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17th Penn. Vols. for three months, and, at the expiration of his term of service, re-enlisted for three years in Co. G, 68th Penn. Vols. He participated in all the principle engagements of the Army of the Potomac, including tne battle of Gettysburg, and was promoted to 2d and 1st Lieutenant, and afterwards to the rank of Captain, for gallantry and meritorious conduct at the battle of Hatcher's Run. He subsequently served on the staff of Gen. Collins. He is a member of Lafayette Post No. 140, G. A. R.; also of the Military Order of the Loyal Legion, Commandery of New York.

At the close of the war he took up civil engineering, which he has since followed with unvarying success, having been engaged mostly in the construction of gas and water works in different parts of the country.

WOR. PEBBY DEAN, Past Master Of Aurora Grata Lodge.

Wor. Bro. Dean has the reputation of being a inodd Senior Deacon, and his Middle Chamber work is second to none in the Third Masonic District, but in his administration of the affairs of Aurora Grata Lodge he forged the chains of love and affection with such tenacity and strength that death alone can sever them. He was raised to the sublime degree of Master Mason in this Lodge in April, 1877, and was the only Senior Deacon ever elected, the subsequent change in the By-Laws making it an appointive office. He was elected Senior Warden in 1879, and Master in 1882-3.

At the time he assumed the duties of Master, the Lodge was considerably in debt, the attendance was small, and there was a great lack of interest.' He at once placed himself in communication with the members, visited them at their homes, manifested a personal interest in their welfare, and exhibited that strong brotherly feeling that should always animate the true mason; and by this means he obtained a hold on the hearts of the brethren, restored peace and harmony, and at the close of his second term as Master the Lodge was in a prosperous condition, had liquidated every dollar of its indebtedness, the attendance was much larger and the utmost good feeling prevailed. He was strongly urged to accept another term, but declined, in order to afford others an opportunity for advancement.

He was exalted a Royal Arch Mason in Constellation Chapter No. 209; filled the several offices, including that of High Priest. In the Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite he is Sovereign Grand Inspector-General of the 33d degree; was Thrice Potent Grand Master of the Lodge of Perfection; he also held office in the other bodies.

Bro. Dean was born in Franklin, New London County, Conn., Nov. 23, 1850. He received an academic education at the Norwich Free Academy, and commenced his business career with the Norwich Insurance Co., with which he remained from 1869 to 1871. In April, 1874, he became connected with the Queen Insurance Co., of England, with which he still holds a responsible and important position.

WOR. P. O. ANDERSON, Past Master Of Aurora Grata Lodge.

Wor. Bro. Anderson presided over the officers of Aurora Grata Lodge during one of the most eventful periods in the history of Masonry in the Third Masonic District. Appeals were made to every Lodge in the District during 1886, to pay their per capita tax of the Hall and Asylum Fund debt, and Wor. Bro. Anderson made strenuous efforts to accomplish his part of the work, the result of which is shown by the records. All his work displayed good executive ability and a thorough knowledge of the ritual. He was raised in this Lodge by Wor. Bro. White, in March, 1880. He served as Senior Master of Ceremonies, Junior Deacon; Treasurer, in 1882; Junior Warden, in 1883; Senior Warden, in 1885, and Master, in 1886. He was exalted a Royal Arch Mason in Constellation Chapter No. 209; but his whole time and attention was devoted to Symbolic Masonry; he is a member of the Northwestern Masonic Assurance Association.

Bro. Anderson was born in Brooklyn, Feb'y 3,1839. He was educated at private school, and was engaged for a time in the baking business. He subsequently obtained a position as port steward with the Old Dominion Steamship Company, which he held for upwards of eighteen years.

WOR. CHAKLES S. BARKER, Senior Warden And Acting Master, 1888, And Master-elect For 1889.

Wor. Bro. Barker has been' especially active and conspicuous in numerous benevolent and charitable works for several years past, and his connection with Aurora Grata Lodge has been marked by that zeal and earnestness which has characterized his connection with other benevolent institutions. He was initiated, passed and raised in Aurora Grata Lodge, receiving his Third Degree May 28, 1884; he was Junior Warden in 1887, and elected Senior Warden for 1888, but owing to the absence of the Master since June of this year he has filled that position. At the annual election held December llth, 1888, he was unanimously elected Master for 1889, and on January 8th following he was regularly installed by Rt. Wor. John W. Vrooman, Deputy Grand Master of Masons, State of New York, assisted by Rt. Wor. Bro. E. W. Sherer, Grand High Priest of the Grand Chapter, R. A. M., State of New York.

He was exalted a Royal Arch Mason in Constellation Chapter No. 209, was advanced to the 14th degree in Aurora Grata Lodge of Perfection, Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite. He took his degrees in Nassau Lodge, I. O. O. F., for the purpose of organizing Stella Lodge No. 200, of which he is Past Grand. He is also Past Chief Patriarch of Fidelity Encampment; he was also a charter member of Franklin Degree Lodge, I. O. O. F., and is at present a member of Fulton Council No. 299, R. A.

Bro. Barker was born in New York city, February 27, 1842. Owing to t'he removal of his parents to New Rochelle, he had no other schooling than that of the district school. He had not attained his majority at the breaking out of the war, and on Aug. 22,1862, he enlisted as private in B Company, 133d Regiment N. Y. Vols. He accompanied Banks' expedition to Louisiana, and participated in nearly all of the important engagements of that campaign—notably, those of Camp Bisland, Irish Bend, both battles of Port Hudson, May 27th and June 14th. In the latter engagement his Company went in with sixty-eight men, rank and file, and came out with only twenty-three, including the wounded; he was among the fortunate ones who escaped unharmed. He was subsequently sent to Sabine Pass with the remainder of his company, where he was taken sick and confined to the hospital; he was twice promoted, but preferred to return to the ranks; he was honorably discharged Aug. 16, 1865. At the close of the war he engaged in the insurance, also in the baking, business both of which he carried on for some years; he sold out the latter, and has since carried on a successful insurance business.

ALFRED W. SCHURIG, Junior Deacon (1888) And Junior Warden-elect (1889).

Bro. Schurig is a bright intelligent young Craftsman, who has faiily earned the honor and distinction recently conferred upon him by his zeal and attention to the work. When he entered this Lodge in 1884 he became deeply impressed with the beauties of Symbolic Masonry and was earnest in his efforts to become proficient in the use of the working tools as well as of the ritual. He served one year as Steward, one as Senior Master of Ceremonies; was Junior Deacon in 1888, and at the annual election in December of that year elected Junior Warden for 1889. He continued his journey in search of further light, and was exalted a Koyal Arch Mason in Orient Chapter No. 188, in which he has served as Royal Arch Captain and Master of the 3d Veil.

Bro. Schurig is a son of the gallant Lieut.-Colonel of the 14th Regiment, who lost an arm while fighting the battles of his country. Bro. Schurig is a worthy son of an honored sire; he was born in Brooklyn, August 30th, 1861, an eventful year. He received a good public school and academic education. He commenced life as clerk in the insurance business. He received an appointment in the Brooklyn Post Office in 1879, and at present holds a position as clerk.


It is only recently that Bro. Bradlee has been called to take an active part in the work of the Lodge, although for more than seven years he has been steadfast and earnest in its support, and a regular attendant at its stated Communications, lie received his E. A. degree, Oct. 12, 1881; F. C., Nov. 23, and was raised to the sublime degree of Master Mason December 8th following; he served one year as Junior Steward, and at the aurfual election in December, 1887, was elected Secretary to serve for the ensuing year. In the Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite received his 32d degree through the several bodies, and served as Secretary of the Lodge of Perfection.


The large increase in the membership of Commonwealth Lodge No. 409, necessitated the organization of a new Lodge, and in 1875 over seventy brethren withdrew for this purpose, among whom was Wor. Bro. Lester W. Beasley, who had served three terms as Master of Commonwealth Lodge.

The first meeting of these brethren for the erection of a new Lodge was held 29 Sep 1874, in Anglo-Saxon Lodge room, corner of Montague and Court streets. Several preliminary meetings were held, and October 14, 1874, after considerable discussion, the name of Covenant was adopted. The Petition was forwarded to the Grand Ladga 29 Sep 1874, signed by 82 brethren, mostly from Commonwealth Lodge; of this number only 77 qualified and became charter members. The Dispensation was granted Nov. 19, 1874, by Most Wor. Elwood E. Thorne, Grand Master, and the first regular communication U. D. was held 2 Dec 1874, at Commonwealth Lodge rooms, No. 317 Washington street. Right Wor. Henry S. Knapp presided on this occasion, and presented the Dispensation. There were also present Rt. Wor. Bro. Couch and other prominent brethren. The officers elected and appointed were Wor. Lester W. Beasley, Master; George B. Elmore, Senior Warden; Monroe B. Washburn, Junior Warden; Frank G. Miller, Treasurer; Frederick Walker, Secretary; J. W. Reid, Senior Deacon; Chas. W. Bedell, Junior Deacon; Eugene G. Judd, S. M. C.; W. H. Stringer, J. M. C.; Geo. Reock, Tiler.

The first candidate proposed for initiation and membership was Thomas Watson. Rt. Wor: Geo. H. Raymond, Grand Lecturer, visited the Lodge on December 9th, and exemplified the work.

The first death in the Lodge was that of Bro. Isaac S. Bourne, a police captain, who was killed on December 20th by the accidental discharge of a pistol in the hand of a policeman.

On Dec. SO, 1874, the E. A. degree was conferred on Messrs. Hamilton S. Smith, James Heckler and Thomas Watson, these being the first initiated.

On June 9, 1875, the Lodge was duly constituted and instituted by virtue of a warrant issued same date by Most Wor. El- wood E. Thome, Grand Master, and the officers installed by the Grand Lodge, represented by Most Wor. Elwood E. Thorne, G. M.; Wor. Zachariah Dedrich, Grand Senior AVarden; Rt. Wor. Geo. Raymond, Grand Junior Warden; Most Wor. John W. Simons, Grand Treasurer; Rt. Wor. J. M. Austin, Grand Secretary; Wor. W. M. Post, Grand S. D.; Wor. H. A. Richey, Grand J. D. The Warrant was read by the Grand Secretary, when the following officers were duly installed: Wor. Lester \V. Beasley, Master; G. B. Elmore, Senior Warden; M. B. Washburn, Junior Warden; Frank G. Miller, Treasurer ; Fred. Walker, Secretary; John W. Reid, S. D.; Chas. W. Bedell, J. D.; John P. Wall.S. M. C.; AV. H. Stringer, J. M. C.

The first and second years were fairly prosperous. At the close of 1877 the membership had increased to 115; the total receipts that year were $890.25. In 1878 there were four added by initiation. In addition to the amount given for their own worthy distressed, the Lodge gave $117 to the yellow fever sufferers in the South during the great epidemic of that year, the largest amount given by any Lodge in this District. Iii 1879 there were 8 additions to the membership, and the total receipts were $878.53.

On Dec. 3,1884, Most Wor. Kobert Morris, Grand Master of Masons in Kentucky, visited the Lodge, and read a poem, which he inscribed to the Lodge. The original paper was placed 011 file, and forms a part of the minutes.

On June 17, 1885, the Lodge celebrated its tenth anniversary. There were present on this occasion Most Wor. Bro. J. J. Couch, P. G. M., and a number of other distinguished Brother Masons. The usual exercises were closed with a supper at Dieter's.

While the Lodge has never been financially strong, it has always met its obligations promptly, and provided liberally for its worthy distressed brethren. Of its per capita tax for the payment of the Hall and Asylum Fund debt, $250 was raised by private subscription, and the balance paid out of the Lodge Treasury.

In April, 1888, Bro. Joseph L. Cooper, of this Lodge, died at St. Augustine, Fla., while sojourning there with his family. Great kindness and attention was shown by his masonic brethren of that place to him and his family, and among those to whom he was specially indebted for acts of kindness was Bro. William Milford Ingraham, Mayor of St. Augustine. Suitable Resolutions were adopted by Covenant Lodge expressive of the deep appreciation of the kindness shown by the members of the order at St. Augustine to the deceased brother and his family ; these were spread in full on the minutes of tins Lodge, and a copy forwarded to Bro. Ingraham.

With the exception of a brief period of meeting at 40 Court street, the Lodge has continued to meet at its present location in Commonwealth Lodge Rooms, No. 317 Washington street. Its present membership in good standing is 110.

Wor. Bro. Lester W. Beasley, who is justly styled the father of this Lodge, is still a regular attendant, and takes the same active interest in the work as when he first started it on its mission of benevolence, love and charity.

List of Elective Officers of Covenant Lodge No. 758, From 1874 To 1888, Inclusive.

Worshipful Master.—"Wor. Lester "W. Beasley, 1874-5-6; Monroe B. Washburn, 1877-8; John W. Eeid, 1879-80; Frederick Walker, 1881-2; George B. Elmore, 1883-4; Lester W. Beasley, 1885; W. H. Hinckley, 1886; Chas. N. Elliott, 1887; Edward W. Cooper, 1888.

Senior Warden.—George B. Elmore, 1874-5-6; John P. Wall, 1877; John W. Eeid, 1878; Fred. Walker, 1879-80; John P. Wall, 1881; W. H. Hinckley, 1882; C. H. K. Smith, 1883-4; Chas. N. Elliott, 1885-6; Edward W. Cooper, 1887; Fred. Walker, 1888.

Junior Warden.—M. B. Washburn, 1874-5-6; Win. H. Stringer, 1877; Fred. Walker, 1878; T. H. Morrison, 1879; W. H. Hinckley, 1880; Chas. H. L. Zellinsky, 1881; Geo. C. Eidley, 1882; Jas. W. Dean, 1883; Chas. N. Elliott, 1884; James Shultis, 1885; W. C. Woolsack, 1886; William K. Voorhees, 1887-8.

Treasurer.—Frank G. Miller, 1874 to 1888, inclusive.

Secretary.—Frederick Walker, 1874-5-6-7; John P. Wall, 1878; Ed. W. Cooper, 1879-80-81-82; Edgar D. Davis, 1883 to 1888, inclusive.


Several personal sketches of Past Masters and other officers were written and sent to the several parties for approval, but never returned, hence their omission. Among these was Wor. Bro. Beasley; this brief sketch which appears of the latter was taken from the minutes.

WOR. LESTER W. BEASLEY, Past Master Of Commonwealth Lodge No. 409; Past Master Of Covenant Lodge.

Wor. Bro. Beasley is known as the Father of Covenant Lodge; he has also received distinguished honors from Commonwealth Lodge, as well as from the Fraternity of the Third Masonic District. He was raised in Commonwealth Lodge No. 409, in 1858; he served as Junior Warden in 1863; Senior Warden in 1864, and Master in 1865-6-7-8, and again in 1872. He was presented by the brethren of that Lodge, at different times, with a Past Master's Jewel, a gold watch and a large easy chair. He withdrew from Commonwealth in 1874 and assisted in organizing Covenant Lodge, of which he was Master in 1874-5-6, and again in 1885. He was exalted a Royal Arch Mason in Orient Chapter No. 138. He is also President of the Past Master's Association of Brooklyn.

Bro. Beasley was born at Riverhead, L. I., Nov. 15, 1834, and has been a resident of Brooklyn since 1850. He has been for several years past engaged in the harbor transportation business.

WOR. CHARLES N. ELLIOTT, Past Master Of Covenant Lodge.

The brethren of Covenant Lodge have on several occasions expressed their confidence in Wor. Bro. Elliott as a Mason and in his skill as a Craftsman by placing him in the most honorable and responsible positions in the Lodge. He was raised to the sublime degree of Master Mason in 1880, and has been continuously in office since the first year of his entrance into the Lodge. He was first appointed Junior Deacon; served as Senior Deacon for two successive terms, in which he displayed great ability in, and close study of, the work connected with the Middle Chamber. He was Junior Warden in 1884; Senior Warden in 1885; acting Master in 1886, and Master in 1887. During the two years of his administration he gave his hearty co-operation to the work of raising the requisite amount of the Lodge to meet its per capita tax for the Hall and Asylum Fund debt.

Though a native of the South, Bro. Elliott is a descendant of the Rev. Mr. Eliot, the great apostle to the indians during the early part of the seventeenth century. Bro. Elliott was born in Eutaw, Ala., on January 15, 1849, and in early life removed to Connecticut, where he was placed under the care of his grandfather. He was educated at Hudson River Institute in the town of Claverick, N. Y. After completing his education he came to New York and obtained a position in the flour brokerage business. He was afterwards connected with a wholesale oil and paint house, but for several years past has followed the occupation of City Weiqiter. He became a resident of Brooklyn in 1868, and was married in 1874 to Miss Margaretti F. Gordon, of New York. They have one child living.

WOR. THOMAS H. MORRISON, Past Master Of Lawrence Lodge No. 6, Of Lawrence, Kansas; Affiliate Of Covenant Lodge.

While Wor. Bro. Morrison is only an affiliate of Covenant Lodge, his interest in its success and prosperity is fully equal to that of any other member. He came to this Lodge more than ten years ago, with a ripe experience and a thorough familiarity with the work ; he was accorded a hearty welcome, and at once entered with zeal and enthusiasm upon his new field of labor. He has been a regular attendant at the stated communications cf the Lodge, frequently assisting in the work. He was made a Master Mason in Lawrence Lodge No. 6, City of Lawrence, Kansas, Aug. 12, 1871; he passed through the several chairs and served as Master in 1872-73-74; he was exalted a Royal Arch Mason in Lawrence Chapter No. 4, in which he served as Scribe. In Cryptic Masonry he explored the vaults in Lawrence Council No. 3, R. & S. M.; he was created and dubbed a Sir Knight in De Molay Commandery No. 4, of Lawrence, Kansas, in which he served as Prelate, and was elected Grand Standard Bearer of the Grand Commandery of Kansas in 1873. On becoming a resident of Brooklyn, in 1877, he affiliated with Covenant Lodge, to which he is strongly attached. He "crossed the burning sands" in Mecca Temple, Nobles of the Mystic Shrine, N. Y., March 30, 1887.

Bro. Morrison was born at Portland, Me., of Scotch-Puritan ancestry, February 5, 1848. On February 12, 1865, being then but seventeen years of age, he enlisted in I Company, 12th Regiment Maine Vols., and served during the remainder of the war in Georgia and South Carolina. He was connected with a mercantile house in Boston until 1870, when he went to Kansas and was employed by the General Government in the survey of the Public Lands. He spent six years of his life in the far "West. Soon after his return East he settled in Brooklyn, and engaged in the book and stationery business. In 1880 he was appointed Assistant "\Veigher in the New York Custom House, and ia now in charge of the Weighers' & Gangers' Bureau of the Surveyor's office. Desiring to renew his old army associations and contribute to the aid and support of his comrades in arms, he joined U. S. Grant Post No. 327, G. A. R., of Brooklyn.

WOR. EDWARD W. COOPER, Master Of Covenant Lodge.

Wor. Bro. Cooper well deserves the honors that he has received from Covenant Lodge, for no brother ever labored more faithfully and industriously to build up and maintain the character of this Lodge thau he lias done. Not only has he devoted his time and contributed of his means to support his own Lodge, but has continually kept up that fraternal intercourse with sister Lodges by interchange of visits, and in this way he has made many warm friends in other Lodges. He never pushed himself forward or sounded his own praises, and he had been twenty-one years a Mason before he was called to " come up higher. ' He was initiated, passed and raised in Commonwealth Lodge No. 409, in 1866, and withdrew from there with a number of others to assist in erecting Covenant Lodge. He served as Secretary in 187^-80-81-82; as Senior Deacon, 1885 and 1886; as Senior Warden in 1887; as Master in 1888, and at the Annual Election in December of this year was unanimously re-elected Master. The brethren have great confidence in his ability and integrity, and have given him their hearty support. Bro. Cooper was born in Sands street, Brooklyn, Oct. 2, 1836; he was educated at public school, and on leaving engaged in the jewelry business with the firm of G. K. Downing
W. K. VOORHEES, Junior Warden.

Bro. Voorhees is a full fledged veteran, entitled to all the honors incident to his position ; having served the Craft faithfully for nearly twenty-three years. Though never conspicuous, he has labored both in and out of the Lodge for the advancement of the cause, and lias exemplified the teachings of Freemasonry in his daily walk and conversation. He was received into Commonwealth Lodge No. 409 in 1866, in due and ancient form. He was a giver rather than a worker in that Lodge, and labored to the best of his ability in his own quiet way. He withdrew with others in 1872, and assisted in organizing Covenant Lodge. For some years he held no office and was contented to labor as an humble Craftsman. His first appointment was as Senior Master of Ceremonies; he was elected Junior Warden for 1886-7, two terms, and at the Annual Election in December was unanimously elected Senior Warden.

Bro. Voorhees is descended from an old Holland family who were among the early settlers of this locality. He was born at Flatlands, L. I., May 10, 1838. He received a good common school education, and afterwards obtained a position as clerk with the firm of Bergen & Jewel, in the flour and feed business. He continued from 1856 to 1864, when he started in the same business for himself, and has continued for nearly twenty-five years in the same locality. In his younger days he took quite an interest in military affairs, and joined the 70th Regiment of Cavalry and rose from the ranks through the several grades to that of Fii'st Lieutenant, commanding a company. In 1860, during the visit of the Prince of Wales to this country, he turned out with his company (E) as a part of the escort to welcome this illustrious scion of nobility. His whole term of military service covers a period of nine years ; he was offered a captaincy, but declined. He was married in 1864 to Miss Jane Van Sicklen, who is also descended from one of the old Holland families; two boys and a girl are the issue of this marriage. He is a member of the Holland Society, composed of the descendants of the early Holland settlers of this country. In the old homestead where he was born, his great grandfather was born in 1725. He is a member of the New York Produce Exchange, also a member of the Fulton Grain
FRANK G. MILLER, Treasurer.

"It is expected of a man that he be found faithful," but no more faithful servant ever guarded the treasury of a Lodge than Bro. Miller. Had he aspired to a higher position his brethren would gladly have conferred on him the honor. He was brought to Masonic light in Commonwealth Lodge No. 409, iu 1863. He was one of the seventy-seven brethren who withdrew in 1872 to organize Covenant Lodge. He was its first Treasurer U. D., and has been annually elected to the same position ever since by the unanimous vote of the Lodge. He was exalted a Royal Arch Mason in Orient Chapter No. 138, but has never given any attention to Capitular Masonry.

He was born in Brooklyn, March 19, 1810, at the old homestead on Strong Place, where his father resided for fifty years, and where he lived for twenty-five years. He has been for thirty years engaged in the watch and jewelry business on Maiden Lane, New York. He was for seven-and-a-half years manager of the New York office of the Waterbury Watch Company. As an evidence of the high esteem and confidence reposed in him by his employers, they kindly offered to send him to Europe on a three mouths' vacation at a time when his health had became seriously impaired through nervous prostration, due to close confinement and over-work. He did not, however, avail himself of the offer. He remained with the Company until the present year. On October 1, 1888, he was appointed general selling agent of the New York Standard Watch Company. He had a brief military experience during the War of the Rebellion. He enlisted in May, 1862, in Company G, 13th Brooklyn Regiment, for three mouths; he was on guard duty most of the time at Suffolk, Va. He served eight years in the old volunteer fire department as Treasurer of Engine Company No. 22; he is now a member of the Veteran Firemen's Association.

EDGAR D. DAVIS, Secretary.

Bro. Davis has been an active laborer in the cause of benevolence and charity for the past ten years, and during that period has exerted his influence and devoted his time to promote the objects of the Fraternity. He was brought to Masonic- light in Vermont Lodge No. 18, of Windsor, Vt., in March, 1878 ; he affiliated with Covenant Lodge in December, 1881; iii May, 1882, he was appointed to fill an uuexpired term as Secretary, and at the Annual Communication in December following, he was regularly elected to that position, which he has since continued to fill with honor and credit to himself and to the entire satisfaction to his brethren. He ascended to the 32d degree in the Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite (Cerneau) and is a member of Brooklyn Consistory No. 24. He was Grand Engineer and Architect of the Consistory, and was recently elected Minister of State and Grand Orator; he is Most Excellent and Perfect Knight Senior Warden of Rose Croix Chapter; Most Enlightened Senior Grand Warden in the Council Princes of Jerusalem, and Grand Master of Ceremonies Lodge of Perfection.

Bro. Davis was born in North Springfield, Vt., Sept. 5,1856; he attended public school and received an academic education at Northfield, Vt. He subsequently removed with his parents to Brooklyn, where he completed his education. He has been for some years past connected with the printing department of the Rrooldyn Eagle. Married, 1882, Miss Nettie E., daughter of Geo. W. Davis, a member of Covenant Lodge.

THEODORE M. LE BEAU, Junior Warden Elect.

Bro. Le Beau has been more highly honored than any of his brethren of this Lodge. He received his Master Mason's degree in May, 1888, and at the annual election following was takeu from the floor and elected Junior Warden to serve for 1889; the intervening time, however, had been judiciously used to acquire a thorough knowledge of the symbolic teachings of Masonry, and to perfect himself in the ritual, so that he had little difficulty in qualifying for his present position. AVith a laudable ambition and an earnest desire for further light in Masonry, he recently entered the Ancient Accepted Scottish Kite, and was made Sublime Prince of the Royal Secret, 32d degree. He is also a member of Progressive Lodge No. 21, Knights of Pythias. Is also a member of the Order of Iron Hall.

Bro. Le Beau is a descendant of one of the old Huguenot families who fled from the South of France to Germany after the edict of Nantes. His family still adhere to the faith of his fathers, and have been noted for their firm adherence to the cause of truth, liberty, and justice. His father came to this country about 1842, and settled in Brooklyn, where the subject of this sketch was born, July 11, 1858. Young Le Beau was duly prepared and entered St. Lawrence College at Fon du Lac Co., Wis.; he completed his studies at St. John's College, Brooklyn. After three or four years experience in the marble and slate business, he went to New Mexico, where he was employed in a large banking house ; he subsequently spent two or three years in traveling for the New Mexico Printing Co., of Santa Fe. After the death of his father he returned to Brooklyn and engaged in the real estate business. Full of enterprise and energy his efforts were successful. With a natural taste for music, he has had abundant opportunity to gratify it. He has been for a long time a member of the Germania Schutzen Bund, 4th Battalion; also of the Concordia Singing Society.
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