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Degree Year Field

Northwestern University B.A. 1974 Philosophy/Psychology

Northwestern University M.S. 1978 Neurobiology

Northwestern University Ph.D. 1981 Neurobiology


TEACHING ASSISTANT: Northwestern University; 1976

INSTRUCTOR: Northwestern University, 6 Semesters; 1976-1980

POSTDOCTORAL FELLOW: University of Southern California, Andrus Gerontology Center Neurobiology Section; 1981 - 1984

INSTRUCTOR: California State University Dominguez Hills, CA, 1 semester; 1982

RESEARCH ASSOCIATE: University of Southern California, Andrus Gerontology Center, 1984 - 1986

VISITING SCIENTIST: University of Umea, Sweden, Department of Pathology, Summer, 1984

RESEARCH ASST. PROFESSOR: University of Southern California, Department of Biological Sciences; 1986 - 1988

ASSISTANT PROFESSOR: University of Southern California, School of Gerontology; Joint Appointment in Dept. of Biological Sciences: 1988 -1992

ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR: University of South Florida, College of Medicine, Dept. of Pharmacology: 1992 -1998

ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR: University of South Florida, Institute on Aging. 1997-2003

PROFESSOR University of South Florida, Dept. of Pharmacology (now, Molecular Pharmacology and Physiology) 1998-present

DIRECTOR Alzheimer Research Laboratory, 1997-present

DIRECTOR Basic Neuroscience Research, USF College of Medicine 2006-present

CHIEF SCIENTIFIC OFFICER USF Health Byrd Alzheimer Institute, 2009- present


New Investigator Award in the Neurosciences: American Geriatrics Society, 1985

Nathan Shock New Investigator Award: Gerontological Society of America, 1986

The Anna Greenwall Award: American Federation for Aging Research, 1987

Established Investigator Award: American Heart Association, 1989

USF President's Award for Faculty Excellence, 2002


Functional Consequences of Vaccination in AD Tg Mice. NIA R01 AG 18478. 15 SEP-00 to 1 FEB-11 Morgan is P.I. ($3.7 million total costs; $289,000 current year).

AAV Gene Therapy for Alzheimer's Disease, NIA R01 AG 25509, 15 AUG 05 - 30 JUN 10.

Morgan is P.I. ($1.9 million total costs; $368,000 current year).

Multiple Glial Activation States in Aging Brain, Project 3. NIA P01 AG04418, 1 SEP 06 to 30 JUN 11, Morgan is P.I. ($1million total costs; $200,000 current year). P. Bickford, PI on entire Program.

Transgenic Mice, Inflammation and the Alzheimer Phenotype. NIA R01 AG15490 5-98 to 4-12,

Morgan is Co-PI; M. Gordon, PI, $1.5 million total costs; $307,000 current year).

Florida Alzheimer's Disease Research Center P50 AG25711. 1 May 05 to 30 APR 10.

Morgan is PI on Core C- Animal Behavior and Pathology. H Potter, PI, $6.2 million total award; 1.3 million current year. Core C is $45,000 annually

Chaperone-mediated signaling in Alzheimer's disease. 1K99AG031291-01. 1 SEP 07 to 30 AUG 12. Morgan is mentor, Chad Dickey is PI. $1 million total, $150,000 current year

Benjamin Foundation Endowment. Provides annual stipend and research support for the Benjamin Scholar in Alzheimer's Disease (PhD student) in my laboratory. PI. ($26,000 annually).


University Fellowship: Northwestern University, Tuition and Stipend; 1975 - 1978

Postdoctoral Fellowship: Glenn Foundation for Medical Research; 1981

Postdoctoral Fellowship: National Institute of Health Training Grant; 1982 - 1985

Potamkin-Lerner Fellowship in the Neurosciences: The Orentreich Foundation;1983 - 1985

Visiting Scientist Travel Award: Umea University Hospital, Sweden, 1984

Neuronal Gene Expression in Aging and Stress-Impaired Memory Function: Bus. Inst. on Aging, 1985

Molecular Genetic Approaches to Alzheimer's Disease: The French Foundation, 1985 - 1988

Gene Expression in Alzheimer's Disease: The American Federation for Aging Research, 1987-1990

The Neurotoxicity of Psychomotor Stimulants. Biomedical Research Support Grant, USC, 1987-1988.

Astrocytes in Recovery of Function. Interaction with Aging: American Heart Association, 1989-1994.

Astrocytes in Aging. Neurochemistry, Anatomy and RNA. R01 Grant, NIA. 5-89 through 4-93.

Development of Astrocyte-Specific Brain Lesions: American Heart Association. 1989-1991.

Cellular and Molecular Bases of D2 Declines with Age: Morgan project P01 Grant, NIA, 6-91 to 6-94.

Aβ Amyloid in Rat Brain. Co-infusion of Defined Plaque Components: Alz. Assn. 7-93 to 6-96.

Formation of Amyloid in Rat Brain by Variants of the Aβ Peptide. Cephalon Inc. 12-94 to 8-95

The Formation of Aβ Amyloid Plaques in Aged Rat Brain. Pfizer Inc. 4-95 to 3-96

Regulation and Function of the Presenilins in Brain. Morgan project P01 Grant, NIA 9-96 to 9-99.

Development of a Rat In Vivo Aβ Fibrillogenesis Model. Pfizer Inc. 4-97 to 12-98

Dietary Antioxidants and Amyloid Pathology in Transgenic Mice. USDA 6-99 to 6-02. PI

MRI Hyperintensity Detection in Aged Brain. NIA R43 AG-18223. 2-01 to 1-02 Co-PI. (K. Gosche, PI)

Anti Aß Immunity Against Alzheimer's Disease. NIA R01 AG-20227 15 AUG 01 to 30JUL 04 Co-PI

(K. Ugen P.I.)

A Vaccine Approach to Parkinsons Disease. NINDS R21 NS 43661 1 FEB 02 to 31 JAN 05 PI ($325,000)

Behavioral and Pathological Analysis of Transgenic Mice. AstraZeneca 1-00 to 3-05. PI ($140,000)

Evaluation of PCL-016 in transgenic mice. Novactyl Inc. 1 AUG 04 - 31 MAR 05, PI. ($42,700)

Anti-Amyloid Gene Therapy for AD. Byrd Alzheimer's Center, JUL 04 - JUN 06,PI ($174,000)

Testing of Compound A. AstraZenenca 1 JAN 06 to 31 DEC 07. Morgan is PI. $114,000

CD40 Modulation of A-beta Vaccine Immune Response. NINDS R01 NS 48335 25 SEP 04 to 31 MAY 08. Morgan is Co-PI; J. Tan is PI. $1.1 million total costs;

Role of CBAT cells in Alzheimer Pathology. Ethicon/Johnson and Johnson. 1 JAN 08 31 DEC 08

Morgan is PI. $52,000


Chairperson, NIH Interventional Testing Program Review Committee

Councilor, Program Committee Chair, Amer Society for Neural Therapy & Repair

Study Section ZRG1 MNPS-C (09) F; Drug Discovery SEP

National Research Board, American Federation for Aging Research

Scientific Review Board, Institute for the Study of Aging

Behavioral Neuroscience

Brain Aging

Current Alzheimer's Research

Journal of Neuroimmune Pharmacology

PUBLICATIONS. Using a recently developed index (h factor) of lifetime scientific impact, Morgan is a 40 (author on 40 publications with more than 40 citations)

1) Morgan, D.G. and A. Routtenberg (1979) Incorporation of intra-striatally injected [3H]fucose into electrophoretically separated glycoproteins. I. Turnover and molecular weight estimations. Brain Research, 179: 329-341.

2) Morgan, D.G. and A. Routtenberg (1979) Incorporation of intra-striatally injected [3H]fucose into electrophoretically separated glycoproteins. II. The influence of passive avoidance training. Brain Research, 179: 342-354.

3) Morgan, D.G. and A. Routtenberg (1980) Evidence that a 41,000 dalton brain phosphoprotein is pyruvate dehydrogenase. Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, 95: 569-576.

4) Mitrius, J.C., D.G. Morgan, and A. Routtenberg (1981) In vivo phosphorylation following [32P]orthophosphate injections into neostriatum or hippocampus. Brain Research, 212: 67-81.

5) Morgan, D.G. and A. Routtenberg (1981) Brain pyruvate dehydrogenase phosphorylation and enzyme activity altered by a training experience. Science, 214: 470-471.

6) Routtenberg, A., D.G. Morgan, R.G. Conway, M.J. Schmidt, and B. Ghetti (1981) Human brain phosphorylation in vitro. Cyclic AMP stimulation of electrophoretically separated substrates. Brain Research, 222: 323-333.

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8) Joseph, J.A., R.T. Bartus, D. Clody, D.G. Morgan, C.E. Finch, B. Beer, and S. Sesack (1983) Psychomotor performance in the senescent rodent: Reduction of deficits via striatal dopamine receptor up-regulation. Neurobiology of Aging, 4: 313-319.

9) Morgan, D.G., J.A. Severson, J.O. Marcusson, and C.E. Finch (1984) Aging and the serotonergic synapse in human brain: A preliminary report. In, Comparative Pathobiology of Major Age Diseases. D. Scarpelli, Ed. Alan R. Liss, New York. pp. 401-410.

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11) Morgan, D.G., J.O. Marcusson, and C.E. Finch (1984) Contamination of serotonin-2 binding sites by an alpha-1 adrenergic component in assays with [3H]spiperone. Life Sciences, 34: 2507-2514.

12) Marcusson, J.O., D.G. Morgan, B. Winblad, and C.E. Finch (1984) Serotonin receptors in aging human brain. Selective reduction of S-2A receptors in frontal cortex and hippocampus. Brain Research, 311 (1984) 51-57.

13) Morgan, D.G., C.V. Mobbs, C.A. Anderson, Y.N. Sinha, and C.E. Finch (1985) Hyperprolactinemia fails to increase striatal dopamine receptors in C57BL/6J mice. European Journal of Pharmacology, 107: 101-104.

14) Rogers, J., W.J. Shoemaker, D.G. Morgan, and C.E. Finch (1985) Senescent change in tissue weight and immunoreactive beta-endorphin, enkephalin, and vasopressin in eight regions of C57BL/6J mouse brain and pituitary. Neurobiology of Aging, 6: 1-9.

15) Marcusson, J., L. Ljung, C. Finch, D. Morgan, J. Severson, and B. Winblad (1985) Receptor studies in aging and senile dementia. In: Normal Aging, Alzheimer's Disease and Senile Dementia. Aspects on Etiology, Pathogenesis, Diagnosis and Treatment. C.G. Gottfries (ed.). Editions Univ. Bruxelles (Brussels). pp. 151-155.

16) May, P.C., D.G. Morgan, and C.E. Finch (1986) Regional serotonin receptor studies: Chronic methysergide treatment induces a selective and dose-dependent decrease in serotonin-2 receptors in mouse cerebral cortex. Life Sciences, 38: 1741-1747.

17) Morgan, D.G. and C.E. Finch (1986) [3H]Fluphenazine binding to brain membranes. Simultaneous measurement of D-1 and D-2 dopamine receptor sites. Journal of Neurochemistry, 46: 1623-1631.

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58) Benkovic, S.A., E. McGowan, N.J. Rothwell, D.G. Morgan and M.N. Gordon (1997). Regional and cellular localization of presenilin-2 RNA in rat and human brain. Experimental Neurology 145:555-564

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