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The following information from the AAP Web site is located at:


2005 AAP Annual Meeting


Saturday, September 24     

Sunday, September 25

Monday, September 26

Tuesday, September 27

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7:00 am - 6:00 pm

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8:00 am tee time (6:30 am departure)
Cost: $285 per person
Limited attendance event

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Our thanks to double major tournament sponsor Straumann; major tournament sponsor Zimmer Dental; hole-in-one sponsor, 3i-Implant Innovations, Inc.; beverage cart sponsor, Straumann; lunch sponsor Thommen Medical; bus and starter snack sponsor Camlog USA/Henery Schein, Inc. and award sponsor Colgate.


8:00 - 11:00 am
Program Track: Practice Development and Management
Speakers: Bradley L. Phillips, Michael P. Rethman, Mark A. Reynolds

The course will assist in preparing for the ABP examination by providing strategies for studying, utilizing key resources, and offering a plan to complete the written and oral exams in the allotted two years. This program reflects all of the new Board regulations and the significant changes in the examination and certification process. Specific topics that are historically part of the written and oral examinations will be presented: an evidencebased overview of occlusion as related to periodontal disease and therapy, and a focused presentation of connective tissue and bone biology will be related to regenerative surgical therapy.
Educational Objectives:

  • Review new Board regulations.

  • Provide an accurate timeline and strategies to prepare for, and pass, the exam within two years.

  • Literature-based review of selected topics.


8:00 - 11:00 am

All Annual Meeting registrants are welcome to attend the symposium.


8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Program Track: Implants
Speakers: Arun K. Garg, Jack T. Krauser
Cost: $2,200 per person
Limited attendance workshop

This comprehensive hands-on and lecture program is designed for the surgeon who would like to add techniques to his/her repertoire and/or to learn some minor modifications for those techniques currently being utilized. Hands-on (two participants at each cadaver specimen) and didactic topics will include maxillary sinus grafting, monocortical block graft harvesting, use of allogenic bone blocks, use of osteotomes, ramus graft harvesting, the nasal lift procedure, review of autogenous/allogenic/ alloplastic graft materials and indications, and associated risks and complications for these procedures. The low participant-to-speaker ratio will allow for an interactive environment.
Educational Objectives:

  • Describe the keys to successful grafting of the maxillary sinus.

  • Recognize and describe the rationale and techniques for common and predictable intra-oral bone harvesting and grafting techniques.

  • Illustrate and understand the applications of allogenic blocks, particulate graft materials and adjunctive agents/devices such as PRP, membranes and futuristic growth factors.

  • Identify anatomic associated risks and complications to autogenous tissue procurement.


8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Program Track: Implants
Speakers: Stuart J. Froum, Stephen S. Wallace
Cost: $1,525 per person
Limited attendance workshop

This is an all-encompassing sinus course that features both hands-on and didactic components. The instructors will exhaustively review the literature, present varying surgical techniques and their modifications, comprehensively discuss grafting materials, implant surface characteristics, implant timing and new technologies that will enhance predictability for immediate and/or delayed implant placements into the grafted sinus. A critical evidence-based evaluation will be presented, based on a review co-authored by the instructors that delineates which therapeutic modalities to include or exclude in sinus elevation procedures.
Educational Objectives:

  • Learn how to perform sinus lift surgery more predictably.

  • Understand the graft material selection process.

  • Learn what works and what doesn’t work.

  • Recognize and learn treatment for complications.

  • Understand what you need and what you don’t need for success.


8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Program Track: Implants
Speakers: George V. Duello, Michael A. Pikos
Cost: $795 per person
Limited attendance workshop

Many treatment modalities are available to the clinician for the maintenance and reconstruction of alveolar bone for prosthetic rehabilitation. The algorithms for regeneration include the use of guided bone regeneration materials, particulate grafts and autogenous bone segments with biomimetic/tissue engineering materials. Each of these approaches contains certain techniquesensitive aspects that only through cumulative experience are best appreciated and mastered. It is the goal of this workshop to contrast the approaches of clinicians from differing dental specialties to solve the challenge of site development. What is hopefully elucidated by this hands-on workshop is the synergy of knowledge that can be gained by viewing the problem from the perspectives of differing dental specialties. The presenters in this workshop will draw upon their respective surgical experiences to provide participants with a working knowledge of site development. This workshop will explore the various techniques’ indications, contraindications, surgical protocols and complication management, and will present histological evidence to support their use.
Educational Objectives:

  • Compare and evaluate the indications and the surgical protocols for guided bone regeneration, particulate grafts, and autogenous block grafts harvested from the symphysis and ramus buccal shelf.

  • Analyze the application of site development for the anterior and posterior maxillary and mandibular regions.

  • Identify potential complications associated with site development techniques, and be able to either avoid or manage them accordingly.


8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Program Track: Practice Development and Management
Speaker: Gregory M. Lutke
Cost: $795 per person
Limited attendance workshop

This full-day hands-on workshop focuses on how today’s digital SLR cameras capture awesome macro images to facilitate the periodontist’s peerand patient-related presentations. The morning session will help participants to understand and optimize the five dimensions of image quality. Two different exposure techniques also will be explored and demonstrated using digital cameras so that participants learn why only one of these techniques results in image quality that is far superior to film. The participants will fully understand the amazing digital “histogram” and its power in managing exposure control, the number one problem in digital photography. The morning session will also touch on high definition digital video, MP3 music creation and Microsoft PowerPoint® as used by dental speakers, in addition to comparing the available digital SLR camera systems available. At the morning’s conclusion, there will be a discussion on both digital resolution and how comprehensive treatment planning between dental professionals can be accomplished far more effectively using digital images.
      The afternoon session will be completely hands-on for participants. Each individual will capture a full series of images, optimize them in Adobe Photoshop, and create a patient “slide show” in Microsoft PowerPoint®. At the completion of the day, each participant will have an opportunity to show their presentation on the LCD projector and incorporate MP3 background music for an exciting finish to a productive day.
      Each workshop participant must have the following items with them for the hands-on course. The Academy will not provide these items for your use on-site.

  1. Laptop computer - (recommend Pentium 4, with 1024MB RAM or more)

  2. Software used: Adobe Photoshop CS, Microsoft PowerPoint® 2003 - (recommend all participants install all software and test their laptop prior to course - very important issue for optimizing time)

  3. Digital SLR camera set-up of choice - (optional, but highly recommended)

    • Bring the camera manual for your specific model Compact Flash (CF) card (min. 512 MB) and CF USB 2.0 Reader

    • 4 AA batteries for Ring flash

  4. Retractors and intra-oral mirrors of choice

  5. Monopod

The Academy will provide electrical outlets for all participants.
Educational Objectives:

  • Learn how to select a digital SLR camera system based on ease of use and image quality.

  • Exposure control with digital cameras is the single largest challenge dental professionals must master to replace 35mm film. Participants will learn the

  • only “capture technique” that results in images that are better than film - every time.

  • Understand the five dimensions of image quality and how to optimize each dimension in a systematic approach to achieve image excellence.


8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Program Track: Dental Hygienist
Moderators: Jill Rethman, Cheryl L. Townsend
Speakers: Karen A. Baker, Bobby L. Butler, Sebastian G. Ciancio, Pamela K. McClain, Joan Otomo-Corgel, Anna M. Pattison

Cost: $95 per person (lunch provided) with meeting registration; $125 per person (lunch provided) for symposium registration only

The periodontist/hygienist partnership involves collaboration and communication. This partnership can control disease, help retain teeth and may impact systemic health. Today’s program highlights the latest information pertinent to oral disease control and the practice of dental hygiene. A review of oral hygiene products is followed by presentations on biofilms and instrumentation, perio-systemic links, locally delivered antimicrobials and periodontal regeneration procedures. The symposium concludes with a presentation on periodontal plastic surgery.
Educational Objectives:

  • Review the role of self-care products and antimicrobials in the treatment and prevention of periodontal diseases.

  • Understand biofilms and their impact on instrument choices and techniques.

  • Recognize the various perio-systemic links and their implications to clinical practice.

  • Gain knowledge of the various periodontal surgical options in regeneration and periodontal plastic surgery with their applications.

Our thanks to Colgate, DENTSPLY Pharmacutical/DENTSPLY Professional, Oral-B, Pfizer Consumer Healthcare, Procter & Gamble Company, Sonicare/Phillips Oral Healthcare and Sunstar Butler for sponsoring the Dental Hygiene Symposium.


8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Program Track: Periodontal Medicine
Moderator: Donald S. Clem III
Speakers: Kenneth L. Reed, W. Lee Young

Major systems for delivery of conscious sedation will be reviewed. A complete discussion of oral medications and IV conscious sedation techniques will be presented. Emphasis will be placed on treatment protocols, established by scientific review and years of clinical experience.
Educational Objectives:

  • Identify AAP, ADA and ASA guidelines for the use of conscious sedation.

  • Understand the pharmacology and rationale for responsible use of oral sedative agents, as well as the titration of IV medications.

  • Recognize the rationale for review of systems and monitoring during procedures requiring sedation.


8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Program Track: Practice Development and Management
Moderator: Jeanne M. Salcetti
Speaker: Paul A. Homoly

Cost: $295 per person
Limited attendance workshop

Leaders move, look, sound and speak in distinctive ways that gain attention and attract people and opportunities. The language of leadership carries an energy and intensity to it that clearly distinguishes itself from that which is used typically in a clinic or business. If you’re interested in influencing patients, team members, audiences, and the profession of dentistry, then this workshop is for you.
Educational Objectives:

  • Learn to speak with clarity and confidence and make your presentation more compelling and memorable.

  • Create personal appeal to become likeable and approachable; create a speaking image that connects with people and holds their interest.

  • Identify communication techniques that grow relationships with patients, referring doctors, colleagues and team members.

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