

Editorial Assistance: Tony Bryant, Jonatha Ariadne Caspian, and Lester Smith

Project Coordination: Karen S. Boomgarden

Art Coordination: Bob Galica

Cover Painting: Paul Jaquays

Cartography: John Knecht and Diesel

Graphic Design: Heather Le May

Based in part on the "Princess Ark" series by Bruce Heard and partially derived from the work of Merle and Jackie Rasmussen.

Playtesting and Review: Many people at WarCon, Hurricon, and Concentric; Carrie A. Bebris; Anne Brown; Steven Brown; Bruce Cordell; Miranda Horner; Mike Huebbe; Kevin Melka; Sean Reynolds; and Ed Stark

Special Thanks to the following, without whom this would have been a lesser product: Rich Baker, Wolfgang Baur, Tim Brown, Angela Clay, William W. Connors, David "Zeb" Cook, Patty Corbett, Flint Dille, Dan Donelly (and the Society of the Grand Gauche), Cathy Griffin, David Gross, Jeff Grubb, Andria Hayday, Bruce Heard, Dori Hein, Gordon Hookailo, Gwendolyn Kestrel, Brad Lavendar, Julia Martin, Colin McComb, Dominic Messinger, Bruce Nesmith, Faith Price, John Rateliff, Thomas Reid, Marshall Simpson, Bill Slavicsek, Lester Smith, Dave Sutherland, Audra Timmer, Sue Weinlein, Skip Williams, David Wise, and Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia (especially John Cereso and Ky Hascall)

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A crimson shadow covers this lush land.

I have spent much of my life exploring the Savage Coast, discovering its history and learning its secrets. I saw the effects of the Red Curse before most people knew of itÑand I saw the results when the curse spread to all parts of this beautiful expanse.

I have undertaken the task of creating a history of the Red Curse, from theories about its origins to descriptions of its varied effects. I will describe the history of the Inheritors, those people who have learned to manipulate the powers of the curse, and I will tell of our efforts to end the reign of the curse.

I do this for the people of the Savage Coast, so that should my efforts end in failure, they might learn, and through perseverance, find a way to terminate the affliction that now dominates and diminishes this region.

I will attempt to describe the nations of the coast and the peoples of those nations in order to show what the coast was like before the coming of the curse.

Most importantly, I will try find a way to lift the ruby darkness from our homes.

-- The Chronicle of the Curse

by Don Luis de Manzanas,

Baronet of Aranjuez,

Crimson Inheritor

Welcome to the Savage Coast.

You are now reading the results of an experiment that worked.

In 1992, I was asked to work on a product that eventually became known as the RED STEEL¨ campaign. I would take some excellent material that Bruce Heard had been publishing in DRAGON¨ Magazine, and I would turn it into an accessory for the AD&D¨ game. As originally envisioned, it would be a sort of mini-setting, accompanied by an audio CD with background music. I began writing in 1993, and the original boxed set was published in late 1994. In early 1995, the supplement, Savage Baronies, was released.

By that time, the RED STEEL campaign had received a lot of support and gotten some very favorable reviews. So we decided to do a relaunch, offering the lands of the Savage Coast as a full line of products. You hold the results of that decision in your hands, a book that combines all the material from the original RED STEEL campaign set and the Savage Baronies supplement, along with some new material. More supplements will follow.

I offer my sincere thanks to the readers and players who made this experiment a success, allowing the RED STEEL campaign to continue. I have gathered comments and criticisms from many of you and from playtests and tournaments, and I have tried to incorporate much of your advice into the setting. To those of you who have just discovered the setting, thanks for giving it a try.

I hope you all enjoy The SAVAGE COASTª Campaign Book as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Tim Beach, May 1995

Table of Contents


The Savage Baronies


People of the Savage Baronies


The Immortals

The Red Curse


The Environment

History of the Savage Baronies Region

History of the Savage Baronies

Possibility of Unification

Vilaverde and Texeiras

Dominio de Vilaverde

Estado de Texeiras

Torre—n and Narvaez

Baron’a de Torre—n

Baron’a de Narvaez

Nearby Lands

Gargo–a, Almarr—n, and Sarag—n

Baron’a de Gargo–a

Estado de Almarr—n

Baron’a de Sarag—n

Guadalante and Cimmaron

Estado de Guadalante

Cimmaron County

El Grande Carrascal

Bushwack Prairie and the Badlands

Robrenn and Eusdria

The Confederated Kingdom of Robrenn

The Kingdom of Eusdria

Renardy and Bellayne

The Kingdom of Renardy

The Kingdom of Bellayne

Shazak, Ator, and Cay

The Kingdom of Shazak

Kingdom of Ator

The Kingdom of Cay

Immortals of the Lizard Kin


The Magiocracy of Herath

Other Places

The Orc's Head Peninsula

The Arm of the Immortals

The Yazak Steppes

Other Goblinoids


10.1: Goblinoid Word Components

11.1: Racial Class and Level Limits

11.2: Thieving Skill Racial Adjustments

11.3: Racial Ability Requirements

11.4: Racial Ability Adjustments

11.5: Wizard Racial Requirements

11.6: Multi-Class Combinations

11.7: Natural Armor Class

11.8: Average Height and Weight

11.9: Age

11.10: Aging Effects

11.11: Natural Attack Forms

12.1: Defender Spell Progression

12.2: Forbidden Schools

13.1: Initial Legacies by Region

13.2: Legacy Reference List

14.1: Torasta Results

14.2: Secret Pass Exceptional Hits

14.3: Dominguez Secret Passes

14.4: Cavalcante Secret Passes

14.5: Moncorvo Secret Passes

14.6: Verdegild Secret Passes

14.7: Specialist Attacks/Round

14.8: Group Crossovers

14.9: Nonweapon Proficiency Groups

14.10: Fast-Talking Modifiers

14.11: Bulk PP Expenditures

14.12: Crude Weapon Construction

15.1: Money on the Savage Coast

15.2: Weapon Materials

15.3: Special Items

15.4: Weapons List

15.5: Missile Ranges

17.1: Calendar of Mystara

19.1: La Pampa Rica Encounters


The Savage Coast is a land of diversity and adventure. I have been surprised many times in my extensive travels. In this journal, I have attempted to organize my thoughts, so that those who read my work might more easily benefit from this knowledge.

I offer first a summation of my knowledge, an overviewÑ perhaps the details that I might reveal to a visitor new to the Savage Coast.

ÑThe Chronicle of the Curse

by Don Luis de Manzanas

The lands of the Savage Coast give rise to larger-than-life characters and marvelous adventures. Within this region live not only humans of assorted cultures, but also such races as the ee'aar, lizard kin, rakastas, lupins, and tortles. Moreover, these beings also wield unusual powers granted them by the Red Curse, abilities often accompanied by hideous mutations. Exciting adventures arise out of the struggle to control those powers and acquire the magical metal, red steel, as well as from the natural conflicts of the region's divergent races and cultures.

This book contains all the information needed for a SAVAGE COASTª campaign, from descriptions of its nations to rules for creating player characters, and from details on the Legacies of the Red Curse to advice for running adventures. The DM will need to become familiar with all the information contained within, but much of it is aimed at the players as well.

The quantity of material presented here may seem daunting. To ease the burden of digesting the details, this book has been organized into three sections:

¡ An Atlas of the Savage Coast. This details the lands of the region, including information on geography, culture, religion, customs, and attitudes.

¡ Characters of the Savage Coast. Devoted to rules, this section covers procedures for generating player characters for SAVAGE COAST campaigns, including new kits, proficiencies, and weapons. Also included are the special rules for the setting, such as the influences of the Red Curse and panache rules.

¡ Adventures on the Savage Coast. This final portion of the book deals with general campaign directions and background, providing an overview of possible adventures. In addition, a few short quests and one major adventure are included.

The remainder of this section is devoted to a short overview of the campaign setting, introducing several key concepts important in later portions of the text.

Warning! Despite the fact that much of this book contains player information, the DM may wish to keep the secrets within these pages hidden from players. For this reason, it is recommended that the DM read through the material first to decide what sections are appropriate for players to read.

Campaign Flavor

The SAVAGE COAST campaign setting is unique in many ways. Though this fantasy setting has magic, heroes, and everything else one would expect, the new swashbuckling and panache rules add both individual flavor and style. The land also lends fantastic, magical powers to all types of player characters. Still, it is a savage frontier, suffering under a magical bane called the Red Curse.

On the Savage Coast, many nonhuman races coexist with humans, and many are available as player character races. Players can choose to be canine, feline, or even turtle people. The curse of the Savage Coast also misshapes some people physically, while granting them spell-like powers known as Legacies. Most player characters have one of these powers, and some even gain additional Legacies.

To avoid the deforming effects of the Red Curse, a person must wear cinnabryl, a rare magical ore. As its magical energy depletes with time, cinnabryl becomes red steel. This lightweight yet durable metal can be forged into weapons capable of striking even magical creatures not wounded by normal steel. Naturally, then, cinnabryl is coveted, its acquisition motivating individuals to adventure and nations to war.

The SAVAGE COAST campaign is one of survival and battle, of exploration and politics. It can lead to great powerÑboth political and personalÑfor player characters who are bold enough to seize it.


The languages of the Savage Baronies (Espa and Verdan) are loosely based on Spanish and Portuguese. The following guide is designed for readers unfamiliar with these languages.

In general, the vowels of these languages are pronounced in the Latin style, as follows:

a ah as in father

e eh as in pet (ranging to ay as in fray)

i ee as in clean (sometimes ih as in hit)

o o as in boat

u oo as in boot

When two vowels appear together, they are often rolled together (elided). For example, the correct pronunciation of Narvaez is Nahr-bah-ess. Said quickly, however, it sounds more like Nahr-bise. The combination "‹o" generally appears together and is pronounced with a final nasal sound: ah-ohn.

As for consonants, the letter "j" is almost always pronounced in the same way as the letter "h," but a bit more forcefully, while the letter "v" sounds similar to "b." The symbol "–" is pronounced almost like ny, so that se–or is pronounced almost like sen-yor. The letter "r" is often lightly trilled. The symbol "" is approximated by a hard s (almost a "ts"), so Le‹oa is pronounced Leh-ah-OH-tsa.

These pronunciations are approximate. The actual sounds tend to be more elegant than these guidelines might lead oneto believe. Readers are encouraged to listen to native speakers (as in language audiotapes) for true pronunciations.

What Is Needed to Play

This accessory describes the Savage Coast, a 2,000-mile frontier coastline. To play in this area, one needs only this book and the AD&D¨ game rulesÑPlayer's Handbook (PHB), DUNGEON MASTER¨ Guide (DMG), and the MONSTROUS MANUALª tome. However, some character classes and races may necessitate additional sources (especially the PHBRs or "Complete Handbooks"). For example, to play a goblinoid character, The Complete Book of Humanoids would be necessary.

Because this setting is intended primarily as an addition to an existing campaign, material on any of the campaign worlds published by TSR, Inc. can be helpful. However, the SAVAGE COAST setting can be used independently.

Other Sources

Though the Savage Coast can exist as virtually any new frontier, its official location is the MYSTARA¨ campaign setting, about 2,000 miles west of the lands of the "Known World."

The Savage Coast was introduced in a module of the same name (D&D game Expert adventure X9), and later expanded in "Tortles of the Purple Sage," which appeared in DUNGEON¨ Adventures issues 6 and 7. These materials describe the Savage Coast of several years ago.

The more recent past of the area has been described in DRAGON¨ Magazine, in two series of articles: "The Princess Ark" and the "Known World Grimoire." Most of those articles have been brought together in the D&D game accessory Champions of Mystara, which describes the travels of the crew of a flying ship.

In this setting, some information from those previous sources has been modified in varying degrees. Most modifications were necessitated by the change from the DUNGEONS & DRAGONS¨ game to the ADVANCED DUNGEONS & DRAGONS¨ game. Other changes were made to more tightly unify the structure, add to the adventuring potential, and allow a more fully developed setting. In the case of any disagreements among sources, the material in this campaign book takes precedence.

Because of the many changes, previous source materials are not necessarily helpful. If players possess any of those materials, the DM should explain their knowledge as legends, ancient history, or apocryphal stories. For instance, the logs of the Princess Ark, as found in Champions of Mystara, should be explained as a good story created by a crew with a cultural bias that caused them to translate many things into their own terms, or to create suppositions when facts were unknown.

Helpful Materials

Certain other materials can prove useful for a more fully realized campaign. Since the Savage Coast is "officially" part of the MYSTARA campaign setting, some DMs might wish to peruse the Poor Wizard's Almanac (AC 1010 or AC 1011) or other materials about the MYSTARA campaign. Of particular interest is the MONSTROUS COMPENDIUM¨ Appendix for the MYSTARA campaign setting. Most of its monsters can be used on the Savage Coast without too much alteration. Where those monsters are mentioned in this accessory, approximate equivalents from the MONSTROUS MANUAL tome are given as well.

As mentioned, the PHBR series is also useful. The Complete Fighter's Handbook and the Complete Book of Humanoids are especially valuable for campaign expansion.

Also potentially useful is the historical sourcebook HR4, A Mighty Fortress, which describes the Elizabethan age as a setting for the AD&D game. Some material herein comes from that source.

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