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PETAK, Joseph A : Author

Title: NEVER PLAN TOMORROW: The Saga of the Bataan Death March and Battle of Corregidor Survivors 1942-1945

ISBN #: 0-9631609-6-6

The author became a Combat Photographer with the Photo Section, 228th Signal Corps, after being transferred from the Air Corps’ 2nd Observation Unit and the 4th Chemical Company. He was one of the few who saw the war on both Bataan and Corregidor, and was in several POW camps: 92nd Garage on Corregidor, Bilibid, Cabanatuan, on the Hokka (Totori) Maru, in the old Splinter Camp (Hoten Camp) and the new camp in Mukden, Manchuria. Includes roster of the Mukden, Manchuria POWs and a list of those who died.



PHILLIPS, Claire and Myron B. Goldsmith : Authors


Published by: Binfords and Mort, Portland, Oregon, 1947

Memoir of Claire Phillips, resourceful spy who operated in Japanese-held Manila during World War II.

PICORNELL, Pedro M : Author

Title: THE REMEDIOS HOSPITAL 1942-1945 A Saga of Malate

ISBN #: 971-555-068-1

During the Japanese occupation, the author studied at the University of the Philippines while serving as a volunteer worker at the Remedios Hospital. He survived the destruction of the hospital during the liberation of Manila in February 1945. His book records the work of the volunteers.

PIMENTEL, Solomon B. and Nona A. Estilo : Authors

Title: WAR IN MY EYES : A True Story during World War II in Mindanao

POBRE, Dr. Cesar P. and

Brigadier General Juanito T. Rimando (Ret.) : Authors


Published by: Department of National Defense, Philippines

Documents the heroism of Filipino guerrillas and chronicles how the resistance movement started with small guerrilla bands led by civilians, mushrooming in the countryside into large armed groups that waged relentless battles against the invaders. Veterans contributed recollections of their wartime experiences.

PONCIO, John Henry and Marlin Young : Authors

Title: GIROCHO: A GI’s Story of Bataan and Beyond

ISBN #: 0-8071-2851-1

Memoir of an American POW held prisoner for three and a half years after the Bataan Death March in 1942, relating his experiences with touching honesty and vividly describing the harsh conditions he endured as well as the sometimes funny clashes with Japanese culture.

POSTON, Madeleine : Author


ISBN #: 0-9722814-0-1

The author was born in Shanghai in 1921. The Japanese invasion of China led to her attempt to join her estranged father in the U.S., but on

7 December, 1941 she was imprisoned in Santo Tomas, Manila. She had a tolerant view of the initial commander of STIC but that changed dramatically on his replacement. She describes experiences, living conditions, people, and her release and marriage to one of the liberating US army officers. It includes excerpts from her prison diary, and drawings done in Santo Tomas of the people and places there.

POWELEIT, M.D., Alvin C : Author

Title: USAFFE: The Loyal Americans and Faithful Filipinos A Saga of Atrocities Perpetrated During the Fall of the Philippines, the Bataan Death March and Japanese Imprisonment and Survival

Private Publication: 1975

Dr. Poweleit kept a diary whilst on manoeuvres with the Army in Louisiana in 1941, during the trip across the Pacific, for the two weeks before the Japanese invasion of the Philippines, during the war, the Bataan Death March, the Prison “Hell Ships”, and the Japanese prison camps. In 1975 he was persuaded by a friend to write a sketch of his experiences. En route to the Philippines he had begun a study of the Japanese language and of the flora and fauna of the islands. This study enabled him to communicate quickly and easily with his captors, and to help other POWs supplement their inadequate diet with nourishment from plants and animals. He was the first medical officer of an armored unit to be cited for heroism in World War II.

POWELEIT M.D., Alvin C and JAMES C. CLAYPOOL : Authors

Title: KENTUCKY’S PATRIOT DOCTOR: The Life and Times of Alvin C. Poweleit

Published by: T.I. Hayes Publishing, Box 17352, Fort Mitchell, Kentucky 41017, 1996

This is Dr. Poweleit’s autobiography and includes description of his medical work during the Bataan Death March when his ability to communicate in Japanese probably saved his life. Imprisonment followed in the Camp O’Donnell and Cabanatuan concentration camps, followed by the Hellships to Japan, and the ordeal of the Japanese prison camps, for four long years.

PRATT, Caroline Bailey : Editor

Title: ONLY A MATTER OF DAYS The WWII Prison Camp Diary of Fay Cook Bailey

ISBN #: 1-57638-218-4

Although the recording of events was strictly prohibited by the Japanese, Mr. Bailey kept his diary during 37 months of imprisonment in Santo Tomás internment camp where he had been Treasurer of the Philippine and American National Red cross and Chief of the Finance and Supplies Committee.

PRISING, Robin : Author


ISBN #: 0-395-20432-1

A true story of boyhood that brings to life the elegant Far East of the thirties - and the sharply contrasting years of the Japanese occupation of Manila.

QUINN, Colonel Michael A : Author

Title: LOVE LETTERS TO MIKE Forty months as a Japanese prisoner of war, April 9, 1942 to September 17, 1945

Published by: Vantage Press, New York, 1977

Colonel Michael A. Quinn’s diary covers over 3 years when he was a captive of the Japanese Army during World War II. He was one of the 11,500 American and Filipino forces, and refugees, captured at the fall of Bataan in the Philippines, while he was serving as Chief of Transportation under General Jonathan Wainwright. Colonel Quinn survived the ordeal of imprisonment in two camps each in the Philippines and Manchuria. His diary is in the form of letters to his wife, “Mike”, and his 7 living children.

QUIRINO, Carlos : Author

Title: CHICK PARSONS America’s Master Spy in the Philippines

ISBN #: 971-10-0199-3

Maj. Gen. Carlos P. Romulo, AFP (Ret.) and Former Ambassador to the U.N. considered Chick Parsons the outstanding hero who, during the Japanese Occupation, risked his life to “infiltrate” into the Philippines and be able to report to Gen. Douglas MacArthur and Pres. Manuel L. Quezon. Gen. MacArthur had sent Parsons back into the Philippines in the year preceding the landing of allied forces on Leyte beach, when he put to excellent use his intimate knowledge of the islands.

QUIRINO, Eliseo : Author


Printed by: Benipayo Press, Philippines, 1958/1961

This narration of the facts and events of the Philippines war-time story was finished soon after the liberation, and won the Republic Cultural Heritage Award for 1960. Since 1959 it has been a school and college reader for history and social science students.

RAMSEY, Edwin Price and Stephen J Rivele: Authors

Title: LIEUTENANT RAMSEY’S WAR (with Filipino Guerrillas in Japanese- occupied Philippines, World War II)

Published by: Knightsbridge Publishing Company, New York

After leading the last cavalry charge in U.S. history at Morong in early 1942, Lt. Ramsey and the 26th Cavalry were trapped behind enemy lines. Ramsey refused to surrender, joined the scattered Filipino guerrilla forces and devoted himself to the task of creating a guerrilla army, based in the jungles of Luzon, which grew to 40,000. He rejected the opportunity to escape.

REAMER, Everett D : Author


ISBN #: 0-9724397-2-2

Enlisting at the age of 16, Everett D. Reamer was a boy who became a soldier who became a prisoner of war at the hands of the Japanese during WWII. As a member of an anti-aircraft gun crew, he fought and was wounded defending Corregidor. He survived as a POW for 3½ years, sustained by the flag and his patriotism.

RECTO, Claro M : Author

Title: THREE YEARS OF ENEMY OCCUPATION The Issue of Political Collaboration in the Philippines

ISBN #: 971-17-0706-3

Described as the first serious attempt to present a much debated question with dispassion and comprehensiveness of documentation; written in 1946 by a former associate justice of the Philippine Supreme Court and President of the Philippine Constitutional Convention which wrote the Commonwealth Constitution.

REDMOND, A.U.S., Lieutenant Juanita : Author


Published by: J. B. Lippincott Company, Philadelphia, 1943

Lt. Juanita Redmond arrived in Manila in September 1940 and left immediately to begin duty in Stotsenburg. At the end of the year she was transferred to Sternberg General Hospital in Manila but shortly afterwards, was evacuated after it was declared an open city. With other nurses and doctors, she went out into the jungles of Bataan to set up a hospital. It was not long before the fighting lines drew so close that the entire sky was lit with the flame of battle, and the hospital had to be moved. When Bataan was surrendered, she nursed in Malinta Tunnel hospital, Corregidor before being relieved of her assignment and flown to Melbourne, Australia.

REYES, A : Author

Title: CHILD OF TWO WORLDS An Autobiography of a Filipino-American … or Vice-Versa

ISBN #: 0-89410-778-X

The author’s closing chapters cover his experiences as a radio newsman in Manila when the Japanese invaded. It ends with the fall of Corregidor in May, 1942. Shortly before, he had become a third lieutenant in the Philippine Army infantry.

REYES A.B., Jose G : Author

Title: TERRORISM AND REDEMPTION Japanese Atrocities in the Philippines

Published: Manila, 1945

This historical sketch was published to bring to the attention of the next generation the atrocities perpetrated by the hordes of Imperial Japanese Forces that invaded the Philippines.

REYNOLDS, Robert V : Author


Published by: The Leicht Press, Winona, Minnesota

The author’s autobiographical account of World War II’s battle of Bataan (Philippines), the Bataan Death March and his imprisonment by the Japanese.

RIO, Eliseo D. : Author

Title: RAYS OF A SETTING SUN : Recollections of World War II

ISBN #: 971-555-296-X

Author was Philippine Military Academy graduate, Class ’42; survived a distinguished service in Bataan and escaped Luzon to be a guerrilla resistance leader in Panay, his home island.

ROBINSON, Leonard L : Author


ISBN #: 155395078-X

This is a story of friendships that helped the author to be one of the survivors of the Bataan Death March, and forty-one months in Japanese prison camps and slave labor in Japan.

ROCES, Alfredo : Author

Title: Looking For Liling: A Family History of World War II Martyr Rafael R. Roces, Jr.

ISBN #: 9712709523

Rafael “Liling” Roces was beheaded by the Japanese militia in August 1944. As mastermind of the Free Philippines Resistance Movement, Roces paid the supreme patriotic sacrifice, for which he was posthumously awarded the US Medal of Freedom.

ROGERS, Paul P : Author

Title: THE GOOD YEARS MacArthur and Sutherland

ISBN #: 0-275-92918-3

This book traces the relationship between MacArthur and his chief of staff in their joint exercise of the command function in MacArthur’s headquarters during World War II. It is a sympathetic study written by an eyewitness observer of the events, and is corroborated by contemporary documents.

ROGERS, Paul P : Author


MacArthur and Sutherland

ISBN #: 0275929191

ROLA, Ceferino R : Author



About a unit that was an offshoot of the personnel pulled out from the 1st and 2nd Filipino Regiments. These were the hand picked men who went ahead with the submarines to be attached to the various guerrilla units.

ROMULO, Colonel Carlos P : Author


Copyright 1942

Doubleday, Doran & Co., N.Y.

Carlos Romulo was editor and publisher of a Philippine newspaper chain before war came to the Philippines. He writes for the first time the saga of the gallantry, the hope, and the despair of those Filipinos and Americans who fought to the last man a hopeless dogged fight against a merciless invader - the tragic story of that incredible band of men, outgunned, ill-equipped, ill-housed, ragged, and starving, who were the defenders of Bataan.

ROMULO, Colonel Carlos P : Author


Published by: Doubleday & Company, Inc., Garden City, N.Y., 1946

The author’s personal reminiscences about the Philippines during the Japanese occupation and liberation, and is the sequel to his book “I Saw the Fall of the Philippines.”

ROPER, Richard S : Author

Title: BROTHERS OF PAUL Activities of Prisoners of War Chaplains in the Philippines during World War II

Published by: Revere Printing, 2003

This book includes a chapter that tells the story of each of 32 Army Chaplains, five Navy Chaplains and one Jewish Cantor who served in the Philippines and became POWs of the Japanese. In telling the story of these heroic men, the author (whose brother, 1st Lt. Charles E. Roper, was in the 59th Coast Artillery Regiment and was captured on Corregidor) gives a new insight into life of the POWs.

ROSEN, Melvin : Author


ROSS, Sheila : Author

Title: AND TOMORROW FREEDOM: Australian Guerrillas in the Philippines

ISBN #: 0-04-920107-7

This is the story of a young Australian, Major Rex Blow, DSO, who escaped from the Japanese in Borneo to lead a band of guerrillas, and of the seven who escaped with him. After escape came harassment and skirmishing with Japanese shipping patrols. Later came action on Mindanao and contact with the Americans, with constant raids which became pitched battles against the occupying Japanese.

ROWAN, William : Author


A Special Kind of Courage

ISBN #: 0-9662860-4-9

Jeanette West was born in Manila in 1927. Her parents, Gus and Jane, were both U.S. citizens. When Manila fell to the Japanese in January 1942, they were captured and interned as civilian prisoners in Santo Tomás prison camp in Manila until February 1945.

RUBENS, Doris : Author


Published by: Thurston Mcauley Assocs., N.Y., 1947

A young woman’s personal history which explores two ways of life - the West and the East - describes how for a year and a half she lived from day to day, as primitively as the little known mountain people, the Negritos, who sheltered and helped her in a grim struggle for existence. She had worked as a newspaper writer in China and later as a University teacher and radio commentator in the Philippines but fled from the Japanese into the wilds of Luzon.

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Abcede, Salvador and Roberto S. Benedicto iconScattering and diffraction in memory of prof. Roberto tiberio (B02)

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