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The name of Ezel is taken from the Bible and refers to the stone that marked the hiding-place of David when he fled from the presence of Saul, who sought to take his life. It also marked the spot of his meeting, and final parting with Jonathan, his best and truest friend on earth, and became a monument to the indissoluble bond of brotherhood that united these two hearts. This name fittingly represents the fraternal bond that unites the brethren of Ezel Lodge.

The brethren who erected this Lodge experienced many of the difficulties that fell to the lot of the craft in early days. They met in barns, real estate offices, and at private residences, and frequently had no other light than the "tallow dip," "the light of other days." Several preliminary meetings were held, and a petition was drawn up signed by thirty brethren representing fifteen different Lodges; among these there were six from Long Island Lodge No. 382; four from Fortitude No. 19; and three from Crystal Wave No. 638. The signers to the petition were: H. Clay Lanius, David H. Jones, James English, Peter W. Roff, Win. E. Rogers, William Birch, Edwin S. Van Orden, Washington L. Baker, A. B. Higgius, Henry W. Bozell, Wm. H. Bobins, George Goater, John Opp, E. P. Lyman, Chas. W. Young, Joseph T. Stevens, W. E. Piersou, Geo. Keymer, 8. Breckels, Thomas N. Eaton, Chas. M. Slater, Peter M. Beam, Peter B. Kelly, J. E. Heudrickson, Bobert Harper, John J. Dewall, C. E. Van Vlack, Wm. H. Marshall, Henry F. Rollins and Aniello Serainello. H. Clay Lauius was named as Master, Wm. M. Birch, Senior Warden, and Joseph T. Stevens, Junior Warden.

The Dispensation was granted December 7, 1872, by Rt. Wor. Elwood E. Thome, Deputy G. M., and the first communication U. D. was held January 13, 1873, at the hall corner of Myrtle avenue and Adelphi street, the present place of meeting. The following officers were then elected and appointed, viz.: H. Clay Lanius, Master; W. M. Birch, Senior Warden; Joseph T. Stevens, Junior Warden; Chas. M. Gater, Treasurer; E. S. Van Orden, Secretary; Robert Harper, S. D.; H. F. Bollins, J. D.; Wm. E. Bogers, S. M. C.; George Keymer, J. M. C.; Chas. M. Young, Tiler.

The first ones proposed for initiation and membership were Matthew Gales, G. Mathieson, Edward A. Burn and J. T. Smith.

The Lodge was warranted on June 3, 1873, and on June 30, following, was regxilarly constituted and instituted, and the above-named officers duly installed by the Grand Lodge, represented by Bt. Wor. Elwood E. Thorne, as G. M.; Bt. Wor. Thos. C. Cassidy, as D. G. M.; Rt. Wor. Geo. H. Raymond, Sen. G. W.; Wor. Wesley B. Church, J. G. W.; Rt. Wor. Dan'l Sickles, Grand Secretary; Wor. Isaac Simmons, Grand Chaplain ; Rt. Wor. Henry A. Richey, Grand Marshal, and others.

The annual report for 1873 showed the total receipts, $1,825.23, and disbursements, $1,722.07, with a balance of $103.16. There were held 23 communications, at which there were 34 applications for initiation and membership, 29 of which were accepted, and the E. A. degree conferred on 24 candidates.

On July 6,1874, the Lodge moved to Armory Hall, on Clare- mont avenue, arid on Oct. 10, 1881, returned to 157 Adelphi street, the present place of meeting. On Nov. 16, 1874, a beautiful gong was presented to the Lodge by Bro. John Opp. The Lodge continued to meet every Monday evening until 1883, when the time of meeting was changed to the 1st, 3d and 5th Mondays.

On Dec. 20th, 1875, "Wor. Bro. H. Clay Lanius was presented by the brethren with an elegant gold watch, in recognition of faithful service rendered.

The annual report in December showed a falling off in the receipts, the disbursements exceeding the receipts $60.57. The total membership at that time was 89. From this time forward there was a gradual increase in membership. The Lodge has always met promptly its financial obligations, and met its per capita tax of the Hall and Asylum Fund debt, without difficulty. According to the annual report for 1887, the E. A. degree was worked on 5 candidates, F. C. degree, 5, and Master Mason's degree, 4. There was a balance in the treasury at this time of $519.80. During the past year, 1888, the E. A. degree has been worked on 2 candidates, F. C. 2, and Master Mason's degree, 1. The receipts for the year were $666.57, and the disbursements, $552.59. There is a balance in bank of $513.30, which, with the amount due from members, $891.50, makes the total assets, not including Lodge furniture, $1,404.80. Its present membership is 100.

Wor. Bro. Wm. E. Rogers, a Past Master and the recent Secretary of this Lodge, furnished the data for its history while lying on a sick bed, and was soon after called from his labors on earth to the Lodge Celestial, that house not made by hands, eternal in the heavens. He was a faithful brother, and greatly beloved by all who knew him.

List of Elective Officers of Ezel Lodge No. 732, From 1873 To 1888, Inclusive.

Worshipful Master.—Henry Clay Lanius, 1873-4-5 ; Robert Harper, 1876; Edmund A. Warren, 1877-8; William G. Pierson, 1879; Edmund A. Warren, 1880; Ralph Pomeroy, 1881; llinaldo H. French, 1882 ; Wm. E. Rogers, 1883 ; Hen- drick Haste, 1884; Hubert T. Ketchum, 1885 ; Hendrick Haste, 1886-7-8.

Senior Warden.—William M. Birch, 1873; Robert Harper, 1874 ; Wm. M. Birch, 1875 ; Edmund A. Warren, 1876 ; Ship- pen S. Wetmore, 1877; William G. Pierson, 1878; Ralph Pomeroy, 1879 ; Shippen S. Wetmore, 1880; Kicharcl Perrott, 1881 Wm. E. Eogers, 1882 ; Henclrick Haste, 1883; Hubert T. Ket- chum, 1884; Henry A. Taylor, 1885 ; William H. Foote, 1886-7; Jacob Gruber, 1888.

Junior Warden.—Joseph F. Steavens, 1873 ; James H. English, 1874; Joseph H. Cclyer, 1875 ; George Lloyd, 1876; James Whitehouse, 1877; Einaldo H. French, 1878; William E. Rogers, 1879; James Elevin, 1880; Robert Holcke, 1881; Hendrick Haste, 188'2 ; Hubert T. Ketchum, 1883; Henry A. Taylor, 1884; Albion P. Higgins, 1885; Chas. Ewald, 1886; Jacob Gruber, 1887; J. F. Golding, 1888.

Treasurer.—Chas. M. Gater, 1873-4; Henry W. Rozell, 1875 ; Chas. M. Gater, 1876-7; Peter W. Roff, 1878-79-80'; Albion P. Higgins, 1881-2-3-4; Geo. W. Powell, 1885-6-8.

Secretary.—Edmund A. Warren, 1873 ; Robert B. Kelley, 1874-5; Ralph Porneroy, 1876-7; Robert B. Kelley, 1878 ; Henry Clay Lanius, 1879-80 ; Chas. W. Waters, 1881-2 ; Richard Perrott, 1883-4-5 ; William E. Rogers, 1886-7-8 ; deceased in office soon after his re-election at the close of 1888.

WOR. RINALDO H. FRENCH, Past Master Of Ezel Lodge.

Wor. Bro. French has been one of the main props of Ezel Lodge for many years past, and through his wise counsels and good judgment, has exercised a potent influence among the rethren. He was brought to Masonic light in this Lodge in March, 1876 ; served as its Senior Deacon for three separate terms, and many of the brightest masons in this Lodge are indebted to him for their knowledge of the Middle Chamber work. He was elected Junior Warden in 1878, and Master in 1882, and was again uiged to accept the position at the annual election of 1888. He has served several terms as Trustee. He was exalted a Royal Arch Mason in Nassau Chapter, in which he is Past High Priest, and was Captain of Host for three terms.

Bro. French was born in New Bedford, Mass., May 22d, 1833. He received a good education; came to Williamsburgh at the age of sixteen, and entered the office of the Corporation Counsel, New York, where he remained for over eleven years, and was admitted to the bar in 1858. He was siibsequently a member of the law firm known as Andrews, Thompson & French, 47 Wall street, N. Y. In 1863 he was appointed to a position in the Surveyor's office, port of New York, where he has remained for twenty-six years. He has never taken any active part in politics, but has confined himself strictly to the duties of his position.

WOR. HENDRICK HASTE, Past Master Of Ezel Lodge.

No brother of Ezel Lodge takes a deeper interest in its welfare or has worked more faithfully for its interests than Bro. Haste. He was raised to the sublime degree of Master Mason in January, 1880. He was Junior Warden in 1882; Senior Warden in 1883, and Master in 1884, 1886 and 1887. In the spring of 1887, as he was about taking his departure for Europe, the brethren, desirous of showing their appreciation of his noble efforts in the cause of benevolence and charity, and of his eminent services rendered to this Lodge, presented him with a beautiful Master's jewel set with a diamond. Since his retirement from the East he has been serving as Trustee. At the annual election in 1888 he was again nominated for the East, but was compelled to decline the honor. He was exalted a Royal Arch Mason in Gate of the Temple Chapter, in which he served as E. King. He is a member of Principle Lodge No. 48, I. O. O. F.; of Fern Council No. 774, R. A., which he assisted in organizing, and was a charter member.

Bro. Haste is a native of Denmark, born April 2, 1846. Ho received a good education in his own country and afterwards engaged in the meat business. lie came to this country in 1864, and settled in Brooklyn, where he has since continued in the same business. He married, in 1869, Miss Hannah O'Keefe, of Jamaica, L. I. He has an interesting family of four children.

JACOB GRUBER, Senior Warden And Worshipful Master-elect.

Bro. Gruber was raised to the sublime degree of Master Mason in 1885. He was taken from the floor and elected to the South in 1887, and was made Senior Warden in 1888. At the annual election in December, 1888, he was elected Master.

Bro. Gruber is a native of Broadbrook, Conn., born May 4, 1854.

He has been for a number of years engaged in the lithographic business with the Brett Lithographic Company, of New York.

GEORGE W. POWELL, Treasurer.

Bro. Powell has guarded well the finances of Ezel Lodge for the past four years, receiving for his services the unqualified support and confidence of his brethren, to whom he has endeared himself by the strongest ties that bind men together in one common brotherhood. In the higher orders of Masonry he has been equally steadfast and true, and labored to the best of his ability to advance the cause of benevolence and good fellowship among his associates. Bro. Powell was raised in this Lodge in November, 1881. He was elected Treasurer in 1885, again in 1886-7-8, and at the animal election in December, 1888, was unanimously re-elected to the same position. He was exalted a Eoyal Arch Mason in Gate of the Temple Chapter, of which he is also the Treasurer; he was created and dubbed a Sir Knight in Clinton Commandery No. 14; he is also a member and Trustee of Fern Lodge No. 2830, K. of H.

Bro. Powell was born at Farmingdale, L. I., February 13, 1847. He was sent early in life to boarding school, and completed his education by taking a commercial course at Bryant «fe Stratton's Commercial College. He obtained a position with the large and well known dry goods house of Abernathy dk Co., where he remained for eleven years. Since 1876 he has held a responsible position with J. W. Goddard & Sons, a large New York importing house. He became a resident of Brooklyn in 1864. He was married in 1873, but lost his wife two years later. He was left with one child, who is now a lad of fourteen, to whom he is devotedly attached. He has been a member of the Presbyterian Church (Dr. Cuyler's) for the past twenty-five years.

GEORGE W. AULT, Junior Warden-elect, 1889.

Bro. Ault was well advanced in years before he took upon himself the obligations of a Master Mason, but he has been all his life practicing the principles inculcated. It is his nature to do good and help others, and his entrance into masonry gave him a wider field for more systematic efforts in aiding his fellow-men. His willingness to serve in any capacity in the Lodge where he might be useful has led to his recent advancement. He was raised to the sublime degree of Master Mason in this Lodge in 1887, and served as its Chaplain for two years. At the Annual Communication in December, 1888, he received the unanimous vote of the brethren for the position of Junior Warden, which he accepted with the promise to "look well to the South."

Bro. Ault is a native of the " land of steady habits;" he was born in Coventry, Conn., December 25, 1829, but was raised and educated in East Hartford. During his long and eventful life he has been engaged in a variety of occupations, but the "song of the shirt" has always had for him a peculiar charm, and he devoted nearly thirty-six years of his life to this important article of men's wear. He laid aside the immaculate shirt front in 1865 and donned the blue uniform as a member of the 14th Massachusetts Light Battery. As the war closed soon afterwards, he saw but little service. Although he enlisted at the "eleventh hour," he did it with the expectation that the war would be further prolonged. He came to Brooklyn in 1874, where he soon established a reputation as a shirt maker on "new and original principles," and has since built up a large and successful business.

Bro. Ault has been twice married, his first wife deceased, leaving one child, and in 1860 he married Miss Elizabeth Older- shaw, of New Britain, Conn. One child is the issue of the latter marriage; since deceased.

JOHN OPP, Charter Member.

Bro. Opp has served the Craft for nearly thirty years and Ezel Lodge from the date of its foundation, and has never yet held any office save that of Trustee. No man, however, could be more loyal in his support of the Fraternity, or more faithful in his adherence to the principles of Freemasonry than this worthy brother. As a charter member of Ezel Lodge he has stood by it and used his best endeavors to promote peace and harmony and encourage the brethren in the good work. He was made Master Mason in Ionic Lodge No. 121, of Iowa Hill, Plaza County, Cal., in 1859. On his return East he affiliated with Hillgrove Lodge No. 540, of Brooklyn, and when a new Lodge was talked of to meet the wants of the brethren residing in the locality of Myrtle Avenue, he rendered every assistance in his power to organize and build up the Lodge, and has received marked tokens of the approbation of his brethren for his faithful efforts.

Bro. Opp was born in Prussia, March 27, 1829. Soon after his arrival in this country, in 1846, he obtained a position with the Herring Safe Co. The breaking out of the gold fever in 1849-50 led hirn to seek his fortiine on the Pacific Coast, where he arrived in August, 1850. He spent three years in the mines, and returned to New York in 1853, where he remained for a short time. At the breaking out of the gold fever he again took passage for California, but was wrecked at Ballinas Bay, some twenty-five miles from San Francisco. The passengers and crew were saved. He remained on the Pacific coast about six jears, returning to New York in 1859. He removed to Brooklyn in 1865, and started in the hardware business, which he has since continued. He was married in 1863 to Miss Caroline Jacobs, of New Jersey; one son and two daughters have blessed their married life. He is an affectionate husband and kind father, and greatly beloved by all who know him.


This Lodge is made up principally of the German-American element, and owes its existence and maintenance largely to the efforts of Wor. Bro. Anthony N. Bungart. One-half of its charter members came from Munn Lodge No. 190, of New York. Of the number who signed the Petition there were 13 from Munn Lodge ; 2 from Star of Bethlehem No. 322; 2 from Long Island No. 382; 1 from Silentia; 2 from Tabernacle; 1 from Ophir Lodge No. 33, California; 2 from Lexington No. 310; 1 from Lodge No. 636; 1 from Lebanon Lodge; 1 from Lessing, 608.

Dispensation was granted February 10,1874, and the following were the first officers, viz.; John F. Schlichting, Master; Peter J. Meaney, Senior Warden ; Anthony N. Bungart, Junior Warden; John Anson, Treasurer; B. Degenkolb, Secretary; Edward E. Sleath, S. D.; Fred'k Hougard, J. D.; August D. E. Frank, S. M. C.; H. H. Graf, J. M. C.; W. Wilson, Tiler.

The first meeting of the Lodge was held at the corner of Court and Union streets, and has continued to meet in the same place ever since. The first to receive the Third Degree in the Lodge was Solomon Howe.

The Lodge continued to meet under Dispensation until the Eegular Communication of the Grand Lodge in June, 1874. The Warrant was granted on June 12, 1874, signed by Most Wor. Elwood E. Thome, Grand Master, and on June 19 the Lodge was instituted and the several officers installed by the Grand- Lodge, represented by Most Wor. Joseph J. Couch as G. M.; Et. Wor. Harvey Farrington as D. G. M.; Wor. W. Sherer, S. G. W.; Wor. J. Du Moulin, J. G. W.; Wor. J. M. Hopper, Grand Treasurer; Wor. P. M. Borland, Grand Secretary ; Wor. H. A. Eichey, Grand Marshal; Wror. James Arm- ington, S. G. D.; Et. Wor. George Eaymond, J. G. D.; Wor. John Hoole, Grand Tiler. The same officers elected and appointed U. D. were installed on this occasion.

Bro. Bungart, on behalf of his mother, who was deeply interested in the success of the Lodge, presented the Lodge with the " Three Great Lights." Bro. Bungart himself presented the hour glass.

The Lodge has been fairly prosperous since the date of its organization. The total receipts in 1876 were $1,495.08, with a balance in the treasury of $792.02. It has been generous in providing for its worthy distressed brethren. It met promptly its per capita tax of the Hall and Asylum Fund debt, and has always met its financial obligations. The Annual Report to the Grand Lodge in the spring of 1888 showed the total membership to be 98. There are 8 smaller Lodges in the District and 23 larger.

List of Elective Officers of Sanctorum Lodge No. 747, From 1874 To 1888, Inclusive.

Worshipful Master.—John F. Schlichting, 1874-5; Anthony N. Bungart, 1876-7; Solomon Eowe, 1878-9; Anthony N. Bungart, 1880-81; Heury Endner, 1882-3; William H. Brown, 1884-5; Frederick Harvey, 1886-7-8.

Senior Warden.—Peter J. Meaney, 1874; Anthony N. Bungart, 1875; Solomon Eowe, 1878; Henry Eudner, 1878-9; Albert F. Krey, 1880-81; Frederick Harvey, 1882; Jacob Gabel, 1883-4; Frederick Harvey, 1885; Samuel Loring, 1886-7-8.

Junior Warden.—Anthony N. Bungart, 1874; Edward Sleath, 1875; John Lang, 1876-7; Edward Eeiter, 1878-9; Bernhard Degenkolb, 1880; W. H. Brown, 1881; Jacob Gabel, 1882; John Langill, 1883-4; George A. Traver, 1885; Alfred Hall, 1886; Jacob Gabel, 1887; Amos Schachtel, 1888.

Treasurer.—John Ansou, 1874-5; Henry Eeiter, 1876 to 1881, inclusive ; Franklin Stebbiiis, 1882-3 ; Anthony Bungart, 1884; Charles Barry, 1885-6-7-8.

Secretary.—Bernhard Degenkolb, 1874-5; David Van Cleaf, 1876-7-8-9; Samuel Loring, 1880; Bernhard Degenkolb, 1881 to 1888, inclusive.

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