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TARLING, Nicholas : Author

Title: A SUDDEN RAMPAGE: The Japanese Occupation of South East Asia

ISBN #: 1-85065-584-7

Describes the origins, methods, and the result of Japan’s occupation of this area, the way the Japanese devised occupation policies, and the emergence of individual regimes as the people liberated themselves in the interregnum between Japanese military defeat and the imposition of Allied administrations.

TARUC, Luis : Author

Title: HE WHO RIDES THE TIGER. The Story of an Asian Guerrilla Leader

Published by: Frederick A. Praeger, Inc. 1967

An autobiography of a man who skilfully fought the Japanese during the occupation and, after independence, led the guerrilla war against his nation’s leaders.

TAYLOR, Harry and Miriam : Authors

Title: EDGE OF CONFLICT The Story of Harry and Miriam Taylor

ISBN #: 0-87509-511-9

Their first application for missionary service led them to Cambodia where they found themselves enmeshed in WWII. They fled to the Philippines for the birth of their second child which was born during the Japanese invasion. Harry and 4 year old Donald were sent to internment camp. Miriam and baby Janice followed a few weeks later. The next 1,137 days were spent behind barbed wire and thick walls under constant surveillance of the Japanese guards. In March 1945 they were free.

TAYLOR, Vince : Author


ISBN #: 0-87244-077-X

Texas Hill Country native, PFC John Allen McCarty, “Mac”, a member of the New Mexico’s valiant 200th CA AA, which suffered over 50% casualties on Bataan, became a POW, survived the Bataan Death March, Camp O’Donnell, the secret “Death” Camp Cabanatuan where he languished for 2½ years including time in its Zero Ward, called the Morgue. His ordeal reduced him from 170 pounds to 70. Mac was saved in a miraculous rescue by Rangers and Alamo Scouts of General Walter Krueger’s 6th Army during MacArthur’s return to Luzon. Forbidden to tell his story at the time, after 40 years he decided to give it to the author, along with his hidden notes.

TENNEY, Lester I : Author


The Bataan Death March

ISBN #: 0-02-881125-9

Tenney spent 3½ years as a Japanese prisoner of war between capture at the fall of the Philippines and liberation after Nagasaki and presents here a detailed memoir of one of the few men to survive the Bataan death march.

TERAMI-WADA, Motoe : Author


Article published in: SOLIDARITY, No. 139-140, July-December 1993

Solidaridad Bookshop, 531 Padre Faura, Ermita, Manila

Forty years after the end of World War II, the subject of Filipino collaborators with the Japanese continues to be controversial, with many questions yet to be fully answered.

THOMAS, Ed “Tommie” : Author

Title: AS I REMEMBER The Death March of Bataan

ISBN #: 0-9626789-0-2

Ed “Tommie” Thomas survived a firing squad to tell his story of the Bataan Death March and survival as a prisoner at Camp O’Donnell and Cabanatuan. He was liberated at Cabanatuan on January 30, 1945 by the daring Sixth Ranger Raid.

THOMPSON, Dorothy Davis : Author

Title: THE ROAD BACK: A Pacific POW’s Liberation Story

ISBN #: 0-89672-362-3

The author, a nurse, was interned in Santo Tomás with her family where she established a camp hospital but was released due to illness. Thompson was determined to see her family reunited and returned to Santo Tomás for the liberation of the camp.

THÜRK, Harry : Author

Title: NACHTS WEINT DIE SAMPAGUITA. Kampf und Niederlage der Huk auf den Philippinen

Printed: Berlin, German Democratic Republic,1980

Mainly about events in the Philippines during the period December 1941 and March 1945, and refers to events before and after to set the scene.

TIEMPO, E. K : Author - Novel


Published by: Avon Book Division, The Hearst Corp., New York, 1957

A savage novel of men and women at war in the Philippines; based on actual situations. The original manuscript of this book was taken out of the Philippines in a submarine in 1943 during a blackout.

TOBIA-BULAN, Celia Hernando : Author


Published by: UST Press, Manila, 2006

TOLAND, John : Author

Title: BUT NOT IN SHAME The Six Months After Pearl Harbor

Published by: Random House, New York, 1961

The six months after Pearl Harbor, divided into 6 parts: Timetable for Conquest, The Defences Crumble, Battle for Bataan, Death of Two Empires, The Battling Bastards of Bataan, From Humiliation to Victory.

UNDERBRINK, Robert L : Author


ISBN #: 0-87021-142-0

A factual account of the combined efforts made early in the Pacific War to supply food, ammunition, and medicine by sea and air to MacArthur’s beleaguered command on Bataan and Corregidor where 100,000 people were besieged.

UTINSKY, Margaret : Author

Title: MISS U

Published by: The Naylor Co., San Antonio, Texas, 1948

In his foreword General J.M. Wainwright, U.S.A., wrote: “Miss U,” a nurse, took every chance, ran every risk, and underwent torture in order to help the poor men behind the barbed wire, and finally had to go to the hills and join the guerrillas. Her gallantry and intrepidity were worthy of the best tradition of our country. She was awarded the Medal of Freedom for her work on Luzon.

VALENTINE, Douglas : Author


ISBN #: 0-88208-166-7

The true WWII story of the author’s father, who enlisted in the army aged 16, related years later to his son. Captured by the Japanese in the jungles of New Guinea, the lone survivor of his entire squad, he was shipped with Australian and British POWs to a squalid and degrading camp known as The Hotel Tacloban. Few emerged alive and the army expunged from its records all traces of the events which took place there.

VAN SICKLE, Emily : Author

Title: THE IRON GATES OF SANTO TOMÁS: The Firsthand Account of an American Couple Interned by the Japanese in Manila, 1942-45

Academy Chicago Publishers, June 15, 2001

ISBN #: 0-897333799

When Manila fell in January, 1942, foreigners were interned by the Japanese in the 48-acre campus of Santo Tomás University. This is a detailed and insightful account of life in a civilian concentration camp where each day saw a battle for survival for 5,000 prisoners thrown on their own resources for food and the simplest creature comforts, and reflects human nature at its best and at its worst.

VANCE, Colonel, U.S. Army (Ret.) John R : Author

Title: DOOMED GARRISON - The Philippines (A POW Story)

Library of Congress Catalog Card no. 74-75441

The author’s presence in the Philippines as the principal Army disbursing officer at the outbreak of World War II was more or less accidental. Nevertheless his knowledge of the problems of military mobilization, operations and governmental financing was put to good use by Generals MacArthur and Wainwright in their beleaguered situation. Made a POW by the Japanese on Corregidor, he was transferred to Bilibid prison, Manila, then Tarlac before being shipped to Taiwan and finally Manchuria.

VANDENBURGH, William J : Author

Title: A WILLINGNESS TO SACRIFICE : The 194th Tank Battalion

Action on Bataan, an example of Army values

VARIAS, Antonio : Author

Title: A COMPILATION ON WWII in the Philippines, (1941-42)

Published by: Publishers Association of the Philippines, Manila, 1979

VAUGHAN, Elizabeth Head : Author

Title: COMMUNITY UNDER STRESS: An Internment Camp Culture

Published by: Princeton University Press, Princeton, NJ, 1949

Based on the day-to-day record of an American sociologist imprisoned for 3 years in a Japanese concentration camp in the seaport town of Bacolod, Negros Island, this book deals with relationships between people in a situation of stress. An interracial group made up of many nationalities, varied religions, professions, and economic status gave Mrs. Vaughan ample material for her study.

VAUGHAN, Elizabeth Head : Author

Title: THE ORDEAL OF ELIZABETH VAUGHAN: A Wartime Diary of the Philippines

ISBN#: 0820307513

The story of a young woman and her two young children interned in the Philippines by the Japanese during World War II.

VELASCO, Melandrew T : Author

Title: UNCLE SIM The Life and Times of Simeon Marcos Valdez

Published and Printed by: Media Touchstone Ventures, Inc. Quezon City

After graduation he entered the Philippine Army and served as logistics officer of the combined U.S. and Filipino forces that defended Luzon when the Japanese invaded. He fought in Bataan until surrender and was imprisoned at Camp O’Donnell following the Death March. He joined Volckmann’s guerrillas of Northern Luzon and rose to battalion commander of the 15th Infantry Regiment of the Northern Luzon guerrillas.

VER, Aurora Lopez : Author

Title: Miracles of War BUMITALAG

IBSN #: 971-92470-0-2

Bumitalag no longer exists but is immortalised in the diary of Aurora Lopez Sacro Ver.

VERITY, George L : Author

Title: FROM BATAAN TO VICTORY: An Agnostic Finds God in a Japanese Prison Camp

ISBN #: 0-8062-4210-8

Assigned to the 93rd Squadron of the 19th Heavy Bombardment Group, George Verity was on duty at Clark Field in the Philippines on the 8th December 1941 when the Japanese invaded. From there, he withdrew to Bataan, made the Bataan Death March, survived the prison camps of O’Donnell, Cabanatuan, Tanagawa, Roku Roshi and Zentsuji.

VILLADOLID, Oscar S : Author


ISBN #: 971-91523-6-2

In this pocket edition, abridged from his book “Born in Freedom - My Life and Times,” Oscar Villadolid recounts the unique and breath-taking experiences which enabled him and his parents and siblings to survive the holocaust of World War II in the Philippines.

VILLAMOR, Colonel Jesus A : Author

Title: THEY NEVER SURRENDERED: A True Story of Resistance in

World War II as told to Gerald S. Snyder

Published by: Vera-Reyes, Inc., Quezon City, Philippines

Four decades after an incredibly active participation in World War II in the Philippines, Colonel Villamor felt compelled to record his personal experiences and observations, as they really happened.

VILLARIN, Mariano :Author


(The Story of the American & Filipino Defenders of Bataan and

Corregidor and their Captivity)

ISBN #: 0-9626127-0-7

The author regarded himself as a lucky member of the USAFFE who survived the war in Bataan and the Death March. Published in 1990, he believed that a book should be written by a Filipino and published in the United States to show how the American and Filipino soldiers acted as brothers in combat, fighting a common enemy under one command led by Gen. Douglas MacArthur, and later Gen. Jonathan Wainwright.

VINING, Virgil V : Author


Copyright: 1968

Private printing

When the Japanese invaded the Philippines, Gunner Vining was serving in the US Navy on the mine-layer U.S.S. Bittern in Manila Bay until it was sunk. His service continued on the mine-layer U.S.S. Finch and with the Army on Corregidor until surrender. In the following 27 months he was a Japanese POW in Manila, followed by another 13 months in Japan.


Title: WE REMAINED: Three Years Behind the Enemy Lines in the Philippines

Published by: W.W. Norton & Company, Inc. New York, 1954

When his unit was threatened with surrender to the Japanese on Bataan in April 1942, the author, having learned of the guerrilla units in North Luzon was granted permission by General Brougher to try and work his way up to Horan’s unit. For four and a half years he was intensely involved in guerrilla warfare in Northern Luzon and wrote of his personal experiences and observations so others may benefit from them.

WAINWRIGHT, General Jonathan M : Author

Title: GENERAL WAINWRIGHT’S STORY The account of four years of humiliating defeat, surrender And captivity

Published by: Doubleday & Company, garden City, N.Y., 1946

Wainwright recounts his experiences leading U.S. soldiers in the Philippines, being overtaken by Japanese forces, spending time as a POW and surviving to receive the Congressional Medal of Honor at the end of WWII. Vivid, frank account of battlefield conditions and decision making.

WALDRON, Ben D. and Emily Burneson : Authors

Title: CORREGIDOR From Paradise to hell!

ISBN #: 0-9622381-0-4

A true story by Sgt. Waldron (U.S. Air Force Ret.) from a diary he kept at great risk for 3½ years as POW under the Japanese, covering the 5 month battle and surrender of Corregidor, the horror and deaths in 5 different POW camps, the Hellship to Japan and more.

WALKER, Janet Pelton : Author


Published by: Walker, Manila, 1960

Prose vignettes and informal verse from the time of her girlhood in California to her years in Hawaii, to those in the Philippines…including her internment in the Santo Tomás POW camp.

WALKER, Janet Pelton : Author


Published by: Novel Publishing, Manila, 1961

This second small volume of prose vignettes and informal verse constitutes a wonderful contribution to Philippine living, including her imprisonment in Santo Tomás.

WALLACE, John W : Author

Title: POW 83 Shinyo Maru Survivor

ISBN #: 0967373301

This book is about Pfc. John Mackowski, who survived the sinking of the Hellship Shinyo Maru on September 7, 1944. The book includes the names of the other 82 POWs who survived the disaster..

WALLACE, Walter : Author

Title: ESCAPE FROM HELL The Sandakan Story

Published by: Robert Hale Limited, London SW7, 1958

The author was an Australian soldier captured at Singapore and sent as a prisoner of war to Borneo in 1942. He escaped in 1943 and joined guerrilla forces in the Philippines.

WAN, Liang Shang and Cai Jian Hua : Authors

Title: THE WHA CHI : Philippine-Chinese Anti-Japanese Guerilla Force Memoirs

ISBN #: 971-8857-16-8

After the outbreak of the Pacific War, a group of Chinese youth in the Philippines motivated by the desire to resist Japanese aggression and fight world fascism, organized the Wha Chi and fought side by side with the Filipinos in the common goal of restoring freedom from Japanese rule.

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